Who do you think killed Aarushi Talwar?

I find it impossible to believe that her parents killed Aarushi Talwar. I have been following the case from day one and what was most glaring was the incompetence of the investigating authorities. Even a child knows about avoiding new finger prints at the place of crime, inspecting the entire house and use of luminol, examination of hair, blood samples etc, all of which were ignored in the beginning. Her parents also asked for forensic science to be used – which doesn’t seem to have happened yet.

When I discussed this with some friends one said, the parents didn’t look like they were grieving, but that means nothing, because they must have been in shock. I remember Nitish Katara‘s mother had the same look on her face.

Another argument about how they did not hear any thing that night. That does happen with windows AC, it’s very common in fact. There was another case in East Delhi where the live-in servant injured the three children, two died and the third one managed to wake up the parents who had heard nothing because their AC was on.

The golf clubs that made the CBI suspicious have been found to have no had blood on them.

So what happened?

It’s possible that Hemraj allowed some intruders, known to him, to come inside the house and maybe they had a drink or two and then maybe they went to the terrace and since Hemraj didn’t want them to stay for any further mischief, and since he was a witness, they killed him.  After killing him they killed Arushi also and left without any difficulty.

Do you think Aarushi’s parents could have killed her? If yes, why would they do that?

The ‘Honor Killing’ angle that UP police tried to give in the beginning, is difficult to accept, because the parents could have counseled the child, sent her to a hostel and they could have demanded that the servant to goes back to Nepal.

Parents killing their only child, born eleven years after their marriage – is difficult to believe.

There is no mention of Aarushi having any behavioral issues, which abused children tend to display. She was doing well at school. The family had also arranged for her to go to her Nani’s house in NOIDA, every day after school, so she wasn’t alone at home. Does all this indicate the kind of parents who could kill their child?

What do you think?


Before you make up your mind, do take a look at what Tehelka says here. (Thank You Megha)



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    • Hi.. well you dont know what the world is capable of .. and yeah ONE fact is that Child abuse takes place from someone a child is comfortable with .. and THAT IS A FACT … so these days parents tooo do some horrific things …

      me – Bikram victims of child abuse show behavorial problems… teachers, friends, at least the mother would have noticed something.


      • Not really. I was abused (not by parents), but I have always been a normal kid, quite good in studies. Only when I grew up I realized what actually happened to me.


      • No IHM, victims dont necessarily show behavioural tendencies, some infact work to be most normal, that’s the only objection I have to your whole piece.

        me – True…

        As for who killed her, I agree the authorities bungled, but in all my talk with senior journalists who have been covering the case, it is still not clear what exactly happened that night but they are all of the opinion that the parents haven’t told the full truth. There still is something that they have blocked (maybe are in denial about) is the opinion. Doesn’t necessarily make them the killers, but leaves a shadow of doubt.

        me – A lot of people feel this way…

        Infact the sloppy investigation has only made it tougher to corroborate any story that anyone related. There is no clear thread. Yes, I agree the UP police made everything sound like a sleazy story.

        Also IHM, the biggest problem with the Aarushi case is that we all seem to have opinions about it. Some of us sympathise with the urban, hard working Talwars who remind us of ourselves, some of us know of some monstrous families and hence think the Talwars could be the kind too. But honestly this trial to me seems more about perceptions than about facts and that is where I have a problem. None of us can know or decide who is the killer and I hope we dont convince ourselves we know anything about it.

        Me – I agree…
        You know I wrote this post because it seemed everybody was convinced that the parents killed Aarushi. I am undecided and I feel parents should be left alone until there is some way to prove they are involved.


      • I have been following the news ever since it happened. The parents are guilty. There is no way an outsider could have come in and after commiting the crime left the apartment. Remember, Mrs Talwar opened the door the next day when the maid came. I remember a hindi news channel covering this live; and one could see Mrs Talwar giving a tug on Mr Talwars kurta from behind as they walk up the stairs to the terrace. She was trying to stop him from making comments as the media along with the cops walked up the stairs. It happened very quickly and most would have missed this.
        Their body language show remorse. It’s sad and unfortunate that we have lost a lovely young child just because the family couldn’t cope with a situation which probably they are to be blamed for.
        May Arushi’s soul rest in peace.


        • Subir what do you think made the parents kill their daughter?

          What situation was the family not able to cope with? How did the UP Police find out about this situation?


  1. IHM: going by what you have pointed out and even otherwise two educated, well off parents killing their own child seems really unlikely.

    And yes one would expect that had they even found their daughter in a compromising position with Hemraj, the thing to do would be to throw Hemraj out of the house or even assault him – but killing the daughter sounds really far fetched.

    But how would you explain Dinesh Talwar putting pressure through KK Gautam to hide the post mortem report from mentioning rape?

    Me – They have denied doing that, but even if it is proven that they did make such a request, don’t you think a lot of Indian parents might prefer that, seeing the stigma attached to a sexual assault? I don’t think that conclusively proves anything.

    How would you explain that in an average sized flat the daughter was every night locked into her room and the key was kept with the mom? I know that Aarushi could open the door from inside but even then locking someone up for the night seems like a funny thing to do.

    Me – I have seen this done. And she wasn’t locked in, she could come out if she wanted to. Just a case of being cautious. There have been cases in NOIDA where a gang of dacoits have entered and killed all the members while asleep – by hitting on the heads (Bawaria tribe they are called). I always felt that if everybody just took the trouble to lock their rooms while sleeping, nobody would be taken by surprise, and atleast somebody would be able to raise an alarm. Her mother’s one regret, she said in an interview, was that she forgot to lock it that night.

    Also why did Rajesh Talwar refuse to identify Hemraj’s body?

    Me – Do you think he could be so naive that he thought Hemraj would not be recognized if he did not identify him? The neighbours and many other people could have identified him.

    Last but not the least the golf club you mentioned went into hiding for almost a year before being found and even when found the parents didnt bother to reveal this fact to the investigating authorities. The fact that no blood was found on it could mean two things – its was wrapped in a cloth or plastic before being used as a weapon or it had been cleaned thoroughly in the year that it was in hiding.

    Me – Pinku with luminol blood even fifty years old can be detected – but being wrapped in a plastic is possible. But using a club, since it is long, with force would have left some mark on the wall in that small space – (I heard this argument) so this is not a convincing evidence.

    From the very beginning I too have been following this case and one thing has been very apparent the parents have not been in a mood to be helpful to the investigative authorities at all. Which in the case of an only child seems a very weird sort of behaviour.

    Me – Pinku if they were cold enough to kill their child, they could have feigned a lot of grief and crying – the fact that they are so determinedly insisting on justice for their daughter, and so calmly, makes me wonder.
    Just think if they were killers, it would obviously have worked in their favour to make a big show of their grief?

    cant say if they killed her but they are hiding a lot of things thats for sure.

    Me – Yes that is a possibility… not sure.


    • “the parents have not been in a mood to be helpful to the investigative authorities” — we know this only through the irresponsible media reporting. Between the police and media insensitivity and mistreatment, I’m surprised these parents remain as sane as they seem.

      It seems clear that the killers were outsiders let in by Hemraj. And, if they did do it. it’s not surprising in India that the parents would try to conceal the rape of their daughter.

      Regarding the fact that the parents didn’t seem to be grieving, when Madeline McCann disappeared, some members of the public were put off that her mother seemed unmoved in the first interviews carried on TV. But she had been told by the investigators not to show any emotion because the kidnappers could either take it out on her daughter or be gratified to see that she was suffering. This shows that since we don’t have all the information, we should avoid judging or leaping to conclusions.

      Me – I agree.


  2. Strongly agree wid u. In no way, I think educated parents like them cud kill her. That too wen she was born after 11 years of marriage, as u wrote. And wat I find strange is the similar reactions from my friends and colleagues, who say the parents hardly seem grieving. I mean what do people expect. Parents shd howl, cry aloud for days together, and show all signs of grieving to convince all. Feel bad for Talwars. Just putting up a composed demeanour doesn’t mean they not affected by child’s death. Why can’t people put themselves in their place and feel wat they must be thru. God, show some mercy!!!

    Me – In fact I think it would have been obvious to even the naivest of killers that crying and making of show of grief would make them look innocent, why aren’t they doing that, unless they are actually innocent and grieving and also still grappling with the horror of what happened?


    • “the horror of what happened” — in the face of horror, feelings can shut down to protect the self from unbearable things. If the parents hadn’t held on to their composure, they might have broken down irretrievably.

      Me – Yes. I completely agree.


  3. This is one of those unsolved cases that evoke plenty discussion but so far no solution. When her Dad was arrested and there was nationwide shock, I couldn’t consume the theory for it hurt way too much. Parents love their kids, they don’t kill them.
    The honour killing angle, like you said, seems absurd. It lacks ground and substance and is probably untrue. I wonder when we’ll get an answer.

    me – I hope we do get an answer Deboshree. If they are innocent I can’t bear to think of what they must be going through.


    • Honor killing is alive and well in India and some of the cases I have read about where parents willingly murder their children for reasons of caste discrimination or social status are horrifying. We cannot assume the parents are innocent till proved innocent. Human nature is so complex, you open your newspaper every morning and read about incidents you thought only happened in movies. I hope the murderers are caught, a young girl’s life and a young man’s life were taken and the killers must be punished.


      • Sheila – //a young girl’s life and a young man’s life were taken and the killers must be punished//

        The child was soon going to be 14 and the man was 45. UP Police said the child was ‘having an illicit-affair’ with the 45 year old domestic helper. They described in details how the ‘illicit-affair’ happened and how the two murders took place. The same UP Police also said the father was having an affair with a colleague and the daughter was blackmailing him and he killed her to get rid of her. Many people believed the Police and the media sensationalized the case. After objections from Women and Child Welfare Minister, the case was taken from Police and handed over to the CBI.

        Yes the killers must be punished, and must be found through thorough and unbiased investigations – but one didn’t see any thorough investigation here.

        Would you take UP Police for their word?

        This wasn’t the first time UP Police has declared someone an Honor Killer without efficient investigations.
        They arrested a young man in another case for killing his sister for honor and even got a confession from him – we saw him confess on national television that he killed his sister for honor. Can you imagine how this young brother was proven innocent? By his honor-killed sister and her husband appearing at a police station to explain that they had not been ‘honor-killed’.
        Take a look,


  4. To be quite honest, I too felt Aarushi’s mother has always looked arrogant and cold, especially the complete absence of anger or rage (at her daughter’s killing, rather than being accused), which I found a little surprising. Of course people emote differently, so one cannot judge another based on that.

    Me – Grief, shock, horror makes people react this way, her reaction is still of someone sort of stunned by what has happened. If she was involved in her killing her, she would have an effort to shed crocodile tears.

    Now having said that, I cannot imagine ANY parent killing his/her child. No matter what, a parent cannot kill her child. I can imagine an uneducated & violent, drunk father doing something like that, but a mother? That’s a big NO.

    To blame the parents simply because they were the ONLY ones found around the house seems quite juvenile!!!

    Me – I agree. And break-ins are not uncommon in UP and in NOIDA. Local newspapers told enough such stories when we lived there in 1998-99. In one case a retired couple’s children and grand children were visiting them, so there were a lot of people at home and one night all except one woman and two children were either critically injured or killed. All the injuries were on the head and many had died in their sleep. I don’t think any arrests were ever made…


    • Not refuting anything you guys are saying here.

      just wanted to add two incidents about which i know:

      1.) reported in the news – mother and her paramour tried to kill a 16 year old girl who was threatening to disclose their affair to her dad. her mom promised to take her to agra and gave her posion on the way. later the girl was dragged to the side a canal and set fire. Assuming her dead the two left – the girl was found and saved by villagers. The person who tried to kill her was her own Mom and she too was an only child.

      2.) Now a much more personal episode. My masi’s own and only son committed suicide two years back. I was the one to discover the body. when I told my masi she broke into a smile and the peace, tranquility and release that i saw on her face I have still not forgotten.
      She had a very bad marriage and had done all she could to raise her son in the best way possible. However my cousin at age 21 used to be an abusive brash young boy who would frequently hit his mom and create a scene at the smallest thing.
      I had a hard time telling her to keep quiet and not smile so much cause the Police would have suspected her of foul play.

      Everything is possible. Thats all I want to say.


  5. I agree, the accusation of parents seems like a wrong angle.
    The CBI was ready to close the case years back itself. It was the Talwar’s who’ve been deligently pursuing the CBI and the courts to find the guilty. If they were the culprits, would they have bothered to let their practice suffer and spend lakhs on lawyers??
    I can imagine their shock at being included in the list of accused!!

    Me – Absolutely momofrs, that is what I thought.


  6. IHM well dont beleive what you see or hear .. is the beleif that i go with and what has been taught to us … What you see is not always true .. and what you hear is definitely not ..
    so although as a common man i would love to beleive that the parents did not do it .. BUT this world is full of deciet…

    And beleive me when i say (I know i said dont 🙂 ) but beleive me its scary .. the first thing taught to us is Dont make conclusions and dont go by what u see or hear … there is a lot of things that could have happened … so No one is free.. They are all hiding something and it will come out maybe not now but later and someone somewhere knows the whole story …

    lots of IF’s but the worst thing is the way indian police working … shabby investigation thats what is worse …

    The parents look sad but that does not mean they dont have anything to hide , the way they have replied to the answers something is AMIss …

    Me – I totally agree, they should investigate every angle, including the parents. But they never did, the police first found it easy to blame the father and wash their hands off the case, when it was handed over to the CBI, they too it seems have NOT investigated many angles that the parents have suggested. And what help can the parents really give? If they are innocent they must be in no condition to really be able to handle this sort of thing… but of course none of this proves either their innocence or their guilt.
    They don’t look sad, that’s what a lot of people feel.


