Where would ghosts go, if we cut all trees?

A piece of red fabric…

Moves closer to a tree, and seems to creep up the trunk, all on it’s own.

And then it falls… 😦

Now what did this adorable little ghost need that cloth for? 🙂

The haunted cloth appeared when I was actually looking to see if this Kingfisher would return to the Peepal tree…

And this morning what I thought was a Kingfisher turned out to be another bird, green with a long beak – feeding on the fruit on the Peepal tree. It looked like a Toucan.

What bird is this fluorescent green bird?

Edited to add: Large Green Barbet (Thanks Sunita 🙂 )

Brown-headed Barbet (Megalaima zeylanica), also called Large Green Barbet.

And just when I thought no more Photo-posts, I saw this!!

There’s so much activity on and around one tree, just imagine what happens when we destroy entire jungles.

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44 thoughts on “Where would ghosts go, if we cut all trees?

  1. Okie answer to your question in the title.. they will visit us at home… and am in love with the birdie picS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me- The pretty green bird amazed me!! I have never seen a bird like that- it’s like a green Kingfisher!


  2. awww cute squirrel! u really live in one active and green part of Delhi!

    Me- Just two Peepal trees in the park behind the house… Reema it’s amazing how much goes on on just one or two trees!!


  3. what a cute lil squirrel that is! I wish the picture was clearer though. I have toms of squirrel pictures too 🙂 Just that in Minnesota they are bigger in size and are called gophers! :):)

    Me- I was looking for Kingfishers and this little ghosts was so unexpected… I saw her again today, and she still hasn’t given up 🙂


  4. Lovely, lovely pictures – have enjoyed your last few posts so much – thank you for reminding us that beauty is all around us!

    Me- Oh Yes Corinne!! How much happiness they give… reminds me of writing about happiness, will do it, that we are kind of settled 🙂


  5. 🙂 the ghost is so cute. you know IHM squirrels are such wonderful creatures. we have tons of them in the park and it is a joy to watch them scurry around especially the younger ones. I have some pix in the blog. There is a small baby chunmun who comes and plays in our balcony through out the day and is not much scared when we are around. Great pix I love them.
    Kingfisher .. my favorite .. last I saw the beautiful bird was in Corbett. The green bird pix are not very clear but I have a Delhi birds book and will check out .
    awesome post .. keep them coming.

    There’s a pair (or maybe mother and baby) of Kingfisher in our park – (if it’s a Kingfisher) – they look beautiful and today they posed for me – although from a distance and I wish I had a better zoom lens! I had waiting to spot them for days – so the sight made my day!!! Added them tot he header 🙂

    That squirrel is at it again 🙂 I feel like going there and cutting the cloth in smaller pieces to make it easier for this adorable ghost 🙂


  6. 🙂 Good one on the squirrel… it is very interesting to just sit idly watching a squirrel. They are always upto something or the other.
    True, if we cut down all trees and forests, we are destroying an important part of the earth, which will inturn affect mankind badly.


  7. So, I guessed the ghost, right – its a squirrel !!! My bro had a squirrel at home once !!! It used to go to a nearby tree, whenever bro goes out. When he comes back, he whistles and bang, the squirrel will jump on his shoulder. But, if they know that the person is scared, they hold on more tightly to the skin, thereby hurting the person !!!

    You are becoming more phamous for doing pic blogs too !!! 🙂 Camera woman !!! 🙂

    Loved the pics !!!


  8. I’d love to know where do you get to spot all these birds in Delhi?

    Me- From our balcony, there is a park right outside. I think these birds live wherever there are trees, at first I did not notice them at all, then the Pariah Kite – who I thought was an Eagle seemed to be making a ‘screeeee’ racket – and once I started looking for it, all the others also were noticed 🙂 If it wasn’t for desperately seeking the KIngfisher, I would have never realised that beautiful green bird (what is it?) existed 🙂


  9. Love your picture posts IHM ! spooked me to see the cloth in the second pic..until the mystery was solved in the third one 😀

    Nice clicks.

