What do you think of this joke?

I received this as a forwarded email.

 When a male can’t stand it anymore

“Enough is Enough ! I’ve had enough of this! Now, just shut your damn mouth!”

Statutory warning : DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME


63 thoughts on “What do you think of this joke?

  1. It exemplifies how MCPs think when it comes to dealing with life-partner.

    Me – True Haresh. And they are made into helpless victims of provocation by women who can’t stop talking. And then we trivialise it with, “It’s just a joke.”


  2. My reaction was a typical roll of the eyes, lol.

    It is basically working on a false premise. There is really nothing to prove that women talk more than men. It may have been the truth in the past when women were allowed to do nothing important or interesting but sit home and gossip while doing chores. But it does not hold true anymore. Personally, there are even times when I switch off the mobile because I do not wish to speak to anyone. I myself find the joke unfunny and way too clichéd for my taste.


    • I agree Fem. Also if we do not wish to continue a conversation (or listening to a monologue) do we react with violence and do something that comes with a statuary warning that it must not be tried at home?
      Not only do women talk too much, but the poor male has to sometimes resort to violence. It reinforces gender stereotypes and allows violence to be seen as a helpless reaction to irritating feminine habits.


  3. Wow, someone actually created an ad like this? Unbelieveable.
    I am speechless, don’t know what to say.
    It mirrors a lot on people’s take on “domestic violence.”
    We can crack jokes on it, ridicule people who talk about it seriously, consider it as a private matter and not interfere. But taking it seriously is something we wont do, even if it hits us in face.
    What is this ad for?


  4. Bleh, sexist jokes. I get lots of them too. To be fair, I also get quite a few sexist jokes from the other side of the fence.
    I don’t think too much about them unless they’re REALLY offensive. Read them, have a chuckle, put ’em in the trash, and yeah.


      • IHM,
        Don’t have time to post a lengthy reply, but here’s what I feel:

        Firstly, I don’t agree that jokes are always made from a privilged vantage point. People who we perceive to be in a better position in some way, are also the butt of jokes. A classic humorous scene involves a fat, well-to-do man slipping on a banana peel and everyone on the street laughing at him. Replace the fat man with a frail, poor man and it’s not so funny anymore. Prosperous Sikh and Gujrati communities have been the butt of jokes for a long time.
        When I was at law school in the UK, Indians were the target of a ton of jokes, not because of their minority status but mainly because of their reputation for academic excellence and competitiveness. People make fun of politicians all the time because they have power over us. At work, we crack jokes about our bosses.

        But here’s the main point – when it comes to jokes, the SPIRIT in which it is told is very important. Context is everything.
        A Sardar joke can be very funny, even to a sardar when it is in the form of good-natured banter or teasing. The same joke can be deeply offensive when told in a way that expresses hatred/real disrespect towards that community.

        On the internet, it’s hard to make out the context, since we lose a lot of information about how the joke was told (eg, facial expressions, tone etc) and therefore, it’s best to steer clear of saying anything that has a good chance of being interpreted as offensive.
        I work in a field which, at least in India, is male dominated. I absolutely realize that. Since I work with quite a few females who are junior to me, I try to do everything I can to make them feel welcome and comfortable. I want them at their best as workers and not saddled by gender-based insecurities. In that environment, I don’t and would not ever tolerate even mild sexism. If people have sexist ideas, they can jolly well keep their mouths shut.
        On the other hand, if I am at a cocktail party, the spouse-war jokes flow freely and I don’t think much about them.


      • Sorry, hit the “submit” button too soon.

        To continue:

        Context is everything. When someone starts feeling bullied by a joke, that’s the signal to STOP. It is not just a joke anymore. It is offensive commentary and it must end, even if only out of consideration for someone’s feelings.

        As for this particular joke, I’m not sure whether it intends to further a stereotype or is it just in the nature of ordinary banter. In such cases, I generally assume good faith and give the originator the benefit of doubt. That is why I chose not to see it as offensive.



