Who is the victim in this crime?

There is no mention of any violence. From what is reported it seems both the partners were willing.

Then what was Dr Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, reader and chairman of Modern Indian Languages at AMU punished for?

One expects the youth to be supportive of a more liberal, open and honest society, but these students thought they had a right to decide who Dr Siras loves or sleeps with. I think these students have a lot of learning to doย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Have they never heard of live and let live?

Maybe they should learn like I did – along with my eight year old niece, here.


87 thoughts on “Who is the victim in this crime?

  1. I don’t see why he should be sacked.
    What, people feel their kids would be in danger?
    Their innocent hostel living, beer drinking, a few pot smoking, and lots of them sexually active kids would be in danger of being molested or victimized by this professor?
    Or he would be a bad influence?

    I just wonder how does one justify bullshit like this.

    Me – Now I only hope he realises he has immense support from sane and law abiding citizens of this country, and I hope he takes these people to court.


  2. The Doctor is the victim here. His privacy was invaded and his private acts were filmed. And THAT I feel is a crime. It is those who did the secret filming who should be punished. They had no business doing it.

    Me – I absolutely agree Shail. These people should be prosecuted.


  3. I am absolutely disgusted and fuming at the outcome of this incident! The students who set up video cams and barged into the professor’s house violating his privacy should have been suspended for life. Instead the professor gets the boot!! And I doubt even if the university had been a “Hindu” University like Benaras Hindu University, the outcome would have been any different.

    A person having CONSENSUAL sex inside the PRIVACY and confines of his own home is hounded, but a gang of hooligans RAPING a woman in PUBLIC in broad daylight are honoured as protectors of religion and culture. Cheers to out great Indian morality and society!!

    I am really angry right now, thus am controlling myself from going ahead with a barrage of expletives. However, next time someone tries to lecture me about INDIAN CULTURE, MORALs and VALUEs, I will not be responsible for my subsequent violent reactions!

    Me – Yes this made me mad too. This is so outrageous. And I am so sad that he is not doing anything about it- he probably feels guilty and embarrassed while the culprits are shamelessly roaming free.
    How different are they from Muthalik?


  4. I read this article this morning. I disagree with phrasing it as a crime, simply because it is not a crime. So there is no question of any victim. The professor himself is the victim.

    Me – John I did not mean that what the Professor did was a crime, I was pointing out that this was said to have comitted a crime which has no victims… these are ‘victimless crimes’ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  5. Rightly said IHM. Why should private life get in the way of academic achievments and knowledge? He was obviously a very well respected and learned person. And who are these guys to decide what is right or wrong?


  6. I think we are far far away from accepting homosexuality. There is a whole mindset against it…in all strata of society, all classes, castes, religions. Its going to take really really long to go away. Even in western societies where this is more open, people still have difficulty accepting these relationships.

    There is bound to be opposition and poking fun and punishing these people over and over again. Our moral policing is just too much and very strong. But, i think a start has been made in this country in the right direction with framing laws and legalizing. What is needed is sensitizing the common junta and an education towards this.

    Me – Yes Maria, we do really need to sensitize the aam junta, in fact the message should be, that we don’t care what they think of homosexuality, just like we don’t care what they think of Valentine’s Day celebration, all we care for is that they better mind their own business. ๐Ÿ˜ก


  7. We, Indians, dont want to grow up in the broad-minded sense. Its not enough if we become a fully developed country. We need to have fully developed brains to understand other human beings, too.

    Me – You are right Uma, we can be an insensitive, judgemental lot …

    BTW, that header pic rocks !!! Is it the mela u visited recently ???

    Yes, it’s the mela! I loved the festive colours there ๐Ÿ™‚ These are rajasthani puppets ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. INDEED.

    I was not surprised though knowing environment of AMU.

    Me – Most smaller towns do have a conservative environment… I feel there should be a public outcry and he should be allowed to retire with dignity.