  7. I agree with you, IHM. It is difficult to believe that the parents are responsible. If only the investigating agencies had done a better job, Aarushi would have had some chance of getting justice. The way they have handled the case, just makes one question everything that they come out with.

    Me – You know Smitha, even now they have not made an effor to find out whose finger prints are on the whisky (or was it rum?) glasses found on the dining table, there are blood stains on those glasses too. The Talwars wanted some other angles investigated too.


  8. It is one of the most mind boggling case ever all thanks to the lapses during the initial phase of investigation. Though am no one to pass judgement but I do somehow feel that parents might be involved here but my heart doesn’t accept the fact. I mean how can they?

    You know what worries me the most? The fact that if her parents are really innocent (which is a string possibilty) then what they must be going through with the blame being put on them. And if they have really done it then….I shudder to think!

    me – Exactly my feelings Smita, if they are innocent, what they must be going through doesn’t bear thinking.


    • I second that….if they are innocent, then it must be pure terror and torture they must be undergoing…
      Having said that, there are too many loopholes…. As Pinku said, something seems missing…


      • Ashwathy you must read this – http://www.tehelka.com/story_main48.asp?filename=hub190211THE_HOUSE.asp

        I completely agree with them. They have answered all the questions. And about ‘something missing’ – just imagine,

        ‘Not only do you lose your daughter, you stumble upon her bloodied and cut open body in your home. Not only do the police not chase leads, they theorise idly about your daughter having sex, about you having extramarital affairs, about you murdering your daughter. Not only are you not left in peace to grieve, you get pre-emptively thrown into a hell-hole prison without any evidence brought to bear against you. Not only does the country’s premier investigative agency still not chase the leads the police missed, it backtracks on the few leads some of its officers do come up with. Not only does the court not let you examine the bumbling CBI’s defamatory investigation, a vigilante attacker slashes your face and hands with a meat cleaver and leaves you at the door of death. Not only does the court not challenge the CBI’s contradictory closure report, it asks the CBI to file a chargesheet against you for murder. And the media rolls in glee and TRPs. It’s as if someone designed the perfect and most cruel punishment for a parent in modern India. A punishment that continues till date, almost three years later.’


  9. I too find it very hard to believe that the parents killed her. I have followed just the bare facts, the thought of such a young girl dying this way was too hard to palate and the details were too much for me. She was so little, darn it! How could whoever it was do this?!

    In the US, when we were there, there were a series of these horrendous murders of children by their parents and sometimes they confessed because they were in post partum depression or some mental health issue. So I guess one can never tell. I would like to believe in the niceness of the human spirit but then this crime did happen and it’s not at all human! I don’t know what to think.

    me – Yes I have read of many such horrendous cases, but see in this case, the child was well adjusted, went to school, was doing well, had friends, had relatives – grandparents who she spent afternoons with – if something was amiss someone would have noticed it.


  10. Truly intriguing case . May justice be metted out , not jut for Aarushi, but for Hemraj too. After all he was human too, even if he was a mere servant !!

    Me – And I feel Hemraj was innocent too, but somehow involved with letting in the killers, but then I maybe wrong.


  11. Maybe the CBI just want to close the case and hence blaming everything on parents. I have no instincts on this. They say that the cuts made into Aarushi’s throat are very precise and is done by somebody who is good with surgical instruments. On the whole it’s very perplexing. Anything is possible.

    me – They said the cuts could have been made by ‘khukri’ or a surgical blade, could have been either.


  12. Wow this post is one of the very few that supports the parents. We may never know what happened to Aarushi that night, thanks to incompetent investigative methods.

    Me – Yes I too fear we will never know who killed Aarushi.


  13. This piece of news immediately reminded me of a similar situation a few years ago. When the Portuguese investigators were unable to trace who kidnapped Madeleine McCann because of a botched investigation, they immediately made her parents suspects. The charges didn’t stick, but it appears to be a common strategy everywhere to cover up incompetent investigations.

    Me – Blaming the father was the first thing they did, they claimed it was a case of Honor Killing. Instead of investigating, and even trying to go through all the clues and indications, they took the short cut and put all the blame on the father. I remember being really shocked by what this police officer told the media, the filthy stories… thankfully this had resulted in the case being handed over to the CBI, but maybe by then it was too late.


  14. Difficult to say, and difficult to stand judgement. The pain a parent feels when their child dies is so huge …. cant believe if they willingly did that. The guilt would also be immense if they did that.

    But yes, they are hiding something. They know something, I am sure of that

    Me – I think the pressure, pain, horror, shock must be too much… no normal reactions are possible 😦


  15. I quite agree with you on this IHM. I think more than anything else, it’s the worst case of authorities and investigation agencies fumbling in the most shocking way. I read in a recent interview of the parents that the Noida police is rather clueless about certain things and judging everything callously. For example, when Nupur Talwar mentioned to the police that Aarushi and her friends would sometimes have sleepovers at their place and they would playfully ask the parents to leave the room, they concluded that it was some sort of an inappropriate gathering or else why would the children want to be alone! It’s not hard to imagine people with a certain thinking – policemen or not – to extrapolate to such conclusions. For a long time, I bought the honour killing argument, but reading that interview convinced me that it’s more of a fumble gone completely haywire. Anyone who’s interacted with clueless cops under pressure to reach a decision fast, can sense what’s really happening here. It’s most unfortunate that the parents are still reliving the trauma every single day; all I pray for is strength for them.


  16. I dont think Aarushi’s parent killed her… .. and I think the media has mis-interpreted the facts way too much. The investigation from the get-go was botched up. I had written something a while ago for the case as well.. when i read Shobha De’s article accusing the parents guilty since they “didnt” look like they were greiving: Very immature:


    Me – The link is not working Garima! I even tried googling to reach and read this post, but the page didn’t open.
    I agree with you, too much twisting of facts, the police has been very irresponsible too. I hope we see the truth revealed in this case…


  17. Its very difficult to say if the Talwars actually killed their only and apparently much -loved ,happy-looking child.It certainly seems very very unlikely,but then the world is full of all sorts of people and one can hardly be sure.
    I remember thinking ,back when the police had named Dr. Talwar as a suspect and arrested him,whether it was humanly possible for anyone to bludgeon one’s child to death , even in a moment of maddenning rage. I mean,if he just had to kill her,maybe he would have strangled her or something ? Even the honour-killing fiends of Haryana don’t bludgeon their daughters to death. It really seemed impossible. However ,in the light of several new details ,one does get the feeling that they are in the know of crucial facts which they are hiding ,and that amounts to not cooperating fully with the investigations.

    Me – True, and there doesn’t seem to be much motivation for killing her either.
    I too wondered why they weren’t answering all the questions properly, but I wonder what they have been going through these last two and a half years, what state of mind are they in… I feel they have been put on defensive on one side, and they in terrible pain on the other, must be maddening situation.


  18. When ever I hear the Talwars or their friends accusing the CBI of framing them one question always linger in my mind. WHY?
    Being a Govt doctor previously for several yrs and after participating in Court cases as medical witness I have some idea of how Police go abt in their investigations especially in a high profile case like this. Thus I do not believe that 3 separate teams of Police officers,both from the State police and the CBI [who are mostly IPS officers and are not stupid] are trying/tried to frame Talwars as a part of a consipiracy.I feel the actions of the 2nd CBI team was correct.They were not able to get fool proof evidence or a good motive,but the needle of suspicion was only on Talwars. Fearing a backlash if the CBI themselves charge sheeted them they smartly filed a closure report with all the evidences which only could point to Talwars. So the court was forced to charge sheet them.This is not a conspiracy but how the law/investigation works. Now in the trial the Talwars can prove their innocence if they are really innocent.Even if they are guilty they may be acquited if evidences are not strong.
    As many pointed out I also felt Talwars are hiding something. Why?

    1.The room of Aarushi could have been opened only either by Aarushi herself from inside or by the parents of Aarushi from outside by using the keys.[it is auto locking system] The keys shld hav been under Talwar’s pillow.It was not found till mid day the next day.
    2.Scene of crime was dressed up heavily before even the maid saw the body.
    3. Immediately after finding the body Talwar was sure Hemraj killed Arushi. how and why?
    The day of the discovery of the body Talwars painted every thing as an open shut case of Hemraj killing Arushi.The Police fell for it and was not vigilant in their investigation.Was there any thing about Hemraj that justified Talwars suspicion with in minutes of their alleged discovery of the body? Talwars have not come out with any such thing.

    Touch DNA that Talwars insist is only an experimental method not yet validated. It can have many false positive results.

    Now i do not know who killed Arushi or why but I feel what CBI’s 2nd team did until now is correct.


  19. Have you guys read this:


    I am not sure what to believe and what not.
    To me the strangest part, is that there are no ‘possible’ suspects. Only the parents, w/o a motive. It’s bizarre. There has to be someone who had a grudge, was in a scuffle with Hemraj.
    A good friend of mine, who is a journalist, was totally convinced the Dad did it and talked about their ‘connections’. I was dumbfounded.


  20. my heart doesn’t want to believe that the parents did it…i can’t think of any good reason for it!!!
    However i read the India today article and felt it could be the parents

    Strange as it sounds – if it is the parents – i hope noone finds out…it could shake the foundations of your faith – educated, urban parents kill their only child 😦

    Sometimes we just need to have something to believe in and the love of your parents is the one thing that seems unwavering

    me – Nuttie Natters, parents do kill their children, it is not unheard of. It is common in India to kill a daughter for matters of what is commonly called ‘honor’ ( but basically means the fear of what the neighbours, relatives and even strangers might say).

    If it is the parents then that should be proven beyond doubt or they should be left alone. What’s happening to them is worse than a conviction, the kind of allegations one hears without any basis show how easy it is to say something so often than it starts looking like truth.


  21. Good God, I wanted to read your views on this (when I read the Tehelka article) and you came up with this.
    Um, my take is slightly debatable, with Tehelka. It’s more of class war-poignant tale than that presenting just facts.

    me – I feel the way the case is seen, investigated etc is seriously affected by the class differences.


  22. I just wish there were definite answers for all that happened that night in the Talwar household and honestly I just don’t know what to believe. I wouldn’t think that the parents are the murderers just because they didn’t howl and cry their guts out nor would I firmly say that they didn’t do it coz no parent can kill their child 😦

    Me – Yes I agree.


  23. What is so sad is that everyone expects you to show grief in a certain way which is by crying. There seems no value for the kind of grief one goes through without shedding a tear, coz nobody seems to care for those silent screams a grieving heart goes through 😥

    me – Yes Anonymous Disguised, and I feel they could have easily made a great show of grief if they were not going through so much trauma. Where do they have the opportunity to even really cry or let go?


  24. No parents will kill a child that was born after 11 yrs. It is normal to cherish & spoil them. They have a sense who did it. Initially tried to protect daughters deeds even after her death which is putting them in trouble. They are protecting the child even after her death.That is B.S to kill your own child that also born after 11 yrs. Something not right here

    Me – Do you mean they are protecting her from some kind of ‘dishonor’? Could they be so obsessed with their only child’s ‘honor’ that they do not want her killer to be caught?

    What kind of deeds could a not-yet-14-years-old do, that need to be protected after her murder? If the child has sexual relations with with someone, she was a victim, and her ‘deeds’ cannot be seen as something to hide, they should want the abuser, the culprit to be caught. But the reports have not implied any such abuse. She was a well adjusted, happy child in school, confident, active and would have been the head girl in her school, in the coming years. Abused children generally show signs of depression or maladjustment.


  25. But it seems email router in the room was switched on at 3 am that night while murder happened between 12 am -1am. who done that?who would stay to drink whiskey after committing a murder?so baffling

    Me – I read the modem was switched off at 12? Another point not very clear….


    • but the modem was switched off at around 3.45. what about that? The only thing i feel is, no murderer will try cleaning the crime scene (to that extent) and that too especially when the parents are at home.


  26. I dont think “Even a child knows about use of luminol” !!!!!!!!!

    Me – Yeah, maybe, but finger prints? A thorough inspection of the place, isolating the premises etc? Here there are more than one, contradictory postmortem reports!


  27. Ok. It is possible that Talwar (being her parents) cannot kill their only child. But it is highly probable that they hired a hit men to do that job. That’s why there are no signed of forced entry and everything was planned to fit a different story. Hit men made them unconscious with golf sticks and Dr. Talwar did the rest with surgical instruments. As they are themselves doctors, they know how to clean the scene perfectly.
    Motive – Honour killing cannot be ruled out! Hemraj and Aarushi had illicit affair. They would have caught them red handed and then planned to get rid of it.

    Me – A minor and an adult cannot have an ‘affair’, it is called ‘child sexual abuse’ (CSA) – so if they found Hemraj was abusing their child, they could have simply fired him, threatened legal action etc, and/or sent her to hostel. Also abused children show signs of maladjustment and depression, but Aarushi was a happy, well adjusted, bright and active child in school – so chances of CSA are minimal.


  28. IHM, though i would want to believe that parents did not kill her, but We do have parents who kill their child, thats not something new here. but the fact remains that the case is so destorted that i dont think we would ever know what happened, Like us people investigating the case also have their biases and judgements.
    I can only hope the innocent should not be punished. as for the guilty i would want him to be punished, but there are enough people roaming freely already in this country. i dont agree with your point though that abused child shows signs of depression etc… a lot of kids dont know what happened was NOT normal… Lets not generalise something & call it as fact


  29. IHM, I will prefer not to make speculation about this case. Its too private in nature and requires judgment from court. Aarushi is already dead and killers unidentified and even parents can be treated as suspect looking at the mysterious nature of killing.