    • @PT,
      When we chuckle and trash it we in a way are endorsing the message we just laughed at. Read your detailed explanation below Yes, contexts are important but even when there are no contexts images create one.
      Silencing the voices of decent is the most powerful tool in the arsenal of those who have power. Any joke that stereotypes, even if its making negative remarks about the abilities of desis soaked in admiration of their acumen and skills are offensive as they speak volumes about the hidden hatred/dislike.

      There are occasions, when DG chooses to speak up even if the matter is not related to her. Like jokes about minorities, hen pecked husbands and many more. It is her resolve not to feed the stereotype mills. If something goes unchallenged it means we are facilitating its propagation. http://girlsguidetosurvival.wordpress.com/about/

      Desi Girl


      • Understood and duly noted, DG.

        I don’t quite agree that jokes about a particular community always imply hidden hatred (I’m pretty sure that my Brit classmates didn’t hate Indians). And I still do contend that context, more than the content tells you about the mindset behind the joke.

        Here’s a forward I got recently:

        Q. How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?

        A. Fifty four. Eight to argue, one to get a continuance, one to object, one to demur, two to research precedents, one to dictate a letter, one to stipulate, five to turn in their time cards, one to depose, one to write interrogatories, two to settle, one to order a secretary to change the bulb, and twenty-eight to bill for professional services.

        If this came from a stranger, it would have met the same smile-and-trash treatment or I may even have been slightly annoyed by it. As it happens, this one came from a corporate lawyer I know quite well and I laughed quite a bit.
        So yeah.

        Also, I do find jokes about some of our own cultural practices pretty funny.

        That said, I can’t really argue with your premise and you did raise my consciousness about this kind of stuff, so thanks. I’ll be a bit more conscious and a bit more outspoken towards jokes that stereotype communities/gender in the future.


  5. Someone once told me – “you don’t talk enough,it is almost like you are not a girl”. Movies do their best to enforce this stereotype – a typical healthy girl is talkative and vivacious (think basanthi, think kareena kapoor’s character in jab we met) and usually, a quiet woman is either depicted weak or mourning. Of course, it is considered ‘good natured’ to make jokes of this nature about stereotypical attributes of women. It is endearing so long as it is entertaining, but the moment it stops being entertaining, i would rather shut your mouth. The joke is perceived good natured because the implied alternative-actual violence – is not carried out.


  6. i have it on good authority the bird resorted to this as his partner had all the best lines and made more sense than him, in another lifetime bird-brained twits like him burnt intelligent women at the stake as witches and thus a generation of female doctors, thinkers and scientists were killed.
    today we see violence against women coming out due to insecurity…you cant catch up with women more intelligent than you, who might now be competing with you for jobs, so you resort to physical violence…some might have been socially trained to consider physical violence beneath them (its the thing illiterate men who drink do) so they get back at women by jokes that infantilize them…by morphing images like the one you have just shared to propagate stereotypes and can then pass it away as Just a Joke, roll their eyes, uff these women and all this gender shender feminist nazi stuff, tauba just dont forward them these jokes, and thus another mens-only club is formed and some amongst us have to laugh at these jokes so they can continue to be part of the gang and be copied on the other office stuff.


  7. She-sparrow looks like she might give a slight push to the standing on one leg he-sparrow and make him fall to teach him a lesson 😛

    So the joke might go- when a male can’t stand it anymore, he falls down! 😀


  8. When it can’t seem funny in blatant human visuals, here are ppl attempting to pass this thought / attitude off using visuals or animals!!!

    I have found male-female / spouse war jokes funny, those with the stereotypical behaviour patterns… maybe coz i know its a steretype being poked fun at.

