What do women generally talk about?

Once at a party, a well meaning gentleman walked up to a group of  ladies  engrossed in a heated discussion and said he would like to join and he wouldn’t be a bore because he could talk about ‘pickles, papads and maids servants‘ too. Everybody looked at his wife 😀 Now everybody knew what  ‘hot & spicy’ conversations the couple had 😈

What we were talking about was ‘hot and spicy’  too.  I remember it was election time and we were arguing about various gods and their self proclaimed saviours.

Bechdel’s Test and some of the comments on this post got me thinking. What do two (or more) women talk to each other about?

And what do all the other people talk about?

When two women talk, how much do they talk about men? What else do they talk about?

I made a list of what I talked about recently when I spoke to other women.

1. My sister(44) – (on phone) About my brand new N97, her iPhone that her daughter has taken, her career (she is a workaholic) , a relative’s accident and about crime in Delhi.

2. A very old friend (45) – Her health, SPS Rathore case, how she once supported BJP but is disappointed now. Her ailing mother.

3. My mom (68) – The AC in her car has problem again. Should she sell the car? How was my water pump working. We also checked property prices in NOIDA and compared them with Gurgaon (on Magicbricks and other sites) and Pune. Her gorgeous turquoise chiffon saree.

4. My daughter (19) – Summer jobs. A totally new hair cut. Summer clothes. New ‘chappals’. Bodyshop and their social awareness. A cute boy. Driving classes. Yoga classes. Water melons and mangoes. Another good looking boy. Her moon-sign. How much she hates ‘Twilight’ and why.

5. An aunt (56) – (on phone) Same gotra marriages are wrong but Khap Panchyats can’t take decisions for people. Her dad (my grand dad).  And what an awesome father he was. She wondered if she should buy a flat in India.

6. Another friend (45) – How I never call her and now she was leaving it to me to plan where we meet. 😀  Her new shoes, a red jacket I once owned and how she still can’t see why I hate high heels.

7. Another friend (45) – About how her husband and her son hardly ever communicate and how much this stresses her. Her job, colleagues, some work-politics etc.

8. A sister in law (48) – About an award she recently received at work, about a holiday they plan to take, and about our buying service apartments in Gurgaon, Central Park together. Good investment?

Also about how she can never learn how to use the internet like ‘everybody else does’. 😆

9. Another sister in law (52) – About how one must plan for old age. Her yoga classes. Her daughter’s 30th birthday and our secret plans for it  through facebook 🙂 My son’s career plans. My daughter’s haircut.

10. Another sis in law (34) – Our favorite colours in clothes we buy – mehendi (henna) green, mustard and ‘skin’ colour 🙂  Her daughter’s swimming classes. How her son spelled ‘camel’ with a ‘K’.  🙂

What were your last few conversations about? I tag all those who are reading this post – I would love to know what other people, a man to another man and two women to each other, talk about in their day to day lives.


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    • After reading about the Bechdel test I have been listening more carefully Bhagwad – not sure if this is true. I find young women talking about books, movies, career plans, music, gadgets, clothes…


    • well they would mostly talk of where to shop, handy gadgets, their heroes[movie/sport or other], movies, haircuts, restaurants, coffee shops, studies, carreer, future plans along with bfs.. or hot [cute!!] guys…
      In short even unmarried gals have too much to talk of other then guys.

      Married ones talk of dresses, vacations kids, food,career, environment issues and are more sensitive to crime etc. They are so busy with life that infact 24 hr.s almost feel less in a day when u r managing a household, kids, career…

      y wud then u limit discussions only to hubby/ men ??!!??

      Women have evolved but perceptions haven’t..


  1. haha… this will surely burst a few bubbles.
    But look at the bright side, the man who wanted to join the conversation did not have a one track mind 😉

    ps- For the sheer fact that your daughter hates Twilight, tell her she’s a rockstar 🙂


  2. Conversations on Sunday

    My friend J.K. …. How we must have a totally drunk night and paint the town red. But we need a driver to launch this plan – we both cant be trusted behind the wheel 😦

    My friend N.A. …. Must read books, her kinky bright red shoes, my quest for a decent place to learn Bikram Yoga, weight gain and loss

    My niece … The best spa which is affordable, my new hair cut, recipes

    Darn no one talks about men to me, should I feel that I am missing out on something?


