Tejaswee Rao Scholarship and Blogging Awards.

We visited Tejaswee’s college and discussed and decided upon various ways in which we could start a Scholarship in her name. The option I like requires depositing a lump sum amount (Capital) and the interest from that amount provides Scholarships, and if we choose,  Hostel fees, PG expenses, Books, Field Trips etc to one or more students.  Also, we can continue to add to this amount if we wish to (like on her birthdays). This makes me wonder if we should continue with the registering of the Trust I have mentioned earlier. A Trust requires some legal knowledge, annual auditing etc, though it also enables other people to contribute. We need to think about this now.

Her favorite teacher said the selection of the recipients for the scholarship, “should not be based purely on academic performance… Tejaswee was brilliant and  creative, she really cared, she was compassionate, confident and she was involved, aware and opinionated, she was so full of life… ” She couldn’t go on. I understand now what they mean when they say ‘tears are a tribute we pay to the memory of those we love‘ …Every time I meet someone Tejaswee looked up to or cared for, I can’t help but notice how well she chose who she liked…

They helped us identify one student, a class mate, who will receive Tejaswee Rao Scholarship this year. I remember Tejaswee speaking fondly  of her. The college suggested we meet the child and I think we would love that. This is a positive beginning.

Her college also held this contest.

I have decided to do something similar on this blog. I had planned to use the Blogscars 2010 as a means to create a collection of links to posts related to the issues this blog deals with (Girl Child, gender bias, intolerance etc) and to recognize those which really can make a difference… I will be announcing the Blogscars soon. I would like to dedicate the Blogscars to my daughter Tejaswee with Cash Prizes and Certificates to be won…  Your suggestions are welcome.

I have created a blog – a Support Group for Coping with Grief and Loss, it can be found here.


48 thoughts on “Tejaswee Rao Scholarship and Blogging Awards.

  1. I am glad you are getting close to giving concrete shape to keeping Tejaswee’s memory alive in all those hearts she touched. This is also an indication that you are most probably past grieving and already accepting her demise as God’s will. I agree the scholarship need not necessarily be based on academic excellence as in present times the focus is on overall personality.

    Wishing you good luck in this project


  2. I agree that Trusts are complicated and a scholarship in the format the college has suggested is a very simple effective way of achieving the same. If its a question of contributions, I am sure you can set up an account for this purpose, and then transfer the money into the capital amount.

    Take care, IHM.


  3. Registering a trust would help the owners of the trust get an income tax exemption for it. Which would mean that whosoever donates to the trust, they would be eligible for income tax deduction under section 80 c or section 80 d. Not sure about the exact clause though.


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  5. Way to go and Kudos to you .. I really appreciate what you are doing.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE anything I can help with just dont hesitate my email is mannbik@gmail.com

    and what you are doing is a very noble thing, Not many have been able to do it .. I am so lucky to have come to ur blog and met over the blog to such a person

    Yeah i agree a overall personality is a must , I dont think academics shud be the ONLY criteria but you know best so all the best and i am sure all will go fine…


  6. Both the scholarship and the blog awards ideas are wonderful! Looking forward to contributing to them, whichever way I can.. Hugs to you, IHM.

    Also wanted to say I’ve been reading all the posts you’ve been writing.. just don’t comment on all for words fall short. I hope and pray that your good days outnumber the bad ones, and that as you take each step, it gets somewhat easier. What lovely pictures in the previous post!

    Do let me know if there’s anything I can do!


  7. I have a suggestion….( elaborating what athira mentioned above)

    Ask the college to open a Fixed Deposit Bank Account under Tejaswee Rao Scholarship Corpus Account…...You can contribute your corpus and invite bloggers to contribute to that account….( i am sure most of us will be happy to be part of this )

    I am sure my estimate is atleast 5 lacs will come through bloggers which works out to Rs 40K per year assuming the rate of interest is 8 %……


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  9. Its really awesome that you have started the scholarship programme IHM. But I feel (and this is just my opinion) a scholarship to someone who cannot afford to go to college, or school makes more sense to me. Just sponsoring their primary education through the trust/scholarship would ensure atleast some level of literacy to children who do not have the money for school fees.
    please let us know how we can contribute to the funds. I like the idea of having a fixed deposit account open to anyone for deposits in that account.


  10. This is a wonderful way to honor your daughter’s memory and also contribute to social justice for those who need assistance most. I am sure she would be proud to see her memory honored in this way.


  11. ‘Every time I meet someone Tejaswee looked up to or cared for, I can’t help but notice how well she chose who she liked…’ – isn’t this what every parent wants for their child? The ability to choose wisely. You’ve done a great job of parenting, IHM!!


  12. The scholarship is a great step forward IHM and it is a wonderful idea not to restrict it to academic achievement alone.

    And the blogoscars are such an appropriate way for remembering Tejaswee.


  13. The scholarship is a great start; you can tackle the trust later if you feel the need arises. Or as someone says, ask the college to create the scholarship so others can contribute.

    I love that the Blogscars are dedicated to Tejaswee this year. Am enjoying reading through the posts you linked as examples in each category. Too bad we can’t nominate your posts for the awards!


  14. Great idea, IHM, the scholarship. Good to have non-academic stuff included. Would also be good to have economic need included, in my opinion. It should end up being a honour to be picked for this scholarship and I think it would be nice for you to have some contact with these kids as they grow older and excel. A community of TR Fellows who go and impact the world positively – something we sorely need in our country.

    Way to go!


  15. IHM, this is a great start. A scholarship is a great way to help others. Also agree with Sangitha above on including financial status of the candidates as one of the considerations (just suggesting). The blogscars and the support group blog are great ideas too. You seem like an educated, net-savvy woman, but many people from the last generation who have never used the net do not have a means of sharing their grief and get help/support online. But this is good encouragement for those who do to find an outlet online. Help comes in unexpected ways and often from people you may not know, and what better place to find it than on the internet. Your online support group blog could help thousands. Good work! Tejaswee would be proud!


  16. such a noble idea…all the best for making it true. I may not comment on each of your posts cuz I don’t know what to say..but I read each of them and pray for peace and strength for you and your family.


  17. Wow IHM. This is what you are all about. Strength.

    If you ask me, a Trust seriously is a lot of hassle. All the time that you spend in administrative issues, you could rather contribute to ideas.

    The other option is a lot simpler. If someone else who knows you wants to donate, they can always trust you to add the amount in the fixed deposit.


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