Ek main aur ek tu. Guess why I loved this movie.

Please guess why would I give 9 on 10 to ‘Ek main aur ek tu’.

1. You may please grab as many of these badges as the valid reasons you can give for what made me love this movie πŸ˜†

2. Some of the hints are in the trailer above…

3. If the reason is a spoiler, I will edit it out but you still get the award.

4. And a special award for guessing why 9, why not 10.

With many thanks to Usha, Shail, Ruchira, Aabha (Please do remind me if I have missed your name!) –Β  I hope you like the promised twist to the tag πŸ™‚

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6. And this one only if you can give FIVE or more valid reasons πŸ˜€ And also explain why nine, why not ten.


119 thoughts on “Ek main aur ek tu. Guess why I loved this movie.

  1. Thank you for the “mention” up there πŸ™‚
    I love the twist. Only, I’m all twisted up, looking for answers πŸ˜€
    The bindaas attitude.
    The reality that shines out.
    The awesome Imran.
    The way Kareena and Imran answer the counsellor’s question “Sex?” πŸ˜†

    Loved the trailer. Now I need to find someone to blackmail and take me to see it πŸ˜›


  2. Haven’t seen it. But I’m guessing from the trailer that it’s because she breaks the what-good-girls-should-do rules, because she :
    – Does what she wants
    – Speaks her mind
    – Ingests alcohol
    – Admits to having sex, but not with her husband (gasp! oh pativrata nari where art thou :-))
    – Is generally herself – bindaas – without thoughts of what her father/brother/mom/family/society/culture will think of her


  3. Ok fine. Heres my list :

    1. The title song
    2. The question abt sex
    3. Imran Khan’s nerdy act
    4. The talli hai song
    5, The auntyji song
    6. Kareena in a role that isnt just showing off her body
    7. 4…. and a half
    8. It Vegas after all, that deserves a point

    Last 9 but not 10 because its a rip off ( a very good one) of not one but many english movies.


    • 1. The title song – Nice song, but not a valid reason!
      2. The question abt sex – Please explain? What about that question?
      3. Imran Khan’s nerdy act – No
      4. The talli hai song – No
      5, The auntyji song – Nice song, but not why I loved the movie…
      6. Kareena in a role that isnt just showing off her body – hmmm ok ONE AWARD πŸ™‚
      7. 4…. and a half
      8. It Vegas after all, that deserves a point – No… not a valid reason, not why I loved the movie

      Last 9 but not 10 because its a rip off ( a very good one) of not one but many english movies. – not why I loved the movie


      • 2. Her candid reply.

        On reading the rest of the replies, I just realized that reason no 6 should have been first and more elaboration on that one point could have gotten me all the points. The new Indian woman drinks/smokes if she wants to, doesnt feel the need to get married, doesnt stay in a relationship that isnt working, can earn/fend for herself, is opinionated and lives life on her own terms. Have become used to meeting them, knowing them and having friends among them and didnt realize that is why the movie got all 9 points.

        Me – YAY!!! Honored and delighted to announce that you have won the Opinionated Blogger Award TitoV along with all the other badges πŸ˜€


      • YAY !!! Thank you IHM, especially for the twist that this means I dont have to tag anymore people with awards they already have.

        Thanks also to all the women I have met, known and been friends with for making me eligible for this.


  4. Am glad you love the film. I’ve got to say here though that all the above, trailer included, needs to be taken with a grain of salt. This is Bollywood – experts at whitewashing the truth – and makers of a whole lot of sexist, anti-women stuff. Very few film-makers in here actually look at women as “people” and not as a collection of a bunch of anatomical parts.


  5. 1.Kareena’s answer to ‘were there drugs involved”—Only alcohol!
    2. Kareena’s answer to the sex question. I LOVED it!!
    3.Kareena is so unselfconsciously discussing her bum
    4.Auntyji song
    Okay these are all I can think of πŸ™‚


  6. Several stereotypes reversed/broken —
    1. Girl is older than the guy.
    2. Girl is forthright and takes sex as a natural act. Admits to having sex without mandatory display of shame.
    3. The girl is not a prude, rating other’s butt and her own too.
    4. Inter-religious relationship, love story and story not focusing on this fact.
    5. Girl loves to stay alone, no hankering to get married at 26. Is happily unmarried πŸ™‚
    6. It is no issue that the heroine drinks and that’s not making her a vamp.


