What I like about this time of the year in Delhi.

You just happen to look up and spot a migratory bird high on a tree (This one near India Habitat Centre). Not sure what this bird is called or even if it is a migratory bird. This was one time I didn’t carry my zoom lens.

Another thing about winters is the calls from Rufous Tree Pie can be followed to where the bird is hiding. As the trees shed leaves, my tripod will move to and stay in the balcony πŸ™‚
Can you spot the bird in this picture?
Green vegetables become greener…

From the rikshaw to our breakfast πŸ™‚

Winter food is colorful πŸ™‚

And I have to share this one.

Sher Khan moves into a sunny spot πŸ™‚


53 thoughts on “What I like about this time of the year in Delhi.

  1. I saw a woodpecker outside my house the other day, and then when I was driving down the road,saw two parrots pass by the front of my car while playfully flying around, as unpretentious as pigeons! I don’t think they knew how rare a sight they were to me! πŸ™‚

    And oh I love Delhi winters! Miss it! 😦 m


  2. Winters,
    a nip in the air,
    and thoughts crowd
    the mind
    like traffic in Delhi.

    For some,
    an indulgent childhood,
    dustless closed transport
    sometimes for pointless learning;
    sometimes conditioned by air,
    sometimes by money,
    designer lives,
    a designer alliance
    with a designer bidaai.

    And for some,
    a green childhood
    open to the sky,
    anchored to the earth,
    drenched in rains,
    nodding in winter,
    only to bloom and open up
    in the Sun,
    cared for by her,
    but now en route
    to a new life
    in a sasuraal.

    The cauliflowers,
    and the spinach,
    and the bhindi,
    and the tomatoes
    huddle together one last time,
    as the barat
    reaches the mandi,
    the mother,
    firmly holding them
    all together,
    as the man drives
    to the venue,
    the load,
    more on his mind…..

    A Bidaai of a different kind….


  3. I love the woman atop the rickshaw pic the best and every time I see your pet’s pic along with name…it cracks me up big time for reasons I don’t know 😳

    IHM you are going to soon turn me into a lunatic if you keep posting more Delhi pics πŸ˜₯


  4. I love this time of year in Delhi….its perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, with just a nip in the air πŸ™‚

    Oh wow!! you add so many toppings to your dosa?? That is dosa, right?? Yum!
    You missed a pic of some warm hot chocolate and a book to curl up with….that’s colourful too! πŸ™‚

    And please give a huge hug to that sleeping over weight cat … I lub him! πŸ˜€


  5. wow…the colors in the dosa and the woman sitting on subzi cart πŸ™‚

    The bird is grey horn bill , they are abundant in our locality too but are always too far for my camera. I have some silhouette shots from last year..


  6. Comments on each picture:

    1) Did you notice the contrast? The top part of the tree is bare and the lower part green and leafy? Are these two trees ?

    2)Yes, I think I have located the bird. Vertically almost at the centre of the picture, horizontally a Β little to the right of the center.

    3) Green vegetables become greener? I would guess they would become flatter if this is the treatment they are going to receive from the vendor lady.

    4) Β and 5) Β Sigh! You continue to tease! Weren’t the Chandni Chowk pictures enough? The dosas I now eat are dry and tasteless. Oil is banned for me. But Β  I am allowed to look fondly at the pictures and recall the good old days.

    6) That was the best snap of Sher Β Khan you ever posted. My hand reached out to stroke his fur. To bad the Ipad’s smooth and glossy surface denied me the pleasure I was looking for.



  7. I can feel from here how happy Sher Khan is feeling! Delhi winter and sunlight….!

    That bird, hornbill, looks like it is from outside our country. I couldn’t locate the bird in the next picture. Must check the comments!

    Suranga’s imagination is unbeatable!

    Until 3 days back, we had heavy rains and fog has started from yesterday, here, in Chennai!


  8. Its happening in Mumbai too, IHM… so exciting! I’ve had the most fun-looking Hoopoe parading up and down the grassy patch in my garden, hunting insects. Love this season!


  9. I miss exactly this in Hyderabad.. There is damn no winter here :((.. I miss the white radishes & also the red red carrots!
    Which part of Delhi still has such exotic bird still living..this is very comforting actually.. all the best to them..


  10. I think its time for me to move to Delhi and invade your house especially your kitchen… !!!!!

    I get this distant fantasy you cooking constantly and feeding me while I play with Sher Khan !!!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


  11. I have no words to describe how much m missing Delhi winters…I got married in April this year and moved to the U.S in August…… I miss Delhi….momos, chole bhature, gol gappas….my friends and my home…..those were the days…sigh !!


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