Books I am reading.

Here are some books I found helpful.

1. The Year of Magical Thinking – Joan Didion ***

It’s about how life can change so suddenly. I could totally relate to the author feeling this was happening to someone else and she was just watching it happen. Also her unwillingness to change anything – because the finality takes a long time to sink in. Moving from our GK house troubled me, because I felt (knowing that was not true) that Tejaswee won’t be able to find us if we moved. Also a feeling that we could have saved her if  we had worn white T shirts while waiting outside the ICU, or put pictures in an empty frame or said ‘touchwood‘ whenever we said the same thing together. The book made me see I wasn’t the only one to feel this way.

2. Forever Ours – Dr. Janis Amatuzio *****

This book is about hope, and for me, also about some comforting ‘make believe’. It is very difficult to believe that someone who is such a part of your life (and will be forever) is now ‘not there’. The book seems to say, “We don’t know, we have reason to believe they are gone forever, but we also have reason to believe they are still there somewhere and they are happy.” The book is about what people see and feel when they have near death experiences.

3. The Knitting Circle – Ann Hood *****

The author lost her 5 year daughter to Meningitis and I could relate to what she felt and how she tried to cope. The book is about how she moved through her grief and how for a long, long time, nothing else mattered. I realise, I enjoyed being a part of what was happening in the world around me but have almost no interest in it now…On some days I cannot think, watch, read, talk about anything beyond my grief. Thankfully there is enough to read about what I can read.

But, this book is also about knitting. This book made me smile, hope and made me want to learn to knit. I think that is a miracle in itself… I have crocheted as a teenager, and gifted crocheted stuffed toys to friends. The last time I tried knitting was when Tejaswee was born, my mom finished it for me. Now I would like to try it again.

I can’t thank Sangeeta enough for recommending this book.

4. Five people you meet in heaven.***

This book is for fathers of sons. Mothers too. I strongly recommend anybody who has a son to read this book. It’s entertaining but I did not find it comforting for me in anyway. This book made me wonder who my daughter would have met if she was in this book. My dad. My husband’s parents. A dear friend I lost in 1994. But once you start reading you realise the author doesn’t think you meet only your family. Read to find out who he thinks one could meet.

5. Shantaram – I was reading it on my daughter’s recommendation (read insistence) but maybe I will have to try finishing it a little later.

Here are some other books I have ordered, will blog about them once I have read them.

The Memory Keeper ‘s Daughter – Kim Edwards

A Summer To Die – Lois Lowry, Jenni Oliver

Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

A Summer To Die – Lois Lowry, Jenni Oliver

Beyond Tears: Living After Losing A Child by Ellen Mitchell (and nine others)

The Road Less Traveled – M. Scott Peck


29 thoughts on “Books I am reading.

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  2. Hmm…I read Shantaram and it took me 9 months and 3 breaks to finish it. Good luck with that. 🙂 It’s all right but dragged on a bit for me… Have also read Memory Keeper’s Daughter and enjoyed it. A nice read. But as Pal says, do choose some light reading as well. Hugs!


  3. wow what a lovely list makes me wanting to read them all …….Shantaram is one book I want to read too but never got hold of and always felt maybe its not the kind I wd like…Maybe someday I will read it.


  4. Shantaram is a super duper awesome book. Really inspiring in its own way. So many times during its read I found myself nodding in agreement with the author. Probably the longest book i finished in minimum time. (well, apart from the harry potter books:D)
    Take care IHM.


  5. Great list IHM. Have only read Five people…and forgotten, so will re-read those along with the others. Oh, have also read M Scott Peck, awesome one.

    Glad you are reading these IHM. I get my comfort from books too, sometimes more than people.


  6. I have to admit that been avoiding coming to your blog just like a friend u mentioned who was avoiding calling you. ((((((Hugs IHM)))). I am glad books r giving u solace.


  7. Wow IHM….you are reading so many books and have ordered for more. Shantaram is on my list for long and see when i get my hands on it.

    I found Amitav Ghosh books very captivating…..forgot everything while reading them. ‘Calcutta chromosome’ and ‘The shadow lines’ were so great.

    Have you read Brida by Paulo Coelho?

    Go watch “eat pray love ” if you haven’t still…


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  9. So many books IHM!!! Are you reading them one-by-one or two at a time… this is a lot!
    Though I love it! And I couldn’t think of better friends than books…

    And IHM, do you have enough bookmarks? 🙄 :mrgreen: 😀 😀 😀


  10. I love shantaram u should read it…

    Five People u meet in heaven is good, I read it after a strong reco by N who read it after his dad passed away a good book

    I have read the memory keepers daughter and liked it too

    And The road less travelled its an awesome book… must read for everyone

    but yeah I agree with Pal pick up some light reads too


  11. I too feel like I have days, almost all, that all I talk about is Sarah, my grief. I have no idea or even want to know how the rest of my life will play out without her, forever. I am still in denial, it has been over 3 months, and I do believe I still hope she will come back. I know I also wonder what I could have done to prevent her accident. Start knitting, calm your mind with it, be creative with it, we have to do this for our families. Sending love and a hug, Gina


  12. The Road Less Travelled is an awesome book.
    The Year of Magical Thinking is also a great comfort. I’m not so sure about the Mitch Albom- I found Tuesdays with Morrie far more impactful. It really helped my Dad, who was getting more and more physically dependent by then.
    The Memory Keeper’s Daughter was such a sad story- heartbreaking, really.
    I must lok out for the others.
    Your header pics and the photograph in the post are just lovely.


  13. I have a policy of reading only one book at a time. It works wonders. If you read too many books at a time, it will make you fidgety as you feel like jumping from one book to another, and thus won’t be able to enjoy any of the books.

    If you want to cope with your loss, please read “Up in the old hotel”, by Joseph Mitchell, the best book I have ever read. You won’t find a more sensitive person than the writer.


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