While walking a dog…

1. I spent the last two days answering some questions for a magazine interview, about my daughter and her death. I realise a lot of parents find this difficult, I do too, but somehow I feel a need to write and talk about her and felt a sense of an achievement when it was done. I think I managed to state facts without sounding emotional, so I am feeling not depressed but actually light hearted today.  Took both the dogs for a walk and it was a beautiful morning at 11 C 🙂 I have decided to share a photograph a day from my daily walks, either here or on Google Plus, not sure how long I would be able to keep this commitment, but let me try 🙂

2. While coming back home (some days back) I was interviewed by this kid who wanted Mutt’s complete biodata. He understood that older dogs could have arthritis too. He has a dog, a brown coloured dog who he loves to walk. Our Ms Mutt has been raised by a kid just like this one, who knew the names, ages, medical history and tastes of all the dogs in the neighbourhood.

Mutt grew up playing with children who doted upon her and has no doubt that she is just another well brought up human child.

We have had kids visiting us just to see how she is doing. (Gabbar Singh has been adorably sporting about this).

I told this kid that like people, dogs also learn to be aggressive only if they are treated cruelly.

3. Got my mother’s call on the way. She said she has some problem with her laptop and needs me to help sort it. “Okay, send it…” I started to say because that’s what she usually does. But she is bringing it herself.  She wouldn’t say it, she is still scared of saying the wrong thing, so I asked, “Because it’s Tejaswee’s birthday tomorrow?” “No, I have this laptop problem also…”” Are you bringing gajar ka halwa?” “Errr… Okay, I will make it when I reach there.”

Now that i have Sangeeta’s short cut recipe (will share soon!!) maybe I can surprise her with some gajar ka halwa when she reaches here?


39 thoughts on “While walking a dog…

  1. 1. Hugs IHM…and the pics do it on the blog na…not all of us are on Google plus
    2. I am scared of dogs (how many times have I told you that) but how I wish I had someone to teach me about dogs when I was a kid (My Appa tried hard, but the damage had been done 😦 )
    3. Your mom is so sweet…so even you like gajar ka halwa…I just hopped over to Sangeetha’s blog..didnt find the easy recipe…you will share???

    Hugs again and keeping you and the family in my prayers


  2. I was too scared of dogs.After reading your blogs and seeing pics of TJ with dogs i started liking dogs and i admire your sherkhan.There is a dog in my neighbours house and i keep on telling my kids not to get scared of the dog,just talk to dog like you talk to anyone.That dog when ever it sees me wags his tail.

    Me too want gajar ka halwa its been ages i ate it…..


  3. Your mom is so sweet IHM 🙂
    And gajar halwa!! I love it. Please post the recipe soon!! It has been almost 3 years I have had gajar halwa…and I just realized it 😀
    You know, with all the technology progress, I am hopeful that a day will come when you can just upload the actual gajar halwa on email and I will be able to download it here, saat samundar paar.


  4. My heart goes out to you, I can’t think of anything more difficult then losing a child, still life goes on and we have to find ways of embracing our status of survivor in simple joys as can only be appreciated by one who no longer takes for granted this gift of life. Gajrhalwa is certainly one of those delights :).


  5. A lot of times I stop by your blog just to have a glimpse of Tejaswee’s smile. It makes my day. Thanks for the lovely headers IHM.
    May your memories of Tejaswee be as sweet as the gajar ka halwa you will enjoy 🙂 Hugs!


  6. Just read your blog in Coimbatore where I am now camping.
    Congratulations to Ashwathy for breasting the tape this time.
    Will this comment appear?
    Don’t know.
    Let me try.

    Do your dogs too enjoy Gajar ka halva?
    My elder brother has had four dogs in his lifetime (he has no children)
    The most pampered pets I have ever known.
    He would even feed them ice cream!

    Am busy attending a wedding (my nephew’s) and thought of checking up on your blog during a brief lull in the ceremonies. There is no gajar ka halva on the menu but penty of other alternatives, so I am not feeling too jealous.

    I have been making a spectacle of myself (to my wife’s annoyance) sporting this Ipad at the marriage hall and clicking pictures with it, tripping over the videographer’s wires and generally getting in people’s way.
    The daughter in USA is terribly disappointed at missing this wedding and has demanded half hourly updates on the proceedings and I am merely obliging her.
    Using the Ipad I am sending her frequent bulletins, with pictures attached.
    I never thought I would one day use my Ipad like this.

    Will be off to Kerala tomorrow.
    Let’s see if can access your blog from our ancestral village in Kerala, tomorrow.
    Technology is simply amazing, isn’t it?



      • I covered the “taali” (mangalsootra) tying ceremony and beamed the 5 minute video live using Skype, to my daughter in California where she was sitting up late to watch it.
        This is a “first” for us in the family.
        Everyone is impressed
        Technology zindabad.


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