Is there any other way this crime could have been controlled?

Please do watch this video of the police taking action to stop a mob of 25 from molesting a young woman in Gurgaon on the New Year’s Eve. Is there any other way this crime could have been stopped? (Thanks for sharing the video Nish)

What do you think made these rapists so unafraid of the police or the public? Isn’t it true that  connecting dangerous crimes with a woman’s aabroo (honor, modesty) makes it easier for criminals to escape?

Do you think these men even realised they were committing a crime? If yes why, if no, why not?

Do you think ignorant statements like Andhra Police Chief Reddy‘s (and others‘ in positions of authority responsibility) make rapists feel safer. (Victims afraid to report,  police happy, rapists safe).

In the past similar crimes were committed in Mumbai on New Year’s Eve, and Holi was the same in many parts of North India, before throwing balloons and forcing colour on strangers was banned and firmly monitored by the administration.

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58 thoughts on “Is there any other way this crime could have been controlled?

  1. I hate it how the news commenter kept saying “they were getting drunk” or “the liquor began to affect them etc.”

    Is liquor merely an excuse to behave as one likes? I don’t believe that anyone really “loses control” when they’re drunk. One has full awareness of one’s actions while they’re doing it. Can we blithely continue to blame alcohol for this?


  2. Pathetic pthetic so sad.. The question is IHM as I wrote in my post on slut walk. Its all on tv parents.. Friends.. Sisters.. Neighbours see and can recognise these idiots what are they going to do.. About there own kin…

    Forget what the dgp said.. He is another idiot the question is what will people who know these guys do…

    And this happens when everyone is going on how anna ji is changing things os it really changing anything.


    • Really disgusted at the way this has happened. They meed to be punished hard.. How dare they do this to a girl..

      Makes my blood boil.. So much for india progressing.. I wish someone puts pictures of tjese people out in open. As we did in uk to the rioters make a example of themm.. Throw them out of jobs. Colleges evrything…


      • What you just said no one knows where they are.. Aand complete disregard for others..
        I can bet they are from influential families too.. And alcohol.. No police..
        And worst reason none of the people having the guts to stand up to them… Everyone in video is rushing home.. Cars.. .. Why cant they stop get out of their cars ans give this lot a sound thrashing….

        As one of my friends said we have turned into god knows what.. NOT men anymore…

        I was young too I went to parties danced on roads had alcohol but never did this.. And at that time we were kings in my city no one dared touch us even police..


      • THe police did good, with the bashing .. If I was the law I would strip them and make them walk till there alcohol goes away .. and then put their faces on all leading newspapers .. SO that they don’t dare do this again.

        This will be forgotten in two days time no one will give a damn about the Girl who got molested such is the apathy of our nation.

        True these men will never take there wives or sisters with them .or allow them to go out because this is what they think will happen to them


  3. I agree with Bhagwad – people don’t lose control like this when they are drunk. I think they know that they can get away with that they are doing. My question is – why didn’t the police arrest these people for molestation/sexual harassment and disruption of law and order? Why were they allowed to run away?


  4. The saddest part of the video (as I commented earlier) is how the camera-person was focused on getting the lady’s face, but did not even try to get even one of the accused in frame.


  5. IHM, here’s a link which, to my mind, is worth a visit It was started by a civil engineer (and part time farmer) in India – hats off to him. The site registers cases under categories like harassment at work, on the street, for dowry etc. If after checking it out you feel like joining the site it would be an effective way to speak out against such social evils, against prejudice (as in blaming victims and not perpetrators of crimes) and for the victims. The site has a useful “Helplines and Information” box.


  6. IHM,
    I really love the way the Arab nations treat these kind of crimes. I was watching a programme on National Gepgraphic and they were showing a huge square in a town (don’t remember which one) where such criminals are punished. If the family of the victim say that they want revenge, they simply behead such people in full public view. Believe me, nothing short of that will help our country. We need to have public hangings or beheadings of such people. I know I am sounding gross, but we need very very strict laws and since this is India, nothing will ever happen.
    I guess, the kind of world we are living in, we have to force people to be nice and polite to each other. They need to have some sort of a fear to do that. Its really sad that things have come to this.


    • I totally agree with what you have stated here. I don’t think there can be any other solution to make things right. We need to accept that our country is not a very safe place. We might have numerous laws, BUT none of them are implemented and this is the result. No harm in punishing these demons in such gross manner. Atleast this would make them hesitate a little before even thinking of going against the law.


