Sexual abuse victim thrown out of school for being a bad influence on other students.

It seems most Indian parents feel any knowledge about sex, sexual abuse or sexual assaults would take away a child’s (specially a girl child’s) ‘innocence’ by getting them interested in (or aware of) something they ‘need not know’ about. Being abused is not seen as traumatic or confusing for the child but as a problem because she knows about something she should not.

Many adults do not understand that young children do not have ‘affairs’ with adults, and even if they did not object to abuse, legally and morally, it is still abuse. And this lack of understanding means they can pass moral, if not legal, judgments about children.

Movies and fairy tales romanticize and promote ‘Innocence’ (or ignorance about sex) in women, perhaps because it is seen as a confirmation of their chastity. Does this ‘innocence’ benefit the women?

In the last few posts we saw how we punish homosexuality, and how we try to understand loss of control by rapists staying away from their families, and also what pushes juvenile criminals to stab their teachers.  Now read this.

Please read this article, translated from Malayalam by Shail – to read the original post in Malayalam click here.

Even an atheist is bound to say ‘Oh my God!’ after reading this.

In the old days there was the custom of deporting criminals from the country. But with changes in Indian law this was stopped and instead converted to life-imprisonment. But what when the moral police of an area try to “deport from school” a little girl in seventh grade?

The incident occurred in Alleppey. A girl of seventh grade from the coastal village of Mangalam is sexually abused by her neighbour, a married man and a father of two children. After the incident, feeling uncomfortable and confused it had something to do with pregnancy the girl confides in a classmate. The class mate in turn tells her parents.

Next day the parents of the classmate reach school, gathering others and threaten that if abused girl – the ‘problematic girl’ – continues in the school, they will withdraw their own children. Some teachers (including some lady teachers) declare they will not go to the class the abused girl is in.

In short, the fact that even consensual sex with those below the age of sixteen is a crime that gets you life imprisonment and that lack of awareness of children below 16 is not a crime but those who take advantage of those underage children are the wrong-doers to be punished remained mere bookish knowledge and had no influence on the educated parents or teachers. Unable to do anything else, the Headmaster succumbs and gives the child a TC and sends her away from the school..

A Sanskrit school nearby in need of students gives admission to the child. But the moral police goondas from the old school do not leave the child alone there either. One of the self appointed moral police appointing himself custodian of morality of the region calls up the school and warns them, “She is problematic. It would do you good to let her go.” By evening she is out of the Sanskrit school.

The helpless parents now put her in a school in Punalur. Taking the responsibility of the upkeep of morality of that school as well, the gentlemen from the old school interfere. The girl is kicked out once again.

Hearing about this incident, a teacher of the old school with little bit of humanity still left, calls educational workers in Alleppy and asks whether they can do something about getting the girl into some school.

Now the other side of the story.

What about the man?

“What has happened has happened. Why trouble a man living with wife and children?” ask the villagers, teachers, media and police in the same voice.

In this place justice belongs to the hunter not the hunted.

No rules or procedures to be followed while removing a child from school has been followed in this instance. That women have rights, that children have rights… nobody seems to have remembered such things even for a moment.

The child is now confined to her home without having completed studies even before she has reached teenage. Her chance to continue studying and return to normal life after her traumatic experience is thus nipped in the bud.

Not only do people whisper as she walks by, she also has the stamp on her that she has been kicked out of school. She may get over her traumatic experience with time, but that she could not complete her studied will haunt her forever. When other 11 year olds go happily to school, all she can do is watch them and cry over her bad fate. But is she even old enough to understand what fate is?

Ganga teacher from her school has only this one question, “Are there school authorities with guts to help her?

Adv T.K Sujith.

How do you think could this school and the child’s parents have handled this situation better? Do you think there is some way we can help this eleven year old victim of child sexual abuse?


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  1. oh, please dont tell me things like this. She’s 11. There’s so much wrong with this. The other girl’s parents instead of rushing to help her got her expelled?
    “Why trouble a man living with wife and children?” Maybe because he’s a paedophile and a rapist who impregnated a 11 yr old?
    cant think straight – i feel so damn awful for the poor kid


      • Family or not, the man has to be punished. There should be an order out that he should not be allowed near children. (isn’t that what they do in places where they think such crimes are serious?)
        This reminds me of an incident someone had mentioned (was it in your posts IHM?) of a van driver molesting a small boy. Instead of reporting him as a molester and abuser, some parents were heard saying, “But how will our kids go to school? There is no other van coming this way.”


