Of soaring dreams robbed by fate – Vidya Krishnan

“Dengue claimed 19-year-old Tejaswee’s life on August 11, but she lives on through her blog

Nineteen-year-old Tejaswee Rao knew exactly what to do with her life. After graduating from Lady Shri Ram College, the second-year student wanted to adopt a baby girl, become the most powerful person in the world, run for President and spend her life helping the poor — probably not in that order.

But fate had other plans in store…”

Article by Vidya Krishnan at,


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31 thoughts on “Of soaring dreams robbed by fate – Vidya Krishnan

  1. i still think of you every day.. for most part of the day.. every single day, every single living moment… you are very brave,and i love what you’re doing now..
    If there is no support group, you can make one.. ONLY you can make one IHM…


  2. I have been lurking around since the day I got the news, not knowing what to say. At a loss for words IHM, all I can say is, hats off to the way u are living thru this, you are brave, very brave.


  3. I keep reading tejaswee’s blog over and over again.
    Continue to keep tesjaswee,you and rest of the family in my thoughts and prayers. Love lost IHM.God bless


  4. Dearest IHM,

    I have read Tejaswee’s letter to the future several times and wished I had the wisdom to have written one to my daughter. But this has inspired me to write one . Tejaswee was many years ahead in her thinking and maturity. May your positive and courageous message continue to encourage and inspire young girls, women and men around this world. My arms embrace you to comfort you and your family.


  5. I have no words to admire your courage, IHM. So true that Tejaswee will continue to live through her blogs. Tejaswee, whereever you are, just know that you have a wonderful mother and you are a very very sweet daughter.



  6. Tried posting this on the website, but it was too slow, so posting it here…

    ‘Despite remaining ‘anonymous’, IHM (as she is popularly known in Blogworld) is very much a part of our lives. And now, Tejaswee is, too.

    I wish I had read her blog earlier. Radiant, is what describes her best! She continues to live on, in different forms and ways…’


  7. May you find peace & strength to live through these difficult times. And the beautiful memories of a beautiful person (inside & out) will live forever in the minds & hearts of people…


  8. It sounds inane and trvial but after reading her blogs though saw no mention of it i just knew Tejaswee had to be in LSR. I am ex LSRite and I feel I can relate to her even more now. God Bless Her and all of you.


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