Some badly taken pictures of an ordinary evening in Nov 2007…

Tejaswee back from school on 19th Nov 2007…

First a hug for Sher Khan Puppy,

Then turn to the camera.

The cat (and the household paparazzi) still won’t leave her side. Glad I didn’t delete this one.

Not sure this was a glass of milk or tang.

The household paparazzi followed, not just the models, but their shadows too.

Thursday Challenge – Golden, sunlight.


64 thoughts on “Some badly taken pictures of an ordinary evening in Nov 2007…

  1. Everytime I see her snaps I feel how do you bear the pain!
    Though I must say you have shown great strength!!! tightest possible hug for you my dear!!!! Nothing more to say than that!!!


  2. Beautiful photos of a very very beautiful gal with glowing golden skin color..just lovely. May God bless her soul!!
    Take care IHM and wish you health and happiness and of course strength to bear this really are strong so be more strong in the coming years too.
    warm hugs/an stranger


  3. I saw your post at work.

    I felt the environment disappear on me. I was transported back in time and space….to be with Tejaswee and Puppy in that room….with the sunlight gently pouring in….and I could feel the warmth envelop me….
    The last pic of the 2 shadows….leaving it as the last is so powerful…..
    I felt a tear or two well up…not sure why even…..

    These pictures are precious. And I completely agree with GV…whoever said they were badly taken??

    Hugs to you IHM!!!


  4. I am speechless but I want to reach out to tell you that you are truly extraordinary.
    Every word that you write about her brings a lump in my throat and every time my heart goes
    out to you.

    My father-in-law once said ‘We are all soldiers here, fighting the battles of life each day’

    These are the most precious – truly golden pictures!


  5. Golden alright. That last picture is priceless in its poignance. Those times when kids come home from school are magical in general and then there is this. Lovely pictures, IHM. If these are badly taken…..


  6. Some pictures are not meant to be deleted, even by mistake. When they are no longer among us, every picture is a thread that reminds us that the bond still exists. I’m in awe of your strength, IHM! Bless you and pray that the ache in your heart eases over time. Tejaswee will always be remembered fondly even by people that didn’t know her personally.


  7. speechless!..the first picture cpatures her caring nature totally and sher khan feels so safe and cozy wrapped around in Angel’s hands..

    great pics..I don’t know technically. But to me, the originality and the emotion of the moment that is captured makes a pic great.


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  9. Wonderful photographs. I love the second one the best–the golden hue, Tejaswee’s soft smile, and Sherkhan looking so happy and posing for the house paparazzi’s benefit..
    These pics are so precious. I am glad you did not delete them,IHM. Hugs.


  10. They are such beautiful and precious pictures, IHM. Awww, look at the 4th pic, Sher Khan puppy seems to be particularly fascinated by Tejaswee’s maths text book, as though wondering what is in there? 🙂 🙂 .

    Thank you for sharing, IHM 🙂 Hugs!


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