Women will be women, even empowerment did not turn them into Bhartiya Nari or Goddesses.

Women’s Empowerment spoiling society: Bangalore HC judge

– Photograph and information shared by Mr G Vishvanath from Bangalore

“Society is being spoilt because of women’s empowerment and ego problems,” an angry judge told the advocate of a woman who accepts alimony from her former husband, but refused him the right to visit their daughter.

Division bench comprising Justice K L Manjunath and Justice K Govindarajulu were hearing an appeal by Binu Vineet seeking visitation rights to see his minor daughter whom he has not seen for seven years and who lives with his former wife, Shiny. [Link]

Three points.

1.  Women are (have always been!!) just as capable of selfishness, adultery, smoking, drinking, driving rashly, murder, exploitation, feeling pain or anger and wanting happiness as everybody else. The problem is that generally women are not seen as people, it’s almost like women were a different species that is kinder, weaker and more emotional. 🙄

Fact: Women are not goddesses or witches, they are human.

2. Acknowledgment that everybody is equal in the eyes of the law is empowering no doubt. But undoing centuries of wrong is not a favor to women and their loved ones, and it benefits the entire society.

It is unrealistic and immature to expect all the women (as if they were one unit) to ‘pay back’ for this ’empowerment’ by proving they ‘deserved’ it.

In a civilized society fair treatment and equality are the rights of all citizens – they don’t have to earn this right. For example, even the most hated Azmal Kasab deserved and is being given a fair trial, it’s a favor to the entire society, so the rest of us know we cannot some day be arrested, declared terrorists and hanged – without a fair trial. Or declared un-manly/un-womanly and stigmatized for just being ourselves.

3. By empowering women we empower men and children too.

For example, in a gender-stereotypes-free-society it would also not be assumed that all men are naturally prone to sexual crimes; (which means we acknowledge that we need to take charge of the small percent who do).

Not expecting people to fit into gender-stereotypes benefits both men and women and the entire society.

Note: Wanted to call this post – ‘Is the pious Bhartiya Nari turning into a Churail because of western ideas of women’s empowerment?’


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  1. Here is the article from the epaper if someone wants to read :

    Is women’s empowerment
    ‘spoiling’ society?
    A Bangalore High Court Judge made a sweeping statement recently when he said that women’s empowerment was spoiling society. BT spoke to women movers and shakers from the city for their views
    Edison Thomas

    In a recent hearing of a marital dispute, Justice Manjunath made a broadly generalized, but disturbing statement when he said that society is being spoilt because of women’s empowerment. While the vox populi raised a cry of disagreement, BT caught up with some of the city’s prominent women for their views on the issue.
    “This is absolute nonsense,” exclaims danseuse Vani Ganapathy, “Are you telling me there were no divorces and bad marriages earlier? During those days, women were suppressed and went through the most disastrous marriages quietly. Thanks to empowerment, women are now able to express their feelings more openly. Women are amazing in the kitchen, they always have been; but with empowerment, they are no more relegated to just that. People have come to realize that women are great time managers and business managers too. I’m sure that men are feeling threatened by the equal stature being offered to women, and the judge, I’m sure, was a man.”
    According to young professionals, it is an era of equal opportunities for men and women and people have to learn to keep up with the times. “The judge cannot make a broad generalization like this,” says model Apoorva Vishwanathan. “I don’t think the urban Indian woman benefits from or needs empowerment anymore. That may have been the case in the time of our grandparents, when women were expected to be homemakers and even the ambitious women couldn’t do much. But today, it’s a completely different scenario and there are equal options for both men and women,” she adds. WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT ‘SPOILING’ SOCIETY?
    Filmmaker Kavita Lankesh, says this is a highly regressive statement made by the judge. “At a time when female infanticide is still continuing and women legislators remain mute to men watching porn in the assembly, it is regressive to make a statement like this. Karnataka is known for people like Akka Mahadevi, who was an inspirational writer and leader in the 12th century. She may well have started the whole process of empowerment at her time. Are we belittling all that?” asks Kavitha.
    According to some women, it is not fair to generalize issues. Says social activist Munira Sen, “This definitely was a solitary case, but the judge can’t tar all women with the same brush. Broad generalizations are always too simplistic; whenever women make progress, forces conspire to relegate them to beauty pageants, if not the kitchen. It’s almost as if they’re trying to send women back to where they think they belong. It’s a fact that women are becoming a strong force in urban India. I know many people who want to hire women because they find them to be more work-oriented and conscientious. There certainly is a tipping of balance. Cities are witnessing an altering of the power equation and the backlash that we witness is a sure sign of that change.”
    Empowerment, in fact, has improved the quality of society, says mediaperson Radhika Misra. “Women have stepped out of the shadow of man and society is more balanced today. Earlier, the balance was measured between the home and the outside world, but today there’s a balance that can be found in the public life of men and women. The empowerment of woman has in no way spoilt society. It has, in fact, given women a voice, given them financial independence, and ensured that they actively participate in society to bring about change.”


