More metallic than metal.

Thursday Challenge
“METAL” (Metallic, Steel, Bronze, Gold, Iron, Shinny,…)
Next Week: GREEN (Plants, Cloths, Cars, Toys, Houses,…)

Gleaming Green Bee Eater, Pune, Maharshtra

Male Purple Sunbird, Gurgaon, Haryana

When rust gleams… New Delhi

Brown Rock Chat or Indian Chat (Cercomela fusca)
Brown Rock Chat or Indian Chat (Cercomela fusca) , Delhi

So, who looks more like metal, the Bird or the Barbed Wire?
Brown Rock Chat or Indian Chat (Cercomela fusca) , Delhi

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42 thoughts on “More metallic than metal.

  1. Great pictures…. and yes, the bird definitely looks more metallic than the barbed wire…
    poor thing…she might have chosen the wire for camouflage and look how she stands out 🙂


  2. AMAZING! and interesting interpretation of the theme! this inspired me to go outside and take pix of some sparrows on a nearby tree 🙂


  3. Hi, Found your blog by chance and boy or rather girl 🙂 am I glad that I found it. Some issues here are really close to my heart. Are you a bird watcher too..impressive pics.
    Actually I want your permission to share a post you have here on my blog – ‘always budhaaah’
    ‘India leads in sexual violence, worst on gender equality: Study’
    March 10, if you do agree then I will use this. Thanks


  4. Pretty pretty pretty!!! Love those bird captures!! Today is Irish fest St.Patrick’s Day and they celebrate it with green color……the first picture appropriately fits:-)


  5. IHM,
    I visit your blog almost everyday and also follow you onnTwitter. You write on issues which are very close to my heart . I admire your strength and beliefs. These pictures are amazing.First time delurking to share this 🙂


  6. Interesting take – metallic colors….brilliant click of that bird, esp the second pic. 🙂 🙂

    The bird and the barbed wire, too show a beautiful amalgamation of colors and its lovely. 🙂


  7. Lovely pictures…
    The bird does look like soft suede leather to me, mainly because of its belly.
    But the claws and the beak look totally hard and like rusted iron 🙂
    Amazing how nature can present so many illusions!


  8. Hi IHM, have always loved your photographs and admired your penchant to post the most interesting images week by week.
    As always, love the detailing in the pictures .The gleam ,the sheen, the reflection of metallic barb on birds feather and the rust of the wire rubbing on birds backs and neaks it all.
    Cheers, Gee


  9. Love those backyard birds and your photos of them. Completely agree with what you said on my blog about what these creatures need to exist. A simple thing like planting plants attractive to sunbirds and butterflies in gardens and parks across Indian cities will make a huge difference. We could be more bee-friendly too and plant more native flowers that they like. Sunbirds adore the bauhinias or kanchans, and butterflies, well, they have a long list of favourites, especially plants like the giant milkweed plant, which I think we consider a weed.


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