Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards – I

Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards 2011 – I

I would like to convey my gratitude to all the judges for their patience and all the reading and all the exchanges of emails, and also a huge thanks to all those who helped with ‘tie breaking’.

I loved what a commenter said about sitting with a cup of tea and going through the posts in the list below. Do that 🙂 Some of the posts will make you smile, some might appall you even as you smile (well…), some remind you that live and let live applies to immediate family too. Even to our daughters. But also, some will remind that change begins at home, with the way we raise our sons (Feminist sons). Nearly all of them catch your interest from the first line, and those few that don’t, still read them, there is something to be got from each one of these posts.

The initial plan was to choose around two posts in each category, but it became very difficult to choose just two. Please do help with that, I would love to hear which posts you liked and why.

What kind of posts make you think (or rethink)?

Do you like long posts? (Or don’t?)

Do you prefer personal stories?

How do you like statistics? (Is it ‘all just statistics’ or ‘everybody needs to read these statistics‘?)

How do you like sarcasm? And humor? Do you object to irreverence?

Which posts would you have chosen if you were one of the judges? (What we like or dislike says a lot about us...)

And finally here’s the first list of winners of Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards Badge (Thanks once again for the badge Suranga!)

1. Female Feticide and Infanticide

The Pandas are Dying.– Gounder Brownie

The bad effects of too few women – Nita

2. Girl-children/ Daughters

Please do try to choose two 🙂

The feminist’s mother – Celestial Rays

Sons, anyone? – Rs Mom

Lessons From Sania Mirza Fiasco: Tips To Raise A Daughter – Giribala

Growing up female – Alankrita

3. Teenage issues and Sex education

Indian youth get their knowledge of sex mostly from friends, porno films and “self-reading”… Nita

Teenage Sex on the sly. Nita

When parents and teachers become the police – Meera Sundararajan

4. ‘Aww’- inspiring parenting moments.

The unseen scars – Celestial Rays

Little minds, big questions. – Suranga Date

5. Parenting.

Desi Parenting: Raising confused daughters – Desi Girl

Your Son today – My Husband Forever – SuKupedia

Sensitivity is Awareness : Are we ready for change? – Tikuli

5. Senior Citizens

Nuclear families/Elder care and such matters – RS

Pension Sarees and Security Blankets – Suranga

6. Indian Culture and Moral Policing

Please choose two 🙄

The war for women. – Neo Indian

Why does a woman need a man? – Usha

The culture vultures hate pre-marital sex – Nita

What’s your culture? – Suranga Date

7. What’s in a woman’s name?

The story of Alu and Gobhi. – Chandni

What’s in a name? – Khushi

The judges also loved,

An eternal S-walk….. – Suranga Date

Someone get me a gun – Chandni

8. Gender Stereotypes

Boys don’t cry. – Starry Eyed

Where Angels Fear to Tread – Gounder Brownie

The judges also loved,

The feminine side – Liberal Cynic

What Women Want: No, I’m Not Telling You. – Unmana

9. Mythology, traditions, religion and how they interpret women’s place in society

Draupadi – Episode 10 – Manasa

Women of the world rise it is time to invent a new God(s). – Desi Girl

Diwali – Celebrating the return of goddess Sita – Giribala

10. Sexists language, jokes and mindset

Of Virtue and Virility – Meera Sundararajan

Where you insult man by insulting all women – Shail

Outraging modesty – Usha

11. Books, Ads, TV, Movies…

Girlz – Gounder Brownie

All it takes to be a doormat, eat Kellogg’s! – Kiran Manral

Indian television and women – Amodini

Congratulations all 🙂


55 thoughts on “Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards – I

  1. Ah.. so many good posts to read over the week ! Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you IHM for initiating this !
    And now I wait with bated breath for the next round of winners 😛


  2. Oh this is such a delight. Many of the posts I love are here. Congratulations and I am sure each one has touched a heart somewhere and opened some minds too.
    Thanks Judges for selecting my post. Means a lot in these hard times.
    Time to read some which I missed reading.
    Thank you IHM.