    • — and two comments – that might help the discussion :

      “Women’s empowerment is a must to some extent. But women must remember not to misuse it. Empowerment doesn’t mean that women should harass their husbands if they don’t yield to their demands. My wife wanted me to be a henpecked husband and when she didn’t get her way; she filed a dowry harassment case against me. Though we don’t have children, she told the court that I wasn’t paying her maintenance.”
      — Phanisai, HR executive
      “I don’t doubt that empowerment is required not only for women, but also for the disabled, minorities and children. But it doesn’t mean that you empower somebody to destroy someone else. Children these days are being used to extract money. I have not been allowed to meet my daughter for oneand-half years.”
      — Ganapathi Ravikumar,
      IT professional
      As told to Taniya Talukdar


        • I agree. A society that does not force it’s members to fit into gender stereotypes would be a happier society. I think everybody should be able to do what they have the aptitude for and interest in.
          In a fair society it would be okay for women to be in politics, factories and army; or men to be elder-care givers, or to fetch water, or work at home etc.


    • The issue that the judge raised and the trigger was – the wife is demanding maintenance and on top of it not allowing the husband to meet his own daughter. These pseudo-gender equality activists want equality only when it suits women. For example, they want men to pay maintenance to women (an outdated practice) while same time want equal opportunities for women in workplaces (read white-collared jobs). Those women who claim gender equality can keep their equality thesis for themselves rather than preaching it. Yes, men are threatened and why shouldn’t they when women want the advantages of the traditional system as well as the modern?

      Me – There have been recent judgements in India where men have been awarded maintenance when they were not employed while the wife was. One such case was in Noida. (You may want to Google it)
      Unfortunately workplaces are still not gender neutral. Most public spaces are still suited to men. At work places, the general assumption is that all employees have wives/spouse at home to take care of the children, elders, cooking etc. Since more and more young men and women do not have a spouse at home – we should see this changing.


      • @ IHM This assumption of care giver at home is not necessarily biased against women. My wife goes to work far away from home while I work essentially at 2 minute walk from home. That means after our young daughter is back from school ( I bring her back), it is my responsibility to take care of her, despite the maid. So almost 3 days out of 5 in a week, I end up not going back to office before 6. Though my workplace is flexible enough to allow me this, but still I can imagine that people notice my continued absence. As a matter of fact, if I were a female, people would be more accommodating in this matter. So it is not just a women’s problem.


  2. There will always be bad guys. Humans tend to be so. Thankfully only a section of them, but that is why we have have so many laws & regulations all over the world each suiting to the culture, ethnicity, geography, etc. Sadly the laws had been gender biased all over the centuries for control. So, if this this changing for gender neutral it is good. It is welcome. There will always be misuse as much as a male would find loopholes in a system and misuse is. This doesn’t mean that as human the laws shouldn’t empower the individual.

    The fact that such statements are being made is an indication that things are now beginning to hit below the belt of some of this so-called custodians of the old system. Yes, it is needed. It is more of threatening reaction.