      • As a parent (and i’m not one) I would imagine that if you hear of such a thing happening to your child’s peer you would feel incredible amounts of outrage because it could have easily been your child. That said, the moment your child tells you something like this you’re placed with a huge responsibility because at that moment you’re the only adult that is in the know (Mr Paedophile doesn’t count). What those parents should have done, is gone over to the this poor girl’s house and informed her parents and the police and should have built a protective wall around this kid instead of exposing her IN SCHOOL and making a tamasha out of her trauma. That’s disgusting. They behaved as if her lack of hymen (assumption) was contagious. Doesn’t being a parent make you more sensitive to others’ children’s plight as well?


  2. Now if I may ask, he lives with his wife and children. How come he lost control? What brilliant statement is our judicial system going to put forth when his punishment is going to be reduced??

    Oh wait, he won’t be punished at all because what has happened has happened and we are too good to trouble a man who’s happily living with his wife and children, we only punish the girl. Always.

    way to go India, way to go!!


      • I think the parents did try to lodge a FIR , you posted, “ask the villagers, teachers, media and police in the same voice.” So police, media is not proving to be of help to them now. I don’t think the accused is going to be punished. In most of the cases the parents of victims are frightened ‘case vapas lelo, agar usko(the rapist) saza ho bhi gayi toh tumhari ladki to fir bhi badnaam ho hi jayegi na? uski zindagi kharab mat karo.’ and also ‘ uske(raipist’s) biwi bacchon ki isme kya galti hai, unki life kyo kharab karni?Bhagwan usko khud saza dega’ and thus for saving the girl from badnami and rapist’s family from breaking up and believing on ‘God will do the justice one day’ the FIR is taken back. I am afraid this case will be handled like this only. But I hope that the parents do not not give up.

        So far as school is concerned, they shouldn’t have bowed down to classmates’ parents’ demands. All that can be done now is to go to court because the girl is expelled on stupid grounds.


  3. I don’t know how these supposed ‘keepers of morality’ sleep at night after hounding an innocent child out of three schools for no fault of hers. First she is abused and then hounded. WTH is happening to our society? No one wants to punish the culprit. The injustice of it is unbearable. 😦


  4. Shocking! And deeply disturbing!
    And, that too in a State that boasts of the highest literacy rate?
    I’m hoping some Women’s Groups take up this case and get her admitted to a school managed by people with a heart inside them that enables them to empathise and also with guts to face this barbarous society she lives in.
    Can’t the local MLA or Corporator be contacted so that he intervenes?
    If no one can help her in her native Village or town in her native State, I hope some Social group takes her under their wing and takes her outside the state to educate and care for her.


  5. I feel sick! This is disgusting. Classic case of bullying disguised as moral outrage. I think this is a grave condition of violation of human rights. Are there no activists in the area to set the whole “moral brigade” right?


  6. This incident is going to have a dangerous effect on the little 11 year old. Reading this reminded me of a blog that I read once, it was written by a woman who was victim of child sexual abuse, and she wrote about what impact it had on her. I’ll try to find that blog. I’ll post the link here If I found it.


  7. The least the school could have done is to face the complaining parents. And educate them – for they need it more than their children.

    As for parents – did they file a complaint with police? Atleast it would have been the first step to point at who the actual culprit is.

    I feel bad for the girl.. she is suffering for no fault of her own.. 11 years is too young to be thinking about ‘the black mark’ forced upon her. She should be laughing and playing and studying in school….


  8. Let me send out a warm thank you to the Moral Police community. They have made the country so much better with their efforts.

    I was under the impression that children must only be protected from perpetrators of crime. I didn’t know that our children needed protection from the victims as well. I do not see the logic in this. But the moral police says it is so, and I must accept that.

    I thought it was only diseases such as influenza that spread with contact. I was not aware that staying with victims caused “problems” to spread too. I do not see the logic in this. But the moral police says it is so, and I must accept that.

    Did you know that victims of sexual abuse must be punished too? I did not. I always thought that it is criminals who must be punished. I do not see logic in punishing the victims. But the moral police says it is so, and I must accept that.

