Society cannot afford to have live sex bombs who, if let loose, are a potential threat…

Harijan who sodomised a ten month old baby had his sentence reduced because he was away from his family and hence ‘lost control’. Another child abuser in Kerala was excused because he had a family (the 11 year old victim was thrown out of school).  But it seems not all pedophiles and rapists find such support and understanding when random situations cause them to  ‘lose control’.

Here’s a verdict that gives hope.

“Castration is the most befitting sentence which can be imposed on any pedophile or serial offender but the hands of this court are tied as the statute does not provide for it… Indian legislators are yet to explore this as an alternative to conventional sentencing,” observed additional sessions judge Kamini Lau.

ASJ Lau sentenced a man to imprisonment for his “entire life” for raping his six-year-old niece and directed the prison authorities not to give him any remission. PT please explain!

“The message to be sent by the court has to be loud and clear, and that is ‘do not mess with a child’ and any person who meddles with the child, male or female, in any manner shall not be spared,”…

The court convicted 30-year-old Nandan for rape, kidnapping and unnatural sex. Calling the convict a “live sex bomb”, the court refused to take a lenient view of his act. “Society cannot afford to have live sex bombs who, if let loose, are a potential threat… particularly to women and children. The convict before this court with his track record of a compulsive sex drive requires to be kept out of circulation,” it said.

Nandan had kidnapped his niece when she was playing with her brother and took her to his house on pretext of giving her ice-cream and raped her … Nandan had earlier tried to sexually assault women in his family but the matter was hushed up to protect family honour

The court noted that the minor was rescued from the clutches of the convict by her mother and aunt who went to his house in search of the girl. They had found the injured child crying while Nandan was sleeping after committing the crime. [From TOI]

More about this verdict in Indian Express.

“… Nandan … had also threatened to kill her if she informed anyone. …Nandan had also attempted the same offence with another girl, aged 13, who had come to the house of a relative. Though family members knew what had happened, they kept quiet, an act which the judge condemned in her order.

“It is the primary duty of each adult member of the family to identify, expose and act against such persons exhibiting these kind of sexual tendencies and aberrations… It is deplorable that for Nandan’s family, his liberty was more crucial to them than the life of the girl which he destroyed,” the judge said. …

Nandan was sentenced to a prison term for actual life, meaning that there would be no remission after 14 years of jail.

The Indian Penal Code provides only a jail term for sexual offenders. Countries like the US, UK and Germany have started awarding ‘chemical castration’ as punishment.

The court also ordered the Delhi government to pay the victim a compensation of Rs 2 lakh towards her education and welfare.”  [Read more – Indian Express]

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“A message is required to be sent, loud and clear that wife bashing has no place in a civilised society and violent husbands deserve no mercy,” (Verdict by the same judge)

In Rape Culture, we understand that if the rapist was living alone, away from his native place, he could lose control over himself.

Rape Culture 101


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  1. Sex bombs indeed, who know what or who will ’cause them to lose control’ again? The more lenient, or tolerant people will get the more people they will scar by raping ..


      • Family honor Shail.

        In India, the most heinous, unjust and brarbaric acts can be condoned in the name of family honor.

        I wonder what this family thought would happen if Nandan was caught and arrested?

        It would have made more sense if they’d turned Nandan in themselves.

        They would have been spared the scorn that will now be heaped on them.


  2. Finally. This attitude was long overdue.
    Repeat offenders get the galls to go on because they know no one is ever going to report them. I hope this message reaches out far and wide through India.


  3. I read this in the paper today and thought of alerting you, but find you have been quick to notice it.

    I am gratified that something I believed in for over two decades is finding official support.
    While I agree that physical castration is barbarous, and better avoided, chemical castration is a humane alternative.
    I agree with the judge. This man is a walking sex bomb. Defusing him permanently is in society’s larger interest.

    But I am afraid some smart lawyer will in future get the sentence reduced.


  4. Hear, hear! Do you think it made a difference because the judge was a woman? I dislike making these assumptions, though. It could be just a coincidence.


