Three Saudi youths were arrested for attempting to sexually assault a teenager…

Teenager escapes rape attempt (in Taif,  Saudi Arabia)

Did you find this news difficult to believe? I did.

Is the victim going to be stoned for attracting the molesters attention?


“The victim told police, after  escaping from the youths, that while walking down the road a car with three men pulled up and invited the victim to join them. When the victim refused to get in, two of the men tried to drag the victim  into the vehicle, but the victim resisted and managed to run away. They had also taken the victim’s mobile phone.

With the help of a Bangladeshi worker, the victim called police and described the car the attackers were driving.

A police patrol detained a car matching the victim’s description when it passed through a checkpoint later in the night.

After being interrogated, the youths admitted to trying to sexually assault the victim. They also confessed that they had sold the victim’s mobile phone for SR300 in a nearby market.

They took the police to the shop where they sold the phone and officers interrogated the shopkeeper.” (News from here with minor changes, to make a point…)

Can you guess why this victim is not going to be blamed for this (attempted) crime?


40 thoughts on “Three Saudi youths were arrested for attempting to sexually assault a teenager…

  1. dont tell me .. its a guy.. if that the case he is sure to get into more trouble , cause islam doesnot allow this
    or have i completely gone bonkers and completly lost the plot here it does mention sexual assault ..



  2. Not a rocket science… so I can say it with conviction
    COZ the victim is male. The Arab world is hell bent on declaring homosexuality a western genetic defect blaming this victim will be like accepting Arab men are lesser men for sodomizing another man…

    Desi Girl


  3. Kudos to you, IHM, for bringing up this point of WHY the victim was treated as a victim and not as the culprit himself!! Had it been a girl, the first question would have been: ‘Why was she walking there alone? She must have been a prostitute trying to solicit customers!’. It is our mindset that is to blame!!


  4. Saudi follows strict Islamic law.
    so it is impossible a girl can walk alone.
    SO the person is boy.

    2nd in some nations now a days it is big business to kidnap young boys and make them live like girls, boy turned into girl slave.
    is the new entertainment form for the rich people.


  5. I guessed the victim had to be a male. How else would be victim be walking alone, unescorted in Saudi Arabia where women cannot even open bank accounts or have a drivers license?

    That said, the word “victim” itself should have tipped me off. Because we women always “ask for it”. If we are wearing jeans, if we are going for a walk, if we look, if we breathe, it always means that we are asking for it. If someone tries to grope us on the street, we get to face the curfew. We are the ones who get a daily dose of “you should not wear revealing clothes and attract attention”. Which , btw, I never understood. Because if exposure was the cause of rape, then the burkha countries should have no sexual crimes against women at all right?


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