    I was always under the impression that no child or adult asks to be sexually assaulted. Why would any human want to be violated in the very worst way possible? Apparently, this is not correct. Getting assaulted is a crime that the victim commits. I do not see the logic here, but the moral police says it is so, and I must accept that.

    It’s rather funny, but I used to think that a moral person would be interested in seeing justice done. How foolish I was! The aim of morality is not to see social justice done. The aim is to protect innocence and one’s personal notion of culture. I do not see how this can be, but the moral police says it is so, and I must accept that.

    There was this thought in my mind that said innocence was something that was very natural, and that there was no point in trying to preserve it artificially. I also thought that ignorance and innocence were two different things. Now I know how wrong I was. Children must be lied to, and kept ignorant about various facts of life. That is the basis of a sound society. I do not see the logic in this. But the moral police says it is so, and I must accept that.

    My legal training tells me that a crime is a crime, and that the marital status of a person should have no bearing on that. My legal training is all wrong. Married people must not be disturbed. I do concede that it is a little wrong to sexually assault preteen girls, but really, one must accept such things. They are part of a woman’s life, and the tranquility of the offender’s life must not be disturbed. I do not really see the logic here, but the moral police says it is so, and I must accept that.

    It struck me that men should not really be excused for any crimes they commit on account of being men. I was wrong, of course. We have a rich cultural heritage and in our culture, men have special rights to lose control, which they may do anywhere they like. I do not see why this should be, but the moral police says it is so, and I must accept that.

    This is how we make India a better place. This is why we are a great civilization.

    Look at the amount of effort we put in to protect children!

    We have a blanket ban on any mention of sex.

    We do not tell them about evil perversions such as birth control.

    We do not tell women about their own biology.

    We keep victims of abuse miles away from our children.

    We care so much about purity that we’d rather kill our daughters (in an honorable way) than have them sully our honor.

    We understand that anyone evil enough to be sexually abused has no right to an education or a future.

    We understand that the moral police is working round the clock for our upliftment.

    God bless our country.


    • Surely, now that the case is in public, the women’s commision or some such organization can file a case against the man for under-age rape? Once that happens, the police will be forced to arrest him. Why is that not happening here?


  9. The repercussions of these attitudes will be severe. If this is what a girl receives in return for telling people on a rapist, the next raped child will just shut up and continue being abused, knowing she is going to receive no support. Knowing that life would be worse if she spoke out about the abuse instead of getting better. The next rapist will feel it is easy to rape a child because no one will raise a finger on him. Especially if he is married and has kids. It doesn’t matter what he does, the sanctity of marriage has been preserved!


  10. I am apalled to say the least. what a horrendous and disgusting morality..!!!
    My heart goes out to the little girl. Nobody spared any thoughts towards her plight and trauma. She needs to be protected and made to feel secure or else she might never recover from this incident.
    The parents should file a police complaint againt the neighbour and seek help from some child rights groups in the area. the so called neighbour should be registered as a peadophile. I even have doubts about the security of his own kids. coz being a parent makes u more aware of kids issues in general. So if he can molest another child what is the guarantee that his own kids at home are not abused?!


  11. Sad story. Sexual assault it is perhaps the only Crime where victim is punished while the petpetrator is invariably unscathed.
    Strangely this news was not covered by mainstream press. Were they also colluding by keeping it an open ‘secret’ like the moral police in the community? Actually more Press coverage here would have helped the girl.


  12. Disgusting. I do not know how teachers in the school can call themselves such when all that they do is not be there for the children of their own school. Parents of children the same age not once thinking how it could have been any of their children , I think thats even more shameful.

    This is no fault of the child, in fact there should be a written complaint against the school for dismissing a student without reason.


  13. This is really tragic, shocking and makes me feel very angry. I do the show called Crime Patrol on Sony TV. I would like to put up this story and highlight it. I am sure it would be reach a huge amount of people and in some way I hope I can bring justice to the girl and to book the man who did this to her.…if the teacher’s name mentioned her, GANGA, could get in touch.


  14. Hurrah for those ‘gentlemen’, those saviours of an honorable marriage, those up-keepers of an honorable society. Who make it their life’s mission to move from school to school just so that they can ruin a little girl’s life. Because, you know, she must have provoked the married man. Trying to destroy a marriage, that 11-year-old hussy.
    There’s so much wrong in the world. So much. I feel powerless right now – how do you reach across to these people? How do you make them realize that they are not right nor fair to the little girl? That they are potentially ruining her life, that this rapist’s right to a harmonious marriage is certainly not worth more than a 11-year-old’s right to a wholesome life?