    • Fem, I think it made a difference because the Judge was a woman. It would have been better for Indian Judiciary if more women are Judges, especially the feminist ones.


    • Exactly my thoughts! Does not imply that all male judges would have been lenient, but having a female (feminist) judge certainly must have helped. We need more such women in positions of authority!


  5. Have you read some of the comments below the TOI news? Such a patchy view of justice… ‘We should treat criminals with love’. ‘Understand why he rapes kids in the first place’ bla bla bla!!!
    Kudos to the Judge. Finally someone proved that common sense & justice is no Dodo


    • Comments on TOI, Rediff, Yahoo or any such website never fail to amaze me. It’s funny (in a sad way) how women are always seen as the gatekeepers of sex. They are held responsible for what happens and what doesn’t happen to them. In cases of rape, where clearly the person being attacked has already said no, they are blamed for asking for it, for not taking the proper precautions, for being out too late, for being in the wrong place, for walking by themselves after 7:00 in the evening, for dressing a particular way, for drinking anything they haven’t brewed themselves, for trusting anyone. The victim blaming never stops.
      Everybody just sides with the perpetrator. The commentators often sympathize with the criminal, and if a judge chooses to award a harsh sentence to the criminal, these people ask for mercy, for leniency. This trend is very disturbing. It is socially acceptable for a man to rape somebody and then cite provocation by the victim as a reason for his crime. In rape scenarios, instead of viewing the victim as helpless, people somehow view the criminal as a helpless being. So many twisted logics and rape myths permeate our society. It’s high time we place the burden of the crime on the shoulders of the criminal, not the victim.


  6. It is heartening to see a sex-crime being taken seriously, for a change. The judgement is laudable.
    I wonder why such judgements are more of exceptions than the norm in our country. I couldn’t help notice that this judgement was pronounced by a woman judge. The fact is that quite a few of our (mostly male) judges are too steeped in the ethos of the ‘rape culture’ to be able to deliver justice in such cases. Which is why we get judgements excusing pedophiles because they were away from their family. ,the implication being that being sexually repressed/deprived is a valid excuse for rape/CSA. Apparently a lot depends upon the discretion of the judges, which is a pity. Why can’t we have more unambiguous laws on sexual violence, so that a judge is not allowed to let his personal prejudices cloud his discretion?


  7. When I hear the term ‘sex bomb’ I think of the old James Brown song.
    I think a better term would be ‘sex predator’- someone who hunts sexual victims & repeatedly ‘preys’ on them.
    ‘Chemical castration’ or the administration of antiandrogenic medication (Depo Provera- a monthly injection of medroxyprogesterone acetate is used in California) has proven to reduce recidivism to about 5%. Apparently selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors ( SSRI antidepressants) are help with the ‘sexual ruminations’ or obsessive sexual fantasies present in sex predators.


  8. Whatever a phrase like ‘losing control’ means.. does it give enough justification to the crime?? I mean.. HOW can a man ‘lose control’ and hurt a child in this beastly way..?? Such people are growing in numbers because they are let away with easy punishments.
    I think we should follow the likes of countries like the US, UK and Germany that have started awarding ‘chemical castration’ as punishment. Sometimes Indian law is so frustrating that one wonders why it s even there..!! We might as well have a lawless country if the women and children, in a country that gives a lady divine pedestal, are being robbed of their modesty.


    • Our lawmakers (politicians) are too busy with other things (like watching porn in office) to actually make laws 😦

      In many companies, the standard operating procedures have a mandatory review period (like 2 years) after which they have to be examined by a committee and updated if necessary. Even if there is no change to be made, they still have to be reviewed, dated and signed.

      I wonder if our laws have these mandatory review periods, if they don’t, they are definitely needed and the lawmakers have to be held accountable to do their job.


