Let’s wipe that smile off his face.

After 19 years and 450 hearings, though convicted for molesting Ruchika, a 14 year old school girl  and a tennis player, SPS Rathore is still smiling. The victim drank poison  16 years ago and killed herself, when she lost all hope for justice.

Two weeks after an inquiry report indicted Rathore, Ruchika had been expelled from school. (where Rathore’s daughter also studied) [link1] [Link 2]. Her family was harassed. Her father lost his job. Her brother Ashu was detained on false charges of theft. [Link]. The molester then around 47, was promoted and allegedly protected by politicians [Link].

Now he has been given 6 months RI and one thousand rupees fine. He was immediately out on bail. and seeing him smile Ruchika’s father says he wept for the first time, [Link]

For what you are laughing? Chaudah saal ki bachchi mar gayee hai tere karan, aur tu hans raha hai? Itnaa besharam, itna darinda tu! And nobody has bothered, das saal tak FIR lodge naheen hoti…after recommendation by the DGP…”

(Translated : “What are you laughing for? A fourteen year old child has died because of you and you are laughing? You are so shameless? You are such a monster? And nobody has bothered. No FIR was lodged for ten years …after recommendation by the DGP…!”)


Ruchika, 14 and Aradhna, 13 were budding tennis players, SPS Rathore was the President of Haryana Lawn Tennis Association. Here’s what happened on August 12, 1990, as told by Aradhna to NDTV. [Link and video]

That day Rathore (then Inspector General of Police in Haryana) called Ruchika, so Ruchika took me along and when we reached there Rathore asked me to go and fetch the coach, so I went to fetch the coach, when I came back Rathore was holding Ruchika very tightly and she was struggling to release herself … I was standing there in a moment of shock  and I said the coach is not coming and then I could see what was happening and he shouted at me and said go again and tell him I have called him, at that point of time also he was shouting at me, and … you can see the guts of the person… I was 13 but he was so aged, professional… he tried it again, he wanted me to go…but in the meantime Ruchika just ran off…”

She was very disgusted with what had happened with her, and obviously if a girl is disgusted when somebody had touched her …unwillingly… she would not like to share it with the world…but what happened when we went to play the next time, we gave a gap and then we went to play, we played and when we were coming back, … the person came and said that Rathore is calling Ruchika, he wants her to see him now alone… he wanted to see her alone, I and Ruchika looked at each other, … we realised that she was saved that day but I don’t know…will she be able to release herself, or will I be able to come in time again… we just ran  off to her place, and we talked to Girhotra Uncle, but she does not have a mother… so it was difficult for her to share that whole incident with her father, so she started telling but she started crying so she could not explain it… she used to come to my house very often so she was very close to my mother…”

So Ruchika explained what happened to Aradhna’s mother. Aradhna was traumatised too. She kept asking her mother “What kind of a male psychology is that? Why a man who is married and that age, why he held her… why he molested her, his daughter is in the same school, just a year or two younger…

I think it is important to show  how seriously, how horribly such crimes affect a victim. Her classmate remembers 19 years later, [Link & video]

She stopped interacting with anybody in the class; she had just one best friend whom she would confide in, and she would not go out at all during her recess or during the assembly. She would just sit in class and keep crying.”

Did the classmates know what had happened to her?

We had heard rumours of what had happened with her, heard may be she has been molested, and may be there was more to it than just molestation, but there was never any confirmation on this,” says Gitanjali.  Later, Gitanjali recalls, “she stopped coming to school and nobody knew what happened to her thereafter.”

The way her friends had heard rumours but were not sure of exactly what had happened shows exactly what happens in all such cases. The victim instead of finding support and sympathy, finds herself being ostracised by a peer group that does not understand what’s happening. The school’s conduct was disgusting. But then the teachers come from the same society… A sensible and sensitive teacher could have saved Ruchika’s life.

With her story now the focus of a national debate, Ruchika’s friends and family want you to help in their fight for justice. For her death anniversary this year, they have launched an online campaign at joinaradhna4ruchika@gmail.com‘ [Link]

Should the case be reopened ? [Link] I think this case should become another exemplary case like Jessica Lal murder case. Maybe then the three extraordinary people who have fought this courageous battle against all odds for 19 years will find some peace.

EDITED TO ADD: I am adding this email I received today. Here’s something we can do.

