Some of us don’t care.

Some of us don’t mind using plastic…

…if it is convenient. Or if it matches with the decor.

I noticed peaceful counseling.

I didn’t approve of the protesters threatening ways.

Which seem to get violent…

There seemed some ulterior motives, because they did not notice the leaking pipeline which had flooded the park, right below.

Were they bribed by those who benefited from the leaking pipeline? No doubt the floods in the desert were seen as a blessing by many. (I can provide more proof ).

And why didn’t they protest against the street lights, left on all day?

Because they don’t even know what we are doing to their planet.

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58 thoughts on “Some of us don’t care.

  1. Loved the wonderful way you’ve spun a beautiful story with a powerful message through these pictures 🙂

    Keep up the fantastic work IHM 😀


    Me- I am glad you like them Chatterbox 🙂 Thank You 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wow, that was a wonderful story telling. I admire the idea and your patience plus imagination n creativity.
    i hope more of us care..

    LOL Tara not patience, Addiction 😀 (Sheepish grin)

    I wish we start caring… they seem to care, can’t get over the mother and adopted baby picture on your blog… that was amazing!


  3. Beautiful, IHM
    You seem to be having a lovely time,watching them.

    Me- I didn’t have water in my house for three days – had to get a tanker to fill the tank on the terrace! Not sure if these are connected, but quite possible.


  4. Pics tell the whole tale, especially the one portraying the dogs in supposedly drinking water.. alas! 😦

    Me- The water is still there, less clean but still being used for recreation by crows, dogs and lots of young boys. Till yesterday it was being replenished with fresh flooding – today morning it seemed to have receded from near the squirrel tree. Let me try to do another post on this…


  5. IHM you need a separate photoblog with these tales! Or maybe you could create a photo-essay section on this blog….

    Me- It’s just a passing phase Allytude 🙂 Like 55 words fiction 🙂 … I have been putting them in a category called – PHOTOGRAPHS. Though they could be added to a separate section I guess….


  6. It’s sad isn’t it? While we sit and discuss the hight costs of combating global warming, we ignore the fact that the planet doesn’t just belong to us. Sure, we’re the strongest – but that’s like being the biggest bully in school. Might isn’t right.

    No one’s really looking out for those whose planet is being destroyed…

    Me – Yeah we are such bullies Bhagwad! Whatever is in our immediate interest must always take precedence… 😦


  7. hey keep this rolling ! It’s getting nicer day by day ! We need to read more of this and spread the word I guess…and do our bit too ! Good job IHM 🙂

    Me – Thank you Nu 🙂 I totally agree with you about doing everything to spread the word about saving electricity and this planet.


  8. awesome pics with an awesome message…

    Me- Thank You Munish, I was thinking how much better would it be if we switched off street lights in the morning and saved electricity in everyday life 😦


  9. Very profound message through lovely pictures. Loved the clicks, specially the last one.

    Me- Aparna these two are my favorites 🙂 They look beautiful but only visit once in a while 😦


  10. Very true! They unfortunately dont realise what we are doing to this world! You have brought out the message very clearly and in an interesting way 🙂

    Me- True Iniyaal ignorance and iIndifference of some of us is ruining the habitats of so many creatures 😦


  11. Wow..Birds and their pictures you are taking are becoming nicer day by day..i loved the way you incorporated a story in it..Fantastic !!!!

    Me- Thank You maverickshree 🙂 (love that name!) … the message is something I feel strongly about 😐


  12. I am already a great admirer of you, IHM! Now, it has grown many folds.

    Loved the story with a good message. The story is very apt and you have linked it with the pictures very well. Each and every picture is unique, esp. the first one. The kite is carrying such a huge bag. What was in its mind? Counselling and protesting by birds…!

    You didn’t have water for 3 days, is it?

    Yes, we are spoiling their planet. We are worse than atom bomb, I think. Atom bomb might destroy some kilometres of earth, we humans have joined together to destroy the whole earth. Our next generations are the ones who are going to face the full impact of our crime

    , I feel, IHM.

    Like Vimmuuu’s V-lokam, you have one photo blog separately and continue posting pictures’ blog. You seem to catch hold of rare activities of the birds. Thank you for sharing.

    Me – Allytude suggested the same thing… let me try and see how it can be done… basically that would mean some time to sit and sort photo posts… hmmm


  13. you have got a hawk eye to say the least…beautiful clicks and even more beautifully woven through those lines..simply spellbinding 🙂

    Me – Aww thank you 🙂 I hope the nest soon has some eggs and then a little baby kite 🙂


  14. Loved the pictures and the important message. We really should start creating awareness among people.

    Me – We really should Telugumom, I am sure using plastic to line their nest isn’t good – toxins can harm the babies 😦 But how does an animal or a bird discern…?


  15. some of us make effective story tellers because we use pictures.. 🙂

    u have a point there…some of us really dont wud be so much nicer if we did tho… we’ve been recycling plastic bags like crazy at home.. we have more than enuf lying around and so now we are taking them with us when we buy veggies etc.. its just a small way to use less plastic.. its tedious to always be so well prepared, but i guess it worth it!

