Off to Pune for ‘Lavasa Women’s Drive’.

I won’t be able to moderate, read or respond to comments till Monday evening now.

Till then take a look at the most gorgeous cat in this world… more special, now, than ever before. My daughter brought him home, stinking, dirty and dehydrated, from a garbage dump in Aug 2004.

We had convinced her to let us leave him in SPCA, Lower Parel, but the cat was brought back home that same evening. She saved his life more than once (and many other animals’ too).

His name is Puppy (because he thinks he is our Mutt’s baby, he has never purred and always rushes to see who is at the door when the bell rings.) He is also called Sher Khan.

He finds birds fascinating…

He may not know he is a cat, but the birds do.

He is chattered out of the balcony when these birds spot him.

Strangely he is more fascinated with bird shadows than with the real birds. Here is staring at the wall because he saw some movement of a bird shadow…


28 thoughts on “Off to Pune for ‘Lavasa Women’s Drive’.

  1. Oh… I miss Whisky so much now šŸ˜¦
    I feel sad that we had to leave her at CUPA after 2 years. But she was very different from Sher Khan… she used to run under the bed when anyone rang the bell… and she was not the kind to venture out when we had visitors also.


  2. Sher Khan seems to be a real Sher, IHM! Love his eyes! I have heard that dogs come back home if left somewhere! Maybe he really thinks he is a dog!

    The photograph of him watching the shadow of the bird is superb…look at the expression in his eyes!

    I would like to see a photograph of both your dog and cat together, IHM!


  3. OMG!!!!!!!! So there he is !!!!!!!!!!! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ I finally get a peek of him!!! Dont know where he went into hiding that day!!!!!!!!!

    I love these pics. He’s utterly adorable šŸ™‚ Lub him!! Puppy! šŸ˜€

    LOL @ the birds know he is a cat…. and soooooo cute….his fascination for shadows! My kitty chases the beam of the torchlight….is totally fascinated by it….and ends up disappointed when she falls on her own nose while trying to pounce on the light! šŸ˜€


  4. What an adorable cat! And he runs to see who is at the door! šŸ˜‰ Cute…
    Our dog in India does not know he is a dog, he thinks he is a fellow human being!
    Beautiful pics.


  5. Hmmm… I hv always heard of stories of cute dogs more ofen than that of a kitty cat… wonder why! Haaaa but this one seems to be a cat n dog rolled into one… a double bonanza!!


  6. IHM, Tejaswee’s heart seems to have infinite capacity to love and care!

    The pics are lovely, specially the last one with Sher Khan looking on fascinatingly at the shadow:)

    Wish you a wonderful time at Lavasa Women’s Drive!


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