There are some inconsistencies in what this rape victim is alleging.

According to one news channel the police thinks there are some inconsistencies in what this rape victim is alleging, the channel shared only the point of view of the police. Maybe the victim is lying, maybe no rape happened, maybe she is in shock, but isn’t the police supposed to follow basic investigations to confirm that?

The report below by TOI gives the victim’s point of view. There is less victim blaming (added: less than otherwise) in the comments that follow because the report is not sympathetic to the rapists.

But wait.


Only the police is being blamed, not the rapists. One commentator (VS, Bangalore) directly defends the rapists.

“In a country like India, since prostitution is not legal, single men may commit such crimes under the influence of alcohol. While women should be given protection, men should be given a channel to vent their sexual frustration. Sex is a biological need for a man. Why should a man marry to satisfy his physical need. He should have other legal options for safe sex. I think this would prevent such crimes in India to a very large extent.”

This is called Rape Culture. Understand the term Rape Culture better here… the truth in it will give you goose bumps. (Link shared by Shail)

i. In Rape Culture, we understand that if the rapist was living alone, away from his native place, he could lose control over himself.

ii.The rapists often don’t see their actions as crimes, the police said, and don’t expect the victims to report them.


And now the report I liked. [Link shared by Anil Singhal]

A woman in Kolkata was raped in a car.


1. The victim arrived at Park Street police station on the morning of February 8. It had taken her two days to muster courage to file a complaint. Officers heard the incident from her and asked her to give a written complaint. A Supreme Court directive says that police have to file an FIR as soon as a woman complains of sexual assault. But in this case, the police lodged only a general diary and registered a case only the next day.

2. “The officer in charge asked …  how a woman could be raped inside a moving car… wanted me to explain the posture in which the accused had raped me,” alleged the victim. … (they) taunted her for going to a nightclub and even tried to malign her character. (IHM: They should have started the investigations, medical tests etc instead.)

3. … only a lady officer can examine a rape victim in the presence of her guardians and at a place that is comfortable to her. But the car-rape victim was accompanied by a male officer for forensic tests…

4. … police did not apply for forensic tests till February 10. The test was carried out only on February 14.

5. Police officers explain the delay by saying that the victim’s complaint “was not compact” and “not to the point” so they asked her to write again and registered the case the next day. But officers in the department believe it is a lame excuse. There was enough scope to start a case immediately. They could have collected the “precise complaint” the next day. Besides, it is too much to expect a traumatised rape victim to write a concise complaint.

6. This delay could prove very costly because the night club where the gang allegedly approached the woman preserves CCTV footage for only four days. The incident happened on February 6 and even on February 10, the police had time to get the tape but they did not bother. They did not even bother to go through the CCTV footage of the hotel or the intersection where she was dropped.

7. Violating a basic norm of rape investigation, police did not ask the victim for the clothes she wore during the incident. Even till Wednesday evening, they had not made any such attempt. “Seizure of garments for forensic examination is mandatory,” said advocate Gautam Ghosh.

8. …since the initial medical test… revealed abrasions in her mouth, and on the temple and knees, an immediate forensic test could have provided more evidence. “Police ended up damaging the evidence, which can affect the merit of the case,” said an expert.

9. Sen admitted that police could have done more but argued that since the complainant had come to police two days late, there was a chance that she had already washed the cloth. (IHM:Not clear if she had washed the clothes or there was only a chance that she had.)

10. The woman claimed that she had provided police with photographs of the accused collected from a social networking site, but the police did nothing. The first suspects were picked up a week after the incident. On Wednesday evening, police tracked a suspect named Gidwani only to find that he was in Canada since January. [Read the article here.]

Another link – Woman raped in car at gunpoint in Kolkata, cops jeer.


38 thoughts on “There are some inconsistencies in what this rape victim is alleging.

  1. Really don’t know what to say….and it is only due to this attitude that nobody trusts the police. Its sad and disgraceful the way a rape victim is treated and no wonder a lot fo them choose to suffer in silence rather than reporting it.

    And I won’t be surprised to hear that it was her mistake that she went to the disc and that she should have never taken the lift. The onus of safety somehow always seems to lie with the woman!


      • It’s called Just World Syndrome (a form of victim blaming). You get what you deserve.

        These women think (consciously or subconsciously) that they can avoid rape by not dressing like a slut, not going to nightclubs, etc. How many times was this proven wrong, unfortunately!


  2. ‘Violating a basic norm of rape investigation, ‘
    What are the basic norms of rape investigation in India?
    In the US we have what are called ‘rape kits’ (ie thePhysical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) kit or sexual assault forensic evidence (SAFE) kit) to gather & preserve evidence. The process takes hours & is usually performed in a hospital emergency room.