    IHM, if you happen to know who made this… pass them to me. There’s loads of work they can help me with, rather than while away time like this!!! 😈


  9. I find it funny…honestly. The way it is represented .

    It;s so true that whenever a person cannot be ‘controlled’ by fair means , the physicality takes over . The ‘hands’ are used and the ‘mouth’ is shut….what’s new ?
    Any insecure person tries and does this . Not always a man to a woman, it takes just an insecure person and a capable competent one who just cannot be tolerated ….think of office politics…


  10. I can focus only on the statutory warning part. As long as men get the message that they should not try it at home, we’ll have taken care of domestic violence. And I am assuming that the sexual abuse laws operational in the work envrionment will take care of it in the professional domains. So, as they say, don’t just hear the talk, men, read the fine print (statutory warning)! Really folks, this is actually a social message, isn’t it? Not a joke at all, not by any standards! Or maybe I lost my sense of humor because of the interpretation of the caption writer!


  11. Its just a dig on how women talk more than men…thats it!

    Why do we have to attach big meanings to a small harmless dig like this ?

    I am pretty sure the poor guy/girl who created this did not think he/she was indirectly implying domestic violence , male chauvinism or any such thing…


    • @Gymnast,

      What research studies are you referring to?
      Research has shown women and speak almost alike, it is men who get more talk time, it is men who interrupt conversation more times. It is for this reason women’s talk time is extended. Yes, the fact is women’s language has more emotion attached to it but men use more profane and violent language. Even on internet women use more emoticons than men. 🙂

      You are right who ever created this photo-shop image was not thinking about DV or male chauvinism because it is so much normalized in their head that it never rings a bell unless we point it out to them or scream about it.

      Desi Girl


  12. PJ! Though, how would we react if the text had read ‘this is how a woman shuts the male’. We would probably just laugh it off. I think, let’s just treat it as a joke and move on 🙂


  13. Sexist, stupid and unfunny. Reminded of a poster ad from many years ago for a condom. A caveman type is dragging this women into a cave BY HER HAIR. I think people complained and the ad was withdrawn or modified maybe.


  14. I used to shake my head and move on. Not anymore. I give it back in kind. A few days ago, my husband’s facebook friend made a remark that went like “hahaha, be sure to hide the credit card, she’ll buy jewelry”. This, when I don’t even know him. I made a comment as to how he should probably get to know some real women as opposed to forming impressions of women, from jewelry ads.

    His response : “It was a joke, but you have taken it seriously”

    These jokes show a lack of plain old common sense and reveal the person’s bias. That’s all. A joke in bad taste, will endear itself to, well, other people who have similar taste.


    • @Smartassbride

      As a newly wed, I got my share of credit card / shopping jokes too. The best answer I learnt to give was “Why do I need his card? I have my own credit card and I will shop whenever I want with it”. Some joker tried a comeback saying my spouse was the one stuck with the bills anyways and I had to point out that I have my own bank account too…in which I have money that I earn! gasp!


      • yup, I told him that as well. “I have my own moolah and my own credit card as well. I don’t have to buy anything the moment my husband goes away”. Which is when I got the “It was a joke 😦 You took it seriously :(” reply 🙂


  15. Wrote an entire comment and then converted it into a post. (http://doctorofphilosphy.blogspot.com/2011/04/bullying.html)

    I think this kind of behavior, namely making fun of women and sending it across as a joke, is a kind of bullying. All the sexist jokes, in my opinion are a form of bullying where the victim of bullying isn’t allowed to defend as it is after all a joke. We should all relax and take it easy while they laugh at us.

    I used your image in my post, hope its okay!

    Me – Richa the image came in the email, no mention of who took it… it’s a good shot.


  16. I really don’t find these jokes funny anymore. These days I start off a serious dialogue about the joke…my premise being, “If they want to joke about it, they should also be ready to talk about it.”

    Me- Good idea Starry… I too try to start a discussion…


  17. I think it’s just a joke and I enjoy it without thinking too much about it. After all, I laugh at lots of other jokes where men are made fun of – and sardars and blondes. No one really thinks that sardars are crazy – but it’s just a moment of hilarity.

    I get where you’re coming from – you feel that if we “just laugh it off” it enforces dangerous stereotypes which cumulatively contribute to more serious behavior attitudes.

    But lots of people (like me) understand it’s just a joke and that it’s not serious. Sometimes I like to just laugh at a joke without reading too much into it. It’s too strenuous to keep looking out for stuff to “correct” all the time.


