Do you think this video can make Indian parents want to have daughters?

Scribblehappy shared this video about saving the girl child, on her blog. The video is supposed to encourage parents to have (not to kill) daughters.

At an Ultrasound Clinic, the mother in law says, “Bahu I want only a boy.

How does the bahu react? She doesn’t confidently smile and remind her mother in law that sex selection was a crime. Or that unlike their own narrow, oppressive existence women in this same nation, right in their neighbourhood, were living great, independent and happy lives.

Instead she looks like this 😦   A future like this makes the idea of having a daughter attractive?

Her husband places his hand on her shoulder, it’s not clear whether to support her, or to restrain her. (If it’s for support then he needs to do more than that).

Makes it look like it’s pathetic to be a married adult Indian woman. Would this encourage Indian parents not to abort their daughters?

Most Indians believe Getting Married-and-Staying Married is every good Indian girl’s goal. How hopeful about a girl-child’s future would the husband below make parents feel? Please do take a look at his face.

I also wonder how responsible, strong and loving a father would this man be to any child, son or daughter. What is the video trying to show/reinforce?

Such campaigns seem to say it’s okay for a daughter in law to be the lowest in the family hierarchy. This video could make having sons look comparatively attractive. For one, nobody asks sons to produce male heirs.

Those who think daughters in law must handle their relationships with in laws without the husband’s support (or intervention) must remember the power of this hand on her shoulder. Since it’s often the man’s family demanding a male child, men have more power in such situations.  Why not make videos showing men doing more than putting a weak hand on a spouse’s shoulder? This son should have been shown making it clear to his parents that he did not think having a daughter was a bad thing. And not because the daughter would be willing to use her brother’s old books.

What do you think of what they hear their unborn daughter say?

“Ma (echo). Ma (echo) Ma.

Ma god has not yet drawn destiny-lines on my hands. And even before that ( a sob) you have all decided my fate?

Ma let me live. I swear on myself, I will never trouble you. Ma don’t worry about my school fees, I will use my brother’s books and educate myself on my own. And yes, tell Papa, not to worry about my dowry, I will stay with you and be your budhape ka sahara. And if you still feel I will be a burden on you, then you don’t need to spend on this operation, I will myself pray to god (pause) to let my mother see my dead face. (Meri maa mera mara moonh dekhe).

Yes, the last line is disturbing, but is it going to make those who don’t value girl children start valuing them?

So this is the pressure a girl should live with all her life? Be easier to raise, have no expectations from parents? Is it right to make it look like letting a girl be born is a favor she must repay by being a good girl all her life? How confident would such a child grow up to be?

Instead the girl baby could have been shown reminding her parents that if they gave her good education, love and respect; she would grow up to be self confident and self reliant, and they would have no reason to worry about getting her married – the traditional Indian parents’ biggest worry. Click here to see the kind of video that would make most Indian parents see what love, respect, confidence and equal opportunities can do to any child. Why not use such examples? Can you picture Chhavvi being asked to produce a male child? 🙂

But here the mother in law is moved by the reassurances from the unborn grand daughter. She, and not the parents, is shown as the decision maker.

The young woman looks visibly relieved that she has the permission to have this child. This scene would encourage Indian parents to have daughters, and look forward to them having such a life?

The couple doesn’t walk out together. The mother in law leads the grateful and obedient bahu out. The budhape ka sahara looks on, satisfied. Aal iz well.

Does this video make it look like it’s fun to be a young, married female family member in a traditional Indian family? And we still wonder why our rigid Patriarchy makes Indians kill their unborn baby girls.

Such videos can make Indian parents feel guilty about aborting female fetuses, but they don’t make them see daughters as worth having because they reinforce everything that makes it difficult for Indian parents to raise daughters.

Here are two ads that don’t show girl children as a responsibility to be handed over to the rightful owners (with dowry).

Without treating the cause, no problem can be solved. There’s more to having a daughter than saving for her dowry.


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    • Too late Scribblehappy!
      You are Second runner up!
      You’ve got to learn to scribble quicker.
      Keep trying!
      One day you make it, unlike me who has never succeeded!