    Me – I agree Yayaver. I find it wrong that the parents are being unofficially convicted the people, even though nobody knows who really killed Aarushi. Until they are proven guilty they should be treated as innocent. That’s not happening here.


    • Trial and conviction by the media happens all too often in India. Our media lack control andsensitivity and are doing untold harm, particularly because any attempt to regulate them sets off howls of protest followed by insincere offers of self-regulation. These offers, forget about attempts, are abandoned once the noise dies down.


  30. Difficult for me to accept the parents have done it too. And I hope and pray it is not so. The matter of trust becomes so complicated then!

    Even if they shout about honour killing, this just did not seem like one for me anytime. I so wanna know what really happened though! I do hope the agencies work properly and the guilty are punished!


  31. What ever happened that night no one knows properly but one thing poor girl soul is crying by reading what is been written about her,she was cleaned,she had affair with 45+ guy etc…………

    But one thing i want to say if a few people come into the house,kill the daughter,switch of the internet router,have drinks in ur dinning room and lock u in the house and u don’t hear anything.Maybe parents were under influence of some drugs or alcohol that they didn’t get up from their sleep hearing the noise outside there room….

    My heart cries for the aarushi…….


    • The Tehelka article says that a sound test showed that no sound from Aarushi’s room could be heard in the parent’s room because of noise from the air-conditioner. We all know that box air-conditioners make a racket.


  32. What amazes me the most about this case is the level of information (even Tehelka that is ‘supposedly’ on the side of the parents) the media has access to- details on vaginal swabs!!!!!! I am so saddened.Growing up my father used to often say that in India, life/death of an Indian was worthless to the government ….kudos to the media for actually figuring out how to make money off of it!


    • Yes, it’s disturbing how much sensitive information was passed on to the media. It seems so clear that the police and CBI are keen to prove the Talwars guilty through the media.

      Me “It seems so clear that the police and CBI are keen to prove the Talwars guilty through the media.” Exactly what I feel.


  33. The Talwars were my doctors..i have a presentable face because of them..
    i had known them since the time i was in class 5th,perhaps that was 1997. having known them personally, having seen them adore their only daughter, having seen the loving mom that Nupur Talwar was, and the adoring father Dr Rajesh was, i refuse to believe what these police personnel say. Assuming Rajesh Talwar killed his daughter, Nupur Talwar isn’t the kind of woman who would side with the man, who killed her only daughter.
    CBI perhaps din’t want to lose face and HAD to nail someone, and the Dentist couple were the only people available to them.


    • Thank you for standing up for the Talwars. I hope to see many more of their patients and other people who know them do so.

      Me – And I am glad to see that not everybody is so willing to trust the media and the police.


  34. That the ‘the parents didn’t look like they were grieving” is the dumbest argument I have ever heard. In a minor way, this is the same logic my m-i-l used when she found fault with me for not shedding tears when my husband left for his station for the first time after marriage. When will people stop judging others using their own yard stick??
    Sometime similar was said about an army wife whose husband died in Sr Lanka. She did not cry, hence, ‘My God, what sort of woman is she. She is not even grieving!” As if those who wail and shout are all very sincerely grieving. So this argument is stuff and nonsense and belongs to those people who want to feel the need to feel to show themselves in a better light. I hear even Shobha De said something similar. I never expected that from someone of her stature. People grieve differently. There is no grounds for judging another on the basis of their facial expressions!!
    As for not hearing anything at night. Yes, when you sleep in an a/c room you don’t hear anything happening outside. that’s a hazard of sleeping in a a/c room. This is not some Bollywood movie or a TV soap that a mother wakes up crying betaaaaaa, betiiiiiii because as a true mother she knows when a child is in danger. This is life. And in life a/c rooms do come in the way of hearing whats happening outside.
    One of my friends had a fight with her husband. He stomped out of the house (to office). He returned in the evening as usual and rang the bell. No response even after repeated ringing of door bell. Then, neighbors too stepped in. They banged the door and then broke it open. The by then frantic with worry husband, pushed open the bedroom door and walked in to find his wife peacefully sleeping. She hadn’t heard the commotion at all. Why take the example of an a/c room?? My son had given us reason to worry when he did not wake up after the neighborhood repeatedly banged the front door, because his bedroom door was closed. He woke up only when my husband managed to open the front door (he was called from office and I was away) walked in and shook him awake.
    These two reasons are absolutely not acceptable even to a lay person. I have read through the Tehelka report too and tend to agree with it. Here is a link you might be interested in reading:


  35. All kinds of people commit murder. Just because they happen to be ‘respectable’ and cut a sympathetic figure isn’t grounds for exoneration — just as how they show their grief isn’t proof of guilt. Yes, the CBI did a terrible job of it but it doesn’t seem plausible that anyone else could have done it. For example, the body was washed and covered with a sheet, which indicates that someone who cared for her arranged her after killing her. The motives and how it all played out is nothing but conjecture, but by a process of elimination, the Talwars are the most likely perpetrators.

    me – But isn’t it unlikely that a murderer would leave such an obvious clue, like arranging her body?
    And I agree, anybody can kill, parents too (and they do), but until proven guilty, they should not be condemned, I feel this family is being punished from day one.


  36. “Who do you think killed Aarushi Talwar?”

    Who cares!

    But the question is WHY are we so concerned about only these cases????
    Katara , Jessica , Aarushi all THREE cases have certain curious similarities:

    1)All of them belonged to affluent families.
    2)Had beautiful “marketable” faces .
    3)Based in and around New Delhi(located near major cities in other high profile cases)
    4)They belonged to “our” group!(“our” stands for upper middle classes)!

    No such attention would have been paid to ANY OF THESE by our media and our chattering classes had they belonged to lower class families!

    i am also 100% sure that most of us DONT have such indepth expert knowledge about say the Binayak Sen case….!

    The space that cases like Aarushi , Jessica etc have occupied in our national media and chattering classes should IDEALLY belong to cases like Irom Sharmila’s and Binayak sen’s as they are far more significant for our nation

    Of course , Aarushi and co. must and should get justice …….but these cases dont deserve so much attention…….


    • “Who cares!”

      and “Of course , Aarushi and co. must and should get justice …….but these cases dont deserve so much attention…….”

      IP they don’t deserve insensitivity either.

      We are looking for life in outer space when lives are being lost here due to malnutrition. We talk of higher education, when children are denied basic education. And if some cases can make a difference to the way investigations are carried out, witnesses are bribed, justice is denied, then it’s worth it to give them coverage.

      I agree Dr.Binayak Sen and Irom Sharmila deserve a lot, lot more attention than they are getting, but that doesn’t mean Aarushi, Jessica or Nitish Katara should be denied justice too, which they nearly did/are doing.


  37. Happened to see this blog !

    Talwars’, from the day first giving all hints towards servants – first their own domestic help and then others’.

    The evidences were destroyed before the police came at scene – the mattress of victim was shifted to roof . ..there are unending such things which all people know.

    However when it comes to them (Talwars”), they say they are shaken, horrified by the system.

    Now they are taking cover of confusing contents of CBI Closure Report….. and of course NDTV and famous Barka Dutt, a Nadia tape fame .

    CBI Closure Report is not abible !
    With the life style of Talwars” the chances of much beyond honor killing can not be denied when it comes to sex.

    So please be brave at least not to help such persons in fixing further.


    • What do you know about the lifestyle of the Talwars beyond what you’ve read or seen in the media? You say, rightly, that the CBI closure report is not ‘a bible’; then why are you so ready to believe anything written in our newspapers or said on our TV channels?

      Me – I agree. I can never blindly believe the media or the police.


  38. I read about this when they first tried to close the case and my feeling was that it was completely botched up. They tries to pin it on the father, when that failed they went after every Nepali servant in the neighborhood. How could the same line of reasoning have led to both suspects. A murder by a family member would have completely different patterns from that of an outsider which makes me think they were just in a rush to convict someone/ anyone.


  39. The whole thing is so distressing, most of all the utterly irresponsible speculation about the murdered child. She was my son’s junior in school, he didn’t know her personally, but knew many of her friends.
    I pray that the murderers, whomsoever they are, are brought to book, so that her soul may find some peace.
    The botched nature of the investigations however doesn’t hold out much hope. As of now, it seems as though the CBI are looking for convenient scapegoats in the Talwars.
    I pray that justice be done.


    • I find it very distressing too Dipali. What I find the most sad is the ease with which public opinion has been influenced to believe, without any concrete proof that the parents killed the child. I feel they are not guilty until proven guilty.


  40. I am so glad you wrote about it and I am also happy that there are a few people who belive in these parents. I do too…. its unbelievable that we would judge the grief of parents mourning their 14 yr daughter by their reactions. whoever has not lost a child will never know what kind of feelings go into a human being. Imagine how rationally we can all behave if god forbid any one was in their situation, loosing a child like this, the media and cops breathing down their neck. I wish for justice for them…I wish for justice for this child. In what cruel ways and why does god test some human beings.


  41. The most important piece of evidence is: Switchig on the router at 6:01 am. I believe the internet connection and the land line phone comes from the same telephne line. So in order to make a call at 6:01 am, the router was switched on at 6:01 am. The switch to the router was inside the victims room. So its not possible for the person who switched on the router at 6:01 am, to have done it without knowing the fact that the victim was lying dead in the bed.

    Me – It was found that this happened even while the police was there and nobody had touched the router. Some electronic problem, they think.


    • The router can be switched on or off by 3 ways
      i) Operating the switch on router.
      ii)Operating the switch that carries power to the router
      iii) By a power failure.

      According to the CBI power failure did not happen.
      Most of the people operate the router by handling the switch that carries power to the router( Many people don’t use the actual switch on the router)

      So on 16th while the police and the visitors were in the room, they could have very well operated the switch which carries power to the router. They might have done it because, they may not have know which switch is for what.
      When you move into a hotel room for the first time, you do not know which switch is for what. You dont know which switch is for light, which one is for the fan..etc… So you naturally operate these switches one by one, in order to find the right one.
      In the saw way the police and visitors to the victims room, might have tried to switch on/off the light, fan, AC, etc. During this process they might have switched on/off the power socket(plug) that carries power to the router.
      This is very much possible. This could be the reason for the unexplained router activity on 16th.

      Even thought its just a theory, the switching of the router exactly on 6:01am is a very important piece of evidence in this case.

      The router was switched off at 3:43 am. this any one could have done. But switching on the router at exactly at 6:01 am ( to make a call to Hemraj’s phone ) only inmates of the home could have made.


    • The internet and phone come from same line but a router is needed only to use the internet. To make a call at 6 in the morning it isn’t necessary to switch on the router. The landline functions irrespective of it. And the router was NOT switched off at 3:43 am. This is again one of the inaccuracies of media reporting.


  42. I wanted to talk about the case on my blog too, but didn’t because I don’t think there needs to be a public opinion garnered on a case that’s so sensitive and so mysterious. This is not the Jessica Lall case, where there were 300-something witnesses. Also, because the judiciary does get influenced by public opinion. Because as responsible citizen we must refrain from making a talking point of things in which most opinions are just that – opinions.

    Me – It hurt me to see how most opinion is formed by the way the media and the police have presented the case. I feel they are being punished without trial.


  43. I would like to say though that if parents were all loving and forgiving, there wouldn’t be so many honour killings in our country.

    Me – I agree, but also consider cases like the one where after a brother was convicted for a confessed honor killing, the sister and her partner came to Meerut Police Station to testify that they were very much alive. (Will try and get a link)
    So I have very little faith in the system.


  44. I too feel like the parents are innocent. I read Tehelka’s article and was convinced it was a botched investigation by the police. I read sevaral comments not just in this site but others as well where people are asking why did the parents things Hemraj did it? Also people saying why didnt Talwar recognise Hemraj’s body? To me the answer is something quite simple and starightforward. Nupur went to Hemraj’s room in the morning as she could not find the house keys. She found that he was not there. When Rajesh & Nupur discovered Aarushi’s body obviously the first person to come to mind is Hemraj. Isnt that natural? Also as a parent who has lost a child they would obviously tell the police go and look for the killer Hemraj as they were convinced he had done it as someone had answered his phone. After discovering Aarushi the parents were obviously in shock and disbelief. Who wouldnt be? They would have been too shocked to say or do anything. Its natural the shock they experienced and Talwar when he was asked to recognise the body he probably was too distraught as he had just lost a child. And then being asked to recognise another body especially one whose face was so badly disfigured…I mean I can visualise the pain and trauma. What sort of police force are we dealing with here who wanted to wait for the keys to the terrace even after discovering blood stains on the stairs? What they couldn’t break the door down? Also i found lots of comments where people are saying why did they have to clean up so soon. Wouldnt anybody do the same? I mean they had lost their child not in natural way it was murder. Why would they want to be reminded of it? They would want all things to be normal as soon as possible and they wouldnt want to be reminded of the gruesome death. Again this would count as normal behaviour. Also the parents have gone through lie tests, narco test, etc and the CBI said that everything was perfect. Also why this round about by CBI? Isnt this weird that two different CBI teams gave two different versions? Also I would like to find out about this doctor Dohare why has he said that he was being asked not to mention rape when actually there is no evidence of that in his previous and his latest report. Actually both reports seem to say the same that there is white discharge other than that nothing to report. If there was no rape why would the uncle ask him not to mention rape? Isn’t that inconsistent? Also if there was rape how could you clean it up? Also if this doctor is saying that he was influenced by someone to change the report then what credibility does he have and also how can we be sure he is not lying now? The more and more I read articles about them it seems to me that they are innocent. Also they were listening to the advice given by incompetent police force….so who can blame them for the mess they have been put into. I really feel sorry for the parents as they didnt even have proper time for grieving the loss of their only child!

