Super Moon on 19th March 2011

Same moon different looks.

This was at around 11 40 pm, in Gurgaon.

Supposed to be the closest and the largest, but actually it looked just the same.

And this one my husband took with his I Phone at 9 31 pm in Delhi.

Suranga thanks for these beautiful lines for the blue moon below.

Added later.

And what do you think of this image?

Note: If you missed moon on saturday, no worries, watch it today, it’s only 1% smaller. [Link]


34 thoughts on “Super Moon on 19th March 2011

  1. Wow I did not know wait let me go find the moon and clik its oble 8 pm here hope I see it šŸ™‚
    desh main nikla hoga chaand gaxal from jagjit yaad aa gayi thank you for showing me it


  2. Bah. I missed it. :/ When I saw the moon around 8 p.m. from Mumbai, it was pretty normal.

    me -You missed nothing the moon was looking very normal, I too wondered what the hype was about.


  3. I tried to take pictures of it last night but was unsuccessful because its been raining like crazy recently and the sky was very cloudy. Very nice pictures. Wish I could visit India one day, fascinating country and people and love love the flowers and buildings and food and antiques. Can’t gush about it enough. Looking at the beautiful side of it šŸ™‚

    Me – Thank you šŸ™‚ I hope you visit and if you do, please do get in touch.


  4. Wow!! I didn’t know there was something special abt the moon today. Haan, but last night, the moon was rather big and looked gorgeous here, and I was wondering how come the moon had come out so beautifully, as we normally hardly get to see stars or moon in the cloudy grey/black sky!!!


  5. Well, even I am searching for the moon but just can’t see it from my building. Its 6:15am here in mumbai.
    My mother just mesged me that she can see it bright and clear from chennai – when she msged it was at around 5:30am


  6. We have a brand new terrace to see it from and it did look much brighter than normal. Also, I could clearly see the rabbit, something that’s as close normally. Now I will be checking to see how it looks today! šŸ˜€

    Nice pictures. I so need that lens.

    Me – Yes Sangitha get it fast!! I would love to see your shots – specially bird pics once you have it.


  7. Endlessly
    traveling around
    like this
    for donkey’s years,
    by the
    Big Sun Boss.

    you take a
    slight diversion,
    for fun
    to take a closer look;
    an entire civilization
    goes hyper
    clicking me,
    pointing scopes at me,
    and getting hyper
    and drenched
    in tides

    I’ve been watching too,
    and everything
    is unchanged;

    No wonder I feel Blue.

    Me – Love these words Suranga!!!!


  8. Yes.. you are right…. it appeared the same to me too….. just like it does on a full moon night… I love the pictures you have put up…. especially the third one .. šŸ™‚ Happy holi….. šŸ™‚

    Me – I always admired pictures like the third one and wanted to be able to post one like this one for ages. I like it too.


  9. When I saw the moon earlier in the day, before 7, it looked the same only bigger and orangish. Sorry no picture. šŸ˜¦

    Me – Now with Pepper around, you have no time for moons and flowers?


  10. Beautiful pictures, IHM! I and my husband took some pictures, but they look so ordinary!

    Though the first and third pictures look clear, the second one is cool to the eye!


  11. I love the second pic.. and i took one too.. posted it on fb.. but it didnt look all that different! now, if only there were people on the moon, we could have asked them if the earth appeared any nearer to them šŸ™‚


  12. wow this looks great!!!!! =D
    in my place.. i heard the news says 2am in the morning but too bad, haven’t spotted it.. maybe it’s because its located in a different angle from where i live.


  13. ya all!…. the Moon was supposed to look the biggest only during “moon rise” approximately 6:30 pm IST…. not after that. so thats why it did not look any different at later hours. see here

    Me – Thanks!! Those are links to gorgeous photographs!!


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