One rapist let off with a few slaps, another rapist allowed to kill for family honor.

A five-year-old student of Class 1 was raped by her 19-year-old cousin.

The girl’s mother said the child was lured by her cousin, Om Pal Giri, to an isolated plot near her house. “When I went looking for her, I saw Om Pal sexually assaulting her. He ran away after I hurled a brick at him,” she said. The family elders reached a compromise and “slapped the man in front of our relatives and allowed him to leave”, said father Mangu Giri.

The girl’s condition deteriorated in school. “We took her to a local doctor. She died by the time we reached district hospital,” her father said.

Ghaziabad Police circle officer Kapil Dev Singh said the family didn’t inform the doctor about the rape. Mangu said, “We didn’t tell anybody as the matter was settled between the families.” [From here]

(Thanks for the link J)

We don’t take women’s lives, and any crimes against women, specially sexual crimes, seriously. 

Except when women are suspected to be willing partners. 

In Rohtak, Haryana, a 23 year old rapist, out on parole, killed a neighbour over allegations that she was having an affair with his aunt. A crowd of 7000 people collected, nobody called the police, nobody interfered.

When the widowed mother of an 8 year old girl died, the convicted rapist rushed to the house of his 35-year-old aunt Shakuntala, dragged her out and started beating her mercilessly.

Naresh Kumar, the rapist then went to the police and surrendered, saying he had killed the two women to save his family’s honour. [Click here to read more.]

In one case villagers let a convicted rapist talk about honor and in another he was let off with a few slaps. 

The first comment below the first article reads – “The parents must be charged for abetting and hiding a criminal offence.”

Then should the village heads in the second case also be charged with abetting and hiding a crime?

What about the rapists? Should they be, along with jail terms – not given some information about why they are in jail?

It doesn’t look like the villagers or the families,or even the police realise that rape is a crime.

62 thoughts on “One rapist let off with a few slaps, another rapist allowed to kill for family honor.

  1. I am raging with anger since morning IHM, tears and anger is the only thing I have right now… a 5 yr old for heaven sake and instead of the family standing by him and helping him heal, we do this to me… the whole family should be publicly hanged to death


  2. You are right. Crime against women is never taken seriously. Sexual harrassment that is done blatantly on streets in full public view is called “eve teasing”


      • The fact that this rapist was let go and had the balls to say he killed these woman for “honour” is amazing?
        I have a feeling since he is a rapist and was out, he must have made advances to these woman (since they are widows) and they must have spurned him.
        I mean a rapist is a rapist.
        What boils my blood is that 7000 people watched a criminal beat the mother of tow orphans to death and didn not protest, makes me wonder, what centiry we live in?
        Is this any diferent than the talibans stoning woman for adultery?
        More people need to comment and protest against these violent crimes against women.
        SHAME ON INDIA!!!


  3. Must be a difficult case for our society and media, the first one. Now how will someone blame the victim for dressing provocatively, roaming around shamelessly, or any such thing that will divert attention from the criminal?


    • Do you think Indians actually see rape/sexual assaults as crimes?

      What did you think of the second case where the rapist on parole killed two women? Nobody called the police while he was beating them – did they see this rapist as a hero?


      • That’s the unfortunate part…not calling out sexual assaults as crimes. If we can call theft, robbery, murder as crime we should definitely and repeatedly call all sexual assaults as crimes. The different nomenclature allows people to make up different connotations and hence justify the escape route for criminals.
        About the 2nd case I am not qualified to comment as I don’t know what to make of it. It is shocking but the apathy in our society transcends across road accidents, domestic abuse, child abuse, animal abuse, and so much more. So I won’t know if the lack of public outcry was specific to this case.


    • Oh trust me, they would find something… May be the abuser was just a loving cousin who unfortunately had a bad time going on…And how remorseful he is now.. and how he would take care of the entire family just to atone his sins…

      They always have some justification and atonement plans……


  4. Rape is till not seen as a serious crime by many , including the rapist . It is in the mind set .

    And if the woman is a willing partner is sex , that is a crime if she does it out of marriage …!!mind set!!…


  5. OMG!!! I’m horrified to read this….! 😐
    What gives these people the right to judge what is honour??? I mean seriously!!!

    The UP-Haryana belt is particularly notorious for honour killings. Whose honour are they really saving??