Subject: Join Dharmayudh

Dear friends,

I am sure you all must be following Ruchikas case,
Please refer to page 11 of Times of India today dated 29/12/09
Ruchikas friend  Aradhana Prakash has made apublic appeal requesting people to support her in her fight against the system and DGP.
I will request you to spare a few valuable minutes from your schedule to support her in her cause,
Yesterday it was Ruchika tomorrow it might be one among us,
Please send a mail to: joinaradhana4ruchika@gmail.com and support her cause,
Let the will of people prevail,Let us show that Aradhana ia not alone in her fight

Thanks and regards

One can also sign the online petition by clicking on this link


75 thoughts on “Let’s wipe that smile off his face.

  1. Sigh. Things don’t change do they? 19 years! 19 years! I can’t fathom this. Why is it that in a country that is supposedly democratic, criminals still roam free?? Why is it that they hold positions in parliament when in other countries, you need to undergo criminal record checks to be a teacher or a psych? I am just disgusted at the behaviour towards the young girl. Of not just this individual a*hole but of society — the justice system, the school, the community….

    I so hope she finds justice.


    • cases like these, actually encourage crimes,if a criminal is out there smiling and living a normal life after doing such acts. this is just an eample for ppl to not belive in justice as the case is pending for last 19years and the criminal has been protected by the government. we need to have laws, like US and other countries, where if u commit a crime of this state, there is no forgiveness and no one (not even Prime minister) can help you.
      sorry to say tat we elect leaders who are criminals and then we are controlled by a bunch of ruthless and uneducated people.

      me – I agree Aanchal … 😦 Now I hope this man is punished and a decent example (and hope) is set…


  2. Unless the cuture of impunity ends, Ruchikas will continue to commit suicide or die many deaths every day. But what can a citizen expect from a country, where its home minister to the minister in a state like Goa, go on to dismiss or minimize the threat and insecurity that women and girls face in India and as if this is not enough the judges equate violation of bodily integrity to small time pick-pocketing?!?


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  4. My take here:

    And there are more girls/ women. Ruchika is just one of many victims who either silently suffer a lifelong mental/ psychological/ emotional trauma, or find no option other than to kill themselves, or are killed by the criminal/ family/ society. Needless to say, helpless women (especially victims of rape/molestation) are too many and too frequent to ponder over. They are both useless and dispensable.

    In one of the cases I’ve written about, the rapist offered to marry the victim in return for a mild sentence, and the court (this was Delhi in 2003) upheld the decision! They offered to give the woman ‘time to think about the proposal’! Can you believe that? Fortunately the woman strongly protested and the accused was sentenced.

    I feel most people think rape is an atrocity only because no one would marry the woman. If it were so that a woman could easily wed after being raped, our society wouldn’t even have considered it a crime! As if marriage is the be all and end all for a woman. So anything that hampers marriage is bad, and whatever does not is good!

    What a disgusting place to live in! (Never thought I’d actually say that, but things are going too far, way too far now.)

    Me – Surbhi, but we can fight and do our bit to make it take a step towards becoming comparatively a better place… though I agree it is a disgusting place at this moment. Ruchika’s plight made me mad.


  5. Bless you for sharing this. I’m all for the campaign. I think there should be a fair trial, not just for this case, but I’m sure there are many such cases awaiting judgement in courts that aren’t yet known because they might not be so high profile.

    But, I don’t believe that my country can give justice to that poor girl. I do love India, but still I have my doubts.

    Me – I agree Ramit, there must be thousands of cases like this, I hope this one becomes an example of sorts and we see some changes… imagine he has lived for all those 16 years when she has been dead. It must be hell for her father…


  6. I grew up in an overprotected enviornment. While my brother was allowed to go out with his friends and party, I was not. I used to feel discriminated and would vow that I would give same amount of freedom to both my son and daughter. But after knowing about such incidents, I am not so sure. We live in a country where law makers are the law breakers. The ones who are supposed to catch criminals are criminal themselves. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if we are doing the right thing by staying in India.

    me – Staying at home or being overprotected may not make us any safer… 😦 Learning how to take care of ourselves is a better option.
    Also consider the fear might take away the living from life… why not work and fight and create a better safer world for our children.


  7. u know I really dont know how to react.. i am numb with anger… and what makes me even more sad is the fact that there are tons of cases like this IHM… out there somewhere

    our judicial system needs a total revamp


  8. The case has to be opened.

    That smile has to be wiped off.

    What saddened me most is the support that monster has got from his wife, an educated woman herself (his lawyer) and perhaps his own children too.

    He deserves to stay in jail the rest of his life. six months is a joke.


  9. I m following this case closely from quite some time now..
    All i can see that we got to know coz this catched some media person eye…there may be hundered other pending case ..may be for brutal reason..
    when i saw on TV…the officer coming out of court with grin smile on face..i feel like slapping his face as well as the ppl who gave him this short prisonment..


