Under the influence of the winter sun in Dilli Ki Sardi.





The effect was the same on this sample too. 🙄


21 thoughts on “Under the influence of the winter sun in Dilli Ki Sardi.

  1. This is one post where I want my comment to be filled with hearts…. and remain all mushy by just looking at it !!! :mrgreen: And my hubby would complain I wouldn’t do that even for him, pah! 😛 😆

    Lovely snaps! I have a similar one of my cat … trying to sit up on a chair and nearly falling off the chair in her sleepy state!! 😀 😀 It’s one of my favourite pics of her – looking all sleepy eyed. I’ve captioned it as ‘winter blues’…. 🙂


  2. Before I cud see the post I was taken away by the header image. That of your daughter with a glass of milk and a moustache, adorable pic!!

    Have I told u I spend atleast 15 mins on your blog, refreshing it just to see the headers?? I love them!!


  3. Ha ha… dear darlings. I hope they enjoy many more afternoons in the winter sun before either winter or winter sunshine bid us goodbye. The dog has gorgeous eyes by the way! 😀


  4. hey IHM, just wanted to let you and the other readers know, i read in the events section of the delhi times, that the documentary, ‘izzatnagar ki asabhya betiyaan’, would be screened on the 15th of jan at Alliance Francaise de Delhi at 6pm. 01143500228. this is the number. if anybody is interested they can call before to confirm. free entry, first cum, first basis..:)


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