    Me – I agree. Looks like the police is using the media to build public opinion against Rajesh Talwar. A friend emailed to say, Rajesh Talwar killed his daughter because she was blackmailing him about his ‘wife swapping’ activities. It seems the police can say anything and they would be believed. No proof required. 😦


    • There might not be enough truth in the wife swapping activities but dont conclude anything just yet. And dont believe the Tehelkas either. They have been right before but this report seemed to be a paid one. If u can pay the premium u are guaranteed your truth in prime time indian media. That story does nothing to rebuttle some startling facts that have emerged. In essence it is one sided, the Talwar’s side of the story. What about the other side.


  45. I do not think her folks did it either. I think it is some sort of weird not finding facts then covering up for their incompetence on the part of the police and the CBI. And the way this has been sensationalized- it is degrading.

    Me – Yes and it makes me really sad to think that almost every next person we meet thinks the parents killed her, Allytude. Suddenly the media and the police/CBI seem to have become the most reliable sources of information. I can’t imagine what they must be going through. Death of a child is devastating anyway, but they are not even being allowed to grieve. Even Shobha De, educated and I would have thought more aware of such things, commented on the way they didn’t look like they were sad.


  46. I find the murderer (lets say X) was very clever,had lots of time, patience n courage to dare to kill two ppl in a flat with full awareness that two ppl are in next room.


  47. Arushi’s uncle (Mr. Dinesh Talwar) witnessed many times about them (Arushi and Hemraj) being in obscene act. He discussed the same with his father which Mr. Rajesh Talwar never accepted.

    That night Arushi uncle again saw Hemraj entering Rajesh house through rooftop, he called his brother (Rajesh Talwar) and informed the same. Mr. Rajesh Talwar went upstairs to check that while in the mean time Hemraj entered Arushi room.

    Me – Hemraj lived INSIDE their house, in the servant’s room, near the entrance, so why would he go up and then again come back?

    Rajesh knocked Arushi’s door and told that he wants to use computer. Hemraj with the help of Arushi hide himself under her bed. After entering Arushi room, Mr. Rajesh didn’t find Hemraj but just to confirm the same he opened computer and used internet for 1/2 hr. and logged out. He told Arushi that he will be back after 10 mins. Then mr. Rajesh Talwar called his brother Dinesh and told that he didn’t find hemraj. As dinesh talwar was pretty much sure so he told Rajesh to be in Arushi room by the time he will come there. Rajesh again went to Arushi room and started using internet, after sometime Dinesh with her wife entered Rajesh house and went directly to arushi room. Arushi felt quite uncomfortable and asked that she wants to sleep. Dinesh Talwar started moving here there in the room. Hemraj who was still beneath that bed, got furious and came outside and ran towards the door. By seeing this Dinesh hit Hemraj by Golf stick which was there in the room.

    Arushi started crying and screaming that she loves Hemraj. As it was quite night hence Arushi screaming made them go insane and Mr. Rajesh hit her also by golf stick. Now Rajesh and Dinesh were joined by their respective wives (Arushi Mother and Aunty).

    Me – And the mother watched her only daughter being killed for being a victim of child abuse? Why did they not shift to Delhi or move her to a hostel and fire the servant and send him to jail (maybe with accusation of theft, which would be simpler than murder)? And what are the indications that the 13 year old was being abused? She was doing brilliantly in school and was a happy child, had friends and a social life too.

    Both Arushi and Hemaj were lying on the floor senseless. Talwar family discussed that by tomorrow everybody will know about this and their reputation in society will be vanished. They decided to take such step and murdered both of them.

    In the end it became a well planned murder where Arushi and Hemraj were killed by Rajesh Talwar, mrs. Rajesh Talwar, Dinesh Talwar and Mrs. Dinesh Talwar.

    The only living person apart from those four who knows these things is Dinesh Talwar’s daughter and Arushi’s cousin Shreya.

    Me – The police has spread such stories without any basis, Dr Talwar was also supposed to be involved in wife swapping, had an affair with Ms Durrani and the girl had also created an MMS (for which the magazine that published this false news apologised it seems).
    All these are conjectures.
    This is like saying Dr Talwar was planning to fight elections and he was sure to win, but Hemraj wanted to be his opponent, Dr Talwar knew Hemraj would win, since he got along better with the locals, so he killed Hemraj, Aarushi witnessed her father killing Hemraj and so had to be eliminated too.


  48. The CBI is just trying to cover up the mistakes made up by UP police.Lots of heads will roll if it another killer is found and it is found that police and media all made mistakes.So why not take care of your colleagues from UP police and let the innocent parents suffer.Their allegations seem so unscientific and baseless .GOD only can help anyone who gets into the clutches of police or their sister agency CBI(lots of CBI officers come from police of various states and then go back to their state after deputation)

    Me – Yes, that is quite possible!
    How to deal with incompetent Indian bureaucracy should be part of school teaching in curriculum otherwise educated middle class like Talwars will only suffer

    Me – Really, or if someone stared coaching classes, they would make a lot of money.


  49. I managed to remain ignorant of the details of this case since I live outside India. I felt like this was was one more thing the media was going to cry itself hoarse over and report sensationally and so I avoided reading about it. Also, the Indian media has this habit of reporting cases as if everyone has been following them from Day 1, and thus the initial suppositions become the accepted facts, and it’s almost impossible to find a good recap story. The Tehelka story did a good job of linking the events from the very beginning.

    Unfortunately, this story haunted me all night. I don’t know what’s worse – parents living with the knowledge that someone entered their house and killed their daughter while they were in the next room, and then being blamed for the murder as if losing their daughter wasn’t enough (as one artilce said, a parents worst nightmare)… or the possibility that it was the parents that killed her themselves. The latter is especially chilling because it would take a great deal of thought and planning to put in place stuff that would seem like alibis.

    Since I haven’t been caught up in the media hype surrounding the case, and reading about it backwards, I think there’s plenty of doubt to be cast on the idea that the parents are suspects. Not because it’s unlikely that educated parents would kill their daughter for discovering her having sex with the help (because sadly there’s plenty of evidence that parents, even educated ones, would kill their daughter for lesser ‘crimes’). For me what stood out was the grill being locked from the outside, which the maid can testify to; the mother calling Hemraj’s mobile, it being picked up and switched off (if she was the culprit why would she do that considering she had killed him, and considering she would know that the phone calls woudl be traced later); and the fact that Hemraj’s body was found on their terrace (being medical professionals they would know the body would decay and smell… wouldn’t it have been simpler to dump the body somewhere else). Unless, they actually did all this purposely thinking the police would actually think of all this … but really these seem to not be very foolproof alibis to construct from a pre-planning point of view (especially keeping the body on one’s own terrace).

    The only thing that got me was when someone above mentioned the router being switched on at 6.15 am and that it can only be switched on from Aarushi’s room, which would mean someone would have to go in to make the call. This is something the Tehelka story strangely didn’t point out. Even here, it’s possible that the parents saw the body and then made the call because they suspected Hemraj.

    Me – There’s something about the router having been switched on during the night also (3 am I think), but the police said this seemed to happen (router switched off and on) even while they were there, during the day, although there were no power-cuts.

    The thing that seems lacking is motive. I find it really hard to believe that this 14-year-old would willingly sleep with a man who was already a grandfather. It’s possible he was blackmailing her. But what I’m wondering is… where did the police come up with the idea that there were sexual relations when the postmortem report said there weren’t? I don’t think the report ever changed (as it’s been quoted directly in the Tehelka story) only the way the police and the media reported about it changed. Moreover, where did the stories about Rajesh having an affair, or being a swinger or whatever come from? Apart from the police saying it, there seems to be no other evidence. It’s a sad thing that we have to doubt the police (though often the police have a way of knowing things in India)… but unfortunately, they do seem to tell barefaced lies also and make appalling statements that contradict their earlier ones, and the media reports all of this because they ahve no other source and can’t be bothered to cross-check or even suggest that the police’s statements are not the gospel truth. So if one cuts out the idea that there was some sexual depravity involved – for there is no concrete evidence – why would the parents kill Aarushi?

    I also feel that pinning it all on the Nepali friends of Hemraj seemed like a quick-fix solution also. While it may be possible that they had a disagreement with Hemraj and killed him, why would they endanger themselves by killing Aarushi too, even if she saw something she shouldn’t have? And I wonder if being yelled at by the boss would be enough motive for someone to risk killing his daughter while the parents were sill in the house.

    What threw me was the father’s statement in the Open magazine story that he was for some time detained with the other Nepali help who were suspects, and then even handcuffed with one of them and taken to court! That just seems bizarre! If Rajesh was the suspect, then why were the other men arrested? If the other men were suspects then why was Rajesh still in jail? Unless, they believed they were all in it together which makes no sense.

    Isn’t it possible that the culprits were someone entirely unknown? Murders don’t always get solved so conveniently with all the suspects in the same house.

    From a journalistic point of view, I wish the Tehelka story had made an attempt to be less biased. It’s true that the media has been one-sided in reporting the case, and so a bias towards the other side might redress that… but it would’ve been great for Tehelka to have just attempted telling a neutral story. I also feel that there was some sloppiness… like he says that the the Talwars said their phone records can prove something. As a journalist he should have had a look at the phone records himself and then just stated it as fact if that was the case. There is a possibility that the Talwars could lie, assuming (quite safely knowing the Indian media) that wouldn’t be checked. Moreover, the last couple of paragraphs were completely self-indulgent writing. But that’s just me being critical as a journalist.

    Finally, Shobha De’s remarks on how the parents did not look grieved enough have convinved me once-and-for-all that she is a complete idiot, and a dangerous one. Sadly, this kind of ignorance and prejudice is how fates are decided. Apart from the Madelein McCann case, another famous one is the Azaria Chamberlain one. The parents claimed a dingo had snatched away their nine-week-old baby while they were camping. Suddenly the police blamed the whole thing on them and the tide of public opinion turned, mainly because the mother didnt look sad enough. She was convicted, even though she was pregnant at the time, and sentenced to life imprisonment. Later… after she had spent seven or so years in prison away from her other two children, and the baby she gave birth two in prison… they found a jacket of the baby in a dingo den and she was released. She was punished in the most cruel way possible for a crime she didn’t commit… what about punishment for all those people who got it wrong, including the public with thier malicious comments that fuelled the court decision?


  50. I think there are a lot of loopholes in this case, too many actually. I also think that we are not aware of some crucial information. Arushi’s parents may not have killed her, but they are definitely aware of some information about the double murders. What that information is, I don’t know. I just think that we are failing to see all the aspects of the case. There is some big “ghotala” in this case.


  51. I am just surmising without any evidence in support but – It could be that Hemraj killed Arushi fearing that she would tell on him.(Something that might make him lose his job.) It might not have been a pre-mediated murder but something that he did in the heat of the moment. Arushi’s dad saw this and killed him in rage. So technically he may be right when he says I did not kill my daughter. But that is only the half truth. All the circumstantial evidence also corroborates this theory.

    I do not say this is what happened – making allegations on assumptions is definitely wrong but this is an aspect the investigators can look at. This method is a bit like Watson who theorizes, whereas Holmes would always take facts into account.


  52. As part of the big bad media whom everyone seems to hate right now, I just want to draw everyone’s attention to one thing, please don’t believe all that you read or see, there I said it and hope my bosses don’t read it 😛

    Few pointers from your arguments IHM that I would like to clarify. Pls note all of this is just theorising. Firstly your argument that if they were criminals they would have made a hue and cry is as much conjecture as saying they are criminals since they didn’t cry. Just giving a different perspective, if one is convinced that what one did was necessary or righteous, one wouldn’t view anything wrong in it and one would actually be calm about it. And if one was to pretend someone else did it but despite your efforts the other death was found one has no option but to stick to playing the original part. But before I am internet lynch mobbed, let me say that I don’t know and don’t think I can claim who the killer is.

    Another point is about your comment that victims show some adverse behaviour. Many victims infact look and sound very normal and it is only when they become young adults or working professionals or get married that the latent problems surface. Again I would submit that proves or disproves nothing.

    Secondly, most conclusions that most of us draw are based on opinions or emotions and not facts i.e. how can parents kill a child. Thirdly many of you seem to forget that the media has reported the case totally on the basis of whatever was the investigation authorities stance then or what was public perception then. At one point all the reports were about the Talwars, then it was all about the compounder and again on the Talwars and now finally when they have been nailed the reports are on the perception that most people have about the innonence of the Talwars. The Tehelka article is also as convenient as they label the CBI investigation is because if you read the text purely journalistically it is also skewed to one side totally. Any report is about all the facts and they have missed some, the same is true about the publications that have concluded the Talwars as the killers. As a part of the same media brigade, I have no qualms in saying, we know as much as any of you know about the case. Yes, I do agree there have been channels and publications that have gone on and hanged some killer or the other, there are bad eggs no doubt. But honestly none of us can claim the innocence or complicity of any side.

    I agree our investigating authorities are lacking sometimes, but just to play devil’s advocate, doesn’t this bias that we have about them colour our perception even if they may have painted the true picture? Also the picture they painted is unpalatable to middle class moralities (and yet such and worse cases have happened), again playing devil’s advocate, maybe this makes us disbelieve them even more?

