This morning…

Went for a walk, didn’t take the camera along, but then used it at home 🙂

A cup of green tea with these cookies baked yesterday.

Apple, almonds, oats and raisins. No sugar. No butter 🙂 and in my case… No shape 🙄

(Thanks for the recipe Sangeeta.)

Some sparrows in the balcony clamoured for attention.

Finally I decided they deserved to be shot 😡

And they turned their back on me!

Caught this one though…

For breakfast, made this omelette with broccoli, cheese and fresh coriander.

(Sangeeta’s combination. She forbade spring onions and tomatoes 😛 ).

..on my favorite cast iron tawa.

The tawa is non stick (without any teflon coating) but very heavy, it hasn’t been used for a while, because I am the only one at home who used to use it.

If used regularly, it looks smoother and blacker.

Looks colourful?

We aren’t the only ones who like pretty colors in our breakfast 🙂

Wish they’d eat a little slowly…

Can you spot the pink in her beak? That’s a pink petal she is eating.


Edited to add: Another beautiful day two years ago on June 8, 2008… I am glad I wrote that post.


34 thoughts on “This morning…

  1. You made me hungry. The omelet is so colorful. So is the bougainvillea. I really love your bird pics. Wonderful idea to juxtapose your breakfast with the birds’ breakfast.

    me – The birds were as good as asking to be photographed, they hardly leave the balcony these days. Isn’t bougainvillea amazing in the way in thrives so flamboyantly on nothing?


  2. I LOVE it when you write such posts-get to see another side to you, and makes me happy to see it ! 😀 And I loved your breakfast combo and the plate , and your tawa, and the bird and the pink plant! Loved it all! Plus thanks for the link to a fabulous food blog!!!!

    Me – Hugs Dee.


  3. Great…i am loving it..
    had another colorful breakfast today… have to bake those cookies again , and you know despite having many pictures of these cookies ( in perfect shape) i haven’t posted a recipe yet…what do you call such a blogger?

    The sparrows never come to my place .

    Me – Only Coppersmith barbets, Bulbul couples, Purple sunbirds come to your garden 🙂


  4. I miss these sparrows in my house, IHM! Nice pictures!

    They used to nest in a box in our attic, long back. We used to stop our fan if we see them flying in and out of the window, while breeding – here, in Chennai! This is long back, when I was working…I used to leave some rice and wheat grains on my dining table in the morning and collect their shit and clean the table in the evening! But it was fun!

    Love the sparrows here…come home birds!


  5. Beautiful. I dont know what the pink flower plant is called but it remind mw of my hoiluse back home.
    Breakfast looks yummy reminds me I shud get up and eat somethin saturday. So lazy start to day.

    Now that sun is shining plants are growing hipefully soon I wil have some birds chirping in the garden.
    Have a great weekend IHM.


  6. the cookies look delicious..must try..

    and the sparrows…wonderful..wish they would come to my verandah too..

    dont eat eggs so the omelettes look nice in the pictures:)..

    and thank you for the link to the wonderful food blog..


  7. Those flowers look so lovely!!! Pink is my fav color & trust me these pics have a vibrancy in them which are making me fall in love with the color again 🙂

    And no oil cookies?? I am hopping over to the recipe page! & lol @ No shape 😀


  8. The most beautiful ones are those pink flowers….my God, what a vibrant color is that…. 🙂 🙂

    Loved the cute sparrows too. 🙂 🙂

    That cookies reminded me that its time to bake another batch for those ever-hungry girls… 😉

    Beautiful, tempting, colorful – perfect bfast. 🙂 🙂 😛


  9. Those shapeless cookies look like ideal sunday morning bakes! *checking recipe & then kitchen, for supplies* 😀

    Sparrows!!!! I miss them, there are such few ones here now. But I do get them visiting in summers when i keep the ‘bath bowl’ for them 😀 😀 The first close up pic of the sparrow is my fav of this lot! She looks so…so…. FLUFFY!!!!

    (Irrelevant Connection: IHM, have you seen the animation movie ‘Despicable Me’? )

    That omelette looks like Sunday morning delight too!!

    And and and… Mom has the EXACT SAME PAN!!!! (No, I have no clue why I am so thrilled on similar cooking devices… I have lost the plot 🙄 )
    But she does! She uses it only to make dosas, and its really heavy. That’s where the threat “I’ll hit you with the Dosa Pan” came about in this household…

    Sparrows like bougainvillea??


  10. What gorgeous shots!!! Btw, IHM, is this the way you remain ever pretty? Brown bread without butter? Oh my!! And I just gobbled up 3 cheese twist sticks with my coffee (er, make that 5th stick with 3rd coffee for the day) 😦 😦


  11. Recipe please – the cookies look yummy and no butter no sugar – **looking excited**
    lovely pic of sparrows and the bougainvilla is a riot – overall a very colourful post indeed…

    Me – Sangeeta is publishing the recipe on her cookery blog she said 🙂


  12. I loveeeee the third pic of the sparrow…! 😀

    No sugar and butter in the cookies??? 😐 No thanx, I’ll pass…. I want my sweet dishes to be sinfully rich…

    Omlette with brocolli cheese and corriander?? Hmm…that’s something I havent tried!! 🙂 Great Sunday morning khana!


  13. I love brocolli with my eggs as well! 😀 Hell, I like brocolli with most anything! 😀
    Although my new find is aspargus, and while before I used to have brocolli, I now have asparagus with eveything!

    Try scrambled eggs and toast with a side of steamed asparagus with olive oil and garlic-herb seasoning! It’s lovely!

    Me – Thank You, I love healthful, fiber rich food 🙂


  14. Absolutely divine. Love the birds, colors, food everything is just fantabulous. I would love to make these cookies too. Thank you IHM for sharing this. Wish we had sparrows here. Miss them.


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