  9. I read the article this morning and all I could say was “What the f***!”

    Me – I thought it must be so terribly humiliating for him to be suspended just before he was to retire… I wish he fought back. This is so sad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  10. As far as I know what had happened had also happene inside the profs home! As the doors were open a TV channel had sneaked in and created a picture out of it and passed it out later! But reports also say that this guy has a history!!

    Me – Smita, a history of having gay relationships? That’s fine, it’s his life and it should be no concern of the students.


    • No not a history of gay relationship. What I had read in TOI said that he had abused a lady sexually!!!

      Honestly speaking am firm believer of live & let live but somehow I am unable to have a clear thought on this incident because I feel all facts are not clear!

      me – I have not read this yet… I read they suspended him for having consensual sex with a rikshaw puller…


  11. Sheesh! Thatz sick .. Y oh y can’t ppl mind their own business ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Such ppl just need some opportunity to point fingers @ someone and make full use of it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I think they r better off devoting their time to studies and better their stand in life than indulge in such things.


  12. IHM – the desire for sensationalist news to drive TRPs got TV channels doing all kinds of sting operations, and now the fever is spreading. I was heartened though that a majority of comments, esp. on a mass newspaper like TOI were supportive of the professor and of gay rights; at least that shows that our society is changing.


  13. Well, it is going to take a lot of time for our society to accept and realize the issue of homosexuality.

    The law making it civil doesn’t mean anything more, than for the Policemen understanding that they can’t charge gays for crime-deed. Our society is built on the platform of religion, caste and all such stuff and it is extremely tough to crack the base. We will see more and more victims, more and more homosexual individuals being tortured.

    Even in many countries of the West, the gays are still being frowned upon and abused, so in India we can naturally expect things to be a few generations behind no matter what 303 says.

    Me – I feel we should have awareness campaigns for all such things. This is abuse just like what happened in Mangalore last year, and this could (but probably won’t) become an example of how Indian handles such disgusting invasion into other people’s personal lives. I feel terribly sad for the Professor here.


  14. We Indians are going to really take time on these things. Nobody has the guts to stand up and say “SO WHAT?”

    Now those guys who wanted him to be shamefully thrown out, would probably go to any lengths. They can even bribe the rikshawallah with money and make him say that he was forced.

    Poor chap.


  15. That’s terrible. If the same cameramen had caught him raping his own wife, it would have been ok, I suppose. This is a case of consensual sex between adults. There’s no crime here, just taboo.

    Btw, IHM can you set your links to open in a new tab (Set target), it’s a bit bugging to click back to your post each time.

    Me – Okay let me check and see how to do this… thanks for letting me know.


    • @starsinmeyes, you can keep pressing ‘Ctrl’ key while clicking a link. Alternative, you can Right Click on the link and choose ‘Open in new tab’ or ‘Open in new window’. This way, the link will open in a new window.


      • Thanks Haresh…already knew the right-click option ๐Ÿ™‚ Just that it’s easier to set the link to automatically open in a new tab, otherwise readers who left-click leave the original page and may not reload it to comment.

        IHM, the new header is brilliant! And your link brought back my teenagehood when ‘homo’ and ‘lesbo’ were the worst names one could be called. I’m cringing now recalling it.


  16. ‘Apne ghar mein chaahey kuchh bhee ho raha ho lekin pados mein kuchh nahee hona chaahiye’ Typical Indian Mentality. The trespassers into the professor’s house should have been prosecuted. IHM thanks for sharing.


  17. How can the cameramen barge in like that? I am astounded. Somebody must have watched and tipped them. Sick people. Every person has got the right to live according his will without troubling others, I feel.

    The Professor has resigned but the people who barged in into a house, should be punished, severely. Only then the juicy newsmonger channels will have a lesson. Hope the rickshaw puller doesn’t feed them with more juicy news. Within minutes, the professor’s life has changed!

    Me – Yes and this is as bad as the Mangalore attack – the students have been no better than the moral police ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I admire your family, IHM! It is full of lovely and sensible people!