  7. 1. They admit that their marriage is a mistake and are willing to do something about it
    2. The girl is open that she has had sex
    3.The girl is not a typical traditional Indian Woman
    4. She says what she wants and what she likes (like his bum ha ha) and does what she likes πŸ™‚
    5. The girl is older than the guy
    6. She told her parents?!
    7. She wants to be alone and feels she does need a man or marriage to fulfill her


    * spoiler alert*

    1- The girl having an equal part to play in the movie though it’s not a romantic role.
    2- The girl drinks, has had sex and is liberated and free. Free enough to have honest conversations with her mother about the whole thing, even a drunken episode that ended up with her married to a stranger. It’s like… mistakes happen… but that’s okay! We’re all human, and being a girl has nothing to do with it!
    3- The girl in a bollywood movie is not merely there to dance around trees and show off her body.
    4- The guy is the one being rescued by the girl in this case!

    Can’t think of any more! πŸ™‚

    All that being said… I found the movie kinda slow going a bit of a snooze-fest. Didn’t like it much though all THESE points are note-worthy as far as feminism and equal rights is concerned. πŸ™‚


  9. Is a legal DVD available? Or do I have to wait? I stopped going to the movie halls.

    I would be really curious to know what SK (aka Ananya) feel about this film and read his/her comment.
    Will he demand a ban?
    (There! We just can’t get SK/Ananya out our system, can we? Like someone said earlier, he crops up every time)


    • Ananya-Sharavan Kumar is now a symbol sort of, for all that some of us are trying fight against.

      This movie is a loving gift for the Indian Moral Police on Valentine’s Day πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† But fact is it is a very sensible movie dealing with relevant, serious issues. Do try to watch, it’s fast paced, you won’t notice the time!


  10. You convinced me to download the movie. I generally give a WIDE berth to most Hindi movies. I don’t need to watch them or Hollywood crap when there are so many awesome French / Japanese / Hongkong movies available. But let me see how this one is. On your head be it, IHM πŸ˜›


    • Sraboney I won’t call it role reversal, just breaking some Gender Stereotypes and many taboos πŸ™‚ They both looked like they were meant for their roles, he looked stiff and uncomfortable and never completely loosened up, she looked bindaas πŸ™‚ And this must be one of the first times when the heroine is older, and doesn’t think her life is ruined because she didn’t marry the only man she ever loved, in a Hindi movie.
      Pleased to congratulate you for your winning six fabulous awards πŸ˜€ Congratulations!! πŸ˜†


  11. 1. The guy not shown as macho and the girl not shown as savitri.
    2. It’s fun.
    3. You like Kareena too ….
    4. Open attitude towards sex.
    5. From the trailer the comedy seems spontaneous.
    Reason why you did not give 10/10
    Maybe it has the same cliched ending. the hero herione fall in love and realize their marriage was made in heaven….

    Whether I win or not, I will definitely see the movie now. Thankyou πŸ™‚


  12. 1. the feel good movie
    2. the couple look happy and good
    3. the girl says whats in her mind
    4. The way sex question is answered shows its not a taboo anymore
    5. The pair shown doing normal things
    6. Kareena looks lovely
    7. Nice songs

    now PLEASE TELL me I got at least ONE award …


    • Bikram your answer number 3 and 4 are great!!

      1. the feel good movie – Not why I loved the movie.
      2. the couple look happy and good – nice point.. but not why I loved the movie.
      3. the girl says whats in her mind Award one!
      4. The way sex question is answered shows its not a taboo anymore Award two!
      5. The pair shown doing normal things – Yeah… okay, award three!
      6. Kareena looks lovely Not why I loved the movie!!!
      7. Nice songsNot why I loved the movie.

      Kareena looking lovely is not a point!! πŸ™‚ The story would not have been affected much if she looked average.
      Total awards won – THREE, 1, 2 and 3.
      You are still eligible to try one more time to win the colourful Opinionated Blogger Award.