  1. The best way to make people want to have daughters is to challenge gender stereotypes. Show women as equal participants in society, as decision makers, as supporting their parents.. everything that we seem to think only men should do.
    You are so right, your questions are so evident… why didn’t the makers of this video think of them.
    The video also suggest that without Dahej marriage is not possible… is that the message we want to give?
    it is ironic we make videos like this one you when our President is a woman we have at least 3 women chief ministers of states.
    I wonder is this video is made by a woman?


  2. What an absolutely terrible ad!!! As it is, a woman is saddled with enough guilt all her life, now we’re expected to act guilty and sacrificing before we’re born as well??! So if this girl is the first child and didn’t have her brother’s books to save money on, it’s okay to kill her? Why is the idea of a confident woman so threatening in this country? Just by creating some sentimental hogwash, these people expect to solve the problem without even thinking about what they are saying. The husband looks like a wimp and the gratitude on the woman’s face makes me want to throw up.


  3. Very well analysed, IHM. Ads such as the first one are a study in how not to make an ad. They are counterproductive–they actually tell the viewers just how bad an idea it is to have a girl-child. And you are right, it might make prospective parents guilty about going for sex-selective abortions, but might also make them determined to go ahead with it anyway.
    Loved the last two ads. Just the type we need to see more of 🙂


  4. Re-inforcing the responsibilities and burden on a girl who is not even born…Sigh!!!!

    They say TV is the media that would reach a huge woman mass.If so, why not make a serial where women are shown as sensible, strong decision makers – who would think good, spread good and give birth to other women who are good and still live happily with a supportive husband – rather than always-aasu-drama-type?

    After the female foeticide crossed 2 million from the last 3 decades, Indian villages have now decided to share their wives –


  5. I saw this ad already at Scribblehappy’s blog last evening.
    It distressed me too.
    But the ad is technically good.
    The expression on the pregnant lady’s face brought the right feelings in me.
    If the ad was intended to provoke this revulsion in all of us then it has succeeded.
    However, I agree in advance, if many of you say that was not the intention.
    The message that sex determination is bad has got drowned out in an even more insidious message viz that a girl child is unwanted.

    I loved this blog post. It is hard hitting and if it hurts some people then they deserve to be hurt.
    And I too loved those two modern girls in the other ads you listed.
    I hope my son is able to get a girl like them when he decides to get married.



  6. You hit the nail on the head IHM. This is exactly what our mindset is about: ‘.. daughters are not worth having….’ and that is ridiculous, to say the least. Most Indian families I know want a boy child. Once the boy has entered the clan, then they are OK to have a girl. But the boy is a sign of respect in society. And DILS being lowest in the hierarchy – well, that is quite simply, the truth! This is too depressing a topic, and it leaves me feeling frustrated and hopeless! I don’t know if and when things will change. When will Indian society start thinking women are really and truly equal to men and not any lesser?


    • If only the average Indian man would stop using tradition and custom as excuses to DO NOTHING about practises that they can end if they wished to.

      If a man wishes, he can stand up to his family, stand by his wife and refuse to be party to such a despicable crime as female foeticide.


  7. I want to share a poem on female foeticide. The poet speaks in the words of the yet to be born daughter. It is mellowing, moving and stirs your soul. The initial lines are :
    Line Cut Gayee

    Hello, Maa!
    Assalamu Alaikum
    Main Jannat se bol rahi hoon

    Kaisi ho Maa?

    Yahan Jannat mein phool khile hain
    Manzar jagmagaa rahe hain
    Doodh ki nadiyan baih rahi hain
    Thandi hawayen chal rahi hain
    Chidyaan naghme gaa rahi hain, saheliyan geet suna rahi hain
    Allah ki Tareef ho rahi hai
    Main jhoolon mein jhool rahi hoon
    Pariyon ke sang khel rahi hoon

    Main Jannat mein khush hoon Maa!