    • My young and married aunt (mausi) – (Point 5) and my sister and I used to discuss clothes and music – we liked her perspective because she was closer our age than our mom. She also gifted me her collection of Shahnaz Hussain’s articles on beauty (in Femina in 1970s and 80s)… Shilpa we have hardly (if ever) discussed any recipes. No baby talk either.
      Our typical discussions have always been about her religious views. She supports BJP, she didn’t vote for Obama…


  3. My mom- anything and everything- her dogs, my cat, religion, politics, cricket, new books to read.

    My friend P- PhD woes, research design, why stats sucks , movies, how to deal with nosy people,.

    My friend E- exercise, research, earrings, cats, our profs

    Naah- don’t see any men being talked about. Nor does the married and unmarried talk happen here!


  4. Hmmm..let me recall:

    A high school friend (over phone): The latest pictures I took at a common friends place, where three other common friends were there and how each of them have changed over the time. Some other common friends. Strike at her university. Blogs and some bloggers.

    Another friend: Buffy the Vampire slayer vs Ghost Whisperer. Guests at her place, our common interest photography and camera.

    A colleague: Her upcoming Qualifying exams and stress, types of questions she should expect, how to best prepare for them, my thesis and its stress, Microsoft office 2003 vs 2007.

    Another colleague (male): latest canon’s upcoming camera models, lenses, filters, fashion show photography

    My Mom: My week, my work, latest photos I took, my nephew.

    My room-mate: Glee, fashion show photography, murder in our neighborhood, Dirty Dancing.


  5. I remember there was a time when I and my husband would talk about the Iraq issue, about how the Punjab Police is getting a human face, about how I can be better at my work, about why India will soon emerge as the next superforce in the world, about what role would he and I play in this kind of India.

    @Ritu: Lets talk about men. Lets drool. LOL. see how many ‘L’s I used?


  6. Hmmm..let me recall:

    A high school friend (over phone): The latest pictures I took at a common friends place, where three other common friends were there and how each of them have changed over the time. Some other common friends. Strike at her university. Different blogs and some bloggers (including your blog) .

    Another friend: Buffy the Vampire slayer vs Ghost Whisperer. Guests at her place, our common interest photography and camera.

    Yet another friend: Her back problem, my back problem and treatments, her kids and their reaction to her back pains (they are really scared), her advisor’s reaction to her back problem, Scrabble.

    A colleague: Her upcoming Qualifying exams and stress, types of questions she should expect, how to best prepare for them, my thesis and its stress, Microsoft office 2003 vs 2007.

    Another colleague (male): latest canon’s upcoming camera models, lenses, filters, fashion show photography

    My Mom: My week, my work, latest photos I took, my nephew.

    My room-mate: Glee, fashion show photography, murder in our neighborhood, Dirty Dancing (we were watching the re-run together).

    Thats all I can recall. Almost all of these friends are female (except one as indicated): some of them are married, some are unmarried but have boyfriend/girlfriend, few of them are single.


  7. Interestingly not one spoke of pickles and papads and maid servants in ur list…and that is certainly not what we women talk of all the time do we? I loved going through ur list by the way! :)))

    I received a call from my friend in the middle East, this morning and we spoke of how the spastic society she works for is overcoming their financial crisis and maintaining the support group, her health issues, her need for rest between all this and more!

    I called another friend in Chandigarh and she spoke of health issues, kids education, doctors and other things!

    My cousins came online on skype last night from India-topics revolved around her move from Gujarat to the south, some family issues and that she is going to go learn driving lessons along with her teenage daughter although she is 40 already!

    My dawter…getting better grades,getting braces, going for a Chinese class in summer if possible, and buying a guitar!

    Why wud we not speak of everything under the sun, and just not kitcheny stuff…men I tell you!


