Benetton Showing Solidarity…

Found this in my drafts, and thought I’d share.

Benetton showing solidarity by covering mannequins?

The Election Commission decided to drape the statutes of Mayawati and party symbol elephant, which Mayawati says are a symbol of Dalit pride.


12 thoughts on “Benetton Showing Solidarity…

  1. Why the hell elcetion commision want to cover up the statues? I really feel ashame always at out laws and politicians.
    By covering up they are making it more viewable.
    And the other major thing, on the one hand lot of poor people are dying becuase they don’t have sufficient clothes to wear while on the other hand we are covering the statues for not a logical reason at all.

    I always believe, we need to come up together and to do something, till which day we will keep on waiting for others to change?


  2. Were they? (Benetton?)
    But then again, what does hiding those statues do? Does it really hide what is inside (I mean the elephants’ and Mayawati’s statues!).
    Were Benetton’s mannequins “provocatively” dressed by any chance? 😛


  3. I do’nt get why the EC covered up the statues. All over TN, statues of Periyar, Anna, MK and JJ abound. But the EC never covered them up in any election. First they spend huge amounts building these statues and then they spend even more in covering them up.


  4. next they’ll cover the lotus temple(the symbol of BJP) too.
    and i think,it’s not the elephant covered in that picture,but has mayawati underneath.
    dalit ki beti


  5. To be consistent may I suggest to the election commission that everyone wears gloves till the elections are over?
    Or else the Congress party gains an unfair advantage each time any one raises his or her hand!

    Just got back to Bangalore from my trip to Coimbatore and Kerala.
    Got lots of catching up to do in blogosphere.


  6. The United Colors of Benetton have their mannequin covered in Hyderabad also. I believe that do it when they have Sale. And probably nothing to do with the Mayawati business..

    Also, the EC has brought more attention to Mayawati & her symbols by asking them to cover the statues, etc.

    In a similar note I found it stupid to ask that all national highways board be covered because it had the name of Atal Behari Bajpai since it was under his time they were all done. Ironically, after the elections were cover, Congress used tax payers money to change all the board to Rajiv gandhi :((


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