    Police and neighbours stand by as they watch it happen. It is an entire community/village/area which believes in the same concept and think it is normal. What is the way to bring awareness from this diseased mentality???


  6. Sexual crimes are simply not taken as crimes, neither is pedophilia. I think the reason is that women and children are seen as weak and therefore lesser human beings. Hence they do not have rights or power.


  7. The family elders reached a compromise and “slapped the man in front of our relatives and allowed him to leave”, said father Mangu Giri.

    “We didn’t tell anybody as the matter was settled between the families.”


    This is the sorry state IHM.. 😦


  8. Saving Honor????? A little girl is hurt so badly and all they can think about is SAVING HONOR?? What kind of parents are they?? Did they never soothe the child when she fell down while playing and hurt her knees? Did they never hug her when she accidentally touched a hot pan? Did they not sing lullabies to her so that she could sleep peacefully?? Did they NEVER care for her? They didn’t feel ANYTHING for the pain she went through?? What about saving HER?
    Seriously whats wrong with people???


  9. If there is anything beyond rage thats what I am feeling right now. A 5-year old raped and the criminal is let off after a compromise with a slap. So now that she is dead, what will they do. Give him 100 whip lashes and let him do or box his ears and let him go. Or maybe since he saved them from paying dowry they will honour him with some award?


  10. Oh My God! This cant be happening for real…Five year old…I am shuddering at the thought of it..and killing two women in front of a village and NO ONE says anything! Its too unrealistic!


  11. We can’t change conscious of the society just by making laws. Rape that is a consider as a war crime is not even consider a shameful act even here. That is the state of our country. So many cases are unregistered and even uncovered by news, that is more worrisome part.

    Settle between families.. rape is a crime against women and even the whole concept of justice… And families settled for what.. honour ? How the elders of that family have even courage to order such barbaric diktat on the victims.


  12. This is horrifying. Day in and day out, we see how women are treated as lesser human beings. I sometimes feel this will change, it just seems so hopeless sometimes.


  13. I’m just too horrified for words.

    I wonder what will it take to make these people be human.
    I feel that there should be some kind of compulsory education for kids to become human beings, along with their ABCD and 1234 lessons.. but then, how to get their parents and teachers educated about it, so that they can impart it to the kids..
    I dunno.. It’s all so sad.. How long will it take for people to become civilised?
    I mean, I can take it if you say that every society might have some perverts in it… but when the whole society behaves in such an apathetic and barbaric manner, where would one find even a ray of hope…


  14. Wow. So child abuse is now a family matter? It almost sounds like satire… It’s just unreal, how casually people take sexual assault in this country (where we are supposed to have “high moral standards”)And as for the second one…wow again. So this guy is twenty three. He’s raped a woman, beaten two to death and thinks his “family honor” is intact. I think those 7000 villagers should absolutely be treated as felons. Why didn’t any of them intervene?! This is seven THOUSAND people we’re talking about! Did they think this was some kind of puppet show? Even if they don’t take rape seriously, isn’t murder serious? What the hell is serious, then, if not murder? What have they been smoking?


  15. I read another one this morning. A father comes home drunk and orders his wife to go get soem groceries. She leaves the child with him and goes out. The child (1 year old) can’t stop crying. So the father kills him. Really. Just like that. Because he wouldnt stop crying. She comes home to find the child dead. And calls the police.

    If you were that woman, what would you do? If you were the mother who lost her only child to a drunk father who cannot humour a crying child, what would you do?


    • I have seen a variation of this in daily life among normal people like us. How many fathers have you seen, wrinkling their foreheads when babies/children cry?? I have seen plenty and then they “order” the wife to “make the child stop” crying and if she cannot, start berating her. I have been amazed watching it. WTH babies cry for a lot of things…. if it has a colic, should the baby stop crying because its cry “irritates” the father??! A father (man) is given too much importance in our society. Everyone and everything should be to please him and to keep him happy. So even a crying baby has to just shut up if it irritates the father.

      And this drunk went to the extreme of killing his own child! Unbelievable.


  16. you know, us sitting here and discussing any of this wont help until the people living in these “honor” ages have a few male throats slit for honour. Then the concept of honor will sink in. And then violence against women – emotional, sexual and physical, will abate. Right now, there is no fear, and therefore, people will go out and do whatever they want to do. The police cannot instil that fear.. it has to come from the concept of “honor” and the sad part is that the concept of “honor” has weakened significantly for men in the last 20 years, and women have become the sole carriers of honor.


