So who is the Peeping Tom?

I had to stay still and hide behind a book shelf to catch this one red handed 🙂 I saw him (or her?) drinking water only once… but water is what attracts this Pariah Kite to my balcony 🙂

And Suranga’s surprise!

Did you notice the gorgeous blue header with warli like figures?   Do take a look at all the figures and what they are doing…

This gorgeous header is a surprise by Suranga. 😆

Dear SURANGA please click HERE to know what I have to say…

More bird posts?

I visited a blogging friend and met her very good looking neighbor… (awesome Brown headed barbet pictures)

New neighbourhood. (squirrels!!)

I wish I knew the names of my gorgeous neighbours!

Some of us don’t care.

Where would ghosts go, if we cut all trees?

Delightful pictures of green pigeon activity from my balcony.

Photographs of Green Pigeon eggs from my balcony.

So who loves a rainy day?

Ill mannered visitors.




48 thoughts on “So who is the Peeping Tom?

  1. Oh wow! Its so difficult to click them I know. They take water and fly away in a jiffy!

    Superb header .. look @ hw many details she hs put in them. Gr8 work Suranga 🙂


  2. IHM, thats a wonderful shot. You are damn gud with ur camera too, apart from issues and words. 🙂

    BTW, what happened to that previous post ??? Why you made it private ????

    Thats a wonderful header !!! But I think there’s no contest on guessing what all went into it !!! 😉

    Me – I need to edit it a little, will put it back after a while.


  3. Love the color scheme and those wonderful figures in the header 😛
    A beautiful work of art Suranga 🙂

    You are awesome IHM, as far timing of clicking pictures goes.
    The kite is focusing on you and you are focusing on him 😉

    Excellent symmetry of the subject in the second shot 🙂

    I love that cute card, in fact I often visit your blog just to click and enjoy it from the header 😀 😀

    me – Awww 🙂 I love it too!!


  4. I love the eyes, so full and black, wonder whether it has an outer white part bodering the black in its eye… when it comes in contact with the light…

    Absolutely Cutie pie:) I would love to pamper it 🙂 birds love it when we nuzzle their heads or blow lightly into their chest 🙂 🙂


  5. it is so sweet ……
    i know Delhi is real hot now …. thank God that the eagle has a place to rest.

    By, the way, does the meter count a million times … i watched till 105


  6. Beautiful bird/picture! The first one is quite clear – feathers are clearly visible! Maybe she came to you to say ‘thank you’ for the water, IHM! Like you said ‘thank you’ to Suranga’s beautiful header. The tiny say so many things, express so many things about you…beautiful! My head is reeling with the ‘thank you’ sounds, nice!

    Me – Would you believe it Sandhya, a larger number of birds is now always frolicking in the balcony!! It’s shady, cool, there’s water and food – I have added more bowls… I wish there were some potted plants, that would have made it such a perfect place for birds!!! Today I shot a bulbul and another bird I have no idea what it’s called… will post the pictures soon 🙂


  7. IHM, The Bird Whisperer!
    And before you know it, your balcony is goig to be on the tourist-maps of the bird world : )
    Great photos and so full of character. I wonder who’s going to be visiting you next?

    Me – This is much more than I expected Sunita 🙂


  8. Oh, wow. Those are great shots. I think I’d jump ten feet if I saw that guy staring in my window.

    By the way, it’s been over 90F here lately and I thought of how you’d said birds need water in the heat and I remembered to put some out for them. 🙂


  9. Awesome !!!! this peeping tom comes for water tooo !!!! ?? Normally I see them circling outside one non veg restaurant every afternoon… !!!! 😛 😛 they swoop down when this restaurant wala leaves out a tray of leftovers !!!!!! its quite a sight… I think I will now have to click a picture of it and load it !!!!

    the header is absolutely class… !!!! 🙂 🙂


  10. the peeping tom has fierce competition coming her way, huh?? And by peeping tom I meant you 😛 😆

    Beautifully shot! The 2nd snap looks as though the pariah is posing for you 😀

    After reading that pledge-water-for-birds post of yours, I had started keeping water in a bowl..and now my balcony and windowsill is forever flocked by pigeons :). Its such a nice feeling to know that I’m able to do a teeny-weeny bit of my own to quench these birds’ thirst in this scorching heat. Thank you for that post, IHM 🙂


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