  8. Nice post 🙂
    I think the topics vary at every stage of life and at every age.
    When we were in college we used to talk about guys and clothes, nailpaint, GK/janpath shopping trips, discs!
    When we were near to be married we were talking about, wedding shopping, honeymoon stuff, lingerie, sizing up in laws and of course the to be.
    And now, few years down marriage – its about our latest phones, home theaters we have bought, the diamonds, the general in laws crib, how to set our men right, how sex has changed, birth control, movies, women issues, latest news and politics, and did i miss out shopping!

    yea, but we are chatterboxes and never out of steam and as we grow older the talk becomes jucier 🙂


  9. Nice one, IHM! Here is my list:

    My sister (35): How my new venture is doing. Her hectic work schedule and a new release she is working on. Their trip to another city and what my niece enjoyed most there. Shopping for my upcoming birthday 🙂

    My sister (31): The nap she took. Movies we’ve both watched recently. A morning visit to Lalbagh. The T20 Cricket in the West Indies. Her recent vacation. Shopping again.

    My mom (59): Movies. A forthcoming trip home. The weather situation in Europe and whether Eyjafjallajokull will erupt again. My sisters. Cookery/recipes. How my new venture is doing. Health issues.

    My aunt (51): Actress Khushboo’s joining the DMK. My cousin’s new job. Flat prices compared across Bangalore and Chennai. On our dog’s growing old.

    A friend from college (31): Her new job. Her moving to a new flat. My new venture. In-law troubles.

    A friend from college (32): A religious retreat she plans to attend.

    A friend from an earlier workplace (34): Movies. On her new work from home arrangements.

    So even when one talks personal stuff, there is plenty…


  10. Interesting bit of coversation… It set me thinking. Since yesterday morning, the ladies I spoke to are my sis, my mom, my little niece, my bus friend and a co-blogger.
    My sis and I.. as usual it was about our financial planning and real estate investment vs stocks.
    My mom and I… we discussed about rural to town migration.
    My little niece and I… about colours of trains, grammatical usage for the word “listen” featured in super readers cartoon yesterday.
    My friend who commutes with me… about town planning in our city.
    With a co-blogger friend of mine, about emotional abuse and emotional blackmail.
    I am trying to remember when was the last time I discussed about papad, pickles, servants… I cant imagine talking a bout either of these. There is nothing interesting to discuss about either of these three!


  11. Well, in my last 3 conversations with women friends…we discussed parenting, kids, home decor, the politics of our support group, gardening, career disappointments, salaries and aspirations, pet care, in-laws, aging parents…and occasionally mentioned our hubbies!


  12. Hahaha! This is nice. I can’t do a post about this topic because the concerned people may not like it.

    One of my relative (59) talks about how her daughter-in-law suffers in her in-law’s place (the daughters says she is quite happy!). One day she wants to bring her back home!

    One relative (44) always talks about her servant maid, really ALWAYS!

    One niece talks (27) about Tamil movies…I very rarely watch movies and will just says ‘haan haan’!

    One niece (22) talks about music which is an interesting subject to me.

    Another relative (44) talks about books, internet sites etc. mostly, which is interesting.

    One friend (46) always talks about Real estate, mostly. She is interested in interior decoration and so, is an encyclopedia of apartments in Banglore – just now she bought a 4 bedroom apartment which is very very good. But I wonder how she is going to maintain such a huge flat. She gets allergic rashes in her hands and feet (sole) most of the months in an year.

    My sister likes to gossip about our whole clan in Bangalore, she is called a radio in our family (she is not interested in computers, so she won’t read this!!). Sometimes, it is interesting, sometimes, it is boring!

    When you think seriously about this subject, we notice so many angles in a person. Interesting post, IHM!