  9. //… while hearing the case against a man who had raped his 15-year-old step-daughter for over four years. Though the court sentenced him to 10 year of rigorous imprisonment, it said that such crimes were required to be addressed differently. “A full public debate, with regard to imposition of castration (both surgical and chemical) as an alternative punishment for the offence of rape and molestation, is the need of the hour,” ASJ Lau said. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on convict Dinesh Yadav, 35, a labourer by profession.
    …The court expressed its apprehension that the idea may get panned by activists. “I am not oblivious of the fact that arguments are bound to be raised against the above by some activists, but in my view, it would be sheer hypocrisy given the damage the rapist and sexual predators do to their victims,” the judge added.//


    • About castration as punishment

      I was always under the impression that this was a voluntary option used to release sex offenders on parole after serving a minimum sentence.

      Personal view on this is that castration cannot be inflicted as punishment for crime as It seems a bit similar to chopping of a persons hands because he/she used it to commit crimes like stealing or even beating up someone.

      Also if people want a non-gender specific law against rape, then the punishment doled out should not be on gender specific basis.


    • I am not sure I know enough about chemical castration, but I feel it will not work without changing what is in the head of a rapist. Since rape is a power thing rather than a pleasure thing, wouldn’t the rapist just move on to other forms of power display like using some object to rape rather than using his penis?

      Otherwise like another commentator said, it will be like cutting off the hand of a thief, or an eye for an eye. It might work as a deterrent to potential rapists though, or it could lead to the murder of victims to prevent identification and punishment.

      I need to find out more, will chemical castration also cause the thought behind the act to change or only cause impotence?


  10. No Aditya, I don’t agree with your view that chemical castration is similar to chopping off the hands for stealing.

    Chopping off the hands may have prevented a man stealing in the medieval ages.
    But it prevents him from doing constructive things too and is violent and barbaric.
    It is not proportionate to the severity of the offence. A man who steals can make amends by returning what he stole and also paying additional compensation. His chopped hands cannot be got back.

    How do you undo the damage caused to a child who has been raped?

    Raping an innocent child is so repugnant a crime that to my mind even Castration appears mild. Chemical castration removed the last reservation I had against this proposal. Physical castration repels me as it is as barbaric as chopping the hands off.

    Castration does not prevent a person from being otherwise productive and is humane.
    Society has the right to take measures in self defence against compulsive offenders like child rapists. The crime is simply too horrible as a child is defenceless against the criminal and cannot hit back. It is one of the most traumatic experiences a child can be subjected to.
    Does a child rapist deserve any sympathy when he goes to such extremes just to gain momentary physical pleasure?

    Just my view of course and I realize that there may be no concensus on this.


    • Dear GV,
      Weather chemical castration is humane or not is a different argument.

      How the damage to the child can be undone is also a different argument. I doubt any punishment (including death sentence) to the criminal will help. Pyschological counselling will more a lot more helpful.

      If a man beats a child unconscious with a few broken bones, is it any less of a crime? What do you remove? Are you saying that it is because they people have violent urges and hence need to be heavily sedated?

      On one hand we suggest that rape is not about sexual urges but a violent crime to intimidate. The punishment of castration is suggestive that the crime is basically about out of control sexual urges.

      Just look at the comments and reactions to this article:

      It is hypocritical in saying castration will make rapists mend their ways or keep society safer.

      Also about deterant for crimes. The only deterant is when people are covicted for their crimes. It is as simple as that. Most rapists commit their crimes because their victims will not report these crimes.

      By the way, the jail system is there for reforming and punishing criminals which include rapists. Stop treating rape as a special sort of crime as that is exactly the sort of attitude that is abused by defendants and worse that is exactly the sort of attitude the stops victims from reporting it.




      • Thank you Aditya for explaining your position.
        Our views are totally divergent and I don’t see any meeting point.

        When a man rapes a 10 month old baby, he is “sexually sick” and incurably so. Period.