      • Chakk te fatte … 3 out of 7 IS GOOOD πŸ™‚ for me I dont win any so this is a JACKPOt.. but let me try as you say .. one more try then .. but then cheating ho jayegi I have read other comments tooo now but neverthless here it goes

        1. The pair agreeing to marriage being a fiasco
        2. Kareena shown as single and all and not a problem with it , as if its a taboo to be single.
        3. Parents not pestering her to get married make the right decision etc etc …
        4. in the trailer when they are being asked the question, the replies to them SO TRUE and i hope it happens in real life tooo

        Well thats all i can say As i have not seen the movie fully, only seen bits and pieces on the net ..

        so now tell


    Here are my guesses

    1. Kareena does what she wants to .. hair dresser .. with full support from her family
    2. Lives on her own in videsh and is open with her family about her love life!
    3. Is open about drinking and being with a stranger!
    4. Lives in his house!
    5. Offers to share the bed with him without any qualms
    6. Her family is open minded about her drunk adventure and take it as joke but still treat Imran Khan as friend!
    7. Her mum smokes in the house
    8. The ending of the movie
    9. They continue to be friends even when she refuses to consider the relationship
    10. Can’t think of anything else πŸ™‚

    I guess 9/10 coz Imran Khan says I will continue to love her and hopes to marry her! Could have left it at their friendship!


  14. @Charu –

    1. Kareena does what she wants to .. hair dresser .. with full support from her family That’s a point! Award one!
    2. Lives on her own in videsh and is open with her family about her love life! That’s a point too! Award two.
    3. Is open about drinking and being with a stranger! Well, she sees no reason to apologize for, or explain her personal choices. But no award.
    4. Lives in his house! It’s an indication that men and women are not always thinking of only one thing… unlike movies in the past where one night alone meant they had no choice but to do the ‘honorable’ thing. But no award πŸ™‚
    5. Offers to share *SPOILER CENSORED* without any qualms Hmmm guess that’s point! Same as point 4. …but no award.
    6. Her family is open minded about her drunk adventure and take it as joke but still treat Imran Khan as friend! They didn’t take it as a joke. They understood the situation very well. They didn’t choose to honor kill her, lock her up or get him arrested for influencing her etc They also understood that this was not the end of the world for her. No award!! πŸ‘Ώ
    7. Her mum smokes in the house I can never like a movie because someone is smoking in their house!!!!!!!! 😯 No award!
    8. The ending of the movie LOVED it – so one more award!!!
    9. *SPOILER CENSORED* – Another award!! πŸ˜†
    10. Can’t think of anything else πŸ™‚

    So Charu, it gives me great pleasure to announce that you won four awards πŸ˜€


      • Well the movie will start at 1045.. so will reserve reviews for after that… as for why you like the movie?
        1) kareena’s character being open about sex
        2) The two of them hanging out and having fun without being romantically involved
        3) Living together as room mates after they got married while drunk, maybe as they wait for annulment, without any hitches
        4) imraan’s ‘Γ§ute’ butt

        well i haven’t seen the movie (or what happens in vegas on which it is supposedly based) so will will hold my comments for now

        Me – Congratulations!! Aren’t you glad you tried? πŸ™‚ I hope you proudly display the Opinionated Blogger Badge on your side bar! Please share what you thought after the movie too πŸ™‚



        It was a decent movie.. Not entirely captivating, but good none the less. The lead pair has acted well. There were some LOL moments, some were PJs.
        Things I liked:

        1) Kareena sharing the marriage details with her family. Now they don’t show that they freaked out and are mad at her.. but yes, they are cool with how she is dealing with responsibly by getting it annulled
        2) Since Kareena can’t become a ballerina, she wants to become a hairstylist.. because she likes it..
        3) Kareena’s mom smoking in the bathroom and calming kareena down. Now I know you disapprove of smoking, but from what I know of smokers, but I like the fact that she chose to smoke in the bathroom and not in the house, so that the others don’t have to take the smoke and smell of
        4) Imraan saying that parents should dream of their kids, but not impose it upon them
        5) During their last night in US before leaving for India.. they share a bed, and kareena says that she trusts herself to not let anything happen..
        6) Kareena backing off when imraan tries to kiss her at the kissing point be cause she was showing the place as a friend and not because she loves him .. She loves him just as a friend
        7) Imraan hangin out with her as a friend at the end even though he still has feelings for her (this one hits close to me)
        8) Showing that both kareena and ‘anusha’ are ready to take initiatives or are not uncomfortable talking about sex
        9) the cute butt and butt rank
        10) The dad playing with kid kareena

        Me – I hope you like your six awards Hrishi!!