    All of us here seem to agree that the Talwars are progressive, so wouldnt it also be logical that in such a circumstance they wouldn’t hide the rape of their daughter, infact it would only seem logical that bringing it out in the open would ensure harsher and quicker delivery of justice. Also whether the phone call is proven or not, what made the Talwars or their relatives suspect that the girl had been raped, which probably might bring us to the point of dressing up the crime scene.

    I would like to humbly submit though that none of this is to say that the parents are guilty. All I am trying to say is that there are as many arguments for as there are against them. Hence it would be very naive of us to come to any conclusion about who killed her without having access to facts. Let’s face it, none of us have either the authority or the required knowledge to support or debunk any theory regarding her death. The only thing that most crime specialists seem to underline is that the parents are probably hiding something, what is anyone’s guess. Let’s not convict or accuse someone on the basis of what are our perceptions of a crime or its reportage. Let us all admit that this is a case we know next to nothing about, despite all the information and so called ‘evidence’ available. If the UP police can be accused of reading a lot of Manohar Kahaniyan, we can also be equally guilty of being little Sherlocks and Miss Marples.


  53. Just a seldom stalker of your blog-:)

    It is sad that we have presumed-1) the police generally don’t do their job or try to create false direction to “close” the case. Why cannot we just let the police do their job?
    also, the attention that this case has gathered through media, for good or bad, has caused a great impediment in serving justice.

    me – They would have sent Dr Talwar to jail for killing his 13 year old daughter for having an ‘affair’ with a man old thrice her age. Or they would have declared Dr Durrani an accomplice since they claimed she was having an affair with Dr Talwar.

    That said, in this cyncical India where we live, we find ourselves in a position of appreciating actions that are required of people as a virtue!

    Me – It is difficult to trust the police after the way they contradicted themselves, made random statements, accused without any basis… and also because, …. just take a look at this case, https://indianhomemaker.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/do-you-remember-this-murdered-couple-who-made-a-dramatic-reappearance/ Soon after a confession of honor killing was ‘got’ from her brother, the girl who was ‘honor killed’ appeared and testified that she was alive. I wonder how she felt when she heard of her brother being accused of killing her – thankfully the media was involved so we know about this case.


  54. Here’s what happened. This is per the initial confession Rajesh Talwar made and later retracted after the lawyers asked him to. The excruciating details he gave matches the evidence to every detail that night.

    Althought its old news but his affair with Anita Durrani had caused a rift. Aarushi made 680 phone calls to this individual within 3 days prior to her murder. She even called her grandparents about her dad’s affair. That fateful night her dad took her phone away and Aarushi recieved a phone call on their landline at 12pm. She walked out of her room and
    headed straight to Hemraj’s room and called this individual on hemraj’s cellphone. She knew the call was her because this individual named Anmol used to call her in the middle of the night. This is per call records. Between 12 and 1 her dad found her talking on the cellphone in hemraj’s room. He slapped her and she hit her head on the wall and died. No honour killing, no pre-meditatation or any earth shattering reason. Pure accidental. No one witnessed it except for Hemraj.
    Nupur is sleeping in her room and sleeps through the whole event that proceeds.
    Now this man goes out of the way just to prove to his wife he didn’t do it.
    Rajesh Talwar created 2 suspects: One for his wife which was Hemraj and then another one for the rest of the world, an outsider because he was not willing to claim guilty for killing Hemraj. So the elaborate scheme of locking the door from outside, the alcohol making it look like Hemraj had some visitors. My take on Hemrajs phone found in Punjab could be
    explained if the Talwar took a detour on the way back from Rishikesh.
    One question has mystified everyone. Can a dad slit his daughters throat. Most people will say no. Even i will say no. This case becomes easier to solve only if u find out Nupur had no idea what happened. All the elaborate scheme like sliting the throat was just to prove his wife Nupur, he didn’t do it. Aarushi was already dead and Rajesh was desperate enough to prove to his wife he couldn’t have done it. But he had to convince his wife that Hemraj did rape her and he killed him in rage. How does he prove Hemraj did rape her. The super dilated vagina, artificial vaginal discharge, the cleanup, the underwear in terrace just to prove all this really happened but he forgot to plant evidence a typical rape victim has.The bruise marks. Dinesh Talwar would also be willing to help if he is convinced Hemraj did rape Aarushi.
    Rajesh Talwar is the smartest man on earth. All he had to do was prove to his wife that he didn’t do it. No need to prove the media, police or CBI. He knew Nupur would prove it to the world that “THEY” didn’t do it because “THEY” didn’t do it.
    But just to prove it to his wife this man would do something no man has ever done before. Quite a shame. And all this time everyone was blaming the parents. Of course it was never the “PARENTS”, if u know what i mean.
    Nupur would never have forgiven Rajesh if she was convinced Rajesh killed her accidentally for something as trivial a reason as an affair. Rajesh knew that affair was of no real significant importance. Aarushi is also her child too and she wouldn’t be willing to risk her life for anything, specially not for Anita durrani. If she is convinced he did it, their marriage is over or should have been over by now.


    • Know your post is a year old, but you do have a lot of sensationalist,creative (although full of cheapness) stuff going on in your head.Guess what ,if this were to happen in your home tomorrow,Indian police and other Manojs like you would talk randomly,recklessly with a bit more ‘masala’ about your parents’ illicit affairs with neighbourhood aunties and uncles and your own affair with the maid,whether there’s hardly any truth in it or not is totally immaterial for the tamasha-watching cops,public and media.


  55. I am one of those who believe in the innocence of the Talwars. The case haunts me and makes me wonder at the injustice of it all. If you read the case of Tanviben Divetia vs. The State of Gujarat, you would find many similarities, and how innocent actions can be construed to be evidence of guilt.

    Tanvi Divetia was accused of murdering her mother-in-law. She was alone with her infant daughter the night the mother-in-law was killed. Burglers had entered the house and attacked the mother-in-law in her room while Tanvi was sleeping with her 6 month old in the next room. Awakened by the sounds of a scruffle, she went to her mother-in-laws room holding her daughter and was attacked as well. The intruders then ran away. The first thing tanvi did was to call her father. Her husband, a doctor, was away on a medical conference in Germany at the time of the incident.

    The police arrested her for the crime. The call she made to her father apparently pointed to her father being in cahoots with her to murder the mother-in-law. The fact that her husband stood by her staunchly the 20 years the case dragged on, their life in ruins about them, is another matter.

    Google her name and you’ll find the entire report. And read the ridiculous charges the police have made. Pretty much what the police have done to the Talwars.

    I cannot imagine what they are going through. I pray that they find light at the end of the tunnel soon.

    Me – What I found most offensive was the way the Police and the CBI changed their stories and each story was treated like it was a fact.


  56. To my point of view,rajesh might have did this

    1.They told tat ventilator was on,is the ventilator makes a strange noice,where he cant hear aarushi’s voice or the people came inside they have drunken this things could not be heared.how is it possible?

    2.how could they come inside,whether they should have broken the door or window,nothing has happened like that.someone has opened the door.

    3.A report from Rajesh and Nupur, as the closure report puts it, “used to lock the bedroom of Aarushi during night”. Actually, the parents’ room, Aarushi’s room and the main door of the house all had self-locking Godrej locks — the kind that locks automatically when the door closes. These locks could be opened from the inside by turning the lever, but could be opened from outside only with a key. These locks are often used as security measures in urban homes with domestic help — for instance, Aarushi’s best friend Fiza’s mother Masooma Ranalvi told TEHELKA that each bedroom in her house also had similar locks.Why they should keep this lock?

    4.what the finger prints tell?

    5.They couldnt able to find a single clue,why is it so?is it so we dont have an efficient officers?


  57. IF the parents are not involved in this brutal murder who is? So far there is no circumstantial evidence to show that anyone else other than the Talwars could have killed Aarushi. Truth must come out even if it sounds bitter.


  58. Hi all,
    I would like to introduce myself as “crime scene analyst” living in southern part of tamilnadu, and also I am a medical professional too…
    Please read my analysis and if can anyone can help, please pass it to respective.. I have tried my best to convey but I am too far to succeed
    I like to describe this twin murder, in terms of FBI words as it is” First degree coldblooded, double murder”
    Yes I guess it is a preplanned murder because of following reason,
     Absence of evidence after crime
     Use of Sharpe edge murder weapon
     Blood stained glove impression
     No sign of forced entry
    I could say RT (Dr.Rajesh Tawar) is innocent.
     Because there is absence of motive….but he too had committed some worst blunder mistakes such as hiding evidence and changing vaginal swabs … I could say he does all, thinking hemraj done this and escaped and not knowing hemraj was also dead.. This made this coldblooded murder case handicapped..And he digs his own grave.
     Presence of two identical throat slit on both the victim is the critical clue according to me…….. It could not be done in conscious person that easily, this also suggests the killer is not single….and I am sure it was done after they made the victim unconscious or almost in dead condition… And not the throat slit was done first. And they have done this to make sure the victims are dead….
     And if RT was killer and the motive was sexual involvement with her daughter he would have stabbed hemraj more times with that sharp weapon, ….I mean he would have tempered high….but no such findings were there..So it was clearly understand ,,that use of sharp weapon was to confirm their death only by the killer and not RT, Postmortem report also finds only blow and throat slit…..
     Presence of unidentified fingerprint in the scotch bottle still today…clearly suggest , the killer is outsider and he is not focused still today
     Failure to find any marks or wounds and laceration on RT body suggests he was not the part of crime. Remember it is a type of brutal murder
     Repeated narco test and lie detection test results was not against him… Being a medical profession, I too suspect its reliability..But according to me, in narco test though the subject may mix his/her imagination and fantasy… There is always chance an suspect can leak the truth too…But this has not happened in case of RT though he is subjected for many times… I don’t think he over smarted the narco test , which needs some experience, and to do that he must have taken that drug many times and get used to it..
     Lie detection test or polygraph… I know, there is History, suspect have passed lie detection test but caught in DNA samples…But here he was subjected many times, so I prefer, he may be innocent too and not inconclusive.
    And people please don’t believe aarushi had sexual affair with hemraj
     All her social networking accounts like orkut , facebook and her email account , phone sms ,call records and internet browsing records were all trapped and there were no evidence of any suspicious desire to sexual things were found..She was a perfect school going child. Anybody who is that spoilt would have tried them in internet too… That too she had very good privacy for doing that… I think people will agree with me….
     And kindly note hemraj was newly appointed servant just 4 months old, and it was too fast for 14 years child to develop desire or inclination on him…
     Absence of call or sms records between their mobile phones also suggests this too.
     And also I guess aarushi might be sleeping at the time of killer entering her room…Absence of violence in her room and things and belonging were intact shows, there is no sign of struggle or violence … and also if she is not slept that time; she would have been managed to reach RT room by any means which is actually a very next room..Since RT room is only the safest room for her in the world at that time…

    Clearly it was some killer or killers from outside was involved, and they still roam free…
     Mobile phone was found out from the crime scene.. How this would have happened? If RT was suspect; he would have destroyed it and in fact he had sufficient time to do that too…. It is still unclear, what happened to hemraj phone?
     Only possibility…. Hemarj was the person who gave access to the killer, not knowing that was his last day in earth.
     The murder weapon was not yet identified…

    Why the servant was freed? And RT alone was considered as suspect?
     They freed the servants stating that there were no evidence of entry of outsiders according to watchman or guard statement…If that was correct, how their Mobile phones were alone went out from crime scene??????????
     Where was the murder weapon? If no outsiders passed out from crime scene…it should be inside the house… A metal cannot be burned to vanish away… So it must be inside house, but no such weapon was found…it clearly shows murder weapon was out along with the killer………. I mean the sharp weapon..
     So I guess the watchman statement was not reliable…
    Regarding crime scene
     And also ; I guess there must be to separate crime scene,, because if both of them were at same place either one would have alarmed and would have knocked Rajesh door and there would be some sign of struggle in RT body, because they were about to lose their life. In fact they were grown enough to defense them.
     As I said earlier aarushi must be sleeping that time… Postmortem report says that, she received a blow in the occipital region and killer must be infront of her. Absence of additional wounds also suggests this.
     Whereas hemraj received an unexpected blow from behind.
    Motive of the murder
     Killer prime motive was aarushi..And I guess the motive was Sexual desire and not revenge…If revenge was suspected then he would have tampered her more, which was not actually found
     Also there is mysterious change of vaginal swab by some unknown person,,, which I may guess RT might have done this too, He might have done keeping in mind that ,not to spoil her daughter reputation for rape…This swab change clearly suggest that she must be sexually disturbed too…
     Hemraj cannot be killers motive…if he was motive, why aarushi was killed?
     I don’t believe she was accidental victim. Because crime scene found no sign of struggle.
    I conclude my analysis that, killer or killers are roaming free and none was subjected to any kind of test yet. And both the Police and CBI were helpless because there was no evidence, when they arrive the crime scene…
    I suggest the killer must be educated, may be professional too and he must be definitely known to aarushi family and hemraj indeed. Who is that KILLER X ??????
    I request our Judiciary to reinvestigate the case with a new set of expertise. Only fresh eyes can find more hereafter. We Indians are more talented in science, and if this case is closed without justice ; it will question our science and technology department… There were many unresolved cases too… but that should not be considered and justified, it is like that unresolved cases…we are developing day by day, and this case is in the show currently now…
    I feel it is our Legal system duty to find justice at any cost… it is somewhat related to our nation reputation… This is humble request by one Indian citizen to our legal system…
    People should not lose hope on our legal system… We r not lacking of expertise…. We actually have many than we needed. Please have fresh eyes on this case…………..