    • Perhaps I should clarify my statement a bit more-
      Is there ANY standardized procedure or protocol in dealing with victims of sexual assault for police OR hospitals/physicians?
      Do women in India know it is essential to get to a hospital as soon as possible after a sexual assault? Not only to collect evidence (semen, saliva, hairs, document injuries etc) but also to get a dose of antibiotics, anti-HIV meds & the ‘morning after pill’ as well as attend to any injuries.
      Indian hospital emergency rooms don’t seem to be prepared for sexual assault victims at all (no privacy no rape kits). The TOI indicted the victim needed some sort of ‘appointment’ which delayed the forensic exam. IT IS AN EMERGENCY!!! Yoy don’t need an appointment for an EMERGENCY!!!


      • Thank you Bibi.

        Your comments are always extremely informative.

        It had never occurred to me that a woman needs anti-HIV medication after being raped.

        I’m curious though — can these meds really protect the victim from infection if the rapist was HIV +ve?

        Unlike before, I’ve realised that in India, any woman can be raped pretty much anywhere and anytime.

        That it is best to be as informed as possible in case I ever have to face the horror that is rape.


    • I was thinking about that as well. Do you also know about SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) programs and nurses? It sounds like what you’re talking about. 😛

      Even in the US though all hospitals don’t have SANE programs. But even that process can be hard on the victim, but I feel something like that is far better than performing a “finger test” which is what I hear can happen. Reading the article, not having a standard procedure and the danger in delaying appointments or even having them is losing evidence. And it also shows there’s no standard procedure nor protocol and it shows it’s sorely needed. That’s why with SANE nurses they’re on standby or on call. So even if it’s 3am and the victim wanted to report the assault the nurse would have to get up and head to the to the hospital, thus ridding the need for appointments.


      • I am familiar with the SANE program & trained nurses in the US. Unfortunately the SANE program is facing difficulties in the US.
        What usually happens in the US is after the victim comes to the hospital emergency room- one of the interns eventually ends up performing the procedures in the ‘rape kit’ while the OB/GYN physicians are attending more ‘prioritized’ cases-(births, miscarriages etc.)
        A program like ‘SANE’ with trained nurse practitioners trained in dealing with
        sexual assault victims would be great, I would recommend extending the program to have the SANE nurse be the patient’s ‘advocate’ & help explain & guide them through the difficult process of rape investigation & prosecution.


      • In response to Bad Indian Woman-
        The CDC recommends PEP(Post-exposure prophylaxis) for any HIV negative person who has recently been exposed to HIV for any reason- e.g., unprotected anal or vaginal sex, needlestick injuries, or sharing needles.
        Combivir ( a combination of AZT & 3TC) is the combination drug that is commonly used in the US, one pill is taken twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, for 28 days.
        The PEP treatment is most effective if taken within an hour of exposure, after 72
        hours post exposure treatment is not effective.


  3. Wow–can’t believe a commenter wrote that.

    “Sex is a biological need for a man. Why should a man marry to satisfy his physical need. He should have other legal options for safe sex.”

    With these people, it’s either sex or marriage? Are they incapable of being in romantic relationships? He thinks men ‘rape’ women because they are sexually frustrated? Hasn’t he realized by now that a ‘sexually frustrated’ man can use his own hands instead of forcing himself onto someone else?

    And notice how he doesn’t address women’s ‘biological’ need for sex–as if he’s stating that women just evolved on this planet to bear children and have sex with men.

    Anyway–rape [whether it’s in India or anywhere else] is about power and not about sex. Hence why you have so many ‘rapes’ in prisons where heterosexual males engage in forcible rapes of other heterosexual males.

    I think rape is seen as a far ‘less’ serious crime in India because society is far more comfortable with victim blaming, the consequences of the crime are far less than the consequences one would face abroad, and action would only be taken against the criminals if certain [read–very small] pockets of society were affected. That guy who used to assault children and then gruesomely dispose of them [the guy in Noida] was able to get away with it for so long because he calculatingly chose kids of migrant workers.


  4. Its no surprise that women fear reporting rape! As for the man who ‘justified’ rape, I think what he needs is a shrink. Yes, sex is a basic need, but that does not give a right to rape. Guys who need to ‘vent’ it out can always help themselves, there is no need whatsoever to rape!!


  5. Incredible imbecility!

    Once again, we are forced to stand back and simply marvel at the sheer level of incompetence and insensitivity that this country’s officials demonstrate on a daily basis.

    People tend to balk when there is talk of privatizing essential services in the country, sometimes rightly so, but I do wonder how different things could be if the police and bureaucracy was run like a corporate.

    If the police officer cannot even file an FIR properly, I think we can legitimately question exactly why he deserves to be paid.


    As for the comments, reading those on Indian newspaper sites is a sure way to get your IQ down by a couple of points and your BP up a few.
    By all means, we need greater opportunities for inter-sex mingling and relationships in this country, but there are NO EXCUSES FOR RAPE.

    You cannot just go out and rape someone because you’re in a raunchy mood. You cannot go out and rape someone because you want to feel powerful. You cannot go out and rape someone for any reason whatsoever.

    No excuses. No tolerance.