      • *Spoiler alert*

        The bathroom waala scene.. I hope some tries this out.. when they’re out for dinner with their significant other.. and she excuses her self for the bathroom.. sing.. akele akele kahaan jaa rahe ho, humien saath le lo jahaan jaa rahe ho..

        It would be a nice joke πŸ™‚


  15. 1. The girl is shown to be more interested in sex with other men breaking the stereotype that only mainstream bollywood heros philander whereas the heroines are always loyal. Only unloyal men were acceptable in bollywood before.
    2. She compliments his butt. This breaks the stereotype of heroine-haseen, hero-jawaan. It’s the other way round here.
    3. He wants to return home early as if he has a curfew while she is relaxed.

    I had watched the trailer of ‘Thank You’ where they said, ‘if he can have an affair, so can she’. I watched the movie and her affair was just a pretend one to bring her husband on track. The end part had sermons to the husband like, ‘a woman leaves everything of hers for you, including her surname, so you need to care for this virtuous lady’. What a ‘popat’!!

    Me – STF please grab all 6 awards πŸ˜€ Loved the Hero haseen, Heroine Jawan πŸ˜†


  16. Well, I am hardly a movie critic. And thanks to a gruelling Sunday at work (insert warm thank you to corporate life here), I am late and have had the opportunity to view other responses. Copying those responses would be like cheating, so I will put up my original thoughts on why you might have liked it, even though I know some are probably incorrect.

    1. The male protagonist does not act like a stereotypical macho, “eve-teasing”, Salman Khan-type chauvinist.

    2. The female protagonist breaks the norm for traditional Indian women (as portrayed in movies) by talking openly about taboo subjects (such as sex and alcohol).

    3. The movie presents a realistic, nuanced and fun view of sexuality in the Indian context. There is no fake shyness, nor crass over-the-top sexualization.

    4. The music is good.

    5. The art direction is top-notch (highly unusual for bollywood)

    6. Gender roles are nuanced and do not feel script-written, as they sometimes do even in real life in India. There is an endearing freshness to the movie’s portrayal of the male-female divide, which is rather blurred here (again, not typical in Bollywood).

    7. The song-and-dance routines do not involve ridiculous “steps” (such as repeatedly pulling up one’s pants)

    8. Many parts are genuinely funny.

    9. It’s an overall nice, feel-good romantic comedy that avoids going over the top, yet looks at serious issues in an impish, interesting way.

    Still, I’m glad Natasha got me to watch this one. I usually avoid Bollywood, but do not regret making an exception here.


      • LOL.

        I’m more pleased about this than I’d care to admit!

        I think it would be a great movie for them to watch. I’m not being completely sarcastic here – it may well help some of the less brainwashed members to realize how much of LIFE they’re missing out when they insist on imposing medieval “morals” on everyone around them. If not, it would at least be fun to watch them go purple with rage and threaten to get the movie banned.

        Natasha has made me watch a lot of memorable films that I would have missed had it not been for her prodding.
        There is another good movie that the moral police and the liberal crowd alike should watch on V-day (for different reasons, of course! ;D) .

        It is called Dev.D .

        If you have not watched it yet, I highly recommend it – I had to actually pinch myself to believe that this was a bollywood flick I was watching. Very refreshing stuff.


      • Excellent!

        Loved your take on it. Don’t get caught, yes, the basis of the standard desi urban clichΓ©.

        It’s funny how we still call sex tapes “MMS scandals”. I don’t know why it’s considered so ridiculously scandalous. Obviously, it’s not a very good thing to have pictures of your sexual activities distributed all over the public space, but why is it that it is always the FEMALE who is dishonored, never the male who actually distributed the stuff ? It’s always the girl’s parents who end up committing suicide or whatever.

        Apparently, it is more honorable to be a male criminal in India, than it is to be a female who got filmed doing something that the vast majority of the adult population does on a regular basis.


  17. Hey though I have not watched the movie yet I really want to watch it ASAP, now specially after reading all your comments here.