  15. I am shocked, after reading the first few lines I expected that everyone gave the child a helping hand. Instead they made her life more of a hell. I showed my husband this post as he hails from kerala with part of his family coming from Alleppy. He wrote the second paragraph.

    I am enraged and I am more shocked as I am from Kerala. Knowing how the newspapers work in kerala, I am surprised that they have not reported it and hence, it is their crime too. If they have could you please share the links.


  16. I am appalled! So ‘human rights’ is solely for the rapist, is it? My heart goes out for the little girl. I hope some social activist takes up her cause, and lends her the much needed support and counselling.
    If I were a parent I would have supported her through this difficult time. I sincerely think the sooner little girls loose their innocence and became aware of sex the better for them. If I had a child I will teach her/him ‘good-bad’ touch as soon as they can understand.


  17. More distressed than shocked at this news. My 13 yr old senior in school was drugged(via ice-cream) & raped by her friend from locality also her age. A police case was registered, the boy went missing, lots of tongues wagged in our small town. She was distraught but with positive intervention by nuns from our school, she was back to school after 2 days. And with time she became her normal self, it is a story which ended positively and I believe that is how such cases should be dealt with.


  18. I am really appalled and disturbed. And ashamed that I belong to a country like this. Where a little child is not only abused, but then hounded and deprived of education and the chance to live a normal life for no fault of ours. Ashamed that we are a country where teachers, parents, schools and the society which we assume will protect a little child can actually cause her so much harm. Ashamed that while we have no qualms about hounding this little child and making her miserable in every way possible, we will go to great lengths to protect the perpetrator. Ashamed because we think that maintaining our ‘moral values’ is more important than providing a safe and happy childhood for the young girl. What has been done here – it shows what shallow morals these people have. I can’t even begin to express how sorry this makes me.


  19. This is so ridiculous. I don’t even know what to say. My heart goes out to the girl. Just read Mr. Subramanian’s comment. I sincerely thank him and Thank You IHM for sharing .


  20. 1. The man should be arrested
    2. The school should have held a meeting and tried to answer the queries of the worries parents and tried to explain to them and make them understand that it was not the girls fault.
    3. We need education classes that it is not the victims fault, it is the criminal’s fault. Always whatever the morality of the victim is..
    4. if breaking the societal rules and our culture is the solution, then so be it. Just don’t follow our so called culture and morality which allows victims to suffer and criminals to go scot free. Do we need such a great Indian culture?


  21. What they should have done, can still do:
    1. Tell the child it is not her fault. And then tell her that again.
    2. The old school should readmit her.
    3. The old school should talk to the parents of the students who were protesting her presence and make them aware that this is not the child’s fault.
    4. The can gather up other right thinking parents who will see this for what it is and help talk to those who are not able to see it as what it is.
    5. The citizens of that town — the right thinking ones– can come together and put some pressure on the school to take back the kid, if they are not willing to do that on their own. If community pressure can be applied for all the wrong things, why can’t community pressure be applied for the right things??
    6. Once the kid is back in school, they need to provide sensitivity training to the entire student population to make sure that they teach them that this was not the fault of their classmate. That should anything like this ever happen to them, they should report it to an elder.
    7. Perhaps its time every school has a body that will made of teachers of like minded people that the children can go to.
    8. Perhaps it is time for all school boards in India to make it mandatory for the school to provide training to kids so that they will report any weird behaviour towards them by an adult
    9. No point sticking one’s head in the sand going, “this doesn’t happen to kids in our community/our economic strata/our morality”. It can happen to anyone and anyone’s kid!


  22. Obnoxious is the first word that comes to the mind on reading this. I am really ashamed to be a part of a country like this and we say Women are respected here ? WHERE?

    Rather than supporting that child and giving her much needed care right now what we do is we blame her for what happened. WOW!! What a way to deal with such a disgusting act. Having gone through all this the girl definitely needs some psychiatric help to overcome this shock. But we treat her as an untouchable.