  3. Glad to see some results coming in.
    My hearty congratulations to the winners.
    Here are some answers to your questions.

    What kind of posts make you think (or rethink)?

    Any post which does not merely give some information or describe an event or relate a personal experience but dwells on an idea or issue, particularly a controversial issue makes me think.
    No light-hearted post makes me think. It only makes me smile.
    But, I like to smile from time to time, so that my thought process gets some rest.

    Do you like long posts? (Or don’t?)

    When the post is really good, I never even realize it’s long till after I finish reading it.
    When it ends I feel sad.
    A long post that is not well written does not bother me.
    I just stop reading half way, or when my patience is exhausted.
    I give every one not more than one screenfull to catch my attention. If they fail, I stop reading.
    But some of you grab my attention forcefully right from the first sentence and make me want to read on and on.

    Do you prefer personal stories?

    Why not? Anything interesting or informative or educative is welcome.

    How do you like statistics? (Is it ‘all just statistics’ or ‘everybody needs to read these statistics‘?)

    A post that merely reels out statistics is dull.
    Statistics interspersed here and there for support are welcome
    If the statistics are voluminous, I prefer merely mentioning that statistics are available and perhaps quote just a bit and then leave a link for those interested to follow up.
    However a post with too many links distracts me and I mostly don’t follow all the links.
    At most, I can live with one link, not more.

    How do you like sarcasm? And humor? Do you object to irreverence?

    As long as it is without malice, I don’t mind them.
    But humour is dangerous these days. We have lost our ability to enjoy humour at our expense. We take offense too readily and easily these days. When I want to be funny, I poke fun at myself. No can can object. I won’t need to apologise later to anyone.

    Which posts would you have chosen if you were one of the judges? (What we like or dislike says a lot about us…)
    Let me read them all first. I need some time.
    I have read only some of them so far.
    I will indicate my choices later.
    Something tells me choosing just two is not going to be easy.
    It would be much easier to drop two rather pick two considering the quality of the posts on display.



  4. Love your header..make that headers, because every time I come here I get to see a new one. The one I see right now on the homepage is Tejaswee hanging on to the net 🙂 🙂


  5. BTW, IHM i dont know why I forget to tell you each time I come here .. But I simply love love love the new Headers … everythime I come on ur blog its with anticipation of what lovely pic I am going to get to see thsi time 🙂


  6. OMG!!! I won !!! vowwww…. thank you very much IHM. Its an honor. thanks all you guys who helped with the judging thing… Congratulations to all the other winners 🙂 :)….and IHM congrats to you too for hosting this platform…off to read the other posts 🙂 🙂


  7. I woke up to this lovely surprise IHM, thanks to you and the judges 🙂

    I had not even entered the contest thinking I have nothing to submit and here two of my posts are selected 🙂

    Thanks for the honour and I’ll comment once more after reading through all of them.

    For now, all I can say is- I like long posts if they can keep me hooked, I love reading humour, personal battles posts make me think, love sarcasm in posts as long as they are funny, I truly don’t care much for statistics. I am only concerned with valuable comments even if only a few.

    Thanks again IHM 🙂


  8. Congrats to all the winners 🙂 What a lovely compilation of reading you have given us, in fact right from the nominations 🙂 I wish I had been able to read at least a few. But with restrictions on sitting up, and being on the computer, I shall be able to do justice to these only a while later!
    Once again, congrats to all the wonderful writers up there! The initiative itself is a great encouragement and inspiration to keep the spirits up, and keep the flame of that desire to make the world a better place burn brighter!
    God bless, IHM!