    Lekin, lekin tum yaad aati ho
    Hello, hello, Maa,
    Bolo Abbu mere kaise hain?
    Ghar pe saare kaise hain?
    Bolo Maa
    Dharti, Ambar, Chaand Sitare
    Duniya kaisi lagti hai?
    Sona, jagna, hansna, rona
    Yeh sab kaisa lagta hai?
    Bolo Maa!
    You can read the whole poem and also see the video of recital of poem by a young girl here :


  8. Urghhhh!!! No words, really. I shall SCREAM if one more person talks about women getting married ‘soon’. SCREAM!


    Sorry, but this makes me mad. Gah!


  9. Up to 6 million foetuses were aborted because they were female in India in the last decade, according to the Lancet.It’s disconcerting to know that this malady is galore in educated couples.The practice is more widespread in well heeled and cultivated Indian families who are better able to afford the prenatal tests and medical intervention they want.

    It’s exceptionally disappointing to deponent that education in our country have flunk to eclipse traditional beliefs.Intimately related to the question of discrimination and social exclusion is the right to birth.We don’t have a dearth of acumen today,then why this social evil is prevalent?Ethical cleansing of the society is of paramount importance.Any law any movement cannot transform the society until we scoop out the roots of such prejudices.


    • I think misogyny is too deep-rooted in our society for something as superficial as education to effectively remove age-old and deep-rooted prejudices.

      After all, what does our educational system really teach us?

      Does it teach us fairness and equity? Does it tell what social justice and human rights are really about?

      Our educational system does not encourage critical thinking.

      it does not encourage non-conformist behavior or a questioning bent of mind.

      So why are we shocked to learn that educated people subscribe to the oldest and basest of prejudices, the prejudice against the girl child?


    • Indeed a sad state of affairs. The mindset has to change, how do these religious people who believe in a just god, think its ok to kill thier own child? I mean seriously WTF??
      Thank heavens for the parents I had. Bless thier souls.
      Until the social media and movies and sitcoms change the way they portray women, until women can walk with respect without being eve teased or molested, the girl child will be considered second class.Until we stop this gender bias, in our thoughts, actions and words, innocent babies will continue to die.


  10. While the advt is quite pathetic, there are some basic inconsistancies about abortions in India.
    I am not well educated on the legally allowed processes of abortions in India, but the point I want to make is if abortion of a girl child based on gender is wrong? is abortion of any kind wrong?

    It is unlawful to abort a child after sex determination; but abortions per se are not illegal

    Does this mean the feaotus has right to life (as it is illegal to abort it) only if its gender is determined and not so much if its gender is unknown?

    Also if the feaotus has not rights per se, then what is illegal about sex determination, other than traditional bias against female child. If it is illegal to be biased against women, then how about forcing parents to spend equally on the girl child and male child. How about making any sort of prejudice a crime?

    These are questions I would really like answers to, especially from people who might support abortion and but are against gender selection.

    My personal view is that abortion is a choice of the woman and state or society has no rights of any kind in this regard. Period.


    • Abortion within the first trimester (3 months) is legal in India, but sex selection is not legal, and the reason is that it is causing a skewed gender ratio. Sex selective abortions are not necessarily the mother’s choice, family pressures can also force women to abort a female fetus. It is not about the rights of the fetus but about the skewed gender ratio.
      Indian parents don’t mind spending on a daughter’s wedding and dowry but a huge majority even today, doesn’t like to spend on her higher education.


      • “Thompson Reuters Foundation” conducted a survey in which India has been rated fourth most dangerous country for women. India’s reason for being an incommodious nation for women is accredited to it’s skewed sex ratio.A skewed ratio makes women in our country more vulnerable.Rapes,trafficking and other malfeasance escalates as a result of increase in number of young single male.

        The reason why Indian parents don’t mind squandering on a daughter’s wedding and dowry but are reluctant to spend on her education also has societal coherence.Rarely Indian families seek brides who are highly educated,so parents refrain from educating their daughter’s beyond the bounds of societal yardstick of a girls education,for it may aggrandize their albatross. At least this conjecture subsists where i live,and i see families struggling to get their highly educated daughters married.In case a grooms family is hunting for an educated female ,the demand would be framed something like “Seeking MBA ,professionally qualified ,homely, non working girl”


      • @liberating the soul:
        “Rapes,trafficking and other malfeasance escalates as a result of increase in number of young single male.” -??? I am not sure that is the case,
        For instance in most war torn countries women tend to outnumber men (because combatants seem to be male more than females) but the worst crimes of rape, slavery and trafficking are committed against women in such regions.

