Not such a cold city, Dilwalon ki Dilli :)

In the middle of a crowded Lajpat Nagar market a dog is heard yelping. The market halts, everybody is turning, and half the market is moving towards the dog. One leg lifted up but without any visible signs of injury, the dog continues to cry heartbreakingly.

One outraged voice asks, “Kisne mara isko?” (Who hit him?)

And then another still angrier, “Kisne mara?”(Who hit him?). Whoever kicked or hurt him stayed silent.

A vendor unloading huge bags from a rikshaw says, “Aaaja aaja, idhar aaja…”  (Come, come here!) the dog stops crying and limps up to him. A woman offers him a kachori. The man unpacking his huge bags of woollen sweaters says (the way only someone from UP can say), “Yeh khayenge naheen!” (‘They’ will not eat!) The dog is no longer crying, wags his tail in response to the man’s proud declaration, and turns an adorably arrogant nose away from the kachori on the ground.

In another part of the cold, cold city somebody has wrapped this homeless dog in a cozy jacket 🙂  (Photographs taken by my daughter).


Another dog who found a loving human …this jacket matches with Gabbar Singh’s jacket 🙂


Somebody not only gave this dog a jacket, but also made sure it was secured comfortably.


And this is Gabbar Singh enjoying a sunny winter morning…

[Dilwalon ki Dilli – Delhi is a city of people with warm hearts (or large-hearted people).]

Vikas Gupta blogged about homeless dogs in Delhi winters too, here.


47 thoughts on “Not such a cold city, Dilwalon ki Dilli :)

  1. IHM, this is a very nice post…..even though a part of me refuses to believe that these stories can be about Delhi. And Lajpat Nagar? Unbelievable!

    Good to know that such people exist!


    Quirky Indian

    Me – I was there and I was amazed too, but it’s true – I was really, really touched to see the huge amount of people looking so angry and so concerned. And the homeless dogs pictures are the proof.


  2. Was the dog ok at the end of it? Thoughtless people hit dogs pretty brutally, I wonder why!
    Anyway, nice pics. Your daughter is on the way to starting her new blog 😉


  3. a really heart warming post on a cold morning… when I m feeling strangely nervy and cold as I prepare to go home today…. !! 🙂

    A wonderful wonderful post !

    Dilli surely is Dil waalon ki !!!!! 😀 😀 😀


  4. Wow, they actually responded to a dog in a busy market place?? That kind of kindness, is rare.

    Me – Not just one or two – a huge crowd dropped everything and moved and crowded to the dog’s side and then the angry questions, “Kisne maaraa?”


  5. This is nice.

    It may have taken the courts to make it happen, but yesterday, we took one step toward showing some compassion for the homeless *human beings* who have also been shivering away this winter:
    Yes, homeless night shelters, one of which had been removed due to the Commonwealth Games, have been ordered to be expanded starting today.

    Me – I read this delightful news this morning… and they have been given a deadline till 5 pm. They will also be provided mobile toilets… let me check your link now.


  6. Pictures taken by your daughter ??? Ohh, shes going your way, huh? 😀 😀 when is she starting her blog ?? 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Nice pictures ! 😀

    Me – LOL 🙂 Vimmuuu that’s a url I better book 🙂


  7. lol ..i love dogs ..and i have to dig pic of my gabbar singh in his jacket ..:) shall write a post soon ..

    Me – Dogs are so loving, it’s terrible when they are not loved 😦 I look forward to reading your post!!!


  8. Really nice to see people stopping to take care of strays. But I do wish someone had had the heart to take them home. Leaving them on the streets again would mean that the dogs are again left to the mercy of some not so nice people, like the person who beat the dog in the first place.

    Me – Dreamer – a grown up dog who has lived on the street all his life would be miserable in a confined space, I know of people who have picked an adult dog from the streets and then abandoned it elsewhere to prevent him from coming to their house 😦 Then there is training them something basic like house-breaking – also most dogs on the streets do have somebody taking care of them, often a watchman or a slum dweller or a shopkeeper. I feel all pups should be adopted or kept in safe shelters and there they should be sterilised. A lot of dogs on Delhi, Bombay and Pune streets are sterilised. We made sure all the dogs in the area we lived in were sterilised… many organisations work for this, and one can contribute but ideally one must make sure if a dog is taken from an area, he is returned to the same area. Unlike the myth dogs cannot come back home from long distances, unless they had the opportunity to leave their scent by spraying or marking their territory on the way (urinating to leave smell).
    Relocated dogs can die of attacks from the dogs of the new area or from emotional trauma (it’s like being separated from their pack) – both are terrible ways to die 😦


  9. Aww my beautiful full of love dilli…sobs!! you made me miss it terribly. I love hanging out at lajpat nagar and eat all the momo’s I can get hold off 😛

    IHM even though I am not an animal lover 🙄 as you know am really scared of them; 😥 I swear I have never hit or thrown stones at them!!!


  10. Oh well this makes my dilli heart swell with joy and pride. I am glad their are still some people who have concern for these street dogs. I know some people here who have taken injured dogs esp bitches to their jomes and given them shelter and care.
    A very heartwarming post IHM. thanks for sharing


  11. Yeh sehar nahi mehfil hai; Yeh dilli hai mere yaar…Bas ishq mohabbat pyaar 🙂

    Me – Oh yeah there are songs about Delhi too 🙂 I thought only Bombay had songs written for it !!


  12. completely agree… there are a lot of dog-lovers in the capital. I came across this incident near an In-and-out petrol pump shop where I go (near Def Col). There is a lady who comes every single day and buys a certain amt worth of pedigree and keeps aside for the stray dogs in the area. She has also, like ur example, given them jackets where they snugly remain 🙂 🙂

    Me – God bless her Ashwathy!! Somebody had bandaged a dog’s leg I saw, I missed taking a picture, but it made me feel so long such people exist there is hope. When we care for poor humans we know we are going to be appreciated and we feel it’s a good deed too – all religions prescribe it, but when we do something for a helpless animal, it’s totally for nothing except our own satisfaction/conscience.


  13. Are u sure it was Delhi ??!! I am quite surprised!!! I have seen people in Delhi caring a damn about things such as these. Nice to know that delhi people still care!


  14. God bless the dog, sure a lucky one.

    I think there are human beings in Delhi who haven’t an attire like than good enough to protect you from the cold. *sigh*

    Me – I wish everybody who is affected by the cold finds respite from it… 😦


  15. Hi. I just found your blog, and am really enjoying the topics you choose, and the insight you give into life in India. I am from the States, but volunteer with a wildlife group in India (Wildlife SOS). They have a sister organization called Friendicoes ( which works to help street dogs in Delhi… they have a 24 hour ambulance, run an ABC program for fixing and vaccinating street dogs, and have a sanctuary in Gurgaon. When I saw your adorable pictures of the dogs in coats, I was reminded of their work, and of my time in Delhi. Anyway, as a fellow animal lover I just wanted to let you and your readers know about the organization in case you are interested in volunteering or donating. Thanks.

    Me – Our dog Ms Mutt was adopted from Friendicoes many, many years ago 🙂 I have heard about Wildlife SOS too.. thanks for the information and I am definitely going to do my bit 🙂


  16. lovely … I love this city …. Three cheers for Dilli … 😀

    – Me – After seeing what’s happening in some other cities, I also love that Dilli is belongs to all Indians 🙂


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