  13. Those Central Park flats are awesome! I saw the showflat a couple of years ago when we were looking to buy…

    Now, let me see…What were my last conversations with female friends…

    Friend (36): While having coffee after dropping our daughters at a birthday party – how we wished our husbands would take over this chore at least once in a while (my husband preferred to cook which was OK by me), how it was difficult for me to get a job ’cause I didn’t have a PR, how rents had suddenly shot up and the Aitkin’s diet…

    Friend (37): I met her on her way back from the Sunday service at the local church…She’s a Gujarati Hindu and didn’t want me to tell anybody that she had gone to church…I asked her why she didn’t want people to know and she said she didn’t want to hear nasty things…I gave her a lecture on how she shouldn’t be bothered by what people thought etc. …

    Friend (34): We talked about her extremely controlling and jealous husband…As usual, I gave her some gyaan…


  14. My mom (on phone) Why u don’t always pick the call in two rings,both of you don’t do dieting.It’s horrible summer here,we all are eating mangoes.Come here after may.

    My sister (on phone) We have invested so much,work is very hectic here,going home very late.Son is not listening to her,he is going to piano classes and he is getting bored in the house.Checked ur blog for non-veg recipes.

    Bus stop friend:- School fees again increased,didnt expected this.Recipes and about kids.

    IHM i think mostly women who have school going kids talk mostly about there kids,there eating habits etc.When i was not married,i used to get bored sitting with my office colleagues who used to talk only about husbands and kids.All were quite elder to me and there was only one guy who was of my age


  15. LOL, what a post; I mean, what a tag !! 😀 😀 😀 I have no clue what I talk to other people; and I am sure that applies to people who are on the other end of my call too !!

    My conversations with Smita have come out a couple of times as posts; so now you have a fair idea of how my conversations would be ! 😀 😀


    guy to guy talk …if the guy isnt married, then will ask him to stay away from marriage
    and if the guy is married, then will be telling each other wife jokes ! 😀 😀


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  17. Hmm lets see:

    With mum (on phone): Sister’s exams that are coming up.

    With female friend (on phone): Plans for a weekend trip/ outing, and lunch.

    With another female friend (on chat): The book I’m reading

    With male friend (on chat): Random chitchat

    With male friend: (on chat) About property

    It’s quite rare that women get together and talk only about achaar and papad.

    Darn it, no pickle and subzi anywhere!


  18. Interesting 🙂

    My husband says that all women in the house has nothing to talk except food and garden..But then I poke him and ask him ” Isn’t that the world you people have given us,If you don’t take us to the world outside,how can we talk about things around? So,it is not ours,but your fault that we don’t have anything else except food and garden to talk about”

    Well,women around me mostly spent time discussing people… Sad,but true..


  19. My cousin 1 – about work and how she should reduce her work stress
    My newly married cousin – how married life is really not very different from her single life!
    My sister – about her work. How she is coping. Her colleagues. Her boss etc. Where she went with her friends past weekend. About mom and dad and our summers and fun growing up!
    My mom – about all my cousins. Then about something she read about menopause. About exercises and which ones tone the tummy!
    My aunt – About the last wedding in the family.
    My friend1 – About this new book she read. Book suggestions exchanged.
    My friend2 – Her 1 year old baby. What she does to keep fit. Her work. Our common friends.

    So there. No talk about recipes or jewelry or gossip. Just catching up and talking about everyday stuff. Somtimes books, sometimes movies.


  20. Some more:

    My MIL: About what she did the past week. About my health and hers. About how she is missing us all 😦

    My older cousin who has 2 grown kids: About how her kids are doing. About balancing work and family. About her latest work trip to Hawaii. About A new yoga class she is taking. About real estate prices.

    So again, no talk of men or recipes or jewelry!


  21. Interesting Post!
    my usual:

    Mom : Me asking her to get back to reading. Delhi weather, mangoes, my blog.
    Mom in law : Coaxing me for India visit, Sarees for an upcoming wedding, finances, my blog.
    Friend : A recipe she wants from me, kids school, her mom’s upcoming visit.
    Husband : About our business, about my blog, about Sania Mirza, about Miss India pageant, about Steve Jobs, ……….and on and on….we two talk too much
    Daughter (5) : About planets, about recipes, about the books, about life and death, about my wedding(!) 🙂


  22. w/ roomie -> anything … starting from dirty bathroom floors to childhood incidents to SRK to anything (including the guys each of us have come across)

    daily friends -> daily life, including plants, websites, cooking, friends, swimming techniques, paintings

    mom & sis -> anything i think of

    granny -> shlokas and daily life

    childhood girl friends -> vexing exps …. their takes on their mothers inlaw.

    am exhausted now … i guess we talk about everything !