  18. OH!!I hate these kinda jokes….This is never worth a laugh.Moreover, it leaves the victims confused whether they should actually talk things out as they are always or most of the times been made fun of blabbering non sense or talking non stop or always irritating etc etc


  19. Sexist, like so many other things. Read on twitter the other day – “Women, don’t become someone that a man can desire only physically, become someone he can live and die for”. What do you make of such statements IHM. Here too the onus is on women, a man will do as desired and a women needs to work on how she should be loved. It saddens me to see that even young think like this.


  20. I’m not surprised. Sexist jokes are so common you get to the point where you don’t notice it even more. I also hate that if I find sexist/racist joke offensive, you’re told you should just get a sense of humor. I really hate that.

    Also, there was a study that came out several years which indicate that men actually talk more than women. Especially in particular situations.

    “Men tend to be more talkative than women, but particularly when they’re interacting in mixed-gender settings,” Leaper said, explaining that this could also be a result of men traditionally being socialized to dominate.



  21. Are we getting overly sensitive?
    I see nothing to be seriously upset about.
    The picture is good.. An alert photographer has clicked at just the right instant.
    What some of you are upset about is not the picture but the caption.
    I found it funny and laughed it off.
    I have read hundreds of jokes like this some taking a dig at women and some at men. I enjoy both, specially the ones poking fun at men, because they are rarer.

    Read, smile and forget, that’s what I do when I confront pictures, jokes, SMSs like these.
    Whether others can do this or not, depends on their frame of mind at that point of time and perhaps on their personalities.

    Some are easily offended. They have no sense of humour.
    Others are thick skinned and can enjoy a good laugh, even at their own expense.
    I am the latter type.
    I am sure the author of the caption would not have expected reactions like this from so many of you. If he comes to know, he would perhaps feel flattered.
    And now let me brace myself for a dozen “thumbs down”.



    • Of course the problem is not the picture itself but the caption.Of course the snap by itself is great and the photographer must be applauded for excellent timing.

      The joke is not funny because it implies sexist violence.Anything condoning violence against the weaker ones can hardly qualify as a joke.But then maybe its just that I don’t have a sense of humour.

      Come to think of it, I do find it very funny how it is mostly the men who seem to have been blessed with a terrific sense of humour.


    • @GV,
      Read, smile and forget,…

      You are very right. That is what we have been doing about everything that is bothersome.

      Read, smile and forget; not just forget but complain about it. It is this attitude that led us to the state of corruption we have today in India. It is this attitude that has lead to one dowry death in every 62 minutes. People have no problem doling out expensive gifts to the groom’s kin but it becomes dowry the minute groom’s party starts dictating terms of giving.

      Desi Girl


  22. :roll eyes: Just because men have inadequate vocabulary and can’t express themselves pertinently to win an argument, they resort to this. Humph! Learn to express yourselves well, men!


  23. I am not really offended. It’s just for fun. I’m sure no one is going to turn in to a sexist because of reading this joke. They might use this as a reference or quote this during a discussion but there are plenty other jokes that make fun of men. Just like blonde, sardar jokes there are jokes on pot bellied police guys, politicians and many more. There are stereotype jokes on men vegging in front of TV when there are in fact real men that help out in the chores. Do women react the same way to that?

    Sometimes women (and some men) need to take themselves less seriously.


    • Me – Sowmya, I am not sure I agree…

      I am not really offended. It’s just for fun. I’m sure no one is going to turn in to a sexist because of reading this joke. They might use this as a reference or quote this during a discussion but there are plenty other jokes that make fun of men. Just like blonde, sardar jokes there are jokes on pot bellied police guys, politicians and many more.

      Me – How do you think can these jokes be used as reference points? To ‘tease’ women about talking too much? Or to laugh and say a man might sometimes get irritated with her chatter (or something else) and react with harmless violence?
      We have seen how difficult it is for Victims of Violence to see that Domestic Violence is wrong, such trivialization of a serious crime, might not confuse a victim even more? She might think, “If we can joke about it, it can’t be so bad… a man might sometimes lose his temper.. it happens. No big deal..”