    Me – Thank You Sandhya.


  18. IHM – Just consider… even if he wasn’t gay, what if he was caught having consensual sex with his maid? or maybe with the lady who sells vegetables on the street outside his house? Wouldn’t that be inappropriate as well for a college professor.

    I don’t know whether he was married or not or whether this rickshaw puller was just a random guy or his permanent lover but I think that it is not only about him being gay but also about him sleeping around with a random rickshaw puller. Again, I’m making an assumption in this case but could be very possible.

    Me – I did wonder about this Rakesh, but nothing about his being married is mentioned. A man who is not in a relationship or is not married is free to invite anybody he likes into his home. And if he is married then there must be a correct legal procedure to be followed. Why have victimless crimes? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • What if he paid the rickshaw puller a 100 rupees? Would it still be a victimless crime? Seriously, there are so many things here, we just can’t be singing praises of the professor just like that.


        • No Reb, I’m not saying that the AMU was right in sacking him. I’m just saying that there are a lot of questions that arise here and just because the headline said – Professor suspended for being Gay, we shouldn’t stop reading the complete article and close our minds just because the Gay word has been uttered.


    • And btw, if he was married, there would still be no legal procedure coz. even if he is married, having consensual sex outside marraige is not a crime. I think we are just jumping the gun to glorify him.

      And while we are at that, how was ND Tiwari at fault for having a consensual threesome or was it a foursome!


    • He is divorced. Even if he was married it should not have been anyone else’s business except his wife’s. Also, it should not concern anyone whether the rickshaw puller was a)”random” b) a long-term lover or c) paid, as long as it was consensual and the rickshaw puller was an adult.


      • Ok so we are now getting into a bigger debate here. Would I really want my kids (especially my daughter) to be studying at a place where the teachers or professors indulge in casual sex with any random person? I don’t think so.

        And then what Bill Clinton did shouldn’t be anybody’s problem except his wife. And couples who indulge in group sex or swapping partners do not necessarily become a bad thing, since they do it consensually; And prostituion should be legalised; And we can all go back to our basic instincts and live like animals and screw anybody we like if they consent.

        Me – Rakesh this man was inside his house, and the students were spying. The only thing they had against him was that he was gay. And so long as there is no exploitation, the prostitute, male or female, should not be harassed by the so called law makers or moral police. In fact legalise or not at least they should have rights against abuse and violence.


        • Just to clarify that I am not at all against gay sex or homosexuality. I think every individual should have a right to choose his partner.

          But yes, I would also want people who are in responsible positions not to be promiscuos at least. Or is this too much to expect?

          Me – The man was divorce, legally I doubt if he could marry another man. He was inside his house, from whatever I know of the case, he seemed to be completely innocent.


        • How does what one does in his bedroom (read someone’s promiscuity) hinder his ability to fulfil his duties in a fair and responsible manner?! You mean to say that if a professor is promiscuous, he might not be a ‘role model’ for his students? Students idealise professors for their teaching abilities, not for whether they are/aren’t promiscuous in their personal lives. I have had some amazing professors in my student days, and I had no clue what went on in their personal lives, and nor was I interested. I liked them for what they taught, not what they did in their bedrooms.


        • You honestly can’t compare the Monica Lewinsky case with this case. The biggest problem with that scandal was that Bill Clinton lied. And he was infidel. Plus there is a difference between being President of a country and being a professor in a university.

          Me – I agree with you Rebel. Also the professor was right in not remaining/getting married to a woman – the students would have approved of such a marriage.
          The students need a good example, no doubt, the professor can become that good role model by taking the students and those who filmed him to court. They all need lessons in respecting personal spaces.


        • The legalisation of prostitution would not be a bad thing. Prostitution exists-it always has and it is never going to go away. Legalising could help minimise abuse and trafficking.

          Whether teachers have multiple sexual partners or none, is really nobody else’s business, if they are not abusing anybody, abusing their position of trust or authority or breaking the law.