  7. Liquor is no excuse. I have been really really drunk a few times. You pass away in that condition, not start beating up people. Seems like India has to go a long way in terms of gender inequality. All this happened because it were only “the boys” who were having a good time. I am sure if the girls were equal in numbers on the streets, as it happens in civilized countries on new year eve or any other festivel, none of this would have happened.


  8. this is shocking and revolting IHM. I agree with a lot of folks : drinking is just an excuse to act the way they have and bring out their hidden fantasies. You will always know what you are upto. Also , when you are in a crowd, you know there are greater chances you can get away.

    They need to ban such large “festive” gatherings or get them more regulated. In my univ we used to have riots every Halloween , shop windows broken and all.finally the city decided to make the whole downtown a paid entry section after midnight. This helped regulate some of the crowd and helped with better control.. I guess in this case, may be if the tv channels focused more on capturing the miscreants faces and flashing them on tv , it would tell them that they can’t really get away unnoticed!


    • Yes, indeed drinking is an excuse. Men (not women) get drunk and molest, rape and riot but DG has yet to see or hear of a case any where in the world where a drunk man stick his member into a live electric socket. Thus proves the case drinking is just an excuse.


  9. I believe it is the training/values, brought in our society that think that – doing this is cool! This set of hooligans – will group together one day and be boasting about how did blah blah… lot of peer value. That’s all. The only women this boys somehow (thankfully) seems to understand is respect for their own sisters/mothers and be possessive about their wives. Rest all is free! Very sad.

    The action in the video shared it to stop is, what we need is a mechanism that will deter people from doing it. And I believe the best way is public humiliation. Catch them and publicily humiliate them so that they woudl be afraid of doing it again. Fines, private punishment etc is easily forgotten. Ofcourse, what you teach your kid at home is ofcourse as important.


  10. IHM , this reminds me of the rule we had at home , where my brother was NOT allowed to stand in groups with boys in the street , out side house or any where else. My mom strictly believed that women feel unsafe because of these useless people standing in groups. and my dad would never tolerate that he teased or said anything bad for any girl.
    people like to keep tab of their daughters , who is asking these young men to be in control . Did they ever hear anything like ” you teased a girl son , you bring shame to family”.
    i don’t understand our people .\, where they feel no shame in bailing out their sons from lock ups , but they feel ashamed if their daughter is seen having coffee with a guy of her choice .
    breaking law and getting away with it is norm in Delhi and NCR region , as it was highlighted in No one killed Jessica .

    young guys boast of it ..these guys will be calling all friends , even putting it up on facebook …they did nothing abnormal .there dad’s will be dismissing it as petty issue , ismain kya hai larke log to aisa karte hi hain , kisne kaha tha larki ko raat ko sarak pe ghoome ke liye , and worst she was with a male friend , aisi larki ko tang kar bhi kiya to kya


    are they above the allowed drinking age ?? Are they even aware there are such laws ?? are such laws even going to get enforced ?? drink and driving on 31st ..yes you can get away with it for double hafta .. thats the reality . .


  11. Sickened by this incident.
    Good to see the police wielding the lathi on these guys.
    They should have caught hold of a few of them at least if it was not possible in that crowd to round up every one and marched them off, stripped them, blackened their faces, given them a thrashing and kept them in a lock up for a few days at least.
    Sad to see they escaped into the crowd.
    The girl was not even provocatively dressed.
    So what does that Andhra DGP have to say now?
    Since he can’t cite “fashionable” or indecent dressing as an excuse, will he blame her for venturing out at this time of the night at this time of year instead of at staying home like all good girls?

    It looks like a few boys were wrongly targetted by the police and they were complaining against the police.
    Bad luck. Let them not blame the police. I consider it merely as a little “collateral” damage.
    Let us advise these boys to remain at home and avoid drunken brawls to avoid being beaten up like this, just as they would like to claim that if the girl had stayed at home this would not have happened.

    Thanks to Nish for sharing the video.


  12. To answer your question IHM,

    this crime could have been stopped if these men were out celebrating new year with the female colleagues, members of their family (cousins, sisters) or friends who are girls or girlfriends. As seen in the video, these are groups of all boys only reveling on the streets. I can’t imagine that they don’t know any girls who would also enjoy a new year party, the fact that they didn’t get their female friends along speaks of their regressive attitude towards women.

