RESULTS: Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards – 2011

This is the last and final  (and much delayed) part of TRBA 2011. My heartfelt thanks to all the judges and to blogging friends for all their support and ‘nudges’.

Some sub-categories added, because some very relevant posts fitted in these categories much better.

And finally here’s the final list of winners of Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards Badge (Thanks once again for the badge Suranga!)

The two cash prizes are yet to be announced. Which two posts out of all the posts here do you think made an impact on you and deserve the cash prize?

Feminism is good for the society.

Biology vs. Culture DEATHMATCH!  – Nandini

The dreaded “F-word” – Chandni

Honor Killings

My honor is my curse. – Bhavia

Make the Khaps leave India – traitors to the Constitution. – Bhagwad Jal Park


Mamta: A perspective on roles of Indian Women. – Careless Chronicles

Woman,un-role yourself! – Usha

The judges also liked,

A little bit of laudanum in my life – Braja

Motherhood is worshiped. And mothers? (Category added later)

Motherhood Pain – SuKupedia

In the Name of Culture – Crescentia Kalpana David

Sexual Violence.

Convoluted sense of justice: Violence most foul – Shree Venkatram

Rape and dishonour– Usha

Sleeping with the enemy – Gounder Brownie

Street Sexual Harassment (Eve teasing)

Blank Noise –  Unmana

Stop calling it “eve teasing”. You are being molested, not teased. – The Restless Quill

Outraging the modesty – Usha

Its Time To Speak Up, To Act!! – Momofrs

Adjust – Shail

Do men believe that women ask for it? (Category added later)

Eve Teasing and why everyone is suffering coz of it – Aditya Nayak

The Woman’s Fault for dressing provocatively? – Bhagwad Jal Park

Slut Walk – Bikram

Insensitivity of the Society – Yogesh

Do men face sexual harassment?

The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking  – The Quirky Indian

Working Women

Sad but true – Chandni

The last bastion – Amodini

The judges also liked,

Why are there so few women leaders at the top of the workforce? – Richajn

Grrrr – Rs Mom on Women’s Web

Surviving in a man’s world – Meera’s reflections

Homemakers/ SAHM/ Non-earning working women

The ‘home maker’ stereotype – Sangitha

Conversation Starters– Stars in my eyes

Never! I don’t want his money! – Preethi  (Women’s Web)

How much are you needed? – starsinmeyes

Domestic Violence

How Abuse Begins? – Desi Girl

Some thoughts on Domestic Violence – Shail

Girls learn to say No – TBG

Special mention:

Marital Rape (Category added later)

The darkness of marital rapes – Madperiodwoman

My experience with domestic violence–  Vidyut

Female Sexuality in Patriarchy (Category added later)

The Dirty Picture- Female Sexuality vs Patriarchy – Towards Harmony

Relationships Gyaan

I only get jealous because I love you  – Preeti Shenoy

Awww – Grounder Brownie

Your Rights in A Relationship – A Desi Girl’s Guide to Relationship Survival

A woman is a woman’s worst enemy?  (Category added later)

Desi Bahus :Gladiators in an arena – Desi Girl

Desi Women’s Friendships: Explore the Dynamics – Desi Girl

All the Old Knives – Gounder Brownie

Animal Rights

Animal Torture – I’m a Nazi…and so are you – Bhagwad Jal Park

Aggressive dog? Tips to handle… – Kalpana Mishra

No discrimination. – Sangitha

Oppressive Customs

Feminism and ‘Seven steps in the sky’  – Haresh Patel

“This is how we have always done it in this family.” – Usha

Of ritualistic torture and sadistic priests – Jiamata

A Happy Period? (Category added later)

Have a Happy Period – Imp’s Mom

Worshiping while Menstruating – Why not? – Deeps

Widowhood (Category added later)

“May your husband live a 100 years!” – Hamsini Ravi

The way women are viewed is still vaguely reminiscent of the sati days in some form… – Madperiodwoman

Inspiring Stories

Pickled and Preserved………जुनं मुरलेलं लोणचं … – Suranga Date

The Lady of Many Smiles –  Kamini Dandapani

LGBT Issues. (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender issues)

Wish – Pawan

Where do I belong? – Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury

Encounters of the Touchable Kind – Suranga

The way a woman dresses…

Clothing the women – Shail

Yes means yes, no means no – The Slut walk – Chandni

Dressed to kill – Yuvika Chaube

Media and crimes against women.