    That classmate’s parents should have spoken to the girl’s parents and tried to make her comfortable enough to discuss it. The school authorities had not right whatsoever to remove her from school on these grounds. Whatever happened is not at all her fault. I don’t understand how can the other teachers & villagers treat her like this. May God forbid, if today it is her, tomorrow it could be their daughters who could be the victim. Would they accept such a treatment vetted to them in that case?The answer is a big fat NO. Typical Indian mentality.

    What Indian culture do we talk about so proudly when we cant even stand up for something what is right and get the culprit punished instead of the victim?


  23. There are so many things wrong with this picture that I do not even know where to start. A 11 year old is humiliated and kicked around for no fault of hers but a fully grown adult with two children of his own gets to continue his life because “what has happened has happened”??

    Again, I see a huge need for educating the educators and the police about sexual assault. If only the teacher knew how to react properly when a parent came to her with a “complaint”. If only the teacher had talked about the child being a victim and how she needs help instead of raising an alarm. If only the child felt safe enough to talk to her parents about what had happened instead of confiding in a friend – again a child who has not been talked to about abuse or sex in general.

    There are just too many “If only”s in this picture. I hope the girl gets to go to school with her head held high, because as a citizen of India, she has been promised education as a right.


  24. This just makes me sad 😦
    I wonder though, even if her old school admits her, will the teachers and their attitude towards this whole thing change overnight? Even if they are bound by the rule of the school to admit this child back, will they treat her will equal respect and care? I really doubt it. And what about her classmate before whom she was expelled, giving out the message that it was her fault. Will her classmates treat her the same way as before? I doubt this as well.
    The first thing that needs to be done is punish the man!! And that too publicly. Let the community know that what he has done is shameful. And yes, let his kids know that what their dad has done is pathetic!! They will learn more and be more sensitive to such things if they know the truth and who is wrong, rather than they being in the dark and having false notions of how great their dad is!
    I really do not like the idea of her going back to schools from where she was expelled. I think a change of scene, maybe a different city, a different environment will do her good. To help her get past the humiliation of facing the brunt when it was not her fault at all!.
    And yes, the schools in this community should start lessons on sex education. I know many schools (including mine) have it, and they do help in kids learning various things about how to deal with this.


    • Aditi I think we can write to Kerala Women’s Commission and we can get information through the original site and pass it to Crime Patrol, Sony TV, so that they can pursue the case, media involvement would definitely help her.links to these are given above, in comments by Nish , by Subramanian,and by me. Do write to any or to all.


  25. how the wife of the rapist continues to live with that man, that too with 2 children? I just wonder what goes through her mind?
    in the typical kerala scenario, I know the answer to my questions.’ though only 11, her moral side is very bad and she seduced my husband’.
    There are lot of control feaks out there and girl/woman are not humans, they are mere objects.


  26. This is truly and utterly disgusting. So inhumane of the schools and the community. I hope this poor child is able to study again. The man deserves to be jailed for years- he should have thought of his wife and kids before he molested a child.


  27. Are there any psychological reasons for we as a society behaving in such a way that we tend to sympathize with the criminal rather to be specific rapist than the raped.I mean the teachers,parents,neighbours,even the wife and kids of that predator must be knowing in their hearts that the kid does not deserve such vehement treatment.It’s not her fault for which she is being subjugated to such inhumane treatment.Is it like that they feel in her place it could have been their own kid and they want to push that idea away from them……………………I know my ramblings are not making sense but then I am unable to find any sane logic to this behavior of fellow humane beings and am just too sad.
    Thanks IHM for trying to make a difference.It certainly gives us hope and see the right persons at right places and awareness are coming forward.
    May be if the kid is moved away from the place,the healing might be easier.Don’t know whether it is practically possible for the family or not…..but some hostel of nice convents etc.can be tried.That way she can continue her education as well.


  28. This struck home…too close.
    My daughter came back from school few days back complaining about an elder boy troubling her in the school bus bordering towards sexual abuse.
    We spoke to the school counsellor, boy was confronted..he admitted.
    Action was taken against the boy suspending him from school for a limited time and from the bus for a longer period. A friend who was encouraging him on also received similar punishment. We have been informed that the transport authorities would make CCTV’s mandatory in the bus.
    In the whole period, the only thing that I kept on mentioning to my daughter was that none of it was her fault and how brave she was to come out and speak about the incident. We spoke about the incident once and are moving ahead. I would be speaking to the counsellor and class teacher to see if she would need some more counselling to get over the incident. She is only 10 and I am proud of her to have handled it so well. I am also happy with the way the school handled the case, may be because its an international school more aware of children rights.
    I cant imagine the plight of the girl with no support at all.