    I will attempt answering it though:

    [ 1 ] I like the way she corrects him to say “Hair dresser” not a “Hajam”. That shows she is proud and passionate about her profession and would not tolerate any derogatory comments on the same.
    [ 2 ] The oft commented thing here – Her having sex with someone who is not her husband and she being so normal about it.
    [ 3 ]I loooveeee the title song because of only one line ” Ghum ki baatein bhul ja, khushiya manaa jo bhi hoga I am with You….” It means a lot to have someone with you. πŸ™‚
    [ 4 ] The female lead enjoys her sexuality and has no qualms about it. She openly compliments the hero’s butt and asks his comments on hers. [ Now that is something not seen / heard till now in Indian Movies]
    [ 5 ]This movie is a love story which is beyond all boundaries of caste, creed, culture, language or age.
    [ 6 ] This movie is about enjoying each others’ differences and finding a common ground for oneself without losing ones’ individuality.
    [ 7 ] She is upfront and honest about every aspect of her life to her folks – even her marriage to a younger man in a drunken state.
    [ 8 ] I specially like the scene where she very casually mentions she has a back up profession also ready for her because that shows she accepts failure as a part of her life and has a spirit to find out ways to make things work out.
    [ 9 ] She doesn’t mind seeking professional help in dealing with issues surrounding her marital life. She is not ashamed of accepting that she needs a male companion for company.

    In short the lady has a mind of her own , knows what she wants from her life, how to reach her goals, what to do incase they fail and also where to seek help from incase it is needed.

    Now, why 9 and not 10. I think 10 reasons is a very common phenomenon so to celebrate an uncommon movie like this we need some uncommon number like 9 I guess πŸ™‚


  18. Just watched the movie as my daughter, a great Imran fan insisted.
    Reason u liked
    1. heroine older than hero
    2.heroine living the way she wants (unlike the hero)
    3. religious difference not stressed at all
    4. Kareena’s answer to sex question
    5. Girl tells everything to parents, brought up in a liberal easy going fashion, while boy brought up in a strict fashion tells lies
    6. *Spoiler Censored*
    Why you did not like……

    Let me guess,
    other women in the film, an older and another younger are shown as too sex starved
    glorification of being drunk
    hero does not like dogs

    Me – All except the dog bit, he didn’t dislike the dog, he was just not used to dogs. And it gives me great pleasure to award you all six badges. I hope your daughter enjoyed the movie, Imran Khan was also good, in ‘Jane tu ya jane naa’ – has she seen that one?


  19. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but dying to watch it.. Based on the trailer, here are my reasons why I think it will be an awesome movie:
    1. It breaks gender stereotypes – the guy feels lonely, while the girl wants to be by herself; their attitude towards alcohol and sex, etc.
    2. Both of them get drunk and get married, and accept that it was a mistake and want to get it annulled.
    3. Kareena’s bindaas attitude – she does what she wants to, and is comfortable with her lifestyle, attitude, and desires.
    4. It reflects an average independent young woman’s lifestyle rather than trying to portray her as a sati-savitri!
    I guess that’s all I can think of now! πŸ™‚


  20. Ok, I loved the trailer.

    Let’s see how many reasons I can get

    10 – Imraan rates Kareena’s butt a 4(.5)/10. That should give everyone who’s trying to become a size 0 (read anorexic) pause. Tee-hee.
    9 – Kareena’s “not with him” answer and expression when he questioned about sex. So matter-of-fact. The happy, completely unembarrassed way she says “yes” πŸ˜€
    8 – The way she’s not an engineer or a doctor, and corrects him when he sarcastically calls her a hajaam (Hairstylist!) Imraan comes across as so khadoos, what’s with women and picking badly? Oh well ,she was drunk πŸ˜€
    7 – That she is not more freaked out about having MARRIED someone when drunk. But, I’m sure they show her as an NRI/ABCD type, not a bhartiya naari. The freedom to make mistakes! yay! When will bhartiya naari’s be given this important freedom?
    6 – That she wants to talk about her mistakes/ annoying habits.
    5- She rides a scooter! Greeeeeen power!
    4 – She’s older than Imraan in the movie. Goodbye, stereotype.
    3 – Kareena’s personality is more self-confident, and enjoys solitude (akele rehna chahti hoon) and Imraan is shown with a more emotionally needy character (I feel lonely). Goodbye, bigger stereotype. Mardaangi is no more about being emotionally inaccessible and “strong”. πŸ˜€
    2 – The guy sees a therapist. Even if he does go, “next question, please”. Rome wasn’t built in a day. πŸ˜€

    What I didn’t like

    Imraan was so khadoos. The way he says “what am I supposed to tell my parents, that I got drunk, and married a Hajaam?” She is more good-humored about it, but he was just asking for the very Indian one tight slap. Beer goggles is not a valid excuse for taking up with such a khadoos insaan. Maybe the movie redeems him, but the trailer leaves me with a “meh” feeling about his character in the movie. In fact, he reminds me of Shravan Kumar a bit. Next question, please.

