1,411 is the number of tigers left alive.

How many tigers did we kill (and how!) to have reached this number?

http://www.savethetigerfund.org/AM/Images/Community/GeneralPublic/photogallery/Cutest_cub.jpgMy cat, sher ka mausa, plays exactly the way this adorable tiger cub is playing ๐Ÿ™‚

Created by nature specially for human viewing ๐Ÿ™„

When there were ‘enough’ number of tigers, we could afford to hunt.When there was no immediate risk of ‘nature’s balance’ being disturbed, no food chain worries, and no risk that future human generations might miss out on the joy and beauty of a live tiger (created by nature specially for human viewing) we could kill a tiger. Now we can’t because we might find ourselves inconvenienced if all the tigers die.

We have no doubt that everything in nature is created for human convenience. ๐Ÿ™„

It just doesnโ€™t occur to some of us that tigers/black bucks/all creatures have as much right to this planet as we do. In fact no matter what tall claims we make, pigs, cows, snakes, bees, dogs, cats are no less dear to nature than we are.

I have no hope for the Tiger, but for those who do, hereโ€™s what you can do to save the tiger.

If you wish to blog about it like Hitchwriter did, find free, high resolution images here.

Listen to the Tigerโ€™s anthem here.


36 thoughts on “1411

  1. I truly fail to understand how most of us humans feel we are the only important species here. I secretly hope humans become extinct… Only then the other animals and Mother Earth will be safe.


  2. We have been directly responsible for the extinction of a large number of species… when we take it as our right to disturb the balance of the nature, we are bound to pay dearly. But human race has an impeccable record of waking up after disaster strikes! Of, course I am not saying that we should save tigers because extinction of tigers or any other species will disturb the balance of nature and hence affect us (the self centered human) but I am saying that we never had any rights to kill / extinguish a species out of this planet in the first place.

    I admire the human intelligence but still I think it is a double edged sword! Especially when it comes to mindless acts like extinguishing species off the planet.

    Destination Infinity


  3. Poaching of wild animals for its skin, flesh and such banned activities goes unchecked, perhaps even aided by corrupt personnel intended to guard the magnificent creatures! It is really sad because this reflects the sickening state of our human minds which is destroying our habitats without a thought for the coming generations! Thanks for posting this. The Aircel ad has been urging people to speak up, blog, SMS, tweet etc., which i am sure folks will do for sure! But who will pull up slack security and bring vested interests to book?


    • I guess it all comes down to accountability (lack of it) – The tigers have reduced in some areas AFTER conservation parks have been created for them there!

      It boils down to the attitude of people – when we are responsible enough to elect a Government, we should be responsible enough to make sure it works properly as well. We do that in our businesses don’t we – do we just employ people in the office and sleep at homes thinking that business will automatically happen?

      Destination Infinity


  4. Geez that’s bad. I read that in the newspaper too. Just sad to see them on their way to being extinct. I seriously hope that doesn’t happen. We would really want the next generations to see for themselves what a live tiger is!


  5. Every creature does its own duty to our environment. Even small earthworms. We don’t have any right to destroy them for our entertainment or kill them for their skin or teeth.

    Our small 14 day old kittens too snarl (make psss sound), if my hand goes near them! They are so scared of us, humans. They slap with their left paw, like the tiger cubs (Discovery channel). The tigers too look so vulnerable in front of the cameramen who are picturising them. They just don’t know that humans are capable of killing strong animals like them with just a small gadget.

    This is an apt post now, IHM!


  6. We the greedy and high headed human beings have forgotten that other occupants of this planet have equal right to live here. Our future generations will see birds, bees and other animals only in movies as we see dianasores today.


  7. Yes, tigers and all creatures have as much right to live on this planet as we do. Thank you for this post.

    I hope those of your readers interested in some more information on this matter drop by my blog and read my post titled: ”Save Me, Please.”

    Let’s spread the word. Cheers.


  8. Never dreamt that in my lifetime I would see Tigers as extinct and dead as are Dinosaurs! It hits us hard when we see numbers like these. But like you say, there is hardly any hope for the Tigers.


  9. At this rate, we would have only pictures and videos of Tigers to show the future generation and they would treat them like one of those extinct animals. Sad situation ! We have done enough damage to nature !


  10. Humans never fail to have the ego trip! they think the world was around for and around them ๐Ÿ™„
    Its only when things start to fall apart that they turn around and view their surroundings…again, to suit themselves ๐Ÿ˜ก no wonder the world is in the state it is now!


  11. It is a shame how we’ve just not been able to get our act together. I remember reading a news report recently that put the number of tigers killed in 2009 at 59! It is unclear how many of these were natural deaths, but I can bet that most weren’t.

    As Destination Infinity has rightly pointed out, as with most things in India, it comes down to a lack of accountability.

    Very timely post, IHM.