        • Guys, the question is not of this case only. The question is, what is acceptable behaviour for people who are role models or in charge of important positions like teachers, professors, people who run the country etc. etc. The reason being that if they have desires which are uncontrollable to such an extent that they pick random people to fulfill those desires, isn’t it a possibility that they could be biased in their official role when it comes to their professional responsibilities?

          I gave the Bill Clinton example in response to Uttara’s argument that even if the professor was married, it was nobody else’s problem except his wife. What I was trying to say is that though it was only Hillary Clinton’s problem, people did have an objection to his behaviour. Legally, the impeachment was against his lie but the public outrage of the man was because of his behaviour.

          Take the example of N.D.Tiwari. He had a foursome while he was a Governor. Would that be acceptable? I think this would seriously hamper his position as a governor because first: people can bribe him by fulfilling such of his desires (which is what most likely happened) and second: he might be blackmailed using such evidence to take decisions which may not be good for the community to profit an individual.

          In the case of a college professor, what he does in his personal life would be completely ok if it did not have the possibility to interfere with his professional life. The point is can we be completely sure that such desires do not affect a person’s professional life especially when he is in the vicinity of his targets. Take for instance, a professor who is a womaniser – he indulges in prostitution, picks up random women he meets and takes them home etc. etc. If such a professor is teaching in a girls college, would it be acceptable behaviour? Wouldn’t the college administrators be concerned about his desires especially when he is teaching girls in class? Would parents be comfortable knowing that their daughter goes to a college where a professor is a womaniser? I don’t think I’ll accept that. This is what I meant by acceptable behaviour.

          I’ll give you another example. Say a cashier in a bank is a compulsive gambler. If I was a bank manager, this would definitely be a red flag when it comes to my internal controls.

          Again, I’m not saying that this professor in question is a pervert who actually does indulge in such acts frequently. What I’m saying is that we do not know a lot of things and these issues should be considered before we just start glorifying the professor. Who knows, maybe these are real issues which is why the professor thought it best to take retirement?

          What the students did by putting cameras is wrong, definitely. But that doesn’t make the professor automatically innocent.

          Me – Rakesh since we have a majority of Indians thinking exactly like these students, how do people like their professor meet or find partners?


        • Rakesh, I see your point, but maybe you are generalizing things a tiny bit. Some people are successfully able to alienate their personal lives from their professional lives, and some aren’t. Assuming that a person is bound to confuse the two aspects of his life is assuming too much I guess. Also, legally speaking, is promiscuity reason enough to suspend a professor? I doubt so.

          And I don’t think anyone has glorified the professor (in the media, or in the comments I have read over here). People have expressed their despair over AMU’s decision to sack the professor. Even in the court of law, the charged is innocent till proven guilty. I am highly doubtful of the fact that AMU had concluded the professor was ‘guilty’ before they sacked him. And I think the professor has sued AMU anyhow, hasn’t he?


        • No Reb, the professor has voluntarily resigned (or maybe has been forced to by management) so that AMU doesn’t have to take a tricky decision since he has not violated the law.

          So he wasn’t actually SACKED and no he hasn’t sued the university.

          At least that’s what I heard last.


  19. A gay boy or lesbian girl would be lucky to have a sibling or parent like IHM. Unfortunately, you’re a rare breed. Thank you for being the (only?) non-gay voice on the blogosphere condemning the outrageous behavior of AMU and its students. I hope the press give Professor Siras some space and not violate his privacy any further.

    Me – Sudarshan I know many other bloggers who support Gay Rights. If you go through the comments you will find many who support the professor.


  20. “One expects the youth to be supportive of a more liberal, open and honest society”

    In real, unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of youth is supportive of it. It’s a case of moral-policing.

    What did the people – the students and the authority – find wrong: sex with someone other than spouse, or homosexuality? If it’s the former one, is it proven that all the authorities are completely faithful to their spouse? And, if it’s the later one, well, why don’t they mind their own business? Is it proven that none of them are homo-sexual?