Delhi girls are easy?  – Careless Chronicles


Let’s Talk about Contraception – Sue

No sex education for us. We’re Indian – Amodini

Social Crimes Against Women – Posts that cover social issues like widow burning, FGM, sex selection, Dowry, victim blaming, honor killing etc

Legalizing prostitution? – Sangitha

Remembering the half-saree – Usha

Child Abuse and CSA.

CSAAM April 2011 – Books as aids to empowering a child to stay safe from sexual abuse – Sandhya

Recognize Child Sexual Abuse – Desi Girl

How are we protecting our children?– Starsinmyeyes

Speak up! – Usha

And a special mention to –

A list of blogs that deal with Gender issues.

This list will be updated.

1. Blogs that deal only with Gender Issues

Towards Harmony – Prathama

A Desi Girl’s Guide to Relationship Survival

Naari (Hindi) –  Rachna –

Divorced Doodling
Careless Chronicles

Chaya Path – Nisha

2. Feminists in the Indian Blogosphere

Real Virtuality – Allytude


The charade goes on…

Gounder Brownie

A lot Whimsical,Just like me!

Unmana’s Words – Unmana

Shail’s Nest

To read all the winning posts in 47 categories, please click here.

Congratulations to all the winners.


54 thoughts on “RESULTS: Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards – 2011

  1. I dont beleive this .. I cant beleive it .. my post gets mentioned amongst all these great posts .. WOW.. now thats christmas 2012 .. come early for me .. Thank you for that. dont know what else to say ..

    Thank you for reading it …

    Congrats to all the winners ..


  2. Congratulations to all winners!

    I am getting ready to read the entire lot over the next few days.
    Some, I have read before, but they are worth reading over and over again.

    I am collecting and saving up the links to all these blog posts in a separate and easily accessible file.

    Thanks IHM for successfully managing this awesome task of going through all the entries and giving us the cream.
    I hope this will be an annual event.



  3. OMG, IHM, couldn’t have asked for a better way to close in on the year! Thank you so so much for considering this post of mine worthy enough to be featured here. Its a post which is extremely close to my heart, so am all the more touched that it was able to connect. BIG thanks to the judges! Am truly truly honoured to get this badge. I shall proudly it up on my blog 🙂

    Hearty congratulations to all the winners! Looking forward to reading all the entries.

    Thanks again!

    BTW, I loved the design of the badge! Tejaswee spreading the smiles as always 🙂


  4. Congratulations to all the winners. It must have been a real difficult task for the judges to select the best among very gud blog posts.
    Congratulations to IHM and her team for all their efforts .


  5. OMG!!! That’s a lot of hard work …putting all this together…! big hugs to you! 🙂

    And congratsssssss to the winners 😀 It’s partaayyyy time!! :mrgreen:

    Going to sit and read this peacefully later when I have the time for it, and come back to comment.

    I truly regret being unable to post an entry….was too caught up with travel and settling down. Next time (I am assuming it will be held again) I will be ready with my entry. 🙂


    • It took me an entire day but I finished reading all the posts. Left me flabbergasted and overwhelmed.

      Brilliant set of posts, which bring out a huge variety of issues which need to be addressed in the open. I am blogrolling a lot of new people whose post I have been introduced thanks to Tejaswee 🙂 And you, IHM. Appreciate the massive effort you took to get this organized….you and everyone else who helped.

      And also to every person who wrote those posts.

      Tejaswee is alive in the spirit….always. You make sure it stays that way, IHM. More power to you….hugs!


  6. Thanks IHM and the judges! Truly honoured….will put up the badges soon! Congrats to all the other winners….for excellent reading material to welcome in the New Year!

    Wish you a Happy New Year….big hugs to you.


  7. YAY! We celebrated with gelato. Shall be putting up the badges very proudly soon.

    Thanks a lot, IHM and the judges – besides being pretty thrilled for the mentions, super thrilled to get so much reading material to expand horizons.


  8. Congratulations to all the winners 🙂
    Can’t wait to go through all the winning posts–have bookmarked this link.
    Thank you so much for this IHM, and wish you and all readers a happy new year 🙂


  9. IHM,

    I just started copying and pasting all the award winning blogs into a text file
    I am including the Category, the title of the blog post, the author, the date and the link, followed by the full text of the blog post.
    I am copying and pasting simultaneously into sets of files for each category.
    All the blog posts of a particular category will be compiled into a single file.
    I am also copying and pasting ALL the blogs in all the categories into a single large text file.