    • First & first!! :-))) Incase someone says – the first comment was a copy paste! I’m beginning to be clairvoyant.. actually while I saw the post at about 12:34 pm and reading the stuff, thought can I shoot to be the first one – maybe no, so I read the whole post and also the related article and did all the home work and patiently typed my comments too.. some days are ordained.. pat ! pat!.. happy ! me!

      I should get a special award for doing a hattrick :))


  3. Not sure about the background here.But generally whenever a Woman commit a crime usually done by men, women’s liberation is blamed. Similarly when ever a crime is committed on a not so conservative woman, again women’s liberation is blamed. -:)
    Strange are the ways of patriarchal society.


    • It’s not just women. Marginalized groups and minorities are judged as a group when it’s negative. But if someone from a marginalized group does something positive then ze is an exception. However people from the majority/privileged group are judged individually for their flaws and failings.

      “Muslims/Biharis/Dalits/any-other-marginalized-group are like that only. But ze (belonging to this group) is not like them.”


    • Patriarchy is an invention of the feminists. There is no patriarchy. In fact, it can be called tradition and it discriminates men much more than women. Now you are blaming tradition. What do you have to say for these stupid maintenance laws that allow women to claim maintenance from men which is a highly traditional (patriarchal) system? What do you have to say for child custody laws favour women as the natural guardian. Again, it is a traditional value system. Kindly do some reading about the other side rather than allowing yourself being fooled and brainwashed by feminists.


      • 1. Patriarchy does harm men by forcing them to fit into male stereotypes of providers, protectors, manliness, aggression etc.
        But I don’t think feminism invented Patriarchy.
        2. Patriarchy does discriminate against all but the most powerful members in the community, generally the younger men and all women and children are subjugated. Not sons, but mothers of sons and older men seem to be empowered.
        3. Instead of women being given maintenance everybody should work and earn their living, and amongst couples the partner who provide elder-care and baby-care etc should be given equal rights in the earnings of the partner who is able to work because of these sacrifices – this should be gender neutral.
        (Women may have to compensated for bearing children though – or else they may not want to have children so that they can work and remain self reliant.)
        Sweden has parental leave instead of maternity leave, this enables both the parents to care for the children.
        4. In India – father is still the Natural Guardian of children – do you think that’s a good thing?


      • OK where do I begin?

        Patriarchy: Where men hold a disproportionately large share of the power (simply put). If you look in any direction in India, most prominent positions of power are occupied by men. There are very few women in positions of power. Coming to a smaller scale (like a family) it’s usually the father/husband who is the head of the family.

        And yes, I blame tradition. Just because something is tradition doesn’t mean it’s right. Maintenance (or alimony) is given to a spouse after a divorce. It is not always the wife who get the maintenance from the husband for maintenance after a divorce. Unless we bring down patriarchy, this is one of the areas where men are at a disadvantage. To be clear, I don’t have a problem with maintenance being awarded to a spouse after a divorce. But courts rulings are generally skewed more favorably towards women.

        But this doesn’t mean that women have it better than men in this system. No, not at all. This is just one of disadvantages for being men in patriarchy. For more, you can read this. This is written from a Canadian perspective but it applies to men everywhere.


        Men killed in wars, men losing custody battles, rape of men completely ignored, etc., because you know “men are strong, aggressive and powerful.”


      • Rohan, please do some homework before you begin ranting about alimony or maintenance.

        Ask divorced women in India about how much maintenance is awarded to them during divorce.

        Most men fight tooth and nail to wriggle out of paying maintenance for their children (let alone their wives).

        I am a divorced woman and I know first hand, how difficult it is to convince a judge to award a reasonable amount of maintenance.

        My ex-husband gave me zero maintenance and refused to share the wedding expenses as well.

        Many brides’ families spend lakhs on the wedding festivities.

        There is no legal mechanism to compensate them for the this when the marriage fails.

        Men like you make my blood boil. You have little idea of how the family courts arbitrate matters of divorce and custody.

        You have probably never even been inside a family court.