    I don’t support promiscuity. I hate all kind of moral policing too. I just want to point out that in addition to privacy-invading self-proclaimed moral policing, it’s probably also another example of hypocrisy prevailing in our society.

    I have been at the receiving end of an attempt of moral-policing once. During my stay in a hostel during graduation, some of my roommates asked me to shift to a different room when they came to know that I’m a bisexual.

    Can’t we respect the basic rights of a sexual (or for that matter any other) minority of people? Is it so difficult?

    Me- The moral police is always hypocritical Haresh, also dishonest. The students had no business to ask you shift to another room, just like these students or Sri Ram Sene had no business telling any citizen how to live their lives. I agree it is more a case of bullying any minority ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  21. i ws also enraged when i read it this morning.. this is just not right.

    If the students have a problem with homosexuality, they shld not be homosexual.

    Just before he was due to retire.. what were they thinking.. why?? i really would like to know the names of these students. They deserve to be made famous for the rest of their lives.

    Me – I felt exactly the same way. I felt terrible for the professor… YES the students who did this should be made famous for their brilliant deed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  22. I have to agree with most of the people and on the TOI site that, what has happened to the prof. is grave injustice. Sad, that we have so many levels of divisions in our society. I guess, most of us are xenophobic at a micro sociological level, we descriminate against anything that we cannot categorize as being part of our stratified views.


  23. It is so shocking and disgusting!

    When it is consensual sex, why should anybody else be bothered? And that too in such a manner? If anybody, those students need to be booked for invading privacy and causing mental trauma. It is sad that the younger generation still thinks like this. One would expect more of a generation that considers itself far more aware and global than the older generation.

    All his hard work goes down the drain with having to resign in this manner. I feel so sorry for him.


  24. This is an outrage. Being gay is not a crime and it’s not wrong. What consenting adults do is their own business. The people who came into his home without permission should be charged with a crime. That’s all. It’s that simple.

    Thanks for being so clear about this.

    I think he’s getting hit extra hard because of the class of the man he was with.

    Acts of love between consenting people of different classes is also not wrong, is not a crime.

    Me – I agree, the backgrounds of the people involved is also no business of the students. And yes that might be used to create trouble for the Professor ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  25. Let be honest, that homosexuality though out in the open is still not acceptable in all sections of the Indian society.

    Having said that, Dr. Siras has a choice to appeal against the decision which he is not.


  26. So let me get this straight…a professor gets the sack for having consensual sex with another adult just because he is gay but men can continue to rape foreign girls and women and that’s all right. What is this country getting to??? CONSENT and LEGAL AGE!!! That’s all that matters. The gender, the kind of sex, the person having sex shouldn’t be of any issue provided there is consent and both parties are of legal age. I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that these students have engaged in sexual acitivities themselves and this is homophobia being played out.

    Me – Psych Babbler this is homophobia being played out. The way some people think they can decide what other people must do in their personal lives is shocking and sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I can’t imagine what he must be going through… these nosey students should be prosecuted, but I they probably feel they have done a good deed, and they are probably patting each other on the back ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  27. A sad incident. Stigma and discrimination against MSM force them to have sex in an unsafe manner with strangers and sex workers. This lead on to diseases which in turn increase the stigma . Though change in law is an important step forward it will take years and years for the society’s attitude to change

    Me – You are right Charakan, I didn’t give it a thought, but if there was no stigma, it would be so much simpler to find partners. Our society goes out of its way to make it’s members unhappy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • MSM is the only social group in high prevalent states of India where the HIV incidence(no of new cases) has not started declining. MSM has more stigma than sex work and injection drug use. I know few pts including college students and highly educated professionals who continues to show high risk behaviour .


