So guess where am I?


If this is what I passed on the way… No more than fifteen minutes before reaching here.


Can you guess?


62 thoughts on “So guess where am I?

    • Its not darjeeling. Darjeeling Hills are very green and you will hit- Bagdogra airport before you see the hills. You are likely to see Himalayas on the way.

      The brownish colors point to the Khandala – Shayadari mountain range at this time of the year. Or another one I m willing to bet on is- Madurai- so this are hills of Kodaikanal


  1. This is probably on way to Mumbai …
    My instinct says … i have seen this before .
    Bt mostly … these peaks look the same 😦
    Still … Mumbai ! 😀


  2. Can’t be the Himalayas because well, they have ‘him’/snow. Got to be further south. Ghats would be either Mumbai or Goa. People have said Mumbai, so I am saying Goa! 50-50 life line’s not an option, is it? 😀 Plus you had Goa pictures before.


  3. These crags belong to the western ghats- probably Mahabaleshwar. I remember noting that they had a very Grand-Canyonish look to them when I was there.

    Hope I’m right!:)


  4. I think its wait, doesnt the flight go over the sea in Goa…Errr..confused…but I dont know if its Mumbai because all I remember seeing when I cross Mumbai is the slums and the sea…so I will stick to Goa….I think its Goa 🙂


  5. This peak is on the Mumbai Pune highway
    I have always throught it looks like a castle 🙂
    It’s great that you got a reasonably clear picture through. I have always wanted to photograph the ghats from the air, but usually there is too much haze


  6. The layered formations of the mountains make me wonder if these are the western ghats. Heck it could be the Andes but then no snow at the peaks anywhere … so lock kiye jaye on sayadhri range…


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