  17. I just can’t believe this!! I am seething with so much anger that my flow of thoughts is totally disrupted. How can any girl/woman ever have faith in the people, our laws, our system. OMG!!
    Would the parents/family have reacted similarly if the victim was a boy? Would the rapist ,in the second case, have had the courage to kill his own uncle, if he was the one having an affair?
    What kind of people let go of rapist killers?? And then these hypocrites talk about cultural heritage and the legacy of respect for women!! Sadly we live in gross denial of the apathetic tendencies and horrific state of affairs in our country.


  18. rape and sexual assault is not seen as a crime but falling in love is. you can be killed for daring to love, for daring to wear what you want, for daring to live alone and earn your livelihood, for not being a perfect bahu and not bringing enough dowry. oh you can be killed for a hundred things. but rape. ofcourse not. a slap is enough. after all the little girl must surely have lured him on somehow. or he is a young man and young men have needs. ghar ka maamla hai. why let others interfere and maybe actually punish the monster.
    what kind of a world have i brought my daughter into? i really feel my heart break a little when i read such things. and then i think that we get to hear of maybe only 5%. i wonder what the parents must be feeling. are they heartbroken? are they angry? or have life’s realities not even given them the luxury to feel for a 5 year old who would have been a burden for them anyway?


  19. This is such horrible news. They sent the child to school. They never thought of taking her to a doctor. They thought the matter was settled when the boy was slapped in their presence?! Didn’t they bother to check the child for injury?! Didn’t they feel that necessary?? I am sickened by such parents. Their honor is more important to them than their child.

    Then a whole village watching two women being murdered and standing by, not even calling the police, NOT EVEN an anonymous call??!! A rapist talks of ‘honor’?!!!


  20. You have stirred up the cords again IHM. Its a devastating feeling to see the world like this.

    Who gave the right to a rapist to decide what honor is all about? What is honor in the first place? Why was a rapist OUT on parole? “Two slaps” is what a 5 year old child is worth who has been brutally tormented and left to die? Or should I say a “girl” child? I fail to understand what kind of parents are they?

    A.W.A.R.E.N.E.S.S and P.U.N.I.SH.M.E.N.T, strict and brutal punishment, is what is needed. Castration! Stop any kind of government help, facilities, electricity, infrastructure to such villages, towns where these things happen. May be then THOUSANDS of dumb spectators like them would react. We take some things too “for granted”, unless something comes and hits into our eyes.
    In school, wasn’t the whole class punished for a mistake one student did and we wouldn’t give out the name? We are perpetrators of crime if we don’t do anything to stop it.

    We need more independent women, those who can think for themselves instead of someone else living their lives for them and they being mere followers. It’s just one voice which is needed. Had the 5 yr old’s mother been that “strong” may be her life could have been saved. Could the 19-yr old cousin have guts enough to do this had he known the girl’s father was at home? I don’t know if this was the case or not, I am just trying to say that women, irrespective of their age, are considered weak and subservient by many, again irrespective of their age.
    But I have seen people taking “thinking” women more seriously, more cautiously may be, because they know this woman is not gonna bear their violence, assault, harassment quietly weeping. If you cannot be like such a woman yourself, you must teach your daughters to be one. Thats the least you can do promise them a safe life.

    I may have diverged from the main issue in your post IHM, but I just wanted to write about what I feel about these issues at large.


  21. IT really depresses me to read these two news stories…what the hell has happened to us as a society!!! And whatever happened to the men…nothing more shameful than killing and assaulting women like this…


  22. Sickens me but what I can do but seethe with impotent rage when I read news like this ?

    I once saw a film where a girl was raped by a man.
    I was sickened by the sequence of events that the scriptwriter had penned.
    The parents of the girl asked the village panchayat to issue a decree and force the rapist to marry the girl!
    This was because no one else would marry their “Polluted daughter”
    The man does so and it’s “all’s well that ends well”

    My prescription for dealing with a rapist is rather extreme.
    Castrate him.
    Medieval? Crude? Uncivilized?
    May be.
    I would still recommend it.