    Me- Ha ha 🙂 The squirrel has been busy at it again, I might replace this picture with a better shot 🙂


  10. IHM, i think squirrels are the most adorable things around and just seeing them play can relax you so much! yes, a single tree or a garden serves as a thriving eco-system amidst concrete jungles.. lovely post


  11. ur pics remind me of the days we used to spend at my nanis place in summers …trees, small stream of water , on the midle of the fields u spend hot summer days just lazing around and observing small companions arnd , all the birds , squirrals , insects …its fun observing them ..

    love the pics ..its sad we dont see them around any more …. but then we are to be blames ..we destryed their homes..


  12. I noticed the ghost! It is a squirrel! But looks interesting!

    I envy you now, IHM! So many exotic birds and flowers!

    I feel sad to just think where these birds go when so many trees are cut to build the concrete jungles. Everyday morning we go for walk near the Tidel Park area here, in South Chennai. The park area and the nearby areas were full of trees. It joins the IIT complex and Rajbhavan. So we used to see deers often. Now, new luxury houses are coming near the Tidel park. So I wonder where the animals and birds will go.

    Your title ‘Where would the ghosts go if we cut all trees’ is superb!

    Me- Sandhya we had gone to look at this site where new construction is going to come up soon – and I saw a mongoose rush into the grass – till then I had never given this much thought… 😦 Where will that mongoose and so many other creatures and birds go once the construction begins?

    Once in Delhi (in 1998) we had a family of mongoose (grey eyed) coming and drinking milk and eating bread and biscuits without any fear from us… recently while driving a mongoose ran and crossed the road just ahead of us… I feel the older system of single storey houses was much better, multi-storey buildings are not good for the environment 😦


  13. IHM, that green bird is a Large Green Barbet (what an unimaginative name for such a striking bird!)You better hope he stays around … he’s partial to flying termites. Fruits and berries too, but any bird that loves eating termites gets the red carpet rolled out for him in my garden!
    I love those photos of the squirrel with designer aspirations. Too cute! And the kingfisher! … I think Delhi’s turned you into a birder 🙂

    Me – Thank You Sunita 🙂 I was so dying to know what it’s called – it is such an amazingly pretty and unusual bird, I have never seen one before, but now I saw one again this morning 🙂 !
    If it wasn’t for blogging I would have never learnt the names of all these gorgeous birds… and I have been waking up early to catch them before it gets too hot 🙂 And till now there’s been something new and interesting every morning 🙂


  14. arreyy, you didnt know ??? We humans wanted to eliminate all forms of ghosts from our planet and when we knew that they stay in trees, we decided to destroy their homes not even thinking about our survival in the future !


  15. the pics are awesome IHM… 🙂 :)glad to know you are seeing some rare birds there.. here a sparrow is rare thing… SIGH…

    and we are striving live in hell…. Along with lot of animals, forest is also an endagered type of land…


  16. wonderful! you have an eye for fauna and flora! peepal trees, I didn’ t know them….Thats quite a wild life in the city…. exclamation mark..loved the photoes….

    Me- Thank You Sonia 🙂 I hhope we continue to see this wild life in our cities!!


  17. good pics
    about ghost, they can enter into humans, i know they have already entered into bodies of minimum 514 Indians

    Me- How? I didn’t understand sm…?


  18. You are enjoying the greenery & nature na?? I like Delhi for the very reason that despite all the development there is still so much greenery to enjoy!!!

    And loved your logic for not cutting trees 😉


  19. Excellent pics. I wonder how you managed to snap them at the right moment. Do you walk around all the time with a camera hung on your neck? 😀

    Me- All the bird pictures have been taken from my balcony, while drinking chai, and tweeting about the weather 🙂 the camera is right there… 😀


  20. Yet another wonderful nature post! Very very nice!

    Me – Dipali, now that it’s getting hotter, many of the birds come out only early in the morning- it’s too hot by 9 am 😦


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