Give A Girl A Ball…

I have blogged about  our unwritten reservations for boys…

That is why these words in this video struck a chord.

Give A Girl A Ball
A Female Coach
A Safe Field
A Team
She Gets More Confident
And More Connected
She will start saying
Yes to Speaking Up
Yes to owning her body
Yes to a Bigger Life
Yes to New Horizons
It’s her right
And hers
And hers
And theirs
Invest in changing girls lives through sports
Empowering girls through sports

Have you seen these movies?
Which of these did you like the best?

She’s the man?


Bend it like Bekham?

Chak De India?

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40 thoughts on “Give A Girl A Ball…

  1. I liked bend it like….

    There, it was a real issue, a small family with a small problem that just needed some resilience and relentlessness and the whole thing is solved in the premise of love.
    No world cup at stake there.
    And that is what Indian households need.
    People need to talk.
    And solve things.

    As always, good food for thought 🙂

    Me – I agree, I loved ‘Bend it..’ the best too 🙂


  2. Im proud to say that my parents let me be what I wanted to be..I played cricket with the boys since childhood. The only girl on the boys team and Im proud to say I shone amongst them too!
    Two of my girl friends wanted to join me but they weren’t allowed too and even later in life they were married and packed off at their father’s will!
    Im thankful and grateful to my parents for giving me the life I wished..
    And am thankful to u for sharing such a thoughtful video that has struck a chord with me too!

    Me – All these things are connected, generally if you were allowed to play and have fun, chances are such parents won’t force you to marry before you are self reliant… Did you watch the trailors? ‘Gracie’ is a lovely movie!


  3. I have watched She’s the Man and Chak de India, both of which I loved.

    But why a “safe field and a female coach”?

    Women can now hold their own with a male coach and a competitive field. Both the above-named movies have many instances to prove the same. [Sample – Women’s hockey team giving a good fight to the men’s hockey team in Chak de India]

    Me – Debosmita I am glad to see this being questioned! I think the idea is just to remove some of the hurdles from their way… like we started education for girls with girl’s schools and colleges.


  4. I’ve seen all movies except Gracie and I have a feeling I will like Gracie the most!

    Me – Did you like the Trailer of Gracie? I feel “Bend it like Beckham’ is nice too, being Indians we can relate to it better too…


  5. I liked Bend it and Chak de. Havent seen Gracie and didn’t like She’s the Man. It wasn’t about women traveling uncharted terriorities. I thought it was just a teenage candy floss movie.

    Me – I feel, let them use any excuses, but let them break some rigid and restricting stereotypes while doing all this 😆

    I loved ‘Bend it..’ the best of all 🙂


  6. Why do you want to give a ball to a girl when there are only guys playing over there ? 😀 😀 I dont think they would have had a problem with girls in the team.

    and I didnt like Chak de for the fact that only good looking and moderately good looking girls had weightage in the movie. The makers totally sidelined a few girls because they dont look good on screen as much as the others. and thats why I feel Chak de was a well intended movie only in its presentation and no where else. and when I compare, I would have to compare it with another movie dealing with sports. Check for instance Lagaan, all the 11 players had equal importance in the movie, right ? (leave the gender issues for a change 😉 )

    Me – Vimmuuu this post is about girls being allowed to play 😉 😆
    It doesn’t really matter which girls got weightage. so long as the message was conveyed… don’t you agree?
    Lagaan, so far as Gender Issue in the movie is concerned, had a heroine comparing herself to Radha and Amir Khan calling himself Krishna, and another girl a gopi, what was he trying to say?? … Didn’t like this part at all.

    Lagan was nice so far as the cricket story is concerned, the romance was unnecessary.


    • Thats what even I said. Who isnt letting girls play ? There arent any girls there to be allowed to play !! 😀 😀 😀 😀

      Oh, it does for me. The message was conveyed alright, but they shouldnt have commercialised the movie in’ such a way’ to convey the message ! Dont you agree?

      and that part in Lagaan was a song sequence, right ? I mean, they had some kind of festival in that temple and the song was a part of it. I agree, the romance with the ‘gori’ in Lagaan was unnecessary, but otherwise, the romance between the lead pair was totally needed to take the movie forward. Theres a guy who felt jealous of Aamir because of their love and it is his jealousy that leads to all those match fixing, fights etc.


  7. I have not seen Gracie, but I have seen the other three.

    Bend it like Beckham was a fine example of empowering women through sports and how the mothers with their traditional thinking don’t let their daughters move ahead. She’s the man was a fine movie too and Chak De had me cheering at the edge of my seat in the theater! I absolutely loved them!


  8. IHM,

    It’s kinda the same in the US too – from an early age, boys are encouraged to take up sport. The popular girls become cheerleaders 🙂

    On a side note, during my last year of engineering in Trivandrum (Kerala), I organized a co-ed cricket tournament for our class. We played outside the class every day for a month or so – and I think it was a big success! The girls actually played pretty well – though this was not a full fledged game of cricket, we played in a short enclosure with a tennis ball and no big hitting.

    It’d be a good idea for an IPL spin-off that’s co-ed. Just like how a team can have 4 foreign players, they can have 5 women players (minimum). It’d be good to see the Indian women’s team players play with guys like Yuvraj, Dhoni and Tendulkar.


