Let sleeping dogs lie.

On a parked car in Greater Kailash.


Outside a pet shop in Khan Market.


Another one in Khan Market… (Most dogs in Khan Market, wore jackets )


This one is old but not uncomfortable.


These aren’t the only homeless dogs who have someone who cares for them. Read about one in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi here, another one in 55 words here and take a look at how wrong it is for children to separate puppies and kittens from their mothers here.

And do they reciprocate? Find out here 😆


45 thoughts on “Let sleeping dogs lie.

  1. I love your picture posts IHM 🙂 Nicely taken! Read about ur move on Mandy’s blog. Hope you are well settled by now.

    Me- Thanks Homecooked… yeah kind of settling, that’s why not in the blogosphere as much 😦


  2. Nice one, IHM. Who might have offered the jackets to the street dogs? It was very cold, this winter over there, you said and some good soul must have offered coats for them.

    Good to know you have settled down over there. How about Sher Khan. They take time to settle down in a new place, istn’t it?

    The Bulbuls have nested for the third time and the new birds have developed feathers too. Max. by tomorrow, they will fly off.

    My kittens are also ready to leave home. Two are leaving on Monday (42 days old and have started drinking milk and eating kitten food). I will keep one at home for the mother. Only thing is, now we are witnessing WWF and King Kong Dhara Singh fights and we will miss them in the morning with our coffee! I spoke to the vet and he asked me to bring Jinju next weekend for family planning surgery. Feel bad for Jinju.

    I will write about them in a day or two with lots and lots of photos.

    Me- I love reading about your Bulbuls and your cats Sandhya!! Please post Bulbul photos also!!! Eagerly waiting for this post!!!


  3. Bad enough we don’t have enough place for ourselves these days but animals are having it bad. When I see pigeons doing their thing on every nook and corner they can find in our complex, the first thought that occurs is that we have taken away their homes!


  4. Lovely pictures! You gotta appreciate Indians for allowing stray dogs on the road and allowing them to live in peace. Even the Supreme Court had struck down initiatives by the Mumbai government to get rid of stray dogs saying they had a right to live.

    I guess I’m saying all this because my 1.5 years in the US showed me no stray dogs at all. Nor cats. Nor cows 😀 . The only wildlife allowed are chipmunks and birds. You feel very lonely walking down the roads. Come to think of it, no humans either 🙂 Just cars…


  5. Very nice sleeping poses !!! Its indeed so thotful of those ppl who have provided the jackets for the dogs.

    The booking on the car is a good pic !!! Hats off to the photographer in you !!!


  6. Wooof… woof…. bow wow….!!

    Adorable pics IHM.. i wanna bring home all of these cuties…. :))
    cant get over the jackets.. never seen them before [atleast not here in chn]


  7. I loved the picture of the dog sleeping atop the car. It is a picture of carefree abandon and bliss. Sigh! If only life were like that for humans. In my next life, I want to be a street dog. Or maybe a buffalo – you know the ones that soak themselves in muddy water. :))


  8. Dogs can sleep in scorching heat in Delhi and Mumbai because they don’t have a choice 😦 In smaller cities and villages, they can’t sleep in heat and/or noise as they aren’t used to it there.


  9. Ha ha ha..yes of course there will be suited booted dogs in Khan market. Our dilli ka dogs are also very conscious of which neighborhood they are from 🙂

    And Khan Market reminds me of my school…sigh! old times at Chonas came flashing back 🙂


  10. its great that u did a post of sleeping dogs! ur animal pics are always so good!!! i’ve taken pics of a few strays of late.. will put them up when i have enuf of a collection. :)…and yes,i agree its wrong to separate young pups from their mothers…


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