    • The saddest part IHM is that I have not found an answer to a question always present at the back of my mind:
      How I could have prevented this incident?
      I educated my daughter and she sure enough understood when the limits were crossed and spoke to an elder..what else could I have done? she couldn’t have physically fought against a boy at least 15 kg stronger and 5 years elder?


      • Anon, I think there is no real way from ‘preventing’ these incidents from happening unless the perpetrators stop behaving in such a manner. What you did was excellent – give your child the resources to not let it emotionally scar her or make it a big deal or a black mark of some sort. You’re right, she cannot fight back, but sometimes a girl being loud,aggressive and rousing rabble can work, especially with younger offenders.


  29. this is so completely awful… i can’t even begin to imagine what trauma the child is going through.

    if i were the parents, the immediate action i would take would be to
    – admit my child in a different school – children can be cruel bullies,
    – reassure her that she was not to blame, and
    – seek counselling, both for the child, and the parents. these things are hard on the family too, emotionally, and let’s not pretend we live in an ideal society where social pressures don’t matter

    i would also consider taking legal action against not only the perpetrator of the crime, but also the school for it’s inhuman behaviour.

    my daughter was recently the target of a perverted school teacher’s inappropriate behaviour. she came to me immediately. we sought an investigation and the teacher was dismissed. what worked in this situation was that

    – right from the time my children were little, i’ve spoken to them about csa, about how the adult might try to intimidate them in different ways, and how to handle the different kinds of intimidation tactics. my husband and i have always assured the children that we would believe them and protect them.
    my daughter therefore had the confidence that we would listen to her, believe her and not try to lay blame on her. she trusted us to watch out for her.

    – she had a sympathetic counsellor, so even though the school authorities initially dragged their feet, she had an adult in the school environment she could turn to.

    – other girls in school had been the target of this man’s unwelcome attentions and so when she stood up for herself and called him out on his actions, she had a strong support group amongst not only her classmates, but also seniors and juniors who backed her up and vouched for the truth of her words.

    we were lucky that it ended with as little trouble as it did. however here are a couple of issues that were cause for concern.

    – it came out during the enquiry that the teacher had had a history of inappropriate behaviour with the girls, and that he had been warned and kept on the school roles, and this is an international school, regularly featured in the top 10 boarding schools in india surveys.

    why would they do that? because to dismiss him would have been inconvenient? because the other parents did not push strongly enough for action? because they knew in the victim blaming indian society this would not be talked about and they could get away with not taking stronger action? which brings us back to taking the issue of convenience and taking the path of least resistance.

    why do adults not take stronger action in the face of wrong doing? because it would be inconvenient for them to do so? if that is the case, isn’t ours a horribly corrupted society where anything’s ok really as long as it doesn’t happen to us?

    – the other cause for concern was that while the principal took quick action once he was informed of the incident, after the enquiry was over, my daughter was taken aside by his daughter, also a decision maker in the school, and warned to ‘be careful’ because just as we had written to the school about the teacher’s behaviour, she could as easily put it on record that my daughter was the one to blame with her inappropriate behaviour towards the teacher.

    i don’t know what left me more horrified, the teacher’s behaviour or the principal’s daughter’s veiled threat.

    what was she afraid of? that we/my daughter would talk about it and the name of the school would be tarnished?

    to me it seems like convenience/inconvenience and this obsession with reputation is what allows far too many crimes to go unpunished.

    the first responsibility to deal with csa lies with the parents. tell your children not only about it, but also how to deal with intimidation tactics. your children need to trust that regardless of what happens in their life they can come to you first and get a fair hearing. teach your child to be sympathetic and supportive of others in difficult situations.

    the next responsibility lies with schools. sex education is a must, as is values education. a sympathetic and well trained counsellor is essential in every school.

    csa should never, regardless of who it is, be tolerated.

    if you want more information on dealing with csa, not from a professional viewpoint, but as a parent, please follow this link to an article on my blog

    and you know what else was so sad? that we had to get to the school authorities and galvanize them into taking action before other children told their parents and were (possibly) warned not to get involved. says a lot about us as a society, don’t it!