        Also I think what makes women more vulnerable in India is not a skewed gender ratio but the adhoc and pathetic way the law is applied…

        I know that sex selective abortions are not necessarily the mother’s choice but often thanks to pressure for family and others. But what if it is a personal choice of the mother.

        The only way out of this seems that the time period of a abortion be lesser than the 3 months to a period which makes it very difficult to determine the sex of the fetus.


      • You are very right, Aditya. I agree that every woman should have the option of abortion. I have also never been in favour of sex selection ban, simply because it will force people to have babies they do not want, and will in all probability neglect and put aside. She might actually have been better off not being born.

        Reducing the abortion time to less than three months is playing with the freedom of right of the woman over her own body. Sometimes, a pregnant woman takes a while to realize she is pregnant, and if it has exceeded the one measly month or so you give her, should she have a baby in spite of not wanting it?

        I am totally against sex determination ban. I consider the only way to solve this problem is not to force people to have kids they don’t want by a long shot, but to create awareness. By each of us living a life where women are not submissive wives, sisters, mothers, but individuals in their own right.


      • within the first triemster? yea its legal but is it moral? by three months my baby was a kicking and moving, how do you kill that and not kill a part of yourself?
        Unless the pregnancy is a result of rape/incest. Abortion is just cop out. you shouldnt have indulged in yoga if you dont want a baby, and if you are doing it for fun(which you are entitled to, please use birth control).
        I know the poor women in India do not have these choices, but educated women in western countries (well most of them ) do. Until you can raise a woman, aware of her basic human rights and rights to her own body, killing of innocent female babies will continue.


    • Aditya, I agree with you. Abortion is every woman’s right. Having preference for a gender is also not a sin.

      But when that preference is based on a role imposed by yourself on your child, it becomes a problem. It’s like saying, “I want you dead because if you live, I will raise you in such a way that it will cause you and me harm”.

      So you see the problem is not with the gender or the gender preference. It’s about ‘Raising a child’ that fosters further gender discrimination.

      You force a child not to be educated, not to have career, not to carry your family name, to get married and stay married, not to care for yourself in old age and then you hold the gender of child responsible for your pathetic state of lack of financial and emotional support?

      Is it not your dysfunctional upbringing that brought this state on you?

      Holding children of one gender responsible for giving you financial and emotional support and the other gender responsible for just the opposite paves the path for this unnatural inclination of the entire population (including the child bearing mother) towards one gender.

      Female Feticide is the result of all this. Female feticide needs to stop because people need to realize that it’s not the gender but the gender roles they themselves assign to their children cause all problems.

      I might say, in a non-biased society, it could be okay to have gender preference, but hey wait! I said non-biased society, which means everybody gets to be themselves, where you could have boys play with dolls and girls play with cars! Is it worth having a gender preference when all you know is that your girl or boy could not be doing what most people of his gender did? I guess then you will say, “I want a child who plays with dolls; be it boy or girl”. That won’t be a gender preference any more, but an activity/action-preference!


    • @Aditya
      Societal effects of a skewed sex ratio:”Evidence exists for a link between sex ratios and violence. In a society with an artificial shortage of women, a combination of surplus of males and increased upward mobility of females results in accumulation of unmarried, lower-class males, who tend to be violence-prone. Shortage of females has the effect of driving human trafficking and mail-order bride phenomena.
      To quote “There are reports of women from Vietnam, Myanmar, and North Korea systematically trafficked to mainland China and Taiwan and sold into forced marriages


    • @Fem: Thanks for the argument about the time frame for abortion. I do not have as much information about it.

      @liberating the soul:
      Thanks for that angle to your argument about skewed sex rations. It got me thinking and here is what I think.

      Shortage of females driving human trafficking and mail-order bride phenomenon is true, but it is illegal isn’t it? So maybe the law enforcement agencies should be more efficient dealing with these crimes rather than trying to legislate social engineering.

      It is not a fair making abortions illegal (with or without gender discrimanation), as it is against the basic right of the woman involved to choose. She does not owe the country a girl child either. In this case the law is inconsistent.