      There are stereotype jokes on men vegging in front of TV when there are in fact real men that help out in the chores. Do women react the same way to that?

      Me – There are more jokes about timid, JORU Ka GULAMs who help their wives. https://indianhomemaker.wordpress.com/2009/10/22/jkg-badges/
      The purpose is to make them look ‘henpecked’. Mockery is a way to control, bully and isolate. It can be traumatic for the victim.

      Sometimes women (and some men) need to take themselves less seriously.

      Me – I think bullying should be taken seriously. The Indian ‘what will people say’ attitude is also a fear of mockery for being not macho enough (ma ka doodh piya hai to aaja/apne baap ka beta hai to aaja etc).

      Women have jokes that tease them just jokingly for being ‘shrews’ and men for being ‘henpecked JKGs’. Men acting like men putting a woman in her place sort of jokes do reinforce stereotypes.
      Do you really think people should not take themselves seriously?


      • My point seems to be totally missed.
        You said this was sent by email. Assuming this was posted by a male adult, what does he think of it? Does he have women in his life that talk too much? It’s not ideal but chances are he was simply extending that experience.
        This pic wasn’t posted in a public forum, was it? Because if it was it would make it easier to comment and share thoughts there and know what exactly the author thought?
        If the caption was something like this, it would still be fun.
        When a female can’t stand it anymore.
        Handing over the milk carton to the husband, “Enough is enough. Milk is NOT cheese. Now use your damn head and bring me milk from the store this time”.

        My point is I don’t see a difference either way whether the pic is poking fun at men or women.


  24. I think many of us have been de-sensitised by being constantly bombarded by these forwards, youtube videos and pictures, and then let’s not forget TV, movies and newspapers. It’s important to keep thinking about these things…we’re not being too serious, we’re actually using our brains.

    It also feels like we do have to develop a sense of humour, but not by laughing at the so-called joke. Whenever we see these ‘jokes’…we should be also able to come right back with a ‘joke’ of our own that gets our point across. If we show anger or upset, then the ‘jokers’ win

    me – I agree Starry. I do have a response and a sort of a response ‘joke’ just waiting to be published 🙂


  25. My addendum to the joke: They passed the Domestic Violence Act for Sparrows after this picture. The Male sparrows are now found to be doing what they were supposed to be doing in the first place – gathering food, instead of hanging around at home and forcing the wife to shout.


  26. It ain’t even a joke. This is what so many of our menfolk still resort to when they see no other method of getting a corrupt point across. A pity they have no better form of articulation.


  27. Somebody mentioned about sikh jokes. Well let me say here that Sikhs don’t mind the jokes on them. I am a sikh and i can say that with conviction. Please read the text below received by me recently:- (sorry for taking too much space in your comment column)

    “Life would be boring without jokes. We all crack jokes. In India, most of the jokes, for some years now are being cracked on the Sikhs. There are these 12 o’clock jokes, Banta Singh-Santa Singh jokes, Giani Zail Singh jokes, Swaran Singh jokes, Khalistan jokes. The list is endless.

    Picture yourself as a Sikh and look for an honest response from within yourself. Would you be able to handle these day in day out of cracks targeted at you by colleagues/friends/the unknown person standing next to you/anyone and everyone taking the liberty. I know your immediate reaction. “Sure man, it’s only a joke.” You are absolutely right, it is only a joke. However when a joke enters the bloodstream as a cancerous virus and you get targeted daily, right from your childhood, let me tell you, as much as you believe you can, the fact is you will not be able to handle them.

    On the other hand, look at the Sikhs. Have you ever seen anyone of them getting irritated with these digs & cracks on them. You wouldn’t have. Ever thought why they don’t get effected? Well the answer lies in a couplet by Saint Kabeer :
    Kaho Kabir chucha ghat bole. Bhariya hoe so kabahu na dole.
    Says Kabeer, an empty pitcher makes noise. But that which is full, makes no sound.

