The Pinkest Protesters : The Gulabi Gang

Thank You DoubleX for sharing this link about the pinkest of protesters.

Ladies and Gentlemen put your hands together for…

The Gulabi Gang!

These smart feminists, from UP were also forced to apply Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed… but not many seem to know about them. Nobody guessed and I am forced to keep the Pink Trophy with me 😦

“The Gulabi Gang protects the powerless from those who abuse their power. They retaliate against violence of brutal husbands, they crack down on those who abandon their families. They fight corruption and they force reluctant police officers to register cases for underprivileged people.” [From their website]

Poignant and yet motivating lyrics, I wish Bollywood makes an inspiring song out of these… Or maybe a blogger who loves music.

Saath hai saal purani azaadi hamuu kabahi naa jaani

Tiresath saal puraani.Azadi hamuu kadahi naa jaaani

Maar maar dandan kaam karame


Sixty years of freedom, we have never known,

Sixty three years old freedom, we have never known it

They beat us with a sticks to make us work…

And their slogan πŸ™‚

Oh I think Muthalik with his special interest in what women wear,Β  and his association with saris and pink chaddis really should hear this! Β  πŸ˜‰

Hum Bharat ki naari hai,

naari nahi chingaari hai

Abhi to yeh angdayee hai

age aur larayee hai

Kaam kare to baat karenge

naheen to joota-laat parege

Rishtwatkhor dalalon ko

Maro inko salon ko

Rough Translation:

We are Indian women

(Bhartiya Nari :P)

We’re not women we are red hot embers

This is just the beginning (stretching)

There’s lots to fight, ahead

If they work, we will talk

If they don’t we will use shoes and kicks

Pimps and middlemen who take bribe

Thrash theseΒ  useless fellows

Part I and Part II of Gulabi Gang documentary have more information. How Sampath Pal managed to study till class four and why she chose Pink. Why women join and men support.Β  And men do support them – why? Because, there was oppression and what choice were they left with.

Though I don’t believe they wear only pink to support them.

They even have a website.Β  EarlierΒ I had linked to this website,Β  but received an email on Dec 29, 2011, that pointed out that the real website of the Gulabi Gang is the one below,


37 thoughts on “The Pinkest Protesters : The Gulabi Gang

  1. Excellent!!!

    Thank you for bringing this here..

    I am actually thrilled to read this.. that such groups exists .. which have taken the responsibility of brining down a better down tomorrow upon their shoulders.

    Hail these new brigade of change!


    • That’s how I felt Sadhigopal! I still can’t believe she has more than a lakh women in her gang and they have the support of their families. In one of the videos they make people playing cards stop playing and go to work – when the families complained. They are actually making a difference!


  2. For once pink is proving to be powerful !!! πŸ™‚ Love this gang of girls…so happy to see them rising above the stereotypes. πŸ™‚

    LOL @ the collage…you are awesome with ur camera – does the camera have a special filter to identify pink and click on its own ???? πŸ˜‰

    The slogans are amazing….so powerful, which is the need of the hour. πŸ™‚


  3. so much for free MEDIA.. i did not have a clue about this going on.. they can put a snal of a idiot minister going on a rampage as i put on my blog but they cant put such things which might actuially help to bring about a change

    thanks for sharing … I will surly visit the website..

    nice one and the poem was very nice …


    • They sing this song in the style of ‘Sasuraal Genda Phool’ from Delhi -6. Loved it!!!

      Bikram this video is by NDTV, I think some amongst media did show it…it probably never caught on :\

      We too must encourage them to show such things by increasing the TRPs πŸ™‚


  4. wow! this is indeed awesome!
    So brave really… these men and women need to be applauded and their efforts encouraged.
    Thank you for sharing this piece of news IHM πŸ™‚


  5. Wow ! Now, this IS something !! I like it when women get into action rather than talking on women issues endlessly ! But why is this not given enough coverage ?


  6. Never knew anything about any such thing! These women are not just courageous and daring, but a live example for people to take cues from. In a society where people (especially women) are curbed and crushed they are not just standing up for themselves, but are standing up against the entire crippled system. The poem is very inspiring and hard-hitting. Kudos to them!! πŸ™‚


  7. Isn’t it nice when regular people get up and do something without being politically motivated? Talk about grass roots organization! It gives one hope that even we in India haven’t become totally apathetic.


    • That’s what I felt!! And if you watch the videos, they have full support of the entire society!! No, we haven’t become totally apathetic at all – she chose pink to avoid all political affiliation! And refused to join SP even when invited by Mulayam Singh Yadav.


  8. Awesome article about the pink gang, and the song is also too good. Its sad So few people know about something like this… The organisation tackling women abuse at the actual “grass root level” and at this magnitude. I forwarded the article to almost every one I know. Will post the link on my blog too!! Thanks for sharing.


  9. Interesting. More interesting how short of a memory do Indians have.

    In 1970s women in Himachal initiated Chipko moment that also dealt with domestic abuse, alcoholism and environmental degradation. Later won Magsaysay Award.

    It was during the anti dowry protests of 1980s the slogan Phol nahin chingari hein hum bharat ki nari hein was created. And many similar liberatory songs were created at the grassroots by women. For more songs of the movement search Kamla Bhasin

    At the same time in South India women initiated Anti Arrack movement, that worked for prohibition and eliminating domestic abuse.

    Kinkri Devi, started campaign for universal education. She died just a couple of years ago.

    In mid 1990s women surpanchs in Haryana enforced prohibition for 19 good months but government buckled down to appease their male voters and revenue churner.

    Nobody other than few trackers of history of social movements recalls it. This Gulabi Gang has been around for quite some time but cared. More attention is paid to the candle light vigils in the urban centers. Similar women’s movents are operative in all over the country but they never garner any attention until some chanel comes and makes a documentary out of it and then after few months of ho halla it catches dust and life goes on.

    Please search for:
    Women gurreillas of Telengana 1946-52

    Shahada land rights struggle

    Bare foot Engineers of Tilonia

    Sangham Radio of AP

    Rape of Thangjam Manorama Manipur

    S.E.W.A. Rights of vendors movement

    And so on…

    Lets keep it burning and not just become one more documentary catching dust in the archives.


    Desi Girl


  10. Wow, I’m kind of shocked that some of the commenters here never heard of the Gulabi Gang. I remember hearing about them about two years ago. But these women are brave. πŸ˜€

    Me – RenKiss I too heard of them for the first time when I received this email from DoubleX!


  11. yo, pink! Big cheers for the pink gang! πŸ™‚ hmm, we do need more of them…

    As for Muthalik and his ruffian kids there is another reason to pee on their knickers. Not just the bad memories brought by the colour but also their agenda and motive may give the sena boys bad dreams. Given the job they carry out they must surely belong to the ‘ brutal’ , ‘corrupt’ and useless group.

    God bless pink! πŸ˜€


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