  23. This piece of news caused me a lot of pain. How can some people be so heartless – so cruel – so very inhuman.
    But I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many many unreported cases of rape and sexual assault in various degrees. This story came to the for-front only because the girl died. If she was only physically and psychologically marred, maybe for ever – we would have never heard of this incident.
    Maybe this was an extreme case but there are a lot of many cases unreported because of protecting the so-called honour.
    When I was studying engineering, I stayed in a girls hostel and there just out of my interest I did a survey of the number of girls who were sexually molested in various degrees. It was 99% – almost everyone had had some kind of unpleasant experience by a known figure – a cousin, an uncle, a trusted neighbour and so on.
    In ALL the cases, it was never reported. It was hush-hush. When mothers were informed – the possible solution was to restrict the girls to the house. When fathers were informed the “culprit” was not forbidden to come home – rather the girl was kept out of the way. These are the kind of things parents do – never heard a case where the parents confronted the culprit or counselled the victim.
    They console themselves with the thought that they did it to protect the girl’s honour. Indeed !!!!
    Girls are not taught to say NO. They are trained to please everybody and hence they are unable to protect themselves.
    Many cases go unreported and so we are unable to protect our daughters from possible offenders. These information must be shared so that all parents are alert.
    I am really very sad today.


  24. What happens to the children now?
    They have no parents left. they can be raped too!!
    SHAME on the people who watched.
    We need to form a coalition and protest against this rapist.
    We can make a difference!
    Remember it was only 40 some years ago that here in America, a black man could be hung to death/lynched by the whites in full view and go scott free.
    Today we have a Black president.
    Crimes like this go unabated because too many good people dont stand up!!!


  25. what the hell???

    this is so horribly absurd…..

    didnt the parents get hurt seeing the pain inflicted on their daughter ? A girl’s life is worth just a few tight slaps ?? totally infuriating !!

    the parents could let the man get away so easily, how did they feel when the girl died ? remorse ? shame ? unhappiness ? in a moment of anger, it makes me feel that they were suitably punished for not standing up for their daughter. I know what i feel is bad, but i cant help feeling that the parents didnt deserve their daughter.

    who gave men the right to decide what family honour is ???? Sickening parents, sickening rapists and sick sick villagers …

    Right … the best punishment for a rapist is castration …. not hanging or lifelong imprisonment.


  26. “If tears could speak I would’ve told you Maa, it really really hurt me when I cried,
    it scared me to death , even before I died…”

    Those might have been her last words, if her voice was heard.

    I will no longer rejoice over the birth of a child if honor is why a rapist is let off after tearing up his baby cousin.

    If it wasn’t for the way these culprits were let off, they would shake with FEAR before even a thought so heinous could peak into their mind.

    One feels like giving up on this world on hearing such news…but as IHM pointed out, no matter what, why not strive to make the world a better place? Yes I agree, there are/will be such incidents but if I focus on spreading love and awareness and so does everyone else, I am sure there is hope for a better world, where little girls will be treated the way they should be…each one a lovely little princess!
    Let’s pray for the soul of the baby who left to be in a better place for now.


  27. I am shocked and horrified. But you know the fact is that even if we all keep thinking and writing these things, its not gonna help.. Because the people who are doing this live in another world.. they don’t realise anything that a normal human being does..
    I have read incidents about 3 month old babies being raped, sometimes even by their own fathers.. this is the society we live in.. I recently watched Mrityudand, and it showed similar conditions as the ‘honor’ killing in Rohtak. In the movie, Madhuri Dixit was a strong women, and tries to bring about a change, and is successful. But then its just a movie.
    sometimes i feel, maybe its time for tit for tat.. that a**h*** should be publically killed – so that it sets an example for others like him..yes i know its brutal and uncivilized.. but is all that thats happening right? I honestly don’t see an end to this, and I don’t know how some sensible rational human beings can bring about a change.
    Normally, I’m optimistic and believe in the power of every single person.. but on days like these, I just feel that who are we kidding… the society is blind and doesn’t wanna change.. and then i also think, what is God doing at this time? Can’t he see what all is happening?


  28. The courts almost always give good judgement these days. And when they don’t there is an uproar. That is not the problem. The problem is educating these morons on sensitivity and equal rights for everyone. Or rather “de-educating” them from concepts of honour and “aurat ghar ki izzat” and similar such bull.


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