  23. your daughter hates Twilight? that is so good to know 🙂

    I am mostly the agony aunt for my friends….they talk about work, husbands , in-laws, house prices and lots of assorted things. I share stuff with my mother and sisters…about work, blogging and job stuff.


  24. This is so interesting IHM!

    With my mom – A close relative had a bad encounter with the police, and we discussed about how there was no accountability, her dogs waiting to be fed, our vacation plans, volcanic ash, Poohi

    With my friend H – Plans to meet up over the weekend, plans to host a party together for another friend.

    With friend S – Talked about her trip the last weekend, plans for the next weekend, exchanged some gardening tips and talked about our common exercise plans.

    With Poohi’s friend’s mother while on a playdate – Life as an immigrant in different countries, High ticket prices during the school summer vacations, Poohi’s and A’s close friendship

    With friend AS – UK politics, French law/burqa debate,about the new discovery of neanderthal dna, university life across continents, her son’s allergies

    It is amazing that people assume that women talk only of pickles, papads and maid servants!!!


  25. This discussion is way too exciting to not contribute. So here goes:
    With my mother (50’s): Money, travel plans, complaints about how I never call, some family news, tendonitis, summer, fish, clothes on sale.
    With sister: life is hard, work is useless, personal life in the gutter…and a few more complaints about life in general.
    With friend over gmail: New Shrek movie, 3D movies, her husband’s new job’s cool perks, work stress, career goals, yearly reviews, how no one asks for raise in large companies in India, innate trust in system and managers…a few other work related disagreements.
    A friend over board games: Alcohol, sulphites in wine, lack of good doctors, low-fat desserts, game-talk, local town news, Spring weather, need for more friendly, lively neighborhoods.
    Another friend (35ish): Lack of career opportunities in India for women in 30’s with kids, choices that have no happy ending, doctors with no sense of patients’ rights and needs, poor health care for the average middle class in India and how to survive despite it, summer misery in Kolkata, pollution in Kolkata.
    Yet another friend (11): Stories to read this summer, new purse, fun summer activities, what to do when bored out of your mind, Bengali lessons and how to ignore it, word games.


  26. Hmmm. Now that I think about it, I didn’t talk to that many people! These are conversations from the last 10 days or so – and I had to rack my brains HARD to remember these 😀

    Friend 1: my work, her busy schedule, how energetic I feel after having started on Vit D supplements, how productive her weekend was, the technician’s visit for our freezer’s maintenance, how the book Bourne Supremacy is so very different from the movie based on the same book, how we enjoy books better than movies based on those books, mini golf

    Friend 2: Meeting at the Bronx zoo next weekend, my younger daughter’s midnight chats with me, her work, 2 of her friends who are fighting each other.

    My older daughter: Her science project, importance of , her hamster, how her younger sister gets on her nerves sometimes, her classmates and friends, the Orchestra competition her Orchestra group won.

    Friend 3 (at work): Her kids’ allergies, the pool in their house, her weekend routine.

    Friend 4 (at work): Our office’s move to another location, MS Office 2007 Professional, Barbie cake (that someone brought in for a male colleague of ours :D), turning 40, being in a lesbian relationship (she is).

    Mom: Her trip to Panchgani with bro and his wife, the kadhi that she prepared :P, her trip to Ahmedabad, the heat, my garden, my blood report, my gym routine, my personal training sessions.

    Rest were male friends and coworkers, including my husband.


  27. Holy Darn!

    My life is so boring. I am feeling relatively deprived 🙂 .