  9. I’m honored to be among the winners – Thanks IHM, judges for giving us this space! I haven’t read all of the links yet, but to answer your questions IHM :
    – I like posts that point out gender disparities and issues, and write about why it is that they are so harmful.
    – I like long posts if well-written. Sarcasm, humor, irreverence are great to hone a point. Personal stories are effective because they are of “people like us”.
    – I don’t think people really “get” statistics. A number is just a number until you realize it’s implications.


  10. Congratulations to all the winners! Now, we can read/know more new writers! Thank you, IHM!

    Your headers are beautiful! I know you have one dog, but here, Tejaswee is with two dogs?!


  11. Congrats to all the winners and congrats to IHM for all the effort. Will go through each one of them when I get time.
    For your questions: there is not much of personal preference for me. Anything goes if I find it interesting


  12. Wow, that is a fantastic collection which ought to be bookmarked and read at leisure. It’s like a birds-eye view of the entire Indian feminist blogosphere. (and thanks for including a Women’s Web post among the winners – am delighted to see our blogger R’s Mom here :))

    I haven’t read all of these, but among those that I did, Starry’s “Boy’s don’t cry” and Neo-Indian’s “The war for women” are favorites. It’s difficult to say what kind of posts one likes “in general”, but I often like posts that are quite different from my own writing style. I can’t do humour for nuts, so I doubly appreciate people like Neo-Indian and Krish Ashok who can do very serious topics very funnily. I also like posts that make me think about an issue quite differently. There are feminist issues on which I have changed my stance over the last 4-5 years simply because of exposure to other viewpoints (information). Bloggers like Unmana, Chandni, Starry are among my favourites in terms of different ideas they bring in.

    I should stop with this overlong comment now 🙂 Once again, thank you for undertaking this ginormous exercise, in memory of a wonderful young woman whom so many of us remember, without ever having met her.


  13. Tejaswee must have been one lucky kid. You have so many photos of her all through her life…. I only wish someone had cared enough for me to do that for me. Love all her snapshots! 🙂 Especially the badge shows what she might have been like as a grown-up woman.

    Don’t be sad about her please. She knew she was loved like hell, she grew up feeling pampered and safe…. it’s more than most of us are lucky to have experienced. Death happens; it’s the life lived before the death that matters.


  14. I so totally did not expect to win 🙂 Thanks so much IHM and judges 🙂
    ~Manasa (I sometimes comment here under the name ‘Nitya’)


  15. My choices : was very tough to choose two.. 😦

    Girl-children/ Daughters
    The feminist’s mother – Celestial Rays
    Growing up female – Alankrita

    6. Indian Culture and Moral Policing
    What’s your culture? – Suranga Date
    The war for women. – Neo Indian

    What kind of posts make you think (or rethink)?
    Posts that give a new perspective on what is largely accepted as the norm in society. For ex. Why women need to get and stay married?

    Do you like long posts? (Or don’t?)

    If it is well- written I do not mind long posts.

    Do you prefer personal stories?
    Yes, for me these personal stories are a very important documentation of life within the society. They also help sometimes to assure that one is not alone in how they feel, what they struggle against .. a kind of support system.

    How do you like statistics? (Is it ‘all just statistics’ or ‘everybody needs to read these statistics‘?)

    Well done statistics seal the deal for me. A good story/article tying it all up is ‘sone pe suhaga’.

    How do you like sarcasm? And humor? Do you object to irreverence?

    I love sarcasm it if well done, but as few gifted writers know how to do it well….I rate such articles very highly. Humor and irreverence is great, we need much more of irreverence esp. in our ‘oh so serious’ India.


  16. btw, I keep clicking here and there in your blog to see new pictures of TJ. My favs. are ones of her with the pigeon, in the swimming pool, with a ‘guppa’ mouth in a fair and her dressed as a maharshtrian girl. She was so gorgeous!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the winning blogs and with a cup of tea as recommended. 🙂


  17. Making my way through the posts – and from warm feelings to tears in my eyes, they’ve all hit me hard somewhere inside. I’m inspired to write, write more, write with no inhibitions. Thank you for compiling all these! 🙂


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