    Sikhs by nature are self-respecting, courageous, hardworking and enterprising. Look into their short span of history and you will find their pitcher is full of sacrifices and hard work which has contributed so much towards the nation building. If not for them, the course of Indian History would have been very different. That’s what makes them the SPIRIT BORN PEOPLE and gives the ability to simply ignore the digs targeted at them. Volumes could be written on the contributions made by the Sikhs, who constitute less than 2% of Indian population. I am listing below just a few, which should make my friends start thinking.

    Sikhs have always believed in the right of an individual to practice a religion of his own choice and have always fought against tyranny. Jahangir, the 4th Mughal ruler wrote in his memoirs, Tuzak-i-Jahangiri about Arjan Dev, the 5th Sikh Guru, “.for a long time the thought had been presenting itself to me that he should be bought to the fold of Islam.”. In 1606, when the Guru refused the forceful conversion, he was put to death by boiling in a cauldron and sitting on a hot iron plate.

    Aurangzeb, the 6th Mughal ruler was a fanatic ruler who desired to convert every Indian to Islam. Tyrannized by his forceful conversions, a delegation of Kashmiri Brahmins in 1675, approached Tegh Bahadur, the 9th Guru of the Sikhs. He offered to sacrifice his life for their cause. This was a unique & unparalleled sacrifice in the annals of human history. He laid down his life in defense of religious tolerance, of freedom of worship, and freedom of conscience. He gave his life so that the Hindu’s right to wear the sacred thread is not violated despite the fact that Sikhs themselves did not believe in these rituals. This was a martyrdom for the defense of basic human values.

    For about 7 centuries, since the invasion of Mahmud Ghazni in the 10th century, many ruthless invaders played havoc with the life of Indians. Recurring defeats had sapped the psychic energy of the Indians so much that they had resigned themselves to their fate. It was Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs who imbibed the fearlessness amongst the Sikhs to fight against all odds. He wrote to Aurangzeb saying “when all means have failed, it is right to pick up the sword”. In the year 1699 he proclaimed, “call me by the name of Gobind Singh, only if i succeed in making the sparrows (Indians) fight against the Hawks (mighty foreign rulers) and am able to make one Sikh fight against an army of one Lakh”. He set himself against oppression and intolerance. He did not fight against any territory or worldly power, or against any religion or sect. He made nationalism the religion of Sikhs. Apart from the numerous Sikhs who lost their life in defense of the country under him, his 2 sons were martyred on the battleground, while the other 2 preferred to be bricked alive than give up their esteem. In 1709 he left this world with a lifetime of heroic events which changed the History of India.

    Bulle Shah, a celebrated Sufi Muslim Saint has said, “I neither say of the past, nor of the future, but i talk of the time of Guru Gobind Singh & declare openly. That but for him, all the Indians would have been circumscribed and converted to a foreign culture and religion”.

    In 1710, Banda Singh Bahadur was the first Indian to re-establish Indian rule after 7 centuries of foreign rule in India, post a fierce battle with the forces of Aurangzeb, although this was short lived.

    Between 1713 and 1801 the Sikhs were homeless and living as Guerillas, demonstrating heroic acts of courage at every possible instance. The tyrant rulers had put a reward of Rs. 25/= for every Sikh head and Rs. 100/= for every Sikh caught alive. Those caught alive would be cut to pieces. Many new vocabulary (of which many jokes against Sikhs are made nowadays) were given currency among the Sikh guerillas which showed with what brave face and heart they had accepted the challenge of their persecutors.