  28. The concept of ‘privacy’ is almost non-existent in most Indian societies. Even if that statement angers you or sounds outrageous in itself, it is true IHM – think about it.
    It`s disgusting, what happened. But this is not the first, nor the last time it`s happening.
    When I was posted to Jabalpur, I would visit a nearby church every evening. Sometimes I would sing in the choir. The priest was a musician, who would come to my quarters every friday afternoon to take guitar lessons for me. I couldnt attend his classroom lessons because of a hectic internship schedule. I had to quit within a few weeks, because a bunch of disgusting, imbecile lunatics(all army officers btw!) thought I was having an affair!! I didnt have to quit. But I decided to – I was tired of fighting it out with the world at each step.
    It is like that for many – what we do in the privacy of our homes is everybody else`s business but ours. Sad – but so, so true!

    Me – I agree… we need serious lessons in privacy. Most of us try to pass off interference as ‘concern’, and many don’t care for anything as much as ‘what will people say’…
    I can understand quitting, it must have been so maddening… but I also feel if we go on doing whatever we feel is right, after a while even the nosiest of people find someone else to harass ๐Ÿ˜ Such people deserve no attention, just a complete ignore. ๐Ÿ˜ก Also generally these people are only fair weather aquaintances (even if they were always supportive they would be wrong to dictate what we do)…


  29. Regarding privacy there was an interesting incident in Kerala 2 months ago. A married state level leader of Congress was caught by Left Party workers in a house with a female congress worker during late night. The media was called in to get visuals of police arresting them and taking them away under immoral traffic act. The leader,his wife and the woman denied all allegations. The Left was criticised for moral policing by human rights activists and a writer was threatened by CPM workers for speaking for ‘free sex’ .


  30. I stand by gay rights ….many people do not have the basic awareness about homosexuals. They make all the noise and objections even without knowing that it might be natural in many cases !! What is an abnormality but it might be natural…


  31. Why is the partner referred to as ‘the rickshaw-puller’ in every sentence he gets mentioned? Is that important here or is it that the writer of this pirce is just shocked the prof had sex with ‘rickshaw puller’ …how could he !
    Another example of bad journalism and classist thinking by TOI .


  32. Some laws have been flouted here…not to mention some limits of decency…those people who obtained the info about Dr Siras’s sexual activities did so by some illegal means of breaking and entering (or some other invasion of privacy). I am yet to see some criminal action against those.
    As for Dr Siras, no government funded or aided organization has the legal right to suspend a person for his sexual orientation.
    The students are the most disappointing. Their xenophobia has led to the besmirching of the reputation of a person whose only crime was to be born a little different from most other people and embracing his identity.
    These prejudices are hateful, and need to be removed, but first and foremost, the people need to respect the private lives of others. That such a no-brainer is still out of the intellectual grasp of so many Indians makes me feel that our social studies system needs a revamp.


  33. IHM,

    In this country, if 2 consenting adults were allowed to do what they wanted to do, then we wouldn’t have youngsters being persecuted for being in love while also belonging to different regions/ religions/ castes/ villages/ gotras/ god(?)-knows-what-else.

    It is all about their core constituency being eroded. Thakre gets offended since his core constituency (Marathi – or was it Hindu again) is getting affected. If all the Marathis married non-Marathis where would he – or his baby- be one generation hence.

    BJP gets offended when the Muslim guys marry Hindu girls – you cannot stir up religious emotions when the next gen will be Indians – rather than a specific religion.

    These ‘moralists’ get offended since if this lifestyle and sexual preference becomes more acceptable in society, their value proposition has lower acceptability and appeal.

    We as a society are inward looking – so the majority of the ”straight’ dont care about gays being targetted since they are not affected by it.

    Ditto the language/ region/ religion/ caste issues – we don’t care as long as the issue does not affect us.

    We are happy they are not coming after us, and we want to stay out since we don’t want to get involved in the mess. We let them fend for themselves.

    And, then, one day, they WILL come after us, and we will then fend for ourselves. And life goes on for the rest.

    Me – Couldn’t agree more.. this touched a chord. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  34. One of those sad cases where the ‘budding youth ‘ of India are growing in the wrong directions. I dont understand, why do they even care as to who somebody else is sleeping with??