        In this case at least, it is not a case of wielding power.
        No man feels like exhibiting his power to a 10 month old baby.
        He is, without mincing words, a dangerous pervert.
        It is a revolting aberration in his personality that penetrates deep into the man’s genes.
        “Physcological counseling” might be preferred by you, but I prefer to keep innocent children safe from these perverts rather than be sorry.
        I love dogs.
        But I am in favour of putting a rabid dog to sleep permanently.
        My vote for chemical castration stands.
        It is humane, civilized, and effective. It merely renders him incapable of committing this crime again without affecting him in any other way.
        I recommend this only in cases of 100 percent certainty of guilt so that the fear of irreversibility of the punishment becomes irrelevant.

        You asked what should be removed if a man beats a child unconscious.
        If this is a case of pathological violence, with a certainty of recurrence if given an opportunity, as determined by experts, then to be consistent in my argument, I will likewise support any hormonal injection which will render him physically harmless.

        My suggestions are not instead of normal punishment like imprisonment but in addition to it.

        You stated that most rapists commit these crimes because their victims do not report these crimes. How can a 10 month old baby report this crime?
        The crime is particularly heinous due to this fact.

        I am not gender biased.
        A woman sexually abusing a male child, to my mind, is totally inconceivable but, for arguments sake, if a woman is caught doing it, I will support a similar punishment for her.
        Let medical experts determine what that should be.
        Possibly, as IHM says, hormonal treatment?

        Of course, you may like to have another go at rebutting my arguments.
        Please do!
        I am not the type who insists on having the last word.
        If agreement is not possible, I believe in agreeing to disagree.
        I have no more to say on this matter except to announce how satisfying it is for me to see a learned judge concurring with an opinion I have held for years but never found much support for.
        Thanks for this opportunity for a stimulating debate.



      • //A woman sexually abusing a male child, to my mind, is totally inconceivable but, for arguments sake, if a woman is caught doing it, I will support a similar punishment for her.//

        Here is an example for you, GV. Check the link below. There are plenty of instances of women sexually abusing their children. Only it is much rarer than men doing so.


  11. Finally a sensible judge, but I agree with wanderer, another appeal and this news will be pushed to a small article in some corner when SC gives a lenient verdict. They punish a criminal, it’s big news to make people believe the judicial system and one week later, the criminal comes out on bail and the case goes on and this news gets some small corner in the middle of the paper…


  12. Just did some research on Kamini Lau.

    She’s an ASJ with a doctorate in law and a history of refreshingly forward thinking judgements.
    It is wonderful to see judges who are willing to take a tough stand on CSA, and uphold justice.

    A “remission” is a shortening of a jail sentence on account of good behaviour, or on compassionate grounds (when the convict isn’t deemed to pose much risk to society).

    What this judgement means is that this man will literally be behind bars his entire life, unless a higher court overturns the ruling.

    I’m conflicted about having punishments as extreme as castration. I’m certainly opposed to surgical castration. Chemical castration, perhaps.

    In any case, there are many issues to be resolved which are far more fundamental than the quantum of punishment.
    For starters, laws MUST be gender neutral. It is a fact that women have been known to indulge in CSA too. A child’s right to protection must not be dependent on the tormentor’s gender.

    I also think the law needs to be independent of the exact METHOD of abuse. Why have seperate punishments for sodomy, (penile-vaginal) rape and insertion of foreign objects? Are they not equally damaging to the victim?

    There is massive adhocism in the application of the laws to inappropriate sexual advances. Relief is usually obtained under Section 354 of the IPC (“outraging the modesty of a woman”), which does not provide any protection to male children, and provides a maximum of just two years of jail for the accused.

    It’s important to keep society safe from criminals who’ve already been caught, but it’s also important to widen the ambit of the law so that those who do commit crimes are not held innocent.


  13. In my experience, the Supreme Court is rarely lenient in its verdicts (unless there’s a very good reason).

    Since the SC is the highest appellate jurisdiction in the country, their verdicts tend to become entrenched in legal practice. Most SC judges are aware of this, which means that they will generally put the interests of justice and national interest ahead of the human factors in the case.

    It’s High Courts which can be temperamental.