    Last week IK was away on a training; Sr. D was nursing Susan after surgery and Dr. S was busy with posting grades. Oh man I have just three people in my everyday life.

    called my best foody and BFF: food and more food, workout plans and total weight loss; his inverted gardening and how he is looking forward to eat his sole strawbery. And also his upcoming date in two weeks… He is afraid he can’t date a house plant he is tired of carrying out the conversation all evening long. How he is going to eat @ Famous Pete’s before he goes out on dinner with her as he do not want scar the woman with his appetite.

    IK stopped by before flying out: how she was so excited about her trip. She’d be learning new meditations and meeting up with the gang. How I’ll be alone and will make at least two important calls this week including taking out the trash. Me telling her I’ll miss her.

    Answered two sales calls and reported I have been dead for 300 years. Wrote personal emails to some readers of my blog about their situation and my support.

    More emails and more reading; My best girl friend called to remind me I have to make appointments with the docs.

    Friday- More emails and more reading


    called parents talked about my baby nicie who is also my God child; her increasing vocabulary and mischives. Mom insisted I need to call my relatives and cousins at least once in a while. Agreeded and forgot as soon as I kept the phone back on the receiver 🙂

    Talked to Dad about history of Punjab after First Afghan War (topic continued from last week); my spiritual journey.

    Online chat with a young friend, who recently discovered he is in love…


    My best girl friend called to ask me to get out of the house; her misadventures @ shaadi.com; how screwed desi men on shaadi.com are…

    Another girl friend who is a doctor called to tell me she is writing a diagnosis for my chronic fatigue/laziness. How a bad marriage screws a woman for good…

    Aunty G called to ask how was I doing. We talked about her grandkids and daughter’s pregnancy. My adjusting into new place… How every thing is pre destined.

    Answered two more sales calls reported I have been dead for three hundered years.

    Online chat with a young friend- teasing him about his new love

    Online chat with another reader of my blog about family patterns of emotional abuse and manipulation.

    I guess this is what happens when yoy don’t cook, clean or … even if IK was around we’ll just end up talking about meditations and collective healing; Dr. S will remind me how I have to edit more work on the table and Sr. S would tell me I am fine as I am…nothing to worry about…

    Yes, I really do need some papad, achaar and some interesting beef cake…


    Desi Girl


  28. hahaha IHM, if i put down what i speak with other men, then that’s the end of it. the nuclear nations treaty is broken.


    well a NNT between two men is something like a nuclear treaty between two countries. you dont bomb me and i dont bomb the crap out of you. simple. and we all coexist peacefully. and there is a clear doctrine of dos and donts around other people, specially around wives! 😀



  29. This is an interesting post. I’ve had heated arguments with men (when I was much younger) on this. Last few conversations – discussed about business with my entrepreneur friends, good shopping deals, career, children, parenting, some financials and investment options, internet and phone doubts with MIL and mom, about a holiday, gardening tips, spectrum issue, meeting up with friends….


  30. 🙂

    Let me track my conversations…
    but, as far as I can remember:

    With mom: Everything under the sun – from work, to home, maid, papad and pickles as well! 😉
    Sister: generally talk abt the day, work load, what stuff is being sent, how she is doing in College, friends
    Husband: Day’s work, random chit chat
    Friends – can’t remember – its generally random updates about the day… common friends, any gossip (yes! with guys as well! :P)


    • Oh and of course – with friends – TV News, gadgets, clothes, shopping!! 😀
      If its newly married friend – topics vary depending on how close they are!
      Single – the conversation would also include about their latest crush, relationship related issues, Feminism (depends on the person really. Some just don’t get it!)


  31. this reminded me of a joke
    two ladies were wondering what do the men talk when they are with their friends
    one lady replied ,” I suppose the same what we talk”

    second one , ” My God!!!! they talk such rubbish and dirty things”



  32. With mom: anything, everything.
    With husband: anything, everything.
    With dad: anything, everything.
    With bro: e.v.e.r.y.thing!! 😀
    With blog friends: almost anything! 😀
    With friends: genereally rubbish: like school/college days’ fun and stupidities; those classmates we hated; those faculty we hated; life now
    With colleagues: “I hate this client!!!”