      At the cost of sounding a little over the top, I would say that trying to bring about a more balanced sex ratio to stop men from going around raping women is similar to saying women should dress more conservatively so as to not get eve teased or molested.


  11. Yo! Crying woman-child who hands over decisions about her body to her mother-in-law- as if it were a bunch of keys.
    I might be a ‘nanhi pari’. I might be a troublesome little brat like that boy-child next door that you compare with a kutti Krishna. Truth is, I’m a kid just like any other, and I have no obligation to be a sacrificing like cutie-pie voice from your womb. Don’t make me if you don’t want to keep me. Nope, doing away with me is not an option. That’s what the bad guys do, and you know what Rajnikanth does to those people.

    And hell, I want to go to the best school that you can afford. I want to go to AIIMS. I want to go to Caltech. I don’t care what my brother does, you’re my parents, you are responsible. Forget budhape ka sahara, be my sahara when I am a foetus/infant and then let’s talk about that. And yeah, don’t bother about my dowry. I’ll find a decent guy myself, and if dowry is brought up, then he’s not going to be worth it.

    Grandmom, I sincerely hope you go back to whatever K-serial you came from.
    Dad, please grow some balls.
    The last time an akashvani voice came from a girl child who was about to be killed, she was Shakti, the primordial goddess, warning Kamsa about his nefarious activities. And we know what happened to that dude. So.

    On a serious note – one of my friends knows someone she went to college with called ‘Podhumponnu’ – which means ‘enough of girls’ in Tamil. Imagine being stuck with a name like that, because the parents thought that naming the girl thus would magically make the next kid a boy.

    Also, I read this just yesterday, maybe a wider screening of this movie is in order?


  12. Jesus, man, this is such a stupid advertisment. The originator may have meant well and he (what’s the betting it’s a he and not a she?) may consider himself a huge feminist, but in all honesty, this is just trash, plain and simple.

    Why should she have to study with her brother’s books? What happened to “free and compulsory education”? For chrissakes, why should a fetus have to justify it’s own value like some kind of business venture?

    Raising a child is an incredibly tough, demanding task. If you’re going to ask for a full balance sheet, spanning everything from education expenses to the dowry, if you’re going to need a guarantee of a return on your “investment” even BEFORE your child is born, something is wrong, you know.

    And let’s not kid ourselves. This is not just poor, destitute, illiterate peasants killing off their daughters. Many of these families are fully capable of financing a college education and a full-blown Desi marriage, complete with a dowry and a drunk baraat. It’s the stone age attitudes (like the ones the advert endorses), far more than money factors, that are behind the whole thing.


  13. Jesus, man, this is such a stupid advertisment. The originator may have meant well and he (what’s the betting it’s a he and not a she?) may consider himself a huge feminist, but in all honesty, this is just trash, plain and simple.

    Why should she have to study with her brother’s books? What happened to “free and compulsory education”? For chrissakes, why should a fetus have to justify it’s own value like some kind of business venture?

    Raising a child is an incredibly tough, demanding task. If you’re going to ask for a full balance sheet, spanning everything from education expenses to the dowry, if you’re going to need a guarantee of a return on your “investment” even BEFORE your child is born, something is wrong, you know.

    And let’s not kid ourselves. This is not just poor, destitute, illiterate peasants killing off their daughters. Many of these families are fully capable of financing a college education and a full-blown Desi marriage, complete with a dowry and a drunk baraat. It’s the stone age attitudes (which adverts like these help promote, of course), far more than economic factors, which are really behind all the crap.


    • I think a girl’s parents might consider her feelings and health before (and if) suggesting abortions… They are also less likely to blame her for not bearing sons. I know of one young woman refusing to have a second child to avoid such pressures, she has her parents’ support. The first child is a girl.


      • Now you know two young women. My first born is a girl and the pressure from the in-laws to have a second kid is ridiculous. The husband and I had decided that one kid is enough irrespective of whether it was going to be a girl or boy. Though I did cheat and pray like crazy for the first to be a girl. And since when is it anyone else s business how many kids a couple has. sheesh.