  9. 🙂 Loved reading this post. Reminded me of Dad. Whenever someone told him,”She`s the son you never had”(referring to me of course!), Dad always said,” Why no! she`s the daughter I always wanted!”
    It always made me proud of who I was! 🙂


  10. good post I saw Chakde and Bend it and liked the latter better. I think modern parents , including myself over protect kids and are so anxious abt their academics that sports is virtually ignored.


  11. Well i think i’ll go with Vimmu in this case. . Chak De never was about women empowerment. . It was all about the efficiency of the coach. And perhaps the women team was included to give the movie a bit of glamour. . I don’t intend to offend anyone with my comments. However Bend it like. . was a good movie


  12. V nice post! Yes, have seen all except Gracie. And i liked Bend it the best. Thankfully, I have parents who has never imposed any restrictions on my on the basis of gender (not that I’d have given in, even if they did ;)) But no. In fact, I was a total tomboy till about 5 mins ago. Oh…who a i kidding. Am one all the time! 😀 But i LOVE being a girl and would’nt wanna become a boy even for a minute 😀


  13. Ohh I loved BILB ..but Chak De India is amazing!!
    I have seen Chak De about 16 times – and have never gotten bored. I still bite my nails in the end EVERY TIME!!


  14. Boys have been playing cricket for long, but still most of them change overnight into Mama’s boys after marriage, obey their parents to the word when it comes to demanding dowry, and ultimately turn into puppies. And some are even confused if their first marriage on phone was valid or not (*huh*). Ball playing doesn’t seem to help much 🙂

    Me – 🙂 Good point!! Maybe girls should avoid cricket and stick to football 🙂 Golf isn’t a good idea either…


  15. I don’t think sports is such a taboo in our country for girls..

    In my schools itself I have seen lot of girls participating in sports.. which will be almost equal to the boys…

    And Chak de is a real good movie and I watched it lot of times.. 🙂


  16. Chak De India has been 1 of my fav fav …. not only coz of SRK 😉

    i havent watched the other videos yet, but I bet its gonna be Chak De … esp if its the scene where he encourages her to be aggressive

    i grew up w guys … they taught me to climb walls …. and they were real comfy discussing ****anything**** with me …. but i know certain guys find it hard to accept


  17. i loved your post : “A dog’s heart” …. i love dogs … initially i used to be scared of them though i liked them …. then, once i got majorly sniffed over and accepted by my cuz’s golden retriever .. and since that day, i’ve lost my fear of dogs and get along well with most dogs … at times, u can judge a dog by his face …. and can so easily read their expressions …

    The golden retriever is now no more … but I’ll always remember him


  18. It’s time to throw away stereotypes like tomboy-ish, girly girls etc. Girls can play with dolls, shoot a basketball, fly a plane or walk the ramp in them high heels and still remain Girls.

    It annoys me when people say that they were tomboyish while growing up as if being a girl is a bad thing. A friend’s daughter is not into dolls and loves playing with boys so this friend is so proud and keeps repeating ‘my daughter is not a typical girl. She is like a boy’. She is indirectly teaching her daughter that being a girl is something low. Why can’t she be a girl who shoots her basketball? My kiddo goes to ballet and horse riding. She loves both.

    Recently a paper carried ”Sonia is the MAN’ for her strong stance on WR bill. Why can’t Sonia be a woman and still be strong? Are girls/women weak?

    I also hate it when Bollywood dramas say ‘ye hamari beti nahin beta hai’ when she takes care of her family. Time to change such ridiculous stereotypes. Beti bhi ghar aur mata-pita ka khayal rakh sakti hai. Uske liye usse beta hone ki zaroorat nahin hai.


  19. Great thoughts!

    Haven t seen Gracie, and loved BILB and Chak De, both. Chak De more so because in one movie it brings out various stories – scenarios, circumstances, problems, issues, stereotypes, mind blocks….. all quite impacting. It might be a bit over the top in some aspects, but thats ok right? after all it was a commercial movie and not a docu drama, and what’s the point of a message if it doesn’t reach people.


  20. I loved Bend it and Chak de..infact Chak de is the only movie I have seen in which I like Shahrukh (apart from Swades I think) :):) These movies really have done some good to India’s girls na…I hope, wish and pray that my daughter becomes a sports person 🙂


  21. seen only BILB and chak de. certainly BILB is better cause it is told from women point of view, the player, the bride-to-be-sister, the family and all. chak de was all about the coach; you can replace women team with men’s team and it would not make that big a difference.

    And to Vishesh, I think here FIFA is right. Either don’t have seperate team at all ,or respect them fully.


  22. Absolutely right!!! I’ve seen all the movies, and think Chak De was the best, not because it had SRK or because it had a super-happy-filmy ending, but simply because it had girls like you and me.. someone absolutely believable, and who still achieved success by sheer hard work!


  23. Gracie – yet to see !!! The others are wonderful movies and I’ve seen them a few number of times !!!! 🙂

    Give a Girl a Ball….Hmmmmm….sounds very good – so lets do it !!!!


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