    Nice idea…and a good post!


  33. mom: reluctancy to take medicine prescribed by the doctor- anxiety about the grandson- interest in what’s been cooked for lunch- new book too boring to read-
    friend one: (her)newly born grand daughter- lyrics of Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby- SRK’s twitter- house to be painted- high prices at supermarket- summer vacation- anxiety about (her) son being single- anxiety about (my) son’s plans to work abroad
    friend two: new summer clothing- new d.v.d.s-(our) parents’ health problems- work problems- need for a trip
    son: new robin hood film- no facebook for mum, only for him- work stress- summer vacation plans- plans for cooking for his friends- album Resistance of the Muse
    friend three: recession- anxiety about new economic measures and high prices in the market- plans for summer trips- political scandals and the future of the country- about the last book I lent her-


  34. What we talk to others depend basically on the wavelength we have with them……

    with one friend – always topic starts with stock market and moves forward..
    with another it starts with the exchange rate of rupee and moves forward…

    today the topic of discussion was aboutthis link


    well at parties when there is a crwod..it always a topic which is common to everybody….which wud be current affairs? or cricket or any hot news….

    Me – That news was so horribly sad Sunder!! This is an issue I have fought for and was called ‘overprotective’ by the school that was forced to employ a female attendant for a 40 minutes plus journey – where my daughter was alone in the last ten-fifteen minutes – but I never dreamt of such consequences!! Let me read the news in detail, can’t imagine what the parents must be going through…


    • Oh GOD, girl getting dropped last is very dangerous. Infact thankfully, the school here has a policy that the girl child should not be dropped last, unless she is in a group..


  35. Men are supposed to have so called macho conversations all the time. Here are 2 conversations I had with one of my male friends who is now working in a very reputed company in silicon valley. Let me call him J.

    J: (about his room mates cooking) U know what, he does not peel potatoes while making sambar or potato curry. In our house (referring to his mom), we always peel potatoes.
    (apparently, it was a dig at his roommate’s upbringing. A few people in India do not peel potatoes, because they do not want to waste)

    J:(just before my wedding) So, wearing silk madisar and all huh? (Madisar is a nine yard saree worn by south-indians. This was apparently to discern whether I/my dad/my in laws are rich enough to afford a silk saree)

    This dude is now married to a nice girl, thanks to his parents. Kudos to the institution of arranged marriage.


  36. what a fun read this was!! 🙂 I am so going to do a post on this. Mostly because I AM SICK of people talking about how good the white families are and how bad the indians settled here are!!! And that coming from some indians I happen to know!! IHM, all that I get to talk about (seriously) is the stereotyped Indian family in the US. Which makes me think that it`s about time I change the company that I keep! Gah

    Me – 😆 Piper that is some generalisation!! And a subject one can talk endlessly on!! I look forward to reading your tag!!!


  37. I can’t help but LOL at the well-meaning gentleman who joined the women ready to talk about pickles and papads! 😉 What misconceptions people labor under! I remember my husband’ colleagues saying that he wanted to be reborn as a woman and an army wife, because he thinks they have the easiest of lives. I just wished him, blessed him rather, that his wish comes true.
    We women/girls talk about a wide variety of things that may include recipes and men, but not necessarily. They have their place in the scheme of things and are by no means the be all and end all of conversations we have. Period.
    My sis and I talk of the current news, kids, movies, books et al.
    Niece and I talk of Goofy (my dog, kittens, clothes, movies, books, college, eating out….
    My aunt and I talk about current affairs, the change we see, the good and the bad, about how life had been during her days (she is 80), human nature, how my writing is going etc etc
    My cousin and I talk about how her business (she runs a few boutiques), her clients, her purchase trips et al.
    My sil and I talk about current affairs, her move back to Delhi, the books she has read and plans to read, kids and their education etc.


  38. There are so many things that women talk about and gossip is not the least fav in my group.it includes from my mom to my mom in law and friends.Just that i find female talk more fascinating then men.Also i visit women bloggers more as they write about various things that are interesting and amazing read.


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