  14. OMG!! This has to be one of the most pathetic, depressing, insulting ads I’ve ever seen. What was the whole point of discouraging prenatal sex determination if it was to make it sound like its a favour to make the girl child be born? Why the hell would she have to learn from her brother’s books? Why would she be a burden if she can study (as much or better than a son), and be financially independent?? Why is it taken for granted that the girl’s dad will have to give dahej??
    @#$%^^& !!!!! 😡 There are a lot more choice words that I’d like to use but I’m refraining since this is a public forum. The ad has left me seething!! 😡

    The BPTP ad is cute 🙂 perfect rather. I’ve seen it before on your blog only.
    The second one’s nice too.
    Wish we had more such ads.


  15. Very good post, IHM.

    I agree with Nitya. Why does the female fetus need to be the ‘well-behaved’ angel in order to deserve a life? Why does she have to sacrifice education and marriage in order to get a life? Why does she have to say that she will take care of her parents only because she prefers to stay unmarried and that she prefers to stay unmarried only because she doesn’t want them to pay the dowry (as if dowry is the most acceptable prerequisite of marriage)?

    When will the campaigners understand the greater problem? It is gender roles and patriarchy (girls are their future husband’s property) that are causing female feticides. Why are they not trying to bring about an attitude change in people to eliminate gender roles and patriarchy? Instead they are promoting these notions by such ads. They are not highlighting the scenario showing if you give ample opportunities to your children, they will perform their best, no matter what gender. If you love them, they will love you back, no matter what gender.
    I think these campaigners have to campaign for “Say NO to Joint Families” in order to be successful. For

    as long as the practice of “Girl Going to a Different Family but Boy Staying with the Family on marriage” persists, parental gender bias will persist.

    Female feticide is just the indicator of an unfair society discriminating against females from ages. I have seen some people aghast at the thought of female feticide but having no qualms whatsoever on gender discrimination ,completely unbeknownst to them, it is their own philosophy of discrimination that gives birth to the psyche of ‘Female Feticide’.


  16. I think this ad is idiotic…Why should a girl child use her brother’s books? Why can’t she get her own? Why should she not go to school/college? Why should shouldn’t she get married? Basically, the ad agency and the client don’t get it – if they did, this wouldn’t have been aired…This ad just reinforces the stereotype that women are second class citizens…

    Parents should spend as much as they can and would on a girl as they would on a boy…Girls are humans, aren’t they?


  17. Even the highly educated parents think of girls as kissi aur ki amanath . A girl is brought up to believe that the sole purpose of her existence is to get married to any guy chosen by her parents and bring forth his kids.


  18. brought tears to my eyes!!! and I remain silent with only one question…how many people are convinced by this video and to how many people is this video reaching!!!!

    I feel proud for my parents,my in-laws and us as a couple…they/we never differentiated,they/we never had biases and today I’m a mother of a baby girl and I’m so in love with my child !!!

    I so wish people in our country realize the importance of looking beyond the gender!

    also a thought comes to my mind time and again on this issue…Indians who are so particular about daan-dharm, bhagwan, chua-choot, devi maa and stuff like that…how do they not realize that they’re killing a child and that might grieve their gods who in turn would be angry with them? to please the gods they starve,go on pilgrimages, invite people for meals,bhajans,jagratas etc..but while on this issue they forget that killing is inhuman and gods don’t like it!


  19. What were they thinking when they made that ad????

    It was sickening to watch. A foetus having to justify her existence. And sadly, people still think this way. Some one in my husband’s extended family aborted a baby girl- for the second time. I tried explaining to them why it is so wrong. Pat came the response, ‘In your community, girls might be able to look after parents, in ours we need boys for that’. I find it so heartless that a child is brought into the world just so that the parents can be ‘looked after’. Sad thing is that this couple is younger than us, by good number of years.

    The bptp add is wonderful! Just the kind of ads we need to see!


  20. I read an article long time back may be in or around 2003-04 on “ratio of girls-boys will increase dramatically”. as per the article the y chromosomes conc. is decreasing in comparison to the x chromosome. so the probability of having a girl child is higher as comparison to the boy child. (Those who doesn’t have any idea about this: xx-girl and xy-boy).
    I don’t know how much fact does it has. But I have an intuition always that article has some fact. But why we still have such a poor ratio? this first ad might give you the correct answer.

