What the hell is difference between a homemaker and a porn star?

What exactly is bothering the person who made this comment? (in response to this post  – ‘What do ‘Modest’ women have that their ‘Immodest’ sisters don’t…’)

He doesn’t like the idea of women benefiting from ‘exposing’ their bodies, even if they are not being exploited, ostracized, stigmatized, traumatized or killed. Why?

He sounds more concerned that women might ‘expose’ their bodies and not feel ashamed of it.

I feel if women stopped being ashamed of their bodies being ‘exposed’ then it would become very difficult to humiliate women by stripping and parading them on the streets. Then maybe women too will (eventually) be seen as family members and not ‘family honor’?

Maybe then a rape victim would feel angry, disgusted, shaken, uncomfortable etc – but not ashamed if a rapist threatens to share an MMS clip of a crime he has committed?

And here’s the comment.

All you women want to expose your bodies and still claim to be a perfect lady. If that’s true what the hell is difference between a homemaker and a porn star. Both do the same damn thing. Just EXPOSE! I hate all your stupid excuses and justifications. A few handful of modestly dressed women are a billion times better all the rest put together.

Imagine if nude magazines are legally launched in India or maybe for the matter a legally functioning porn industry. We would be having celebrities in every corner of the country. Immorality and immodesty would be an integral part of everyone’s life. JUST IMAGINE HELL ON EARTH!

This world would be much better off without you FEMINISTS! A handful of modest feminine women are a billion times better than all the rest put together.

About the difference between a homemaker and a porn star,

1. One is seen as a working a woman even if she a homemaker, the other is seen only as a homemaker.

2. One might face stigma and be ostracized by the society, maybe even by those who watch her videos or photographs (even in the assembly).

3. One is more likely to be married than the other.

4. Both are generally assumed to be women.

Any other?

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