        You read some nonsense written by Save the Family type NGOs and you begin to think that men are the real victims in marital disputes.

        Please remember that for the duration of the marriage, the wife’s contribution is non-monetary.

        Many men seem to think that non-monetary contributions have no significant value and so resist paying alimony.

        A man’s wage is called the ‘family wage’ for a reason — though earned by the man, it is considered as belonging to the whole family.

        Why is it unfair to expect a man to contribute to his child’s upkeep post-divorce?

        Did he divorce the child as well?


  4. IHM totally agree with what you’ve said. That being said, while I strongly disagree about women’s empowerment, or the fact that lawyers have to get the couple to reconcile, I do have a problem with the fact that this woman is refusing to her child meet her father.

    Divorce is a necessary evil and when there is a divorce and if children are involved, it is the first and foremost responsibility of the parents to consider their well being. In a divorce its the littlest ones that stand to lose the most. It is a time of great turmoil for them and when parents use them as pawns to hurt one another then the child is doomed for life.

    I personally think, that no matter how acrimonious the divorce was, children should be left out of it. They should not be made to feel guilty about loving both parents or made to feel that they have to make a choice between them.

    Also, I am totally against one parent denying the other parent visitation rights or bad mouthing the other parent or even creating situations where it becomes difficult for the other parent and child to spend time together.

    It would be one thing to deny a parent visitation if there was prior abuse, the parent was mentally unstable or even if there was propensity for violence. It is totally another thing to deny someone access to their child simply to get back at them.

    Me – Desi Woman the judgment has been in favor of the father, I don’t think that is being contested. In fact it should be understood and accepted that women are not angels, they are human – and capable of being unfair and cruel, as much as anybody else.

    This mother’s refusal to let the father see the child is seen as not one parent doing something wrong but as a general ‘misuse of empowerment by women’ – that is a statement that many men and women would disagree with.


    • Correction-Me sleepy, wanted to say “I strongly disagree with what the judge said about women’s empowerment or the fact that he said the lawyers have to get the couple on the path to reconciliation”.

      I went off on a tangent here and was lamenting the fact that many adults use their children as pawns during a divorce when they should be guarding them with their life during such a difficult time in the childs life.

      IHM, will you please make that correction.


  5. I agree, women are human too. Sure they are taking advantages now, but that is not because they are some wishy washy mamta ki moorat shitheads. It is because they are intelligent and smart. They are going overboard at times … but it will balance out for sure


  6. This is exactly why I dislike all these posts on FB which seem to be so popular all showing how a woman is so beautiful, soft, nurturing but also smart and ambitious and blah blah. Women are people too. Tall, short, thin, fat, ugly, beautiful, intelligent, stupid, hard-working, lazy, kind, cruel and so on. Just like men. Why is that so difficult to understand? Why is a woman committing a crime so much more abhorrent than a man doing the same? Why is each woman supposed to fit into just one mould?
    Are these kinds of comments even legal?


    • Here in Pak, a few days back a woman candidate battered an election official( another woman) on election day. And I get this post on my facebook that this candidate is not a woman because women are so gentle, she has lost the right to be called women blah blah. Made me furious, why to bring her gender into it, and putting more responsibility on women. Any candidate in our system would have the tendency to do such a thing.

      I guess the poster should have studied from one of my female teachers, who used to whip us like animals and then laugh. 😦


  7. A woman is as good and as bad as any man.They also are as ordinary a human beings as men. In this case also the lady has behaved or reacted in a particular way not by virtue of being a woman but her thought process or inclinations as a human being led her that way.Thoughts,emotions and reactions do they also have a gender ?


  8. If you ask me most all of them, the policemen too need orientation courses to understand what women’s empowerment is all about. They seem to feel that now that women have been given some scraps of power (which has not even percolated everywhere) they should fall on the ground and sing ‘Hallelujah’ to society.
    Women of course will be women even with empowerment just as men are men with the empowerment that they have had all these centuries. Have they turned into paragons of virtue with what the power they had? have they become grateful for what has been their birthright these past centuries? So why expect women to change into grateful things as soon as the word ’empowerment’ is whispered in their ears? By empowering women nobody is doing anyone, least of all women, any favor. Empowerment is something women are entitled to as humans. Why is that so difficult to understand I wonder?!
    If women are in the wrong, isn’t it enough that she be punished for her lapse?