  59. Can anybody tell me a single case (other then this) when a murder took place in a closed house and the left behind house members are finding it very tough to prove themselves innocent?

    The “Truth always speaks”. An innocent person will always speak directly seeing into your eyes without any hesitation. But the Talwars, you see their faces, listen their answers and decide.

    The one points striking to me is why Talwar’s cell phone record for the night of murder yet not made public?


  60. Dr. Ranjeet,

    Will you please answer why an outsider will clean Arushi’s private parts ? Why Will he hide Hemraj Body with a Cooler’s side part on roof of the house? Why Doctor Rajesh Talwar ignored blood stains on stairs and refused advise of opening the roof door. Why he refused to identify the body of Hem Raj? Why they called K.K. Gautam to their house on third day of murder?

    And most important, why are they facing so many questions? and why they finding it tough to answer every questions? Why so many co-incidents (according to Talwar’s) on that day?

    If Hem Raj allowed some outsiders, it must be after 12.00 midnight. They might either switch the door bell or they might have called his cell phone. So if door bell ringed everyone in house should come to know or if they called on his cell phone his cell phone record should have some proof. Both the proofs are not there. So theory of someone entered from outside the house can not be established.

    And again if someone entered from outside with the consent of Hem Raj they must have some motive. If the motive was to rape Arushi (with the consent of Hem Raj) why Hem Raj was Killed? and if the motive was to loot, the planning of Hem Raj should have been started with the evening food. He could have given the Talwar’s sleeping pill etc. And he should have also fled from the house along with the other culprits. His cell phone record also does not show anything that he was in any type of contact with anybody suspicious on that day or some days before that day. If he was a man of criminal mentality why he was approaching to Human Rights worker? He was not fond of Alcohol, then why would he organise party of drinkers at his house and that too in mid of night! I don’t think somebody will wait for midnight just to have an small Alcohol party, and that too stealthily. Why would Hem Raj allow the drinks from the bottle of Dr. Rajesh Talwar, because he would have to answer for the same.

    Can anybody establish the complete theory of some one entered from outside with their way and motive and with complete incident of crime?


  61. Dear Mr.Shyam,
    Please read my analysis full.. i mentioned it was RT family has done some mistakes like tampering the evidence.. Please remeber the day one of the crime scene…. who was the killer at that time????
    it was missing hemraj according to all…. My guess is.. RT know her daughter was raped and killed.. and he suspcets hemraj done this and ran away……please have a break and think and then continue reading………………also kindly note all her forensic evidence was taken in the day one…….
    in this condition y cant a innocent father who gave birth to her after 11 years, cant think why she her daughter also want to be telecasted as raped victim.? he was in pain , already missied her angel…and according to him hemraj was killer and ran away… so it is logical to say, he changed her dress ,because he dont want to mention as rape.. he want to save her reputation ..definetly a photo will be taken in crime scene.. will any one leave the others to see private parts of their own loved one in public show ????..
    i think it was the big mistake commited by RT…….2.)refuse to identify hemraj body….what do u think significance in that question…if u think RT as normal person and not profeesional killer , u will be answering as this a normal outcome of a person who was in blackout at that time……….3) report says K.k gutam came himself for condolence and he was friend to talwar family..and he was policemen.. wont u seek help from policemen if he is frnd to u???also think…if RT was killer and he would have easily escaped from that, if he compltelty dispose hemraj body and made to continue story as missing hemraj was killer…
    4.) y facing so many q…..very eaay to answer this…because all circumstantial evidence was against him….there are many case like this even many suspect was chargesheeted and were released later for their innocence…..
    5.) absence of door bell & phone record……. dear shyam…..some q make me think u as good thinking but some were not and complete oppsite to my thinking…. to do u such preplanned murder, the killer must have into the house manytimes..he completely analysed the sitation…. regarding phone records…his phone is still missing… and how it went outside? ……ya why it cant be misscall to inform him, that im waiting outside… miss call cannot be traced………evn for postpaid customer…to do that we need to hack the phone through network provider..
    6) y hemraj was killed……. very easy to answer…how can one rape and just go away keeping the witness there safe at that place…..
    7) meeting of social worker….. it is not of that worthy according to me…remember he is family men . can anyone surely say ,threaten to life was his motive to meet social worker…..y he cant write letter and keep it in his room , if he really fears for that………..y u dont agree it cant be a coincidence…may be family prob tooo
    8.postmortem report and cbi report say he is acholic drinker… and as u say ,i too was against the theory of alcohol party…but he definetly drinks some of his owners drink..which was there in postmortem report.
    and at sametime though irrevelant to this,, i was against to u if u say , others wont risk for drinking alcohol…alcohhol depended people even do murdres for liquior …lot of case are there Mr.Shyam..


  62. Dr. Ranjeet,

    So you agree that Scene of crime was dressed up by Talwars. If it is so they should accept it. The change of Arushi’s dress was not only dress up of crime scene. The RTs were educated people they must be knowing that the change in crime scene could hamper critical evidences to establish charge against Hem Raj (till the time murderer according to them). Their activities shows that they were only trying to remove the evidences. And everyone knows only a criminal would do that not the victim.

    And for obtaining a cell phone record you need not to see the recover the hand set. You can get it from the service provider and I in this case Hem Raj’s cell phone record shows a call attended at 6.01AM in the morning when made Bharti came. And his cell phone was there in the location of Talwar’s house. And then it was found some days after somewhere in Punjab ( not to surprise, it was manageable since they had time for that, once they made the NOIDA police rush to search for Hem Raj).

    You are trying your level best defend Talwar’s. I also wish they are proved innocent if they are really.


  63. Dear Shyam
    Good..remember our basic principle of law…”thousand culprit may escape from law, but never a single innocent should be punished”…i am trying for that….in my argument i was not fingering any one……and i cant do that too, until i was confirm….but some people, what they r doing ?????????? they r fingering RT…..r they eyewitness or any way related to the case?? to do that??????they do just because of circumstantial evidence was against him…..see there were lots of cases like this, but whose result were turned later….so be calm…don’t be a part of sin……..
    And coming back to ur reply, again i insist u to think deep………….in my analysis i told they were not be aware that hemraj was also dead that time..,,,,,,,,yes they are educated….but reputation is common for both poor as well rich,,,,,they were not aware they are hiding vital evidence of killer………RT was not opened yet i think….because people find their own story for his every action,,for example…not visiting hemraj body….in those situation there will be lots of advice from frnds & relative to do this, that etc….so he might have been chained,,,,,,let hope, he may open up now,,,,,otherwise never nothing will happen
    Dear shyam, miss call record cannot be retrieved from service provider,,,and also y we need his phone, because it may contain his contact list,his recent contact logs,,which may be valuable…..
    and to your next question, phone call attended by 6.01..good thinking……as per our guess,the killer must be known to their family , y killer should not be in the same area when his phone was ringed ?…and nobody can say phone was in talwar house….even phone with GPS facility we cant say exact position, we can guess in and around 6 metre areas,,,,,and in this case, they say phone was in network area in which talwar house was also there…may be even few kilometers apart also but the person who picked the phone that time was in noida only,,,,,


  64. genuine budding investigators working purely on facts and evidence, can quickly discuss and find the killer on yahoo groups(aarushi), lets all get rid of this case quickly by solving it.


  65. We just got booted out at the celebgalz.com most likely because they ran out of space due to excessive commenting. Here’s the latest i have found in the last few days. If only we can get our hands on the complete narco test report the case would be shut within minutes.

    FACT: Nupur’s Narco and lie detection test showed she heard a noise in the terrace when Hemraj was taken down.

    CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE: Rajesh Talwar found his daughter in a compromising position with Hemraj. Aarushi was locked up in her room after this incident. Few minutes later Nupur heard a thud in her bedroom from the terrace. Killer was just finished with Hemraj and came to the kitchen. Got liquored up heavily. Asked the 2nd victim to open door which she did. Had a talk. Some severe disagreement. Another thud.

    I am going to post my conclusions and motive behind the acts here shortly.


  66. Indian Homemaker, since you found it impossible that parents could have killed Aarushi, what do you have to say about the latest affidavit filed by CBI.
    “”investigation has squarely reached a conclusion that no one other than Dr Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar could have conjointly committed this dastardly crime” ”

    I never had an iota of doubt that parents were involved in the crime. Shobha De was so right in her observations. I couldn’t agree any less with her.


    • Random I did not say her parents could have definitely not killed her, I said I would like to see it proven without doubt. Till now we are just looking for the easy ‘victim’ in this case. Where’s the motive? Who locked the door from outside? Why didn’t they dispose of Hemraj’s body? How did his phone reach punjab? Why would any murderers allow themselves to be ‘caught’ so easily?
      About what Shobha De said, like I have pointed out, they could have pretended the kind of grief many people understand, if they wanted.


      • Indian Homemaker, looks like u have been in the dark the whole time. Do some research and dont rely on what the media feeds u.
        Here’s the motive for you: an out of control daughter, addicted to internet, cellphone and texting with her boyfriend all night,
        me- No proof. And then a lot of teenagers and young adults spend a lot of time on the internet and the cell phone, texting their boy friends and girl friends – why would this be taken more seriously than it should have been?
        I can understand UP police assuming that any girl who has a boy friend is probably going to be killed by her parents – in one of their stories the girl’s brother had confessed his crimes in their custody, when the dead girl and her boy friend came back to testify that they were alive.

        asking her dad to quit his womanizing behavior,
        Me – Has this been conclusively proven?

        flirting with the servant right in front of her dad.
        Me – A not yet fourteen year old does not flirt with a 45 year old servant – any such acts are called ‘child abuse’.
        And there is no reason to believe there was child-abuse anyway.

        Yes, she challenged him to clean up his act. And he killed her in a rage. He was drunk and possessive of his daughter and Hemraj had better grip on Aarushi then her dad. Put in this all togather and its a molotov cocktail waiting to explode.

        Me – This is what UP Police first claimed without providing any proofs.


      • Forgot to respond to some of your points:

        Who locked the door from outside ? He did. And he got in from Hemraj’s door. It has a separate entrance. He locked it from outside because they didn’t want Bharati, the maid to get in before he was done cleaning up all the bloodbath and the fake rape reenactment.
        How did the phone reach Punjab ? He took a detour on his way back from Haridwar after the cremation.
        Why didn’t they dispose of Hemraj’s body? Butchering 2 people in a night, cleaning up all the evidence, planting fake evidences, getting rid of the bloodbath, AND getting rid of Hemraj’s body ? Try doing all of these in a single night without being seen/heard by anyone and we will call u a superman.

        Why would any murderers allow themselves to be ‘caught’ so easily? It wasn’t easy. You just have to tamper the evidence by paying bribe and paying reporters to report one sided story. In india, they call it the right way.


  67. I think the parents are not involved …but if they are not then why are they not sharing all the information they have to the CBI…
    if they really wanted justice for their daughter they would have told the whole storie ……
    I only hope that she gets justice …..
    and if the parents have a hand in killing her i feel they are the most cruel parents ever
    how can you kill your own daughter


  68. why talwars will throw aarushi mobile on a dirt-track in noida. Had they been culprits, they could have destroyed it permanently.


  69. two Qs puzzle me too much:

    1. why ONLY hemraj didn’t take food that night (something fishy)

    2. why talwars RUSHED to Haridwar next day (ash immersion was not an urgent necessity & could have gone after a week)- smells like disposing of valueable evidences on the way.


      • i mean to say what was the urgency to collect ashes from cremation ground just after 12 hrs of cremation. it could have been done after 3 or 4 days.

        Me – it is collected at the earliest. Mostly people don’t wait.


      • Not in murder cases. I dont recall any educated parents doing an express cremation without letting the investigation do its due process. Witness testimony of people at the crime scene tells Rajesh Talwar asking the investigators to run to the police station and not collect any crime scene evidence. Coming from a dad who is a doctor.


        • As parents they are caught between wanting to know the truth and protecting her name.When we look at somebody as confirmed guilty,you can find a hundred things that can aid in thinking so.My only question is ,isn’t it possible that dacoits/anti social elements which UP is so full of could not have targetted their house,knowing it is a posh area and house belongs to doctors.They could have tried to use Hemraj to gain access without his compliance in the crime.The fact that there is no theft leads one to think,either it was to attack women in the house or it could be a premediated act and any cause for revenge from staff etc. need to have been explored more cautiously and extensively.Since the cops themselves botched up any chance of finding a crime trail,not surprising they would go for the easy target-parents.And further leak out scandalous stories abt them to influence public opinion,which of course many members of public eagerly lap up with the interest of watching the next Bollywood flick.Except it’s real life.Professionalism from police dept. could have helped this case a lot,especially in early stages and should have replaced the ‘Manohar kahaniyaan’ crime solving by those insistent only on such angles to this sad incident.
          May God give them enough consolation and will power to go through the rest of their lives if they are innocent.Kudos to you IHM for being alert and reasonable abt this case.


  70. answers of arushi murder can only be done by analysis.
    following points
    1. white sheet on arushi — a) who can put it on arushis body b) where was it kept in which room earlier c) did parents say that this sheet is their family’s possession d) if sheet was not supposed to be in arushis room, then you have immediate circumstantial evidence on who did it.
    2. lock on terrace – a) who owned this lock. b) where was it bought c) was any analysis done on the lock like touch dna
    3. efforts by parents to find muderers – a) did Rajesh or Nupur shell out money for any private detectives to find murderer/get leads or just the indian police b) if parents know murderer , then they will not shell out any money
    4. access to house – a) did anyone other than parents have access to keys of house…b) what chance is there that anyone will enter their house at 12:00 am in night, and that the house is not locked from inside with chain or other system? b) how can outsider get entry without bell or cell phone or some sound handshake system


  71. Dear Samir,
    Nothing to analyse more as we had enough in celebgalz. No news is good news & media is very obediently following it specially in aarushi case. Hats off to media! They should be honoured with the highest award.