  14. I am not for Castration as a punishment. Long prison stay is enough. I wish the court ensures proper State funded counselling for the victim,
    One another thought…..
    We know that CSA is done very often by family members/relatives. Will punishments like castration deter the family members from reporting CSA?


  15. I am against castration based on a single simple principle which I have always held. Never go for a punishment which can not be reversed, on presentation of evidence to the contrary of the awarded judgment. That is why I oppose capital punishment as well. So, no matter how heinous the crime is, I would never support a punishment in a civilized society that can not be reversed, as it gives too much power to the government, society et. al. to abuse it.


  16. Also, I am sorry to say, but the comments on IHM blogs always come out to me very sexist. There are child victims of abuse at the hands of women. What kind of punishment you suggest in that case? What is the equivalent of castration?


    • We could take a look at the laws in the countries that do have Chemical Castration as a solution to loss of control by child abusers or serial rapists.

      About castration being Sexist:

      Putting a rapist behind bars all their lives is an option when castration is not possible – if the rapists are women and they have been convicted of CSA, and are in danger of losing control and committing similar crime again, maybe they too could be given hormonal treatment… not sure. Let me ask Dr Arun who blogs at ‘Trying to be rational’.

      Male children are also abused, raped and sodomized (generally by men) and they are traumatised too.


    • B, I don’t think you know the meaning of the word “sexism”.

      Sexism is not mere prejudice. Merely being biased against men (or women) does not equate to sexism.

      Sexism is prejudice + power. Sexism is what happens when prejudice against a gender is institutionalized, so that the whole gender is affected rather than merely individuals. even if people on this blog were actually attacking men, that would do no more than hurt some individual men’s feelings. But a blog or comment that attacks women feeds into a society-wide institutional bias against women and perpetuates actual, tangible oppression of women – thus going far beyond hurting some individual women’s feelings. THAT is sexism.

      As long as our society remains patriarchal, you cannot claim that men are ever victims of sexism.


      • So what you are saying can be summed up in one line. It is only sexist when men do it.

        Sounds fair to me.

        (BTW, which part disqualifies the sexism, the individual or the feelings? )


  17. @B and @others who are concerned that castrating a child abuser is a sexist punishment because there is no equivalent punishment for women- child molesters,
    Dr. Arun says “Yes. It is possible to completely stop sexual drive of both men and women.”


    • I do not get it. Lock the bastard up for his life if you have to. And I am not really concerned with equality of punishments between the genders “for real criminals”. My point is why to bring up castration in the matters of a crime. It sounds to me like implicating male sexuality . If the criminal is mentally sick, do treat him by whatever means, like any other mental sickness. Why this special mention in this case. I have a friend who has really high sexual drive, but wouldn’t even try to pass a harassing comment to any woman, no matter how protected he may be in a given situation. Because he is a rational being and thinks of women as other human beings.

      May be all what you meant was really treatment for sick people. But words have power. And castration came out to be implicating male sexuality as the real cause of the crime. In my opinion, the cause is mostly the lack of moral compass/ social conditioning which blinds you from feeling for the victim’s feelings. Though real mental sickness/psychological sickness can be operative in some cases as well.
      (And it was really about “male” sexuality, with all the talk about physical vs chemical)

      BTW, I did not accuse you for sexism, I said that about some of the comments. But sadly they are not pointed out for that, as opposed to any comment with sexism against women.


    • Chemical castration means reducing sex urge by administering once in 3 months injections of anti androgen drugs in men, The effects can be partially or fully reversed by stopping the 3 monthly dose.
      In Women also hormonal drugs can be used to temporarily reduce libido.
      Chemical castration can cause excessive breast growth in males. It can reduce bone density and increase chance of cardiovascular diseases in both males and females, it can produce peri-menopausal symptoms in females.
      Personally I am against castration as a punishment.
      American Civil Liberties Union opposes
      argue that forced chemical castration is a “cruel and unusual punishment”, and therefore should be constitutionally prohibited by the Eighth Amendment. They also stated that it interfered with the right to procreate, and could expose users to various health problems.