  30. Perverts’ Own Country! The abuser,the heartless teachers,the ‘moral policing’ goondas,the insensitive parents and nagging villagers should be punished!!


  31. First, the man must be brought to book. Its disgusting that our moral police can even think of chasing and wounding a little girl of 11-12.. For the lack of better business surely! And the wife and children of that man will continue to live a ‘happily ever after’ life with him under the same roof? What are our people made of (surely, that woman and her children must be someone like us?!! or no? )

    1. The parents must have counseled the child about what has happened to her, and how she must put this behind her and how things have not changed..

    2. The school must have done a CSA campaign for the benefit of all the children, and also encourage the children to speak to the teachers/parents if they felt a touch/look was bad..

    3. The school must take the child back into their folds and not treat her like a ‘plague’, but help restore and rebuild her confidence..

    4. The moral police must be showed his place by getting him noticed by all activists, child-rights groups.. Enough attention that he never opens his bleddddddy mouth again..

    But after all this, a change of place, and a fresh breath of air is what the child will need.. a better school first..


    • that is a constructive set of points. Somehow, the taboo about discussing this topic has to be overcome in the school system in Kerala and parents should be convinced first. In this instance too, the child did not confide in the parents. Probably due to lack of trust.
      Clearly, the Women’s Commission of Kerala needs to take action immediately


  32. Moral police parents this can happen to your child tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Remember the moral responsibility lies in tracking down the offender and awarding him suitable punishment. Our system is ill equipped,the killer gets the benefit of doubt, even if caught re-handed lack of technical/circumstantial evidence will come to the rescue.What happened to sister Abhaya? Will she get justice in this century? The investigating machinery as well as the judiciary should be made accountable to the people. We glorify our set up and classify it as world’s largest democracy, is it so? The writer does’nt have an idea as to how the poor girl is to be rehabilitated. If the offender is identified he should be put to toil as a slave and the returns thus earned be utilized to give the poor girl good education, good food, good clothing , good shelter and good counselling(by a professional psychologist). The people should be the watch dog for this. If there is any wonder drug, with which the sense of speech of the moral police has to be destroyed.


  33. Oh my god! That was such a shocking read! How can people be like this? Can’t they see that the child has nothing to do with this? That the man needs to be punished, and kept away from other children(including his own)..

    As for the school, such a pity that people who are part of education think like this.

    I also wonder at our child protection laws, and the way teachers and school staff are trained to handle situations like this. Do their education cover all this? How on earth can anybody react like this, is beyond me..


  34. Oh my God! (I’m no atheist) So instead of helping this girl with her burden, they adding more baggage for her to carry?
    Does this evil bloke have daughters of his own? They should be taken so far away from him.
    Shame on that society for being so inhumane toward that poor child!
    Here in Kenya too there was an incident where several girls “alleged” of lesbianism were thrown out of school instead of inculcating good morals in them, they are thrown to the world where these ills are “acceptable”.
    I think that man and his ilk should be severely punished. And I pray that girl gets a place to continue her education.


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  41. because of the sexual abuse the nature of human being becomes lost meaning at all.
    however there is end for everything in a last days of that man’s life and it will be most horrible to him. hope u all will agree with me. mccian india


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  45. Hey, I think watched this episode on crime patrol in 2013. The girl is not pregnant but thinks she is bcoz she has stomachache.( can’t imagine the trauma and fear that poor girl went through fearing she is pregnant). Sad that she has nobody to confide or go to.
    But the story had an happy ending. Two members of women’s commission visit the school and give an earful to the principal for punishing the girl instead of protecting her. They assure the girls parents to file a complaint .the girl is given admission in a better school and given counseling. As for the animal who abused the girl, he was arrested and humiliated.
    That episode still haunts me as I was pregnant when i watched it and my maternal emotions kicked up knowing that a poor little kid can be subjected to such a nightmare.
    So, IHM ……. Does that mean that this blog helped the issue to be brought to the notice of crime patrol team. Do you have any updates on this? If so, we should celebrate that this blog helped that girl in some way. Wow…. Internet ki jai ho. And IHM zindabad.


    • I hope this child and her family also found their happy ending. Some women’s groups had written petitions I think… no matter how it worked, just hope it did. Thanks for sharing Deepthi. I will try to find a You Tube link to the episode and share it here.


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