    I have never been able to understand the fact why the womens always get threaten by their mother-in-law when the father is responsible for a girl or a male child ( because the other x or y chromosomes comes from fathers side). It always amazed me a lot. actually father can also not do anything regarding that but he is also responsible for the fact. Whatever be the gender of a child how does it matter? I feel now whatever be the things can be done by mens can be done by females too. I have seen many womens who are supporting their parents when her brothers are not supporting her parents.

    Media has huge responsibility of showing the correct thing. Because media has a huge impact on the society. As someone mentioned above also that instead of showing aasu-drama they should show some better influencing programs.

    There are the cases of male infanticide too in India.


  21. My experience was different – I had just delivered a baby boy, after some concern that the baby may not have a safe delivery since he was being choked by the cord, and my inlaws came in the evening and FIL said that he personally preferred girls to boys (my SIL has two girls), but this was okay! On the other hand, since my second also turned out to be a boy, I was excited that my son’s firstborn was a baby girl, and she happens to be the first girl in our family after 33 years!


  22. Absolutely had to share this with you:

    We found out that we are having a girl and you will not believe the smiles on our faces.. Husband was elated and I would have jumped(but remembered that I should not!).. Our families were thrilled that there’s going to be a little princess in our arms a few months from now. And GET THIS- everyone has been congratulating and thanking him because it was his X chromosome that is bringing us this princess! (Hello people! I am the one with the 24/7 sickness, backache and the weight gain). FIL tells me there is no more listening to me and following my command once the baby comes coz there’s someone even more important who gets to pass on orders from now on. 🙂

    2 weeks later, another friend goes for the 20 week ultrasound hoping her news will be the same as mine and comes home almost in tears, coz she is having a boy. Has been wondering ever since that day if there is any possibility she is having a girl too.

    Another friend is expecting and there’s still time for her 20 week ultrasound. She has become the mother of superstitions and is hoping to schedule the appointment in the morning like I did, so that she would also be having a girl. A well meaning old lady told us that we should be put in museums because she has never seen so many pregnant ladies praying for girls at the same time. 🙂

    I feel so lucky and happy to be part of such a family and friends who value a child for being the little bundle of joy that he/she is and not for being the he or the she.

    The ad is sad and I don’t understand who the hell gave the MIL the right to permit the woman to give birth to her own child. And why should the girl study from her brother’s books? Why can’t the brother study from the sister’s books? In which universe was this law created? A fetus justifying the need for its existence is heart wrenching. What hurts me the most is that most of these desires for a male heir for the family come from women. Ek aurat hi dusri aurat ki dushman hai… Nothing justifies this saying better..


  23. The first film is truly awful. It panders to all the patriarchal nonsense going:(
    The film makers need to see how very negative it is- spreading more gender discriminating poison than anything else.
    The other two clips were far more meaningful and fun.


  24. Why are we begging for pity? Why cant we say that it is NOT RIGHT? Probably the ad was made with the attitude of “Ok, we have to do something, so here we go, its okay if it doesnt make sense, just put something up to shut the people up”.


  25. arrrghh…It is a sick adv indeed! The thing that amazes me the most is..why is the mother so weak? Aren’t mothers supposed to be ferocious protectors of their babies? Doesn’t even the animal kingdom teach us this?? Then what is wrong with this mom?!! Why the tears and sad face? I think I would be first angry if I were to be in her position. Is this mother not strong enough to defend her own baby?!! Isnt it sad that we are already building up expectation on the unborn girl child? And the dad is an equal wimp. Does he forget he is an equal contributor in making the baby, along with the mom? Why does he not say anything then! Why do we always keep mum when it comes to answering back to older relatives. It is always perceived as rude! One does not respect a person just because of age. One has to earn it. Portraying such character further strengthens the fact that dont answer back to elders, even if they are talking crap. Just bear it and let them live their prejudices 😐
    I seriously feel like leaving my profession and making some meaningful advertisements! I mean, how hard is it to convey across the message “save the girl child” ?!!!


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