    • What ever happened to that thread in celebgalz? Any one has any idea

      Wonder if that isn’t a mystery in itself ??? Anyway, I see that some of the contributors are here too….!


  72. IMO, the Talwars cannot be given a clean chit very easily. There are certain points tat militates against such an assumption.

    First of all, why would an intruder spend time moping up the blood stains on the stairs leading up to the terrace and locking the terrace door, when all he should be concerned about is leaving the scene of crime as soon as possible, lest anyone chances upon him. From an intruder point of scenario, that seemed a pointless and even foolish exercise.

    Secondly, the blood spatter evidence described in the closure report brings out the fact that the girl was whacked with a blunt weapon and her throat slit in her bedroom on her very bed itself. Again, this is bizarre from an intruder angle, especially because the autopsy report had ruled out violent sexual assault of any kind. It would appear that the attack on the girl was not an impromptu action, if she had indeed chanced upon the intruder who had supposedly come to kill Hemraj, as some of the theories had suggested. Instead, the killer methodically went about his course of action and obtained access to the girl’s room, courtesy of her mother who had “accidentally” left the key on the doorknob itself, which is a real story in itself.

    Thirdly, there is the most damning revelation in the closure report, about the girl’s private parts being cleaned after the murder and this point, coupled with the other CBI claim of the Talwars’ attempt at inflencing the autopsy report, the suspicions trend in a very particular direction.

    About the Ballantine’s whiskey bottle—isn’t it curious that the blood samples of both the victims ended upon the bottle, but not on each other, assuming that the killer had consumed the liquor after the slayings? Even if the liquor consumption was between the killings, it should be natural that some sort of blood transfer should occur between the victims. But it appears not and why so?

    There is also the point that no fingerprint of Rajesh Talwar, who ostensibly was the only one who consumed alcohol in the household (Hemraj was a teetotaller), was recovered from the bottle—which in the normal course should have been the case. All points to a classic setup piece of evidence.


    • There is no proof that Talwars attempted to influence the autopsy report. Some of what we have read of the case is only what the media has reported after the statements by the noida police- all unsubstantiated claims. There is no clear evidence that the parents killed her. Do read the arguments in the discussion above.


      • Well, the CBI closure report clearly mentions the Talwars’ attempt to influence the report in a particular way. Was the CBI lying through the teeth ?If so, is there any real chance of this case coming to a successful resolution ?

        It seems that many of the contributors above have not considered the forensic aspects of the case and have gone on with generalised assumptions and conclusions.


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  74. I’m appalled that so many people believe that ‘educated people are incapable of such crimes’. It betrays a deep-seated and dangerous prejudice. It is similar to the prevalent, but erroneous idea that white women are ‘cheap and easy’. Lawyers tell me that by far the majority of crimes are committed by relatives.


    • I’m so glad you made this point! Many people tend to get swayed by the surface ‘respectability’ of the Talwars and make judgments based on that. Truth is that filicide happens all over the world, across socioeconomic classes, for a variety of reasons.


    • P James their being educated does not indicate they killed their daughter or did not kill her, but there is no proof, no motive, no seeming benefit to them for killing their child.

      Since the door was locked from outside, it is possible that someone entered the flat and killed two people and went out. Till now there has been no investigation about whose foot print (larger than both Hemraj and Rajesh Talwar) was found on the terrace, and how Hemraj’s cell phone reached Punjab.


      • Regarding motive, if one peruses the CBI closure report, one can very well deduce what they are hinting at, as the motive.

        There was an alternate access point to the Talwars’ residence, which was the exit door out of Hemraj’s room. So theoretically, it was possible for someone in the flat to lock the main door from the outside and then, enter the apartment through the other door. There has never been any report of that door too being locked from the outside, since if that too were locked from the outside, Ts could have been out of the dock. . It is extremely naive to think that neither the CBI nor the honourable SC would have considered that argument, if it was indeed valid.

        Regarding footprint analysis, it is never an accurate science and it is not as much of a gold standard in forensic Science as, say the DNA test is.


        • The very first reports were about the maid ringing the bell, and Mrs Talwar asking her to open the door from outside. The maid then told the reporters she opened the door and went in and Mrs Talwar said something like ‘look what they’ve done’. Nothing in their behaviour or reactions should be taken as evidence because they could have been in shock (like what they said, how they didn’t cry, how they cremated her, how they responded to the media etc). If they are to be proved the killers, then it has to be something more substantial.


      • @Indian Homemaker,
        I have to be honest here. Only reason your reader even pay attention to you is because u own this blog. Do some research on this case before making any outlandish claims. This is a very serious case and people have spent quite a lot of time on this, not to mention police, CBI and now the supreme court however much tried to point the fingers away keeps coming back to them. Wont be surprised if u block my comment.


      • @ MK Suraj, i dont think there was any conspiracy associated with it. The thread had become a liability for them.

        @Indian Homemaker, router being left on has serious implication in this case. His whole story was he asked his wife to turn on the router, browsed the internet and asked his wife to turn it off at 11. And later that night 2 people are slaughtered and ISP indicates router was turned off at 6pm and your only witness was caught red handed lieing. This man lies every time he gets cornered but people still defend him.


  75. Supreme court has dismissed the plea made by Talwars around being named as the accused. They will now have to stand trial. Hopefully they will finally tell the truth.


  76. The sad part about this whole thing is, Arushi’s parents really don’t care if she gets justice. They are more concerned about defending themselves rather then having the truth come out. They know things, but they won’t talk. Whose honour are they protecting? what is more important for Arushi? Her honour (as they are “allegedly” trying to protect) or justice? If the police botched up the case from the begining, the parents were not far behind by witholding informtaion, being uncooperative and making up stories. That amounts to pure deception.
    And IHM, though I am not a psychoanlyst, but your faith in the parents stems not from the facts of the case or the mess it is,The possibility that an educated middle class parents can commit such a henious crime.is making it more personal for you. If your views are based on what is given in the Tehelka story, which I would like to add is a “totally paid for” and one sided story (and has a lot of B.S) then I think you need to change your glasses.
    Why would the CBI blame only the parents? they had other suspects like the compounder and Hemraj’s other Nepali friends which is what the story was leaning towards. The story also made the bold claim that the compunder had confessed in the narco analysis test, that he was involved. But still the CBI picks on the parents? Or maybe the Tehelka story writer forgot to mention that that the compunder had a direct line to the Nepal PM who influenced the CBI investigation. If he can make the first claim, he can easily make the last one. My point in this whole thing is, stop seeing this from the eyes of a parent and such B.S, stories, and look at the facts or the case before accusing or defending someone.


    • So anonymous what in this case points clearly at the parents as the killers – apart from the fact that they heard nothing and slept through it all. CBI confirmed that is possible. I am not able to find any links to another murder of two children by teenaged domestic help, while the parents slept in an AC room, they were woken up by their (also stabbed but survived) eldest child, a daughter banging at their door – this was in East Delhi.

      I only think their unwillingness to bring justice to Aarushi is not what one would generally expect.


    • Manoj, do you have any idea as to what happened to the celebgalz blog. It vanished so suddenly………………….!!!

      I am still wondering what had happened with it, though some of us could have the satisfaction that we have been vindicated, even if partly at least.


  77. definitly d parents kno the truth..they r silent n hiding a lot………..first chek out whether she is their own kid ………..narco analysis shud hav done for talwars not others …………i m sure the real culprit r parents n parents only ………n there is no room for emotional questns like can any parent kill t5heir child………….ys it can happen…………it has happend all over d world………parents kill kids n children killing parents ……..may b d murder cud hav taken place as d result of d anger in a moment ……..but more than rajesh talwar i doubt noopur talwar……….i m a mom of 2..i m an advocate ……..a mother who lost her kid can never be normal for months or years ………..bt she s perfectly alrite……..metting press


    • Maya I agree that parents can kill children, but this should be proved beyond reasonable doubt. Just because this is possible is not enough to convict them.

      And we don’t know if Nupur Talwar is normal or not after her daughter’s killing, only those very close to her would know that. If they wanted, they could have created an impression of being visibly upset, crying in public etc. In fact if they killed in anger, their guilt and trauma should be even bigger. Only in a cold blooded, planned murder would a killer remain unaffected, and for that there has to be some strong motive. There doesn’t appear to be any motive for these parents to kill their only child, born after eleven years of their marriage and generally a happy, well adjusted child.


  78. I m wth UP Police..you said that strangers entered their house through Hemraaj in the presence of Talwars sounds so unreal..if that happened then why would they kill her..wouldn’t she scream..TALWARS weren’t sleeping when all this happened..their router was used many times that night..it’s definately a honour killing


      • Because he said before he went to bed that night he powered off the router. ISP confirmed the device was powered and was turned off at 6 am the following morning. Why would a father make up such a lie when 2 people were murdered in his house ?


  79. @Manoj, I suppose Indian homemaker is not very familiar with many aspects of the case, in that she doesn’t know that there were two access points to inside of the apartment, i.e. the main entrance and the second being H’s exit door. Though the first one was found to be locked from outside, there was never any report of the second door too being locked from the outside. The gist is that the locked door from outside does not make much of a difference.

    Regarding the intruder scenario, why would any intruder need to clean the body of the dead girl in specific areas , which was brought out by the CBI closure report ?


    • Suraj, yes. People have gone through every single outside intrusion scenario’s and u are still left with countless unanswered questions not to mention Rajesh Talwar lying umpteen times when his own daughter was murdered. This time around they are in real trouble because the key witness is now an adult and can potentially spill the beans. They kept that kid out because he was a minor even though he knew everything that happened in that household that night as he spoke to Aarushi for more than an hour.


      • @Manoj, you are right. One need not read much into the sudden disappearance of the celebgalz blog pertaining to the case. However, one is much disappointed because it represented the most comprehensive and in depth look into the case from all possible angles, with brilliant inputs from multitudes of intelligent minds. By the process of ratiocination and elimination, all possible scenarios of ‘outsider action’ were looked into and ruled out since it was found that no ‘outsider theory’ could satisfactorily explain all the curious occurrences and happenstances related to the case, thus by bringing the focus of the case to the parents themselves.

        Yes, there is no single evidence which can by itself incriminate the parents or more precisely Mr. Talwar. But, if one goes through the sequence of events and the damning findings in the closure report, a definite pattern emerges and it leads towards the parents. IMHO, there is no way that the findings of closure report are accurate (which I believe it is) and at the same time, the Talwars remain absolutely innocent. Either, the Talwars are lying or the CBI closure report is total bunkum–each one of us can make up his or her mind.

        Regarding the router, if you remember we had much discussion regarding its erratic functioning through out the night of the incident and the next day. It is hard to draw any lasting conclusion since its erratic functioning continued through out the daytime, even when the relatives and the Police were very much inside the apartment. The closure report does not provide the reasons for this.

        However various explanations had been proposed such as in this blog itself by one commentator who said that it could be that a person entering the room accidentally switches on the router in the attempt to turn on, perhaps the light bulb in the room. Even the parents could be doing this because only the occupant of the room will be well familiar with the layout of the switches inside the room. (it could be due to the poor arrangement of switches on the switchboard as well)

        If this were true it could have a very significant bearing on the case since the CBI closure report mentions that the last activity of the router was as at 3.43 am, which would also correlate to the last activity inside the room. The next activity of router was at 6.01 am when the maid had reached the residence (CR, para 23) and as Nupur Talwar was calling Hemraj’s mobile from the landline.


    • For all we know someone could have been trying to open Arushi’s door to gain entry on a daily basis, but succeeded only on the day Aarushi’s mother forgot to lock Aarushi’s door from outside. Forgetting to lock the door could have been a lapse on the mother’s part, or Aarushi could have come out of the room for some reason, gone back into her room and forgotten to lock her door.

      Stigma of rape is something people are scared about. Agreed. But despite that, could the parents have been the ones who cleaned her up or could it be someone else who wanted to cover up the scene?


  80. Suraj, I recall we went over this quite extensively. There is some contradiction here since the key accused claims he turned off the router and went back to sleep. Not sure how u can have router activity when you physically turn it off. Go back to the first statement he gave of what his sequence of event was. He changed his statement was he got caught red-handed.


  81. Remember, from Nupur Talwar’s own words it could be understood that it was their practice to switch off the router, because of which she had to go Arushi’s room to switch on the router at the behest of Mr. Talwar, late at night and the bedroom key was subsequently left ‘absentmindedly’ on the doorknob , allowing the killer access to Arushi’s room. The story seemed a bit laboured and raises many questions.

    The CBI had looked into the possibility of powercuts and found out there was none during that time period. The very fact that the router sprang into action just as the Talwars had supposedly woken up is suspicious. If power fluctuation was the problem, how come the Talwars never complained about it , since that could be very annoying if you are browsing the net.


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    2 – can anybody let me know whats the time difference between maid came and ask nupur to give Keys ,,,and maid actually came and saw the body of arushi…….WHAT WAS THE difference in FACE EXPRESSION OF BOTH THE TIME OF NUPUR TALWAR….????