    • I think many traditional-minded men view “women’s empowerment” with a great deal of fear and suspicion.

      In their minds, women’s empowerment means that women will do what men have done for centuries.

      In their minds, there is fear that just as men have exploited and misused their power for centuries, so will women when given similar power.

      It is fear that women will do to men what men have done to women for so long.

      It is hard to convince such people that gender relations need not be power-based always.


  9. Evrey single time a woman is seen doing something ‘bad’ people start blaming ‘women’s empowerment’. Didn’t we have evil women in our mythology? Women, at the end of the day, are humans and are just as likely to be cruel, heartless, or mean. Which is why, I don’t agree when people try to glorify women. We are not angels, we are not super beings, we are just the same as men, when it comes to emotions and behaviour.

    Women’s empowerment is a totally different issue. Women’s empowerment helps the whole society in multiple ways. Yes, there will be some who misuse laws – but didn’t we have that before? We might chose to pretend that all women were angelic before the ‘bad west’ changed us all, but we just need to look at our traditional stories to realize that people of all sorts lived in all times. It is just easy and convenient for some to blame everything on women’s empowerment. It just feels even more sad when you hear such things from the judiciary.


    • This compulsion to appear angelic forces many women to use devious methods and manipulation to get their way.

      Since women cannot use overt assertiveness (often misconstrued as aggression), many resort to indirect emotional manipulation to get what they want.

      Many men believe that women are naturally endowed with superior moral judgment, tolerance, forgiveness and a whole host of “feminine” qualities.

      This is the main reason why women are blamed for rape — they’re supposed to know better whereas men will be men.

      What I never understand is why most men don’t find stereotypical male traits offensive.

      A sterotypical man is supposed to:
      1)Think with his gonads
      2)Behave with no caution or restraint
      3)Take no responsibility for his own actions 4)Possess no higher level skills like empathy or self-regulation.
      5)Have no needs for affiliation or bonding (the strong, silent man)

      Why are most men not offended by this?

      Life is pretty bad for women, but boy, am I thankful that I can cry and express love and affection without being called weak.


      • Not only aren’t they offended by stereotypical offensive male traits, but they think they deserve to be superior to women in spite of it too. Now that is really weird thinking.


      • Most men don’t mind male stereotypes, even the offensive ones. Stereotypes offend only if you take offence and take them personally.


  10. What are they most upset about? That one parent (in this case) stopped the other from seeing the child? Or that a woman stopped a man from seeing his child?

    You’re right, IHM, about women being human too. A woman will be publicly scorned and condemned for displaying the same behaviour that, from a man, wont elicit more than a disinterested ‘meh’.


  11. There are men, and there are women. As with every single thing on Earth, there is good and bad in everyone. By virtue of being human, everybody is flawed in some way or the other. But like you so perfectly put it, IHM, women are not goddesses or witches, they are human, a fact large sections of our patriarchal society fail to understand.

    These people perceive women as a different species of creature altogether, one that is expected to cook,clean, feed and take care of the home and not do much else apart from maybe exist only for the husband’s sexual pleasure (of course she is not expected to feel any for herself because that would be ‘women’s liberation’) and not have any needs or wants of her own.

    The moment they even begin to realise it, India will become a better place for women. Unfortunately the masses are not only uneducated regarding this, but also blinkered, stubborn, and completely unwilling to even consider any point of view apart from their own chauvinistic one.


  12. IHM, the original title of the post would have been more appropriate.

    In India, if woman behaves in a manner that is even remotely unconventional or socially unacceptable, she is branded a “chudail”.

    Why should women be called evil bitches if they behave in ways that are selfish, unethical or un-Bharatiya-Nari-like?

    Why this expectation that all women behave like little angels all the time?