  6. Gosh! IHM, just read the article on TOI via the link you posted. The comments board made me feel physically sick! Not only are they blaming the victim for the rape, calling her all sorts of names and alleging she is a call girl (even if she is a call girl, why should she ‘deserve’ rape?!), saying a mother of two should not be drinking, but they are bringing politics and religion into the whole mix.
    That entire page sent chills down my spine. It’s very scary that there are SO MANY people like this!


  7. //since prostitution is not legal, single men may commit such crimes under the influence of alcohol. //

    Wow!!Prostitution is not legal, and rape is? Where do you even begin to reason with people with such warped thinking?


  8. IHM,
    I fell asleep last night reading this story and comments and I knew that you’d have a write up about this. Doesn’t this kind of mirror the story you had about a woman being killed by thugs when she walks home after not being able to get on the ferry for not having enough money on her to pay the ferry captain. That being said, this is why rape is not reported 60% of the time. Re-victimization of victims. They are made to feel that its their responsibility that they got raped or that the rapist couldn’t help himself.

    Also, you should go see how VS responded to a commentator’s reply, here it is
    “Mohan (Bangalore) replies to VS 2 hrs ago (04:53 PM)
    So, then when is your mother available? I am very frustrated and I have heard your mother is very cooperative. Since police cannot protect all Indian women, I am sure you will understand if I lift your mother’s saree and release my frustration. It is after all your mother’s fault. Why is she so cooperative with strangers?

    VS replies to Mohan 2 hrs ago (05:28 PM)
    Bastards like you will not understand the essence of the writeup. You probably do not have enough analytical power or you are surely not a man. That means you cannot do anything to anybody’s mother or sisters. Haha..this is called impotence
    Moreover i think you are born in a gutter to write about someone’s mother like this. I am sure you have never seen outside your gutter..You probably cant imagine how developed countries have resolved such crimes.”

    Although I am against using personal attacks to get one’s point across, I can see what Mohan wanted to convey to VS.
    Totally applaud this woman for being so brave. I wish there were some therapist or psychologist who could help her with dealing with this trauma.


  9. Quote:
    “In a country like India, since prostitution is not legal, single men may commit such crimes under the influence of alcohol. While women should be given protection, men should be given a channel to vent their sexual frustration. Sex is a biological need for a man. Why should a man marry to satisfy his physical need. He should have other legal options for safe sex. I think this would prevent such crimes in India to a very large extent.”

    I cringed as I read this and am not wasting any time trying to show how absurd this comment is.
    This comment in the original TOI article was from a certain VS of Bangalore.
    Gosh, did he have to ruin the reputation of my city by advertising where he came from?
    I need to do plenty of homework and post enough sensible comments to redeem the reputation of my city.


    • Vishwanathji, why are you surprised?

      Karnataka is home to luminaries like Pramod Muthalik, CC Patil, Krishna Palemar and Laxman Savadi.

      Recently, Bangalore and Karnataka have been in the new for all the wrong reasons.

      VS is just upholding that glorious tradition. 🙂


  10. Shockingly, statesman reports that Chief minister Mamata Banerjee, when asked for her reaction, did not do much better. “Eta ekta sarayantra against the government. Media-r ekta angso er madhya jukta ache (This is a conspiracy against the government in which a section of the media is involved),” she told reporters at Writers’ Buildings.


  11. The main reason why I don’t read comments for articles like this.

    Sex is a biological need for a man. Why should a man marry to satisfy his physical need. He should have other legal options for safe sex. I think this would prevent such crimes in India to a very large extent.”

    Someone clearly doesn’t understand that rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power.


  12. Oh, and I forgot to post another comment earlier.. I quite hate the system in India of bringing up ‘mothers’ and ‘sisters’.. and the whole system of ‘ghar par maa-behen nahi hai kya?’ .. Are you not supposed to respect a woman if she is not your maa or behen? IHM, what are your views on that ‘line’, as it were?


    • I agree with you. Insulting a man by insulting his female family members, means he is responsible for their honor and their honor (or sexuality and personal choices etc) are his honor. If he can’t protect their ‘name’, he loses his honor.


  13. And ladies and gentlemen, people wonder why rapes aren’t reported more. You either have to be incredibly brave or incredibly foolish to report a rape and expect that the perpetrators will be punished for it. This is India, and this is how we work. IHM, with each passing day, I feel so disillusioned with the system that I don’t have it in me to be angry anymore.


  14. I wonder what will happen to the lady now that Mamatha Banerjee has already decided what this incident is about. Remainds me of maths problem at school. ‘Give the proof of this equation’ sorts!!!


    //Kolkata police who had earlier ridiculed her, are now saying that CCTV camera footage shows the victim was indeed telling the truth. The victim of the brutal rape was first mocked by the police, even the Chief Minister rubbished her complains as a conspiracy to malign her government. A state minister questioned the morality of the victim. Now it turns out that the victim was telling the truth. The police now say that she was raped at gunpoint as she claims.//


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