Kapil Sibal assures he won’t be sending legal notices to those who say they hate him.

I was glad to hear Kapil Sibal say, on NDTV 24X7, that he had no intentions of censoring or sending legal notices to those who were saying they hated him or other public figures. ( Couldn’t find a link to this 😦  )

Also read what he says to Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advicate. (Click for video and transcript).

“I think that the media has the right to criticise, the media has the right to be satirical and that’s part of the freedom of expression that we ourselves in government cherish.”

Now I suppose Giribala of The Grist Mill need not add the reassurance below, while sharing her photographs with ‘public figures’ on facebook?

Kapil Uncle I only share good pictures of Sonia G and Rahul G‘ – Giribala

And we can continue to enjoy expressing our angst with our politicians in the  ways we are inclined to. This one is a delightful parody (found it being shared on facebook) of Sada haq aithe rakh.

Please watch Advani Jee singing Sada rath aithe rakh 😉 😆

And Sandhya can continue to safely quote Mark Twain 🙂

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.


So we can safely continue to turn to the Social Media for information like this one shared on facebook. Read the 22nd name.

Is this true or legal?


But the BJP (as opposition they were a disappointment as usual) would be glad to know [Link] that Kapil Sibal still insists that he wants to choose what ‘our people‘ find offensive. I agree with Bhagwad that we are not anybody’s ‘our people – most people I know are their own people, and can decide and avoid what hurts their own sensibilities.

A question: Do you think political leaders are the right people to decide what we find offensive? What are the chances of their selfish interests interfering with their otherwise honest intentions?

Another question.

If we were all permitted to say nice things to each other (i.e. if what we say is not objectionable or offensive)  we will not only not be stopped from saying it, we’d probably be paid to say that, then why do we need the Right to Expression? The very idea of Right to freedom of expression is to allow us to say what others may not want us to say. Read Bhagwad’s post if you disagree.


21 thoughts on “Kapil Sibal assures he won’t be sending legal notices to those who say they hate him.

  1. Here’s an interesting thought. Ideally Sibal wants an army of humans patrolling social networks screening (pre or post) for “offensive”, “derogatory” and “hateful” comments.

    Here’s the truth. There already is such an army – us! Every social networking post has a “flag” option which we’re all free to use. And any post that is flagged a certain number of times is hidden and shown ONLY ON request! If someone still chooses to read what they KONW is probably an offensive post, any guesses for who’s responsible for all these “hurt feelings”?

    By not approving of this “pre-built” army, Sibal is telling us that we don’t have the ability to monitory what we ourselves find offensive!!

    Politicians have to stop viewing the Internet as a “mere extension of the real world”. Rules applicable to the real world make no sense when applied to the Internet. While we’re at it, perhaps we should have an “Internet nation” that’s free from the geographical constraints of traditional countries.

    Best of all, I suggest we create an “Internet religion” – one of the prime principles of which will be that freedom of speech is sacrosanct regardless of content.

    If we do that, we can always claim “religious freedom” if someone tries to censor stuff! For a change, we will be ones having our “religious feelings” hurt 😀


  2. The whole idea of deciding for others is just sanctimonious humbug. Is our Minister so incompetent to actually suggest human monitoring content which numbers literally in the billions per week.

    I find Kapil Sibal’s logic awe-inspiring. Not creating a proper law to deal with defamation, not going to courts and asking companies to remove content on adhoc basis. This he claims was not an attempt at censorship.

    Actually Sibal is right as even censors have to abide by guidelines and cannot do whatever they please.


  3. He came, he created a stir and then now he is trying to offer olive branches. Kapil Sibal wanted to drag the issue for long and take all our attention away from the Lokpal bil, from FDI, from inflation etc etc. He got more than he bargained for from netizens. It fell flat on his face.


  4. for me, when sibal says ‘our people’ he means, HIS people. his party, his colleagues, his elite friends. so in my view, what he says about freedom of press is obviously contradictory. i mean, when Congress party members label people as “thugs” and “characterless” its okay. but when citizens are critical of them or the government it needs to be censored. i’m thrown between amusement and disgust.


  5. I liked the sada rath othe rakh…
    Wonder what congress will say …

    Taliban is live in our nation funny congress is supposed to follow gandhian principles hmm I gues this is gandhian toooo.


  6. I remember my boyhood days (the fifties and early sixties)
    No computers, no TV, no internet then.
    Just radio, newspapers, and periodicals.
    Those who wanted to “tweet” against the establishment were still able to.
    The walls of public toilets were the most popular mediums used to vent.
    I still have vivid memories of some gems written against unpopular teachers on the walls of our school toilet.
    They cant be reproduced here.
    Even if Kapil Sibal were to okay them IHM would censor them!


  7. Yay! That’s me between Sonia G and Rahul G!! 😀
    Thank you so much for making me famous!!
    Politicians always keep inciting and appeasing people for their vote bank! They won’t let common people live in peace and harmony.


  8. Let us agree that some form of censorship is required – People are not gems themselves. Otherwise, they would not have elected such politicians! Besides, as people say above, its impossible to monitor for billions of messages exchanged in social networks. This is at best an effort to divert the attention of people away from other burning issues in their backyard.

    Freedom of expression is important. But it does not give a free ticket to people to be vulgar. Who better than the Govt to monitor them? But if the whole issue is about selective monitoring, I have nothing to say about it!

    Destination Infinity


  9. I kinda got stuck onthe 22nd mention on the list. Is it true? Really? And what position in govt. does he hold to attain that VVIP status? And why?? Why?? Why??
    And I kinda agree with u on the newspaper liner. Isn’t it so true?


  10. The 22nd one is true thought they say “helpfully” that he did not ask for it. You might also be aware of the YouTube video about Vadra that is banned in India because it is defamatory, which investigates the extraordinary rise in his assets. I saw that interview too and thought that he backtracked in the face of all the protests. But apparently they have submitted some 300+ posts as objectionable out of which around 250 are political in nature. So don’t know who or what to trust.


  11. If we were all permitted to say nice things to each other (i.e. if what we say is not objectionable or offensive)
    Who draws the line on what is ‘nice’ and what is ‘objectionable’? 🙂


  12. i don’t agree to the dalai lama either being on the list. he’s a non-violent monk, for heavens sake. so next we are going to exclude the pope and the imam of something or the other..
    It looks like a particularly long list of ministers, their chelas, judges, secretaries adn for some reason the chiefs of armymed forces…
    why stick poor dalai lama and vadhra in it 🙂


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