    The Bharatiya Nari ideal is unattainable, unrealistic and does great disservice to most women.

    I just want to be judged for my own actions. I do not bear responsibility for the good behavior of all members of my gender.

    If one man rapes a woman or kills her for dowry, do we punish and heap scorn on the entire male gender?

    When a man behaves badly; he’s just being a man.

    When a woman behaves badly, she’s somehow shaming her entire gender?


  13. ******************
    Given full freedom and equality Indian women would flourish beyond imagination of Indian men. With a huge educational backup in disciplines like medicine, biology, IT, chemistry, physics and virtually any type of engineering these women already have a theoretical ground to earn well and stand on their own feet.

    First give everyone equal chances and then see what they are apt for. Women don’t need to be goddesses. It is enough for them to be their own persons.

    In developing societies male dominance is doomed to collapse. Look around.


  14. Like i say all khadi wearing leaders are the same in todays age, same way I do think that men – women are humans and every human behaves differently .. and that should not mean they should be treated differents a human is a human IS A HUMAN.
    Law should be same but I do feel that in all this empowerment or whatever Law doesnot work same in a lot of scenarios , the age old rules and ideas still persist.

    Till the Mentality of the HUMANS is changed such things will keep happening ..


  15. Ofcourse empowerment is “spoiling” women. We refuse to be treated as door mats, demand equality, and ask to be judged on our merits and not our gender – the poor men have had to make a lot of adjustments to accommodate these demands. Imagine, now a woman can ask for a divorce if she feels her husband is not treating her well – the family is affected, and who’s responsible? The empowered woman – because, you know men will be men!

    (haa, that felt good)


  16. Its so funny that people don’t discuss on why he said said rather than what he said , no one comments on saying the girl refusing to see the kid inspite of paying alimony , but one person says it, all hell breaks loose.
    Two things
    1 ) The statement is incorrect, it may be his own opinion or may be related only this case, but it should be thrown in public
    2 ) this entire blog entry doesn’t have any facts related to this case , very generic , and waiting for something happening.
    Once again I repeat the same , all points referred here on this blog , nothing to do with the case , these are very generic , and no one will deny this.
    It looks like feminism in India is waiting for someone to say something so that we don’t care what he said or why he said , we will trounce him with crap , good job on that !

    Me – The post was only about the statement that empowerment is spoiling women. I am glad you disagree with this statement.


    • This is what I absolutely like , take one case and one Judge and say something that everyone will agree (even that judge will ! ) and start bickering about rest of the stuff.
      If this is considered women’s empowerment , i would prefer this to watching a Stupid Salman Khan movie.
      So does this mean that a girl whatever she is doing is correct, getting everything from the guy , not even allowing him to see his kids , imagine if this is reversed how many mommy sentiments would have been highlighted in this blog ?
      Once again I reiterate this is very hypocritical on this part.
      Your point no 2 is the funny , generations of things have happened against women so we will do it now , so 5 generations ago we walked everywhere , now also even though there is train , bus , autos , we will continue to walk and make sure we will punish everyone who uses that.
      Once again open up see the world in a different glass , if you want sympathy there are lot more avenues to get it !


      • /This is what I absolutely like , take one case and one Judge and say something that everyone will agree (even that judge will ! ) and start bickering about rest of the stuff/
        fairly new here Krish? please spend some timehere, read many many blog posts by IHM just to get an idea howmany cases of how many judges had been discussed in this blog. No, not everyone agree to what IHM’s opinion. You just proved it
        /If this is considered women’s empowerment , i would prefer this to watching a Stupid Salman Khan movie./
        Yes, please spend some time here and get empowered. Many of us continue to be benefited. Please happily ignore Salman Khan movies for IHM’s blog..time well spend. you will thank her one day.
        /So does this mean that a girl whatever she is doing is correct, getting everything from the guy , not even allowing him to see his kids , imagine if this is reversed how many mommy sentiments would have been highlighted in this blog ?/
        do you know the details of the custody terms of this case? do you know whether she was getting maintenance for taking care of home,chores, elders, child bearing, child caring etc while the guy worked and earned?..i don’t know the details. just FYI, lot of daddy sentiments too get highlighted here. Please continue to visit here…daily.