    Quirky Indian


  12. It truly is sad. When I saw the ad, it really made me so sad. That is really a small number. It is really difficult to wait on the sidelines and see what happens.


  13. Its indeed very sad. After disrupting the nature’s ecological balance, we’ve nothing to blame on. This is the havoc of human being’s greed and insensitive approach towards animals.

    I love those tigers and am feeling so sad, now.


  14. Its so hard to believe the 5 hrs or more wait which we used to go thru during safaris to catch one glimpse of the royal beauty may soon be a dream ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I just hope it does nt happen ๐Ÿ˜ฆ We need to do a lot too.. man is a cause for the ecological imbalance and it is affecting a lot of things ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Its high time we realize n correct ourselves rather than feeling that nothing is to be done from our side and we r right in everything ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  15. Imagine the project tiger began in 1973 and yet in almost 45 years the progress has been really slow and bad… !!!

    Remember that show on Door darshan ?? thats when the love affair with this particular cat began… !!!

    Watching the Tiger is totally theatrical… a tiger’s territory is approx 10-12 sq kilometer, it is not social and so alone… when he sits the jungle is quiet but the moment he gets up and starts moving, a barking dear or a parrot or a monkey start alerting the jungle… they alert each other… that he is on the prowl… ! that difficult it is for him to hunt… !

    depending upon the call while watching you try to trace the tiger… ! you wait once you reach the spot … sometimes for hours… without a noise… the jungle goes quiet… the call keeps moving… !!!!!

    suddenly a langoor on a tree just near your jeep gives a call… and you know he is near… camouflaged… walking carressing the tall grass and gently moving…

    as he breaks out from the hedge and comes out on the road… you realise… all pictures, all zoo tigers all videos you saw so far…. we wrong… this is one Huge cat…. about 10 to 12 feet long… head to tail.. ! his head so huge it can probably swallow a small pig in one go… !!!!

    He moves slowly his whiskers alert… and what I learn is most of the people who watch him from real close quarters are literally shaking in their boots… !!!!!

    Watch a lion in the wild, a polar bear or a grizzly bear… nothing compares… this is one animal you want to watch in the wild… !!!!!

    do you also know.. there are perhaps only two video’s that exist that actually have a tiger making a kill… !!!!! in most video’s you will see him run and next instant the kill is in his mouth… but never making the actual kill unlike the lion and cheetah videos we see… !!!!!

    Its elusive its the MOST Special cat … !!!!! Sigh…

    me – THANKS Hitchwriter!!!!! That’s amazing information … you made me feel even worse now. I hope we are able to perform a miracle and save the tiger …


  16. China is the biggest market for these cats, hence the killing. Like they say, when the demand dies, the killing stops. Looking at the eating habits of the Chinese, i dont see any such respite for the poor animal.

    And trusting our governments and the people supposed to protect the animal is a bit too much to expect. Hope at least we can breed a lot of these animals in captivity.


  17. I think it is Indonesia recently..where people are allowed to adopt of tigers..maybe we should do that…that way they will b taken care of…even when they are in the wild, if you offer it people who have a lot of money, things will change…


  18. Its disheartening to see these beautiful creatures being killing so brutually for inhuman desires!!!
    I just pray we won’t have to show pics of Tigers alongside Dinosaurs in History books to the future generations ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    Even I wrote on this issue on my blog… hope people join in the cause!


  19. This is really an alarming situation IHM… 1411 is really really a very small number… I pray for tigers… But i dont think this number is going to increase by anyday with the kind of attitude the human has…


  20. Save the Tiger project is still very much alive, the problem is apparently there are not enough staff and facilities for the guards to tackle the issue. Chinese market is open for the tiger skin and its lucrative. If the Govt is serious about the Save the Tiger, then they may better listen to what the activists have to say.

    Nice cute shot of the cat… ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. An issue for which I have been fighting since long. The things have gone from bad to worse. I have seen the dwindling numbers of this magestic animal in Corbett. things are worse in the other Tiger Reserves. I am writing my post today and putting up the links to yours and hitchwriter’s post. Do make a chain for Bloggers for Tigers . Every bit counts, let’s make the difference.


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  24. We humans are responsible for this. It is so sad that we consider ourselves so intelligent, yet do not understand how badly we treat our fellow creatures. I just wish our govt were more serious about implementing the project tiger.


  25. that picture u’ve put up is really powerful, IHM.. i liked it a lot..
    so glad u see u n hitchwriter putting up posts on save the tiger… just over a thousand left=a VERY scary thought.
    i think they are also carrying an add on this on tv these days..


  26. honestly!

    Tigers are being killed. They are magnificient animals.
    The people who are supposed to protect them are underpaid and stretched too thin.

    What is a TV-Internet-newspaper publicity stunt going to do about it?
    Will the people who smuggle this sort of stuff will see the TV ad and think..” oh right.. we should not kill them!” and leave their trade?

    pure publicity mongering, i say.


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