  84. No one asked why the b’day gift ..the camera was presented before her b’day? A perfect alibi!!! dotting parents..?? the boy (friend) should be questioned about his long phone calls..he was a real close friend for sure and knows a lot! Why should both doctors be in a hurry to cremate? their education teaches them the importance of not destroying the body which could need multiple autopsys…Hindu cremation wipes out any chances …this is a real important point! why was her body not preserved???why were the first aid/ doctors (ambulance) not called at the first go? why was hemraj blamed without calling for medical assistance? how were they so sure that the poor child was dead ..beyond any scope of being retrieved? The girl’s mobile records will reveal a lot..who has investigated her frequently called and received numbers? what made it so necessary for her phone to be removed and disposed off? i doubt the story that her mobile was recovered..what bugs me …where is the weapon? probably also put to rest amongst the chaos created the next day because of ill trained and ill equipped police force who should have SEALED the murder scene upon arrival….One thing is for sure…there were no forced entries…the killer is known…and there was no theft too..So… people defending the doctor duo..chances are big that the parents are involved or may even be the culprits..OR the two domestic helps did it…BUT if they were after the girl(for other resons)….why would they do this with the Talwars at home?? they could have “tried” when she was alone in the house..


  85. Given the recent developments on the case front, it was hard not to put down a line or two. Now, I am among those who broadly go by what the CBI is alleging vis a vis the Talwars and I understand the reasons behind it and it seems that the courts too have taken more or less the same view.

    The Talwars’ allegation that they are being fixed in the case by someone powerful is in all reality unfounded. The alternate possibility that they are victims of circumstances making them the unluckiest couple in the world is a possibility, remote nonetheless. But given the series of startling findings in the CBI closure report, it is hard to discount the role of parents in the execution of crime, at least not until someone else is conclusively proved to be the murderer (s).

    From the media reports and from what the Talwars themselves have put out in the public domain, the Talwars used to be a reasonably normal and happy family. All the innuendos of incest, adultery, swinging parties etc. were in all likelihood distortions or blatant lies. But given that things ended up the way they did, the moral of the story perhaps is that, even the strongest of relationships and the happiest of families can implode and self destruct under the right set of – or more aptly, the wrong set of circumstances.


  86. Why are the parents doing everything to stall the court proceedings considering everyone sympathizes with them except the CBI (which is irrelevant). This would be a good place to tell their side of the story. In all the interviews i have seen they dont seem to have a consistent story.
    Its not difficult to come to a conclusion that have accidentally killed their child and then tried to cover up. They even tried to dispose the phone to make it look like a robbery but forgot to rob anything besides a cellphone. Good job !!!


  87. Aarushi’s body was found by her mom Nupur Talwar the next morning in the pool of blood in her bedroom. According to maid who opened the front door and came in saw Nupur sitting at the table crying and blaming Hemraj of killing Aarushi.
    Which mother or father will just sit there at the table crying after discovering the body of their daughter in her bedroom,with throat slit? Normally parents would go hysterical, call Police, call paramedics. Here we are talking about highly educated people. Their reaction and the events that followed were very bizarre. like hastily cleaning Aarushi’s room off any blood stains, calling the doctor who did autopsy to change the findings etc. Any shocked and innocent parents will not destroy evidence or change autopsy report. Parent’s talks and their actions do not synchronize
    In a 2 bedroom flat, some outsiders barge in the silence of night kill 2 people, have whiskey, drag a body of an adult male up on terrace and parents sleep through all this why because the air conditioner was too loud?
    This was an open and shut case. police just blew it.


    • None of this proves anything. It’s difficult to say how anybody reacts to severe trauma – if she had discovered her daughter’s dead body, it was possible to not think of anything logical. Being educated could have meant that she knew the child was dead and there was no hope of her being alive.

      It was more than possible to blame the servant – murders by servant are not unheard of in Delhi/NCR.

      We don’t yet know who cleaned the room, or if the room was cleaned at all and even if it was cleaned – please consider how was cleaning a room going to help them prove their innocence? Why would they do it? It drew attention – similarly they could have chosen to act the way they are expected to – cry in public for example.

      And there are conflicting reports about their asking for changing the autopsy report. It seems the same UP police who claimed these things also claimed Rajesh Talwar had an affair with Anita Durrani and killed his daughter because she was blackmailing him – so just their word is not enough.

      Not saying they are innocent, just that they haven’t really yet been proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.


      • Room was cleaned by maid and the walls were painted by a painter. This was ordered by Talwars.
        All the evidences are circumstantial. There is no body, the vaginal swab is missing, sim cards of cell phones were changed and destroyed, rooms, walls are cleaned with chemicals. If your daughter is murdered and police is investigating parents would not do any of this.
        Changing of autopsy report is confessed by the doc who did it. Police is not “claiming” it.
        I agree that they haven’t really yet been proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.


    • Dear PIPA,
      Not all human reactions are same; to a tragedic scenario. Morever this is not a bollwood flim to expect NT/RT to run behind a missing killer with gun.

      hi to all. we definetly miss celebgalz which contains tonnes of discussions pertaining to this case…


      • Dr. Ranjit I agree it is not a movie and people have subtle ways of reacting to scenarios but if a mom goes to daughter’s room to wake her up and instead finds her lifeless body in a pool of blood with her throat slit I don’t think she would gather herself so quickly come out sit at the dining table and weep. It is just my opinion.


      • Hi Ranjit,

        About the case, even though I am someone who had consistently suspected the involvement of the Talwars in the murders, it is not that all is lost for them. Knowing that the burden of proof is always on the prosecution and the charge of murder must be proved beyond reasonable doubt, they might find someone who might take a sympathetic view, letting them off in the end. But even if that were to happen the larger shadow of suspicion will still continue to hang over them. That is because even if there is no smoking gun of evidence that nails the Ts to the crime, the reverse is also true. All that arguments that are being thrown up to buttress their POV do have counter points.

        1) The locked outer door –This point was busted the very first day itself, for there was an alternate entrance to the apartment via Hemraj’s room and till date no media or police report has suggested that it was too locked. If both the exit points were locked from outside, the Ts would have been out of the dock
        2) The mobiles ending up outside the house—When the first call was made in the morning to H’s cellphone by Nupur Talwar, mobile records have concluded that the phone was very much in the vicinity; that means including the inside of the apartment. Police investigation started in earnest only after the discovery of Hemraj’s body, which was about more than 24 hrs after the first incident. Till that time everyone was under the mistaken assumption or was led to believe that H had committed the crime and run away. This window of time might have been exploited by the perps to smuggle out many incriminating evidences with the witting or unwitting help of those who had made a beeline to the apartment during the first day. Remember that H’s cellphone ended up in Punjab of all places, the state where most of T acquaintances and relatives reside in. Couldn’t one of the visitors have carried with him the cell back to Punjab?

        3) Hard to use a golf stick inside the enclosed space of an apartment – it could have been held at a quarter of a length from the end and used to strike deadly blows in a sort of ‘hammer grip’.

        There are other points and counterpoints as well, which I have chosen not to include for constraint of time.


  88. Dude, Stop acting like the whole prosecution is based on how they acted right after the murder. And stop ranting “None of this proves anything”. This by itself is not a proof but a side observation to see through the clutter. Prosecution’s main case is destruction of evidence, misleading the investigation which are very serious charges when there is a double murder. That is the last thing u want to do if u are a suspect.


    • I , too, am just so fedup of this statement ‘None of this prove anything’ This is what is call Circumstancial evidence. Probably they are not aware about this.


  89. There are 7 people involved in this issue and 2 are dead. This leaves the rest 5 in a batch of 3 servants + 2 parents. Definitely one batch is a killer and the other is a very unfortunate victim facing an unjustifiable fate. (unless, we believe some group other than these 5 did it)
    The cut to Aarushi’s throat could have been caused either by a kukri or a surgical blade – pointing to all the 5.
    The missing cellphones reappearing in mystical place. Anyone could have done it, the talwars on their visit to Haridwar or the other 3 could have done it as they were only charged when the case was handed over to the CBI and had sufficient time to dispose off the cellphone.

    All 5 survived psychiatric tests, In fact the parents were even forthcoming.
    All the 5 survived police interrogation – this works in their favor. Not a simple thing at all-a police interrogation.
    A call made to Hemraj’s phone from the Talwar’s landline was picked up from a cell tower in Jal Vayu Vihar again making all the 5 equally culpable, but again it is a also a natural thing for a owner missing a servant to do when he gets up in the morning. The timing is also perfect and a point in favor of the talwars. It is justifiable to assume that Rajesh got irritated that the phone was cut after it was picked up, giving the impression to him that Hemraj was on the run and had inadvertently picked up his call. Finding Arrushi dead and not finding Hemraj who had the temerity to disconnect his call, could have given Rajes the first picture of the killer in Hemraj. And the anger directed at Hemraj, was not something he could have easily undone, even when told that Hemraj’s body was found upstairs, which would only have given him solace that the “murderer” was also murdered.

    If u have seen Hemraj’s picture, it is unlikely that he was a object of desire for a 13 year old.

    I am surprised at how Mr. Gautham knew he had to open the lock to the terrace. Why is there not much info on this?

    The unexplained fingerprints on the Whiskey bottle, again gives all the five the benefit of the doubt.

    That Aarushi was locked by her mother was the biggest disinformation propagated by the media against the Talwars. It was a regular door giving Aarushi the privacy and protection from a male servant inside the house yet being accessible to the parents. It uses the same kind of lock that can lock you out of the room. Try throwing the keys inside the house and closing the door and u r locked outside your own house. This can explain how the killers could have gotten out yet could leave the keys inside. Sorry Nupur had to use the same keys to open the door, thereby corrupting the finger print on the keys.

    We are allowed forget to lock the doors in our house. After all it is our house and it is our memory.

    Air conditioner sound is in favor of the Talwars.

    The previous day was a normal day in the Talwars lives. Aarushi getting a camera for her birthday. The driver remembers that Rajesh was wearing the same dress the day before and day after.

    The modem is as unreliable a piece of evidence as it is in giving a satisfactory browsing experience.

    The talwars cleaned the house, just as anyone would. After all it is not a pleasant thing to hand around in a house. At this point, with the “suspected murderer” on the run, the police wouldn’t have objected it, unless ofcourse they can explain today what “undue haste” is.

    Who Would want to sleep in a house with the blood of one’s daughter splattered everywhere.

    Who in legal fraternity can convict any of the 5?


    • Dear Mr.Vinod,
      You are absolutely correct. I am like a person who dosent want to blame talwars blindly.
      Talwars can be innocent because incidence, murder scenario is not perfectly matching to prove them guilty.. Most of people mind here want to blame talwar just because there is no chance of outsiders.
      But right from celebgalz forum, i seriously believe there is 200% possibilities of the hidden killer from outside..
      Dear friend MK Suraj
      Let us wait for the trial. Something may happen


  90. Go check out the witness testimony from yesterday. Police Photographer Mr Gautam saw blood on the wall behind the bed but nothing on aarushi’s clothes and pillow. Read through this a hundred times and see what conclusion u come up with. Last time i checked third party killers dont clean up the crime scene. Read this one again, the next day when police photographer was sent to take pictures of Hemraj’s crime scene body was already sent to the mortuary and Talwar crew had cleaned up the whole terrace before the experts could examine the scene. Dont say this is hokum. This is from Mr Gautam’s testimony on the first day at court.


  91. Talwars cannot stand trial…as soon as Prosecution will start questioning they will break down. Thats why they have been trying all this while to somehow stall the proceedings. CBI had a more vulnerable target, The servants. If CBI just wanted to get away easily from this case, they could have implicated servants and put forward the chargesheet. But they did not do it and rather picked up on Talwars who have more resources, money, contact everything. Even If we believe Talwars didnot kill their daughter and domestic help, they surely are hiding a lot of things. Why are they hiding? Whom are they trying to save?? Was that person more important than their own daughter and their prestige and ‘HONOUR’? If at all murderers were outsiders, they were stupid enough to choose a time when both parents were present inside the house. Though they had an opportunity to do the job in the absence of parents.


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  93. i respect the judgement, but if the case would be handed to a team of forensic expert. they must have proved the case in light of modern science along with circumstantial evidence and presumptions.


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  95. I DO NOT believe the Talwars killed their own daughter. It is due to sheer irresponsibility of our police force and the legal system that they are behind bars. As someone else has also pointed out, lets hope the bubble of life does not break and we don’t suffer the way the Talwar’s are. First to lose their only child and then to be tried and convicted for her murder. I can’t even imagine how horrific all this is for them Like a terrible nightmare which has no end. I just wish there was some way to get to the truth. Wish we could do something for this couple who’s living a life of hell right in our midst.


  96. Aarushi was born after 5 years not 11 plz check.
    I too support parents. But why would criminal drink whisky after killing? ?
    Why would they lock terrace? ?


  97. It is more than clear that the parents are not guilty. I don’t even know why people think this is a very mysterious case. There is no mystery. Liquor bottles were found in Hemraj’s room on the night Aarushi and Hemraj were killed. The sound test proved there is no way parents could have heard. It is the media and police who are giving wrong publicity to this case and the public is also coming up with stupid theories! There is no freaking way that a 13 year old kid will involve in sexual act with a 45 year old!! I am surprised as to how perverted some of the Indian minds are!! Watch the first chief investigating officer Arun Kumar for CBI’s interview on this case. In the narco analysis, Krishna and Raj Kumar clearly narrated how they killed Aarushi and Hemraj. But they were not allowed to use this evidence in court. Aarushi’s parents should sue the UP police, CBI, media and even some of the mindless public for the character assassination of their only child! God! I shudder to think what the parents must be going through. Public and media wants a juicy tale and hence made it up! I would not wish what happened to them on my worst enemy!


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