    In 1738 Nadir Shah, the Persian ruler invaded India from Kabul and went on a rampage upto Delhi. He returned to Persia in summer of 1739 and carried back a huge booty of looted wealth, Kohinoor diamond, women, artisans and slaves. To avoid the summer heat, the convoy would rest during the day and travel in the night. At the peak of the day heat at 12 noon, the Sikh guerillas started attacking his convoy right from Punjab up to the Indus. They freed many women, artisans, slaves and deprived him of large amount of wealth. The women were escorted back to Delhi by the Sikhs. It was for this heroic act, which no one else dared, of fighting against the might of Nadir Shah by a handful of Sikhs and freeing the women, that the Sikhs started getting seen as people who go mad at 12 Noon and therefore the 12 o’ clock jokes of nowadays. When Nadir Shah asked Zakhariya Khan ” who these barbarians where and where they lived”, Zakhariya replied ” they are the followers of Nanak & live on saddles of their horses”.

    Post the return of Nadir Shah to Persia, Zakhariya Khan went on a rampage against the Sikh movement and killed 10,000 of them in a few days.
    Between 1748 & 1765, Ahmad Shah Abdali the ruler from Afghanistan rampaged India 9 times. Again the Sikhs attacked his returning convoys during the peak summer heat and freed 2200 women and escorted them back to their homes. Yet again a heroic act at 12 noon, which unfortunately the others perceived as a maddening act and therefore further strengthened the 12 noon syndrome. These acts of Sikhs aggravated Ahmed shah Abdali, who swore to take revenge at an appropriate time. During his 6th invasion he caught the Sikhs unaware and 25,000 of them were killed in a few days. But the spirit of the Sikhs remained high as one Nihang Sikh of that time commented “only the soft and unbaked ones of us have fallen off”.

    Finally, Sikhs under Ranjit Singh, in 1798 bought to an end the 800 years of foreign invasions into India through Khyber pass, by bringing it under their control. This was the best gift the Sikhs gave to the nation which finally allowed the rest of India to breathe in peace. Hari Singh Nalwa, who manned the Khyber pass for years became a household name in Afghanistan. Even today, the Afghani mothers put their children to sleep with the threat of Hari Singh Nalwas name.

    It was Ranjit Singh who bought back to India, the world famous Kohinoor diamond, which was looted by Nadir Shah earlier.
    If not for the Sikhs, who captured Kashmir in 1819, today it would have been a part of Afghanistan.

    Ladakh, which earlier was a part of Tibet, owes its existence on the map of India to Zorawar Singh, who captured it in 1836.
    Sikhs were the last to surrender to the British in the sub-continent and were the first to raise arms against them.
    After 2 bloody Anglo-Sikh wars did British manage to annex Punjab as the last kingdom on the map of British-India Empire. It is an irony of fate that the Sikhs had to fight against their own countrymen as British forces in saving Punjab from British annexation. It was not due to lack of soldiers courage & conviction that the wars against British were lost, but a treachery by Gulab, the Dogra primeminister under Ranjit Singh, who joined hands with the British in exchange for the title of Kashmir on winning the war. British records say about the Sikhs “.such a mass of men, fierce and untamed in their dying struggle, who fought like Lions and ran right on the bayonets and struck on their assailants when they were transfixed”.

    Inspite of the loss of empire to British, the spirit of freedom amongst Sikhs was soaring high. Whereas the British would daily fire a canon at 12 noon by the East India Co. time, which was the Calcutta time, the Sikhs on the other hand refused to recognize the British time. There is a one and a half hour time difference between Calcutta and Lahore time and therefore the Sikhs maintained their firing of the Canon at 12 noon Lahore time. Amongst the general public there was a confusion as to which canon denoted the 12 noon and therefore at the fire of the first canon the public would say “12 o clock of British” and on the second fire, an hour and a half later, they would say “12 o clock of Sikhs.” Soon the spirit of defiance and freedom was forgotten by fellow Indians and they started linking the madness demonstrated by them during Nadir Shah and Abdalis invasions at 12 noon to the act of defiance during British period and there took place the 12 o clock jokes.

    Much before 1919, when Mahatma Gandhi issued the call for satyagraha (boycotting English goods), the Sikhs under Baba Ram Singh had started the boycott movement in the year 1863. Eighty two Sikhs were tied to canons & blown apart by British.