    And herein comes the role of ‘list of precautions’ to women ..don’t go to crowded places, don’t go out at night … heck, don’t go out at NYE …as these men are ‘protectors’ of their own women and acc. to them, the good girls are following the ‘precautions list’ …… this victim did not take some of these precautions (note: she had a guy friend, she was fully dressed) .. As many advising the precautionary list in India say ..she ‘gave them a chance/opportunity’ , they recognized it and did what they did. BECAUSE most people will fault her before they fault them! BECAUSE she broke some of the rules, she deserved it (In minds of many ppl, not just the criminals here) . All besides the point that full adherence to the charter of precautionary measures is impossible for anyone to follow, and adherence to most points will leave you with much lesser life,a life full of fear and repression. Does anyone want to live like that?


  13. I am so tired to read yet another incident like this.
    This is what happens when there are no strong women around! The men behave like hooligans and they think that’s okay cos women are a part of their property, to do what they like with and throw away when they’re done. I bet they treat their cars better than they treat the females in their lives.

    These men… I have no patience for them anymore. The fact that they blame alcohol for this is just another ridiculous thing.
    Alcohol does a lot of things, true. But it only enhances your emotions, it only loosens your inhibitions. So whatever these jackasses are doing, are IN them anyway. They just use the alcohol as an excuse.

    I’m hating humanity more and more. 😦
    This is so not good!


  14. While attitude change is something that needs to be worked on over a period of time, I think taser guns would have controlled the situation then and there. If the police would be able to immobilise an out of control crowd, then arrest them and take action against them, the situation could have come under better control I think.


    • That’s a good idea.
      I vote for a special kind of gun that sprays a gas that renders the inhaler unconscious for sometime. Something different from tear gas which is used to disperse a mob.
      A few good sprays into this crowd of hooligans would be the best way to capture them and deal with them later at the police station.
      But I suppose there will be people who will oppose this and call it violation of some obscure rights.
      Even now I am afraid this lathi wielding will be condemned by some persons as “police brutality”
      Ironically no one can see mob brutality.
      They only notice police brutality.



  15. I have seen this video and it was all over news. Thankfully, I wasn’t there. It boils my blood, all my esteem as woman or even a citizen of Free India to see such a misuse of freedom. The incident is really an eye opener.

    Such people should be immediately arrested on non bailable conditions and taken in rimand for a week’s time with out any food. Shameless display of craziness. Such incidents happen only in NCR areas…You must have seen the arrangement made by Mumbai police on palm galleria road on the eve..ekdum tight security to handle the “tight junta”.

    Dunno where our society is heading to. BTW there were 30 boys!


  16. This reminds of a New Year’s Eve in 1979. We were taken on a tour to Hyderabad from Kerala. We (all girls) were in a bus returning to the rooms after dinner. The roads were full of people celebrating New Year and so the bus had to stop in between due to traffic jam. Some hooligans jumped and tried to get at the girls sitting in the window seats, climbing on to vehicles and trying to grope them. We huddled in the centre of the bus and prayed that the traffic would clear and the bus would move off to safety.
    Tell me what has actually changed in all these years? Unless and until ‘upbringing’ covers boys too, nothing is going to change. Like those aboove have already said, it is not the alchohol, it is the opportunity and the excuse they have that make the hooligans behave the way they do. The parents of these boys are not going to ostracise them, they feel safe. They have nothing to fear. That makes them bold .


  17. And why did the the police take so long to react? Were they waiting for a rape to happen. And they have yet to file a case against these hooligans – the reason? The victims have not approached the police to file an FIR!
    What rubbish when the Gurgaon police could have easily filed a Suo moto case.


  18. Hey Guess what? No one is talking about why the girl was out at midnight? She was asking for it or what? So no learned DSP made a statement to that effect as yet? Don’t worry – this problem of girls going out at night to instigate men shall soon be brought to the notice of the general public – so that men can stay in control when they don’t see women on the road, midnight or broad day light! May be all women should stay under lock and key in the privacy and protection of their homes.