    This is to enable me to transfer the whole thing to my Ipad and to my pen drive for off line reading, on any convenient device, even without an internet connection.It will be a great E book for me to savour in installments as and when I find the time and inclination. I propose to call this e book “Tejaswi Rao award winning blogs – 2011” and also include your blog site as the principal reference.

    I can also prepare a pdf file of the contents later after some formatting but a text file will be smaller, and more easily readable on a variety of devices.

    When completed I hope to have a fine collection of essays from a set of talented and unsung writers who deserve a wider readership.

    If any one else interested in a copy I will make it available after I complete it.
    I may need a couple of days more to finish the task.
    I have already complied all the posts from category 1 up to category 9 in a single session this evening.

    In the meantime, while compiling I noticed two probable errors.

    In category 9, Joint family versus modern family, the link to R’s Mom’s blog post does not work.
    It opens up a blogspot page for signing up. Please check and let me have the correct link.

    In category 6 you have listed a blog post titled “The bald guy doesn’t think its a big deal”
    There is no link to this blog post. Please check and let me have the link.

    There is no commercial gain for me and I am doing this for my convenience and the pleasure and satisfaction it gives me. I am willing to share it with any body without any consideration. I have all the time in the world to do this these days.

    In case any blogger has an objection, I may please be alerted and I will exclude his/her contribution from this compilation. Since all the posts have already appeared publicly and and are freely available to any one I don’t think there is anything illegal in what I am doing. However it is better to be safe than sorry later.



  10. IHM, I admire you for the effort you have put in for this. Kudos.
    Congrats to all winners.
    And thank you.
    I think GV has just opened up a new possibility. An e-book of blog compilations.


  11. Wow! Thanks IHM..glad that the judges considered the post on womensweb 🙂

    GVjee’s idea seems awesome! lovely idea 🙂

    I have read most of the entries but going to back to them over the weekend….I loved that you entered all the entries on a separate page…thats so much easier to click and read through…I really appreciate the Tejaswee for being a wonderful inspiration.thank you!


  12. Wow. Thank you IHM!! 🙂 What a wonderful way to end this year…. And must commend you on your effort.
    Congratulation’s to all the winners.

    Am gonna come back here and read all the blogs mentioned here…great reading material 🙂 Thanks again IHM!


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  15. I am thrilled to find my post has been selected! Coming from you IHM and the judges, great bloggers yourselves, it is truly an honour that I will treasure. My blog will be proudly displaying the Tejaswee Rao blogging badge.Thank you IHM and the judges.


  16. I have finished compiling all posts in the first 25 categories so far.
    Another 22 to go.
    Hope to finish tomorrow, (wednesday) evening.
    Will upload it to my dropbox public folder so that any one interested can downlad it.
    I will indicate the link as soon as it is ready.


    • Finished compiling till Category 35
      Enough for the day.
      12 more categories to go.
      Will continue tomorrow.

      I could have finished today but the temptation to read some of them was too strong and and I yielded.
      Some blogs created a problem when I copied and pasted.
      The pasted content was closely packed and practically unreadable due to no carriage returns and no paragraphs after copying and pasting into the text editor though the original blog was readable.
      Wonder why this happened..
      I had to break up the text matter into a easily readable paragraphs.
      Some blog posts don’t have a date!
      Desi girls in particular.
      I entered an approximate date based on the date of the earliest comment.
      Where there were embedded videos or pictures I have mentioned them in brackets at the right place.
      Any interested person can follow up the original link to the blog.
      I have included that too at the top of each post.
      All in all it should make a nice e book with each category becoming a chapter.
      The output can be improved further if I transfer it to MS Word and format it. But that will take too much time and the file size will be too large. Plain text will make it readable on any device including cell phones too.


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  19. Thank You so much IHM! It is my first blogging award ever! Thanks for the encouragement.

    I would love an e -book of all the posts compiled too.

    Congratulations to all the winners, will put up the badge soon 🙂



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  22. Congrats to all the winners.
    I haven’t read all those articles, but the ones I did read have a mention here and they are well-deserved. Also kudos to the team who went through the entire process.


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