    I bet they get all lovey-dovey and end up married happily after a lot of conflict, normal filmy bollywood style. If they did, maybe you docked the point for that.

    More detailed analysis after I’ve seen the movie. Coming right up. πŸ˜€


  21. IHM I can see that everyone answered almost all the questions….so it would look like I copied them? πŸ˜₯

    Anyways, I think I will love the movie for the mere fact that they showed a woman can appreciate a guy’s butt!!! :mrgreen: πŸ˜‰

    err and for giving only 9….sheesh is it bcoz one has to tolerate Kareena in it? πŸ™„

    You have successfully managed to make me interested enough to go and watch the movie πŸ˜›


  22. i have not seen the movie yet (was houseful when I went yesterday, and ended up watching “the descendents” instead. That was awesome too!). I soooo hope they dont end up getting married in the end!! I would love to see a love/affection story where the hero and heroine do not marry in the end! Cant wait to see the movie now, after your 9/10 πŸ™‚


  23. Watched the movie yesterday, and absolutely loved it.. planning a review post today!!

    Apart from the reasons as given in most of the comments, I loved the way it ended. Somewhere it did touch a raw nerve… especially the school scene.


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    IHM, Since you havent yet anounced the results, I hope the contest is still open. Watchd the movie on friday and liked it too.Here are my reasons:

    1. Heroine being older than the hero.27/28 yrs and not married
    2. Acceptance of Sex without being in a marriage
    3. Accepting that that was no marraige and getting an annulment
    4. Kareena’s parents accepting the relationship for whatever it was. Friendship OR marriage
    5. No melodrama through out the movie.
    6.Imran accpeting that he had been a sort of ‘Mamma’s boy’
    7.Showing Imran finally standing up for himself and walking out (no melodrama there either)
    8. Unlike other movies-where finally they show the hero/heroine fall in love – here they have left that be a friendship itself -again different from the cliche’d hindi movie ending.
    9.Oh! And how about Kareena’s reasons for not marrying her earlier boyfriend- she mentions that he didn’t respect her…
    10. I also liked the fact where Kareena’s mom calls her Dad about doing something in the kitchen
    11.Hmmm… Realised – That Kareena chose a profession that she ‘wanted; not something that was forced upon her
    1 thing about the ending I thought they could’ve changed – Imran Khan also moving ahead instead of being stuck in ‘Love’ and finding someone else…

    NOW I will go read what the other’s have to say πŸ™‚

    Me – Please also collect your six awards along with my heartiest and delighted Congratulations πŸ™‚


  26. I’ve seen the movie so that’s where these comments from.
    There are plenty of reasons why I loved the movie. Let’s see if my list coincides with yours. πŸ˜€

    1. She asks HIM out on a date, for a drink. He says no. She is the one who insists. Doesn’t mean she is a slut or a despo.

    2. She’s the one older to him, and that’s fine too (but we come to know that later only).

    3. The guy and the girl get together on a “date” and then drink themselves silly. No judgement again on the girl’s loose morals or whether she was “asking for it”.

    4. They stay with each other. Not just after the drinking binge, but also over the next few days until she gets the new job and money to move elsewhere. And yet they don’t sleep with each other. He doesn’t pounce on her saying she “asked for it”. The film stays very neutral here… they are just two buddies…correction, strangers who move on to be buddies….who are just staying in the same place. Why is that so bad (as portrayed by some other terrible movies)??

    5. Her family. Totally chilled out. She’s honest with them. They don’t judge her. She’s single, living by herself in a different country and then brings back a guy home saying she accidentally got married to him. And they treat it like the laugh riot it is. Maybe it’s Bollywood liberty, but even then in the usual masala movie it’s reason enough to get her kicked out of the house! But nope, not in this one.

    6. Best of all, she’s the one experienced in love life, sex and boyfriends. He’s the virgin. And it’s perfectly fine. There is no judgement on either of them based on their past sexual records. What a relief!!

    warned you!!