  19. I guess, to avoid this on a permanent basis, Parents should be educated on proper upbringing of boys. Thanks to the neighbors and relative, parents get enough “advice” on how to raise girls with “modesty”, but boys are in most cases allowed to do whatever they please, come home at any time, get home any friends, talk any sort of language. I am not saying one must listen to the neighbors in raising the children, but I do feel one should not use gender as a basis of using a different set of rules in bringing up a girl and a boy child. Boys must be taught early the importance of respecting other human beings. Boys and girls both, should be taught that “modesty” lies in respecting the fellow human beings and in living and letting others live.

    And, along with this, stronger rules and punishments for the offenders is required in speeding up the process of reducing such crimes. Along with the article, photo of the offender can be printed so that the right person faces the wrath of the society. And when something like this happens, girls/women should not think twice in reporting the crime.


  20. Short Term:
    1. Remove anonymity (Light up the main revelry areas, introduce camera all over (even if they dont work always, they serve as a deterrent, most will be scared at the thought of being detected later)
    2. Make it difficult (e.g. you mentioned- couple only parties is one method. Howveer, there will be ‘bachelor areas- there we have to make it difficult- e.g NO partying on main roads, on heavy areas such as what we saw in the video, maybe even introduce water guns that are remote controlled!)
    3. Ensure swift action and let be made public in advance (Announce in advance that the video recording will be watched, monitored and offenders will be shown in public)

    Long Term:
    1. families need to get over the belief that BOYS are God’s gift to mankind and that a girl child is a curse! (Trust me, many believe it like this!) There is a HUGE Cultural MIS-Interpretation being passed off as Culture! Education needed at FAMILY LEVELS ON BRINGING UP THE MALE CHILD.


  21. Ah, I forgot to add (as a part of removing anonymity): Announce that cameras will be fixed in all pre-notified public areas (these can be wherever the traffic is expected to be high), that the areas will be lit up, and that the entire video clippings will ALSO be public. That the videos will be posted on YouTube etc. by the Police Department (!)
    The response will be miraculous, I suspect.
    Of course an expensive way, but the alternates are even more expensive..


    • the cameras will be vandalized, knowing Indian mentality. *sigh*
      Although I’m not saying we shouldn’t do it, we should install cameras and have proper lighting and satellite tracking and helicopters to trace the hooligans and taser the hell outta these transgressors.

      But like some others have pointed out, we need to make these people understand that what they are doing is WRONG. They don’t have the right to jump over public property cos they’re Indian citizens, they DON’T have the right to grope women cos contrary to what the majority of the population thinks, women are not beneath men, they are not secondary, they are not a part of anyone’s property. So they need to learn to back the hell off and learn some respect.


  22. It is hard to imagine how these people live with themselves. It’s not like I haven’t broken the law, ran a signal, said a lie, feigned sickness, but I don’t put someone else’s life in harm, so what gives someone else the right to do it me? Where do these boys get off thinking that they can create ruckus on the streets, ill-treat a girl and are just a nuisance to society. What really sucks about everything is that the cops in India are useless. What is the point of them being there when they aren’t going to take action and if they do, take the right action and then of course the whole question about what they think is the cause of the problems.
    The slogan ‘drink responsibly’ is very misleading, it makes everyone think they can drink and behave the way society expects them to, but they donot have the basic understanding of what that is.


  23. It was really disgusting to such acts, I guess it will be better if Indian Government also starts treating the accused person in the same way they are treated in Arab Countries.


  24. It’s horrible 😐

    I sometimes feel ashamed to live in a country/world where such incidents actually take place.

    This incident indicates much much much bigger problems with the way women are treated, in public and in private. As simple as that.


  25. So one commentator above suggested that the police should have rounded up a few people and stripped them naked, blackened their faces and gave them a thrashing. Imagine the same sentence being said about some women, no matter what they were doing. He also suggested that the boys who were not guilty should have had better sense to stay at home and be away from harm’s way. Does the same logic apply to this poor girl? And no body objected to these statements, especially the first one. So is brutality and humiliation is ok as long as the person at the receiving end is a male?


  26. For once, I’m glad with the Haryana Police. The men deserved the bashing & I hope they were caught & put in the lockup for a few days. This should also be a lesson (in video) to the AP DGP & the likes who comment that women dress provocatively. The girl, in the video, is anything but indecently dressed. & that’s the case for most women who get assaulted, eve-teased, molested, raped. It’s not in the dressing of the women, but in the mindset of men. There’s no other way to deal with such people.


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