    Sikhs were the only Indian community to be internationally acclaimed as early as 1897, for their heroism and valour. Where in the history of warfare can you find the instance of heroism as demonstrated by 22 Sikh soldiers manning the signal post of Saragahi in Nort-West province with no ammunition back up. All the 22 of them fought till the last bullet had been fired against an Afghan army of 7000 warriors. The 22 soldiers then charged with their kirpans to be eventually cut down to pieces. The easier way out would have been to surrender but the spirit of Sikhs has always made them do what Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru had said, “Grant me this boon, O Lord, at last when the end of life is near, I may die fighting in the battlefield for the sake of righteousness”.

    The first battle for freedom from British was won by Sikhs, when after loss of many lives in 1929 they were able to take over the charge of their shrines from British. On this victory Mahatma Gandhi sent a telegram saying ” THE FIRST DECISIVE BATTLE OF INDEPENDENCE OF INDIA WON – CONGRATULATIONS”.

    Where in the world can you find an act of sacrifice like that of Sikhs in 1922, willing to offer lives of their wives, children and themselves by lying on the rails to stop a train of freedom fighters who only had to be fed because they were hungry. The train finally stopped after killing a few Sikhs.
    Not many can claim the valor with which Bhagat Singh offered himself at the altar of Indias’ freedom in 1931.

    There is not another instance of bravery as shown by Udham Singh in 1940, when he went to London and shot dead Sir Michael O’ Dwyer at a public meeting, as a revenge for the Jallianwala massacre.

    Out of 42,000 recruits in the Indian National Army under the command of Subhash Chandra Bose, 28,000 soldiers contributing 67% of strength, were Sikhs.

    Contribution of Sikhs who are less than 2% of Indian population , in the freedom struggle of India against the British.
    Hanged 121 93 77%
    Life Imprisonment 2646 2147 81%
    Jallianwala Bagh massacre 1300 799 62%
    Book source : “History of Indian National Congress”.

    Partition of India in 1947 brought innumerable death to Sikhs and was the greatest disaster known in the Indian history. Surely the Sikhs paid the heaviest price for the freedom of the country.

    Punjab lost its most fertile part to Pakistan during the partition. However, today due to hard labor of Sikh farmers, the Punjab in India produces much higher quantities of food grain than the fertile Punjab in Pakistan. Punjab contributes 40% of rice and 51% of wheat into the central pool of food grains in India.

    Post partition, many of the landless Sikhs who settled in the jungles of Terai in Uttar Pradesh have today made the area as fertile as Punjab.
    Contribution of Sikhs towards the Indian Defense Services is the highest with respect to their 2% population size. This community has also won the maximum number of gallantry awards since independence – 5 Param Vir Chakras (PVCs), 40 Maha Vir Chakras (MVCs), 209 Vir Chakras (VrCs).
    During the emergency of 1975 imposed by Indira Gandhi, no organized protest was made across the country by any section of community, except for the Sikhs who conducted daily morchas, involving 40,000 arrests.

    You will never find a Sikh ever begging on the roads, in spite of being uprooted & made homeless many a times, they have demonstrated the ability to rise back from the scratch. Each one of them actively contributes towards the nation building. Almost 30 years ago, Professor Milton Friedman (Noble Prize Winner) an American Economist, on his visit to India had humorously remarked, “Lease out India to the Sikhs for a while and there will be no problem of development”. Could there be any greater compliment to the Sikh spirit and enterprise.

    In spite of endless contributions made by Sikhs towards the nation building, our friends find them to be a laughing stock. Well, it makes no difference to the Sikhs as their pitchers are filled with unparalleled acts.

    As a nation we may lack the sense of humor but Sikhs are a rare species, with a great sense of humor. This is the community which has learnt to fight, succeed and laugh. It is time for my friends to do a bit of introspection.

    Above article taken from http://www.snsm.org.my/library/articles/articles.h


      • IHM, if we start taking everything personally,the life will become miserable. There are so many songs, dialogues, movie scenes Tv serials which are offending some or the other in one form or the other and one can relate to them personally but we have to take many things with a pinch of salt unless of course these are harming one or the society at large.


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