    7. The girl says no to the relationship at the end (sorry to those who did not see the movie yet, this is a huge spoiler πŸ˜› ). And the no stays a no. And it’s still ok. While the guy’s ego did get hurt when he took it in first, he takes time to come around, apologizes to her for being rude and lets her have her space….. and waits for her because he loves her. They continue to be friends. Sigh…. why can’t we have more men like this? It’s ok to be that way… not everyone gets a happily ever after with the one you fall in love with, you sometimes get to stay just friends and that’s what life is sometimes. Life goes on.


  27. IHM,
    1) They get married without their respective parent’s permission
    2) She is sexually experienced before marriage and isn’t sorry or ashamed about it
    3) She is older than him
    4) They go to a counselor when they feel they have problems
    5) She notices his butt and mentions it to him

    About the alcohol, I dunno its hard to appreciate a 25 yr old getting so drunk that they dunno what they’re doing, but it’s only a movie.
    I don’t like kareena, but like Imran khan, will ask hubby to watch the kids while I go watch the movie, when they release it here.


    • Kareena acts very little girl-like, kind of silly in some ads, in this movie she is easy going but basically responsible. The movie made getting drunk look like the solution for loneliness/unhappiness/disappointments other issues, I didn’t think that was good. What I liked was they were completely gender neutral about everything including drinking.


      • I just found out about the ending reading thru the replies, just curious why did they go to the therapist then?

        Gender neutral is good but why do they have to take the characters out of India to portray these new values. Why can’t they be a couple of techies getting hitched after a new yr’s party in Bangalore.

        Me – Crackling Sacks made the same point. I think we should see that too happening soon, Indian movie makers are evolving…


      • Do they conduct weddings in chapel in India in the dead of night in whatever condition you are in (drunk, half-unconscious whatever)? Asking out of curiosity.
        Coz the according to the narrative in the movie, that’s how it happened to them. Coz they landed up at such a place in Vegas in the first place. Hence Vegas and not Bangalore?


      • Answer to ‘why isn’t it Bangalore?’ – because people do have one-night stands! We Indian people just don’t talk about it! Or don’t get married to justify any more in real life.

        Remember that other movie (Laws of Attraction) where this happened too. I think it is just a storyline thing to get the characters into this situation, in order to explore such a situation better. Not very likely in real life, even in Vegas.


  28. I loved the movie too!! Because first and foremost it wasnt a cliche! And thank god for that…for once they didnt show that the heroine was confused and in the end she ends up saying the 3 magical words! πŸ˜€ The friendship bit has been shown really well.


  29. Also liked the outspokenness of Kareena’s character. She spoke her mind and didn’t make any bones in admitting stuff abt her relationships etc…the movie didnt focus on things like the age difference and religion etc. Had a gr8 time watching it!! πŸ˜€


  30. 1. Ek ladka aur ek ladki dost ho saktey hain
    2. Talking about sex is normal
    3. Saying your bum is 8 on 10 is not vulgar, its just being young and youthful. We don’t get rid of morality like that!
    4. The girl shared every snippet of her life with her parents and hence was happy person knowing she has family to fall back on.
    This is the first hindi movie we saw with our 7 year old and she had so much to say. I think I should write a post about her take away on this!


  31. haven’t seen the movie, want too…but what i love is her being unapologetic abt being herself, she is shown as a normal human being. I don’t see hypocracy and love the fact that the stereotypes have been dropped here… hey, they get married without their parents knowing whn they have just met. Even tho its a rip off, I’m sure its been done really well…

    p.s I want the opinionated blogger award. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›


      • still?? πŸ™‚ Well..let me try…haven’t seen the movie though… but just the trailer here..

        The female protagonist is someone that every girl wants to be (at least somewhere in the little corner of her heart) …care-a-damn attitude, without the fear of being judged, independent, child-like, and living a life without any regrets or feeling guilty of taking alcohol, or having sex or having married someone being talli πŸ™‚

        Isn’t that how it should be with every individual? Without any bias? Without any judgement?


  32. Everyone’s already spoken about the youngsters’ characters,so I will refrain:)
    It was a fun movie, and spoke volumes about family dynamics.
    We don’t have much of a therapy culture here, but the fact that you can acknowledge problems enough to visit a therapist is also a huge change from the average fillum
    The self-righteous, stuffed-shirt, control freak parents get what they so richly deserved.
    The hypocrisy of the other older couple was also revealed.
    I loved the numbering of the days:)


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