    Pathetic. Besides, video voyeurism qualifies one as a sex offender doesn’t it? Those students should be tried in the court,not the Professor. Also,traditionally,homosexuality was never condemned i believe(Khajuraho).Where does one pick up these prejudices then?

    Youth of India, we have more pressing issues to deal with than to profile our professors’ sex lives!

    Me- I absolutely agree Karthik. Well said.


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  36. I noticed 25+ visitors on this post yesterday through Key words ‘Professor Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras’ and through this TAG, via Word Press.
    I googled Dr Shrinivas Ramchandra’s name but saw nothing new. This morning newspaper had this really sad news on the front page,

    ‘Aligarh Muslim University Professor Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, who was suspended from the university recently after he was filmed participating in a homosexual act with a rickshaw puller, was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his rented accommodation in Aligarh on Wednesday evening. The 64-year-old professor was staying alone.

    Only last week the Allahabad High Court had issued a stay order against Dr. Siras’ suspension from the university and also on his ouster from his campus accommodation.

    Superintendent of Police (Aligarh City) Man Singh Chauhan said: โ€œPrima facie it appears to be a case of suicide or something like a heart attack. At the moment it does not seem to be a case of murder. Since a foul smell was emanating from the room, Dr. Siras must have been dead for a minimum of eight to twelve hours.โ€
    ….Neighbours complained to the police on Wednesday about a foul smell emanating from Dr. Siras’ accommodation which was bolted from inside.โ€

    โ€œThe police had to break open the door around 6 p.m. and found Dr. Siras lying on his bed with blood on his mouth. Until the post-mortem report comes in, it is difficult to comment.

    The death could even have been due to natural causes such as a heart attack or brain haemorrhage,โ€ he added. …

    Only last week the Allahabad High Court had issued a stay order against Dr. Siras’ suspension from the university and also on his ouster from his campus accommodation.


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  38. And now this – is it against the law to criticise the institution one studies it?
    First Aligarh Muslim University suspended a professor for being gay and now they have suspended a student names Adil Hossain ‘for passing critical remarks against the University administration’.

    “A post-graduate student of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has been suspended and banned from the campus on charges of rumour mongering and defaming the University.

    The suspension notice served to Adil Hossain, a Mass Communication student, by the AMU Proctor on Friday states that he had “misused the internet for passing critical remarks
    against the University administration onto websites which mostly deal with news pertaining to AMU and its alumni.”

    Hossain said that he criticised the University for suspending late Dr S R Siras, a senior professor, who allegedly committed suicide following harassment by the University authorities over his homosexual orientation.

    Hossain said he also spoke out on his blog against the Local Intelligence Unit, AMU’s official spy agency, and the installation of spy cameras in different parts of the campus.

    “I think I may be the first student in India punished for using the internet for expressing dissent and exercising my democratic right and speak out against injustice,” he said.

    “At a time when youth are being urged to play a constructive role in the task of nation building, the students of AMU are bring denied even the basic right to question in a peaceful manner the functioning of the university,”

    he said.”



  39. Times of India says,

    โ€˜โ€˜This is nightmarish. They are trying to hit out at the freedom of expression,โ€™โ€™ Adil told TOI on phone. โ€˜โ€˜I fell out of favour for speaking my mind, particularly on Siras controversy (the gay professor, who committed suicide after being caught on camera having sex with his partner), and then on CCTV,โ€™โ€™ he said, adding he was the first student to have criticized the universityโ€™s stance on Siras. Though disturbed, the young man stands by his convictions.

    Read more here – http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Student-breaks-AMU-gag-order-gets-suspended/articleshow/6015603.cms


  40. Well I am the latest victim of despotic AMU administration which is on Suspension spree now.
    But I am strong still and nothing can stop me from speaking the truth. I criticized their actions on internet and its my right to do so.
    I will face whatever comes in my way but their fear tactics is not going to deter me from speaking my mind. Hope sane people will support me in my struggle.


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