  18. I totally see where the wrath of the judge is coming from and absolutely share her rage. But I would not support castration as a punishment. I am against capital punishment and I would think castration as against human rights too for whatever reason. Doing physical damage to a person is something I can’t be for.
    I strongly believe that the surety of punishment is the key not the severity. Surety of punishment will help reduce such crimes, does not matter if its a life sentence of 14 years or imprisonment for 7 years or for the rest of the offender’s life. Not making statements like, “he was living away from his family”, “he/she has a family”, “the girl was in a mini skirt” etc. and blaming only the offender and nothing else would help too.


    • Towards Harmony, I wasn’t thinking of punishment – I feel those who find that they have some problem with controlling themselves – like pedophiles and serial rapists and child abusers – would it not help if they could be kind of medically treated, because otherwise they are likely to repeat their crimes whenever they are free?


  19. Regarding chemical castration, I do not see the point. On one hand, we are taking pains to show that rape is a crime of power, not a crime of lust or desire, and on the other hand, we advocate chemical castration which is supposed to reduce a man’s sexual desires as a measure of preventing him from committing rape. How does this make sense? It is yet another attempt by patriarchs to show that rape is caused due to lust or desire. It is not.


      • But how will that help the victims who are then physically and/or mentally imposed upon, leading to similar psychological problems?

        Also, does chemical castration mean that a man would be incapable of the act of sex? Otherwise, he would continue to rape because rape has nothing to do with desire or need to have sex.


  20. Although I am glad that there is a judgement that finally makes sense in a crime so heinous, I have to say that I do not believe that castration is the way to go. Even though every part of me screams in rage every time I hear about rape, I still would rather make it “Life without parole” for the rapist. If the perpetrator cannot move about freely ever again in society, they cannot commit such a crime again, so there is no need to castrate. Like someone said, it is the surety rather than severity of the sentence that matters. It is likelier that a sentence like life without parole will be better enforced.

    The cost of releasing such perps into the society while monitoring their chemical castration is much more than the cost of keeping them locked up. Besides, there is too much room for slip ups and non-enforcement of chemical castration.

    Thirdly, even though chemical castration may be reversible, it is still not quite humane, it has too many side effects and has been used inhumanely against homosexuality. So, setting a precedent with chemical castration may be too dangerous before we straighten out the laws pertaining to gay rights. Here is some more on chemical castration :


  21. Nope I dont beleive in it , its good idea but NOT good enough.. DEATH or LIFE imprisonment without any appeal and the person has to spend his life behind BARS dill his death , NO matter what. No apeals no nothing NO PAROLE..

    as someone pointed above chemical castration fine , but then he will do other things again putting someone at risk … SO let the _________ rot in jail, simple. Or have a special jail where only such people are put, let them all be put in the same place so they can rape each other to show their power and take care of their lust.


  22. YAY for the judgement! I hope this case is used as a precedent to award such sentences for future rape convictions – India has for too long been lenient with rapists and molesters, which is why even convicted molesters like SPS Rathore walk around with smirks on their faces.

    We need a strong deterrent for would-be rapists, and chemical castration as a punishment is a good one. How many radio cabbies will take their chance with a rape, if they sincerely believed that they’d “lose their manliness” as a result of their action? I’d argue that it is NOT inhumane – it is reversible, and besides, it saves the country the money it would have to spend keeping these sorts in jail for life. If they are rendered “safe”, they’ll not be a burden on tax-payers. The sort of animals who sodomize a 10 month old baby can do without their right to procreate, or even have sex. In fact, for these sort of sickos, I’d advocate for physical castration.

    Now, if only I were a lawmaker!


  23. Two thumbs up for the judgement and the judge. Totally made my day that this giant POS will never get near a child his entire life again. While I am not against Chemical castration and do not feel that it is cruel and unusual punishment for a crime like raping or sexually abusing a child. I feel that India still has a long way to go before it can be implemented successfully.