        /Once again I reiterate this is very hypocritical on this part.
        Your point no 2 is the funny , generations of things have happened against women so we will do it now , so 5 generations ago we walked everywhere , now also even though there is train , bus , autos , we will continue to walk and make sure we will punish everyone who uses that/
        I tried very hard to find ‘funny’ in IHM’s point 2. I found it serious , very serious and matter factly. I could not make sense of you transportation analogy..trust me I tried hard..
        /Once again open up see the world in a different glass , if you want sympathy there are lot more avenues to get it !/
        care to mention some avenues?..another FYI..IHM is probably the last person to look for sympathy..most of the regulars here are the same or learning.


      • Krish, most terrorist attacks in India have been carried out by men. If he had said that “some powers need to be taken away from all men because they are ‘spoiling’ the society”, we all would have resented that statement with equal fervor. That wouldn’t mean we support terrorism. It just means we don’t want all males to suffer because of generalization.


      • No one wants sympathy. We just want to stop generalizations (in this case the remark made by the judge on empowerment) and want to see women granted equal rights as a part of this “empowerment”. And yes, I dont think anyone is bickering here, this is a quite mature discussion where everyone puts a lot of thought behind writing anything (quite unlike the salman khan movies you mentioned)!!!


      • I’m sure there will be many males who would disagree and some females (who still think that the onus of preserving the so-called old Indian culture that suppresses women is the way to live life & the only reason why women are born in India)

        The moment everyone starts treating girl/woman as a human all problems will vanish in thin air..


  17. Blaming this woman’s actions on “women’s empowerment” is a very careless remark by someone in power. She might have selfish interests, she might be wrong, she might be after the guy’s money, but how is all this in any way related to woman’s empowerment?! Ego is a by-product of being a human and not a by-product of empowerment! She is a human, and as a human she is fully capable of committing mistakes. And should be punished if she is doing anything against the law. But blaming this human behavior on empowerment, is like demeaning everything this very empowerment has done for women. Given them options, given them a voice and hope of living freely as equal human beings. Though we are not completely there, but the situation for women has improved in so many ways as compared to past generations.


  18. If empowerment is spoiling Indian society, so be it. I’ll prefer a spoilt Indian society. The power of choice is one of the basic and most essential things that is available to a human being. Whether I choose to do good deeds or evil deeds, that choice should entirely be mine and under no circumstances that choice should be taken away from me.
    If women have now the freedom to choose for themselves, it is entirely up to them what they choose to do with it. IHM I will suggest a book called ‘A Clockwork Orange’ to you. It’s related to this theme. It’s a difficult read initially as there’s a lot of Russian slang in it but it’s worht it. You can also watch the movie by the same name by Stanley Kubrick.


    • I watched the film in collge (a long time ago).

      The book’s great but the film’s graphic violence got to me. I was also uncomfortable with the overtones of sexual violence (in the book).


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  20. I think “women will be humans” would be more apt. Humans are humans, gender (or culture) doesn’t change human nature.

    The judge’s attitude here is a fallback of what psychologists call the Women are Wonderful Effect. It is a form of benevolent sexism where positive traits and gentler nature are associated with women so that women. When a certain woman doesn’t meet these expectations, i.e. behaves like a normal human, it comes off as jarring and ‘unladylike’ to people like this judge. He probably thought the woman in question had been ‘spoiled’ by empowerment. Very unprofessional, very callous.

    However, treating women uniformly as humans does not make the problem ‘vanish’, contrary to what a commenter puts it. Unfortunately, there is a feminist school of thought that actually piggybacks on this sort of benevolent sexism and gets all riled up when a woman is treated with the same moral and ethical consideration as a man. They believe that since women are inherently oppressed and morally superior just because of their existence as women, they need special consideration for bad behaviour, including (but not limited to) bad behaviour towards children or other less privileged women.


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