    Me – We don’t use plastic either Mandira… also imagine if the plastic harms or chokes the babies in the nest? Even cows end up eating plastic … leads to painful death 😦 This yellow bag blew away and landed under the tree, and now I hope this one chooses paper, grass and cotton cloth.


  16. btw i LOVE the last pic!! that bird has such a gorgeous blue colour!!!!!! wat bird is it?kingfisher?

    Me- Yes Mandira, it’s a Kingfisher, I think one is a baby, slightly round and chubby looking and follows the other one, probably the mother 🙂


  17. oh and one Q.. how do u manage to take these pics?? without the bird spotting u and flying away?? zoom ka kamaal?

    Me – Yeah Mandira, a Zoom lens, though not very powerful, it’s okay. (Hope to buy a better one) – had bought it with the camera but never used earlier … The pictures are taken from the bedroom or balcony, though sometimes I feel the Kite stared straight at me 🙂 … must post a picture to show the distance!!


  18. Oh, I loved this…you are a good photographer n story-spinner…and you get the message across too!

    Me – LOL no I am not good starsinmyeyes 😦 But I enjoy capturing these moments and I guess it’s the spirit behind the pictures that counts 🙂


  19. I loved the story you’ve spun, IHM 🙂 And oh wow! That Pariah Kite really has bright tastes doesn’t she? She’s going to have a colour-blind baby at this rate!

    Me- Ha ha :)) But this plastic bag was blown away by the wind, from her nest, Sunita! Maybe it’s for the best – plastic could harm the babies – no?


  20. I love your animal kingdom posts. Do you randomly find them or go out in search?

    Me – Shilpa they all live in the park seen from my bedroom balcony 🙂 There are many trees – two peepal trees I can observe more easily… there’s a mulberry tree, one mango, some pine kind of , some neem trees also… and it’s amazing how much action goes on in that one park 🙂 There are also mongoose and some other birds that I haven’t been able to click…
    Made me realise what we do when we cut entire forests 😦


  21. “Because they don’t even know what we are doing to their planet” Sums it all up.
    I love this picture posts of yours 🙂

    Me- Thank You Sands! I feel really bad the way we believe that every creature on this Earth (and the Earth) has been created for us, to use (or abuse).


  22. You have knack for photography IHM.
    Always knew.( what with that DP 🙂 ) you also know how to weave the pics and story beautifully.
    read the earlier post too and loved it as well.


  23. social message…hmmm…not a bad idea !!! Great work IHM. Next time, you could include dialogue boxes for the animals in your pictures to take a story forward !!! 😀 😀


  24. The only thing better than the photography was the tale you wound around it. This post is a classic.

    Me- Thank you Formerly Anon 🙂 I feel the Earth and everything on it is not ours to use and abuse – we share the planet with every other creature on it, but we are such bullies 😐


  25. While we talk about Earth Hour to our children, it is equally important to stop them from littering the streets or our environment. We teach them the basics of a clean world, then automatically all the things will be taken care of.

    BTW, you are spinning a wonderful tale with those lovely pics. Its just wonderful !!!! 🙂

    Me – I agree Uma. We keep a bag with us while travelling and drop any wrappers etc in that.
    And thank you 🙂 Glad you liked it!


  26. Actually these mega marts and all are causing more plastic waste. At one of these hyper marts named more.. i told them to put all the purchases into one big plastic bag,, but they insisted on putting these stuffs in different ones. all those could have been put in one but they ended up giving me some 5 or 6.. they pack it into different packages as per category or something…

    If these big stores are forced to shift to eco friendly materials, it cud help a lot… these stores consume a lot of plastic

    Me – I feel use of plastic shopping bags should be seriously discouraged. Cloth bags worked fine until plastic bags came along 😦


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  28. There is a Nat Geo contest happening which is open to all. why not try sending your pix there IHM? I absolutely adore the perfect shots you have taken .
    I have seen cows ,dogs all getting sick by consuming the plastic wrapped food items thrown by people.
    Apart from the fact that Plastic should be banned , people need to be educated on hygiene and the disastrous effects of throwing things like this .
    great reading .

    Me – I am glad you liked it Tikuli. Yes I too have read about how horribly cows can die if they eat a polythene bag. We have been using cloth bags but I feel a bigger deterrent would be stopping their use by vendors and shopkeepers, and malls. A lot of good malls have switched to some other kind of bags, not just cloth and paper, but also something else that is almost as light as plastic … not sure what it’s called.


  29. Loved these! You’ve woven a stories in each picture, and then threaded them so beautifully… all with a message 🙂

    Me- I have the goofiest possible grin on my face reading your comments Usha 🙂 Hugs!! I know you will love these picture posts!! Reminds me of how you first commented on how-we-met-GabbarSingh post 🙂


  30. जब दिल की आँखे और दिमाग के कान खुले हों तो नज़ारे कितने खूबसूरत होते हैं.


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