    First of all, if the offender is locked up for life and is no way going to be in contact with a minor again, then I don’t see the need for it. Where I live anyone who is convicted of molesting a child under 13 can be chemically castrated, if they are on parole and they cannot refuse this if the offense was not their first. This is actually a condition of their parole. So I actually don’t see the need for it, if they are locked up their entire life. I don’t know how strong India’s parole program is and how effectively this can/will be implemented if indeed it comes to this.

    Physical castration..I don’t know if it it actually helps. There have been many many instances where the rapist has used only foreign objects to rape. Maybe it could be used selectively depending on the type of crime and offender.

    What we also need is another layer of protection for kids. I don’t know if its the rule in India, but here anyone who comes into contact with children like teachers, doctors etc are called mandatory reporters for Child abuse. They have to report suspected abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) to the authorities within 36 hours. Failure to do so carries a stiff punishment. We need to implement something along these lines. This way the families of the victim might not be able to just hush the abuse.

    Also, if for some reason we parole or release these offenders they should have strict restrictions placed on them. They should not be allowed to work in any place or profession where they could possibly come in contact with children, and they should be put on a list or registry of sexual offenders.


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  25. “Society cannot afford to have live sex bombs who, if let loose, are a potential threat… particularly to women and children. The convict before this court with his track record of a compulsive sex drive requires to be kept out of circulation….” I sincerely wish that the learned judge had chosen the words a little more carefully rather than using words that will stir up emotions and please a majority opinion… Nobody can be a live sex bomb, and to say that they need to be kept out of circulation is demeaning to any human irrespective of who he/she is, whether a rapist or a priest…. Rather than making an example of one such human, I wish the judge had pressed for more systemic changes there by arming such victims with the courage to speak up, improving the investigation mechanism to lead to faster judgements. And if all of us agree with what this judge has to say…. On a extremely personal and sorry note I have to say I am ashamed to be a part of a society that has welcomed such barbaric observations with such open arms.

    Live Sex-bombs, Castration…. Are we moving forward or taking a step backwards???


    • I did think that it was interesting that the term ‘sex bomb’ was used, the Moral Police would use it to describe a victim who, they would claim, causes a sexual assault on herself. Over here, I think it means that rapists who claim they are not able to control themselves because they are staying away from their families or because the victim (male or female) ‘provoked’ them are the ones who are ‘sex bombs’ the way we use ‘time bombs’ – dangerous if left free in the society.


  26. Chemical castration as an option sends out two red flags:

    1. Are we saying then that this is an urge that some men and women can’t control? And we control it for them. I think rape is about power and people who need that fix will find other ways to figure out what works for them. Plus free will is a sword that cuts both ways. If we’re saying don’t get in the way of my reading and writing, getting into someone’s (even a criminal’s) body is a tough argument to defend. Tomorrow, this could be used to prevent population, by the same token our bodies can be controlled in different circumstances.

    2. This only prevents a genital part being used to molest. I am sure people so inclined will find other tools that are equally tough for a victim to deal with. Maybe more so, even. Until we find the cause in that brain and work on that, don’t see how disabling one part makes a difference.

    While I don’t condone crime in any way and am quite okay with people being sent away for life, it is clear that there’s next to nothing being done to rehabilitate criminals or even understand what makes a person do such horrendous things. It is easy to say ‘he’s a pervert, she’s a criminal, lock them up and throw away the key’ so that we can all move on without affecting our pretty comfortable ‘if-not-for-the-grace-of-something-powerful-we-might-also-be-them’ lives.

    Without condoning crimes, understanding better the underlying drivers and then proactively doing something about it is a much better long term solution. Slow but more effective. And when we widen the circles affected, we will be setting up a society that actively and passively discourages such stuff. Using stigma for things like this versus unwed pregnancies makes a lot more sense to me.


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  28. “Though family members knew what had happened, they kept quiet, an act which the judge condemned in her order.”

    We need more public condemnation of both abusers and their apologists. Thanks for allowing us to share this, IHM.


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