  10. I lost hope in the case the day the judgement was passed. 6 months RI and 1 thousand rupees fine is the biggest mockery of justice. To add insult to injury, he is also out on bail.

    I am normally not pessimistic or one who gives vent to frustration – but in this case I think the judiciary has failed miserably & hence the public should take the law into its own hands and flog the b*****d to death. It will serve as a deterrent to future potential offenders.


  11. Seeing him smile and that wife of his supporting him, made my blood run cold. Reading your post has brought that feeling on again. Thanks for all the links. Yes, we need another Jessica Lal kind of case here.

    Me – Mr Girhotra has expressed faith in the ‘people of India’… we should all support them. Here’s what he said, “We have faith in People of India, people of India have risen to the occasion, they will change the system, they will change the law…that no child is abused by a person in authority… The people of India are aware that this has happened…”


  12. Yes we should talk about it, blog about it and do whatever it takes to reopen the case and register a case of abetment to suicide against him and see to it that the pig is sentenced and justice meted out.
    I cannot imagine what sort of a shameless monster he has to be to smile for tv cameras. Ugh.

    Me – If you watch the video, you will see the anger and pain in her father’s eyes. And also determination. Imagine what this must have been for him…


  13. Yes, I guess, this is where the media need all their hyper-activity. How can we help? Do we send a mail at ‘joinaradhna4ruchika@gmail.com’?

    Me – Yes Rakesh, we can send an email, and here’s a copy of an email I received from Mr Gopinath.

    Hi friends,

    One can also sign the online petition by clicking on this link

    Subject: join Dharmayudh

    Dear friends,

    I am sure you all must be following Ruchikas case,

    Please refer to page 11 of Times of India today dated 29/12/09

    Ruchikas friend Aradhana Prakash has made apublic appeal requesting people to support her in her fight against the system and DGP.

    I will request you to spare a few valuable minutes from your schedule to support her in her cause,

    Yesterday it was Ruchika tomorrow it might be one among us,

    Please send a mail to: joinaradhana4ruchika@gmail.com and support her cause,

    Let the will of people prevail,Let us show that Aradhana ia not alone in her fight

    Thanks and regards
    Gopinath Mavinkurve


  14. 😦 its just pathetic! in a population of billion human life means nothing to us, really! 😦

    Me – But Abha, Mr Girhotra, her father says, “We have faith in People of India, people of India have risen to the occasion, they will change the system, they will change the law…that no child is abused by a person in authority… The people of India are aware that this has happened…”


  15. But what do we write to that email address IHM? I am confused.

    Me – Shilpa I think we can simply tell her we think the case should be reopened…, I also attaching an email I received today to this post… it has some more information,

    Subject: join Dharmayudh
    I am sure you all must be following Ruchikas case, please refer to page 11 of Times of India today dated 29/12/09
    Ruchikas friend Aradhana Prakash has made a public appeal requesting people to support her in her fight against the system and DGP.
    I will request you to spare a few valuable minutes from your schedule to support her in her cause, yesterday it was Ruchika tomorrow it might be one among us, please send a mail to: joinaradhana4ruchika@gmail.com and support her cause.
    One can also sign the online petition by clicking on this link – http://www.petitiononline.com/ruchika/petition.html


  16. What I can’t understand is how Rathore’s wife not only stood by him but also defended him…

    Nothing will ever change – we are Indians after all…

    Me – She is also a victim and so is their entire family. But they should have never supported him… see the contrast between this family and Aradhna’s family!


    • he also has a daughter a couple of years younger than Ruchika. Ugh this disgusts me so much. The only reason he didnt do the same to his daughter is because she is his daughter……..

      me – Shilpa and they studied in the same school! He knew he could shout at Aradhna and as an adult, and a older person, he could ask her with authority to get the Coach, while he molested Ruchika. And then she used to cry all the time… I wish someone had supported her then, and told her she must live and fight, and if somebody had to die, it should never be her.


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  18. this is just one case …million others go unnoticed, unheard .
    I am all for the ‘VOice of people” , we should all join in and participate in all the ways we can .


  19. Signed the petition, email sent and also forwarded to all my colleagues !

    Its not Ruchika alone who needs justice; its for all of us ! We all deserve to live among human beings !


  20. For the benefit of some of the readers of this blog who have the question, “what do we write to the email address given?”, i would like to share the text of what i have sent in (though you can write your own feelings there) :-

    Hello Aradhana,
    We join you in your campaign for Justice for Ruchika
    Have also signed an online petition here
    You are not alone – we are with you!

    Hope that helps!


  21. Have signed the petition! The case must certainly re-open, and the culprit must face his shameful actions! This must not be just another “story” people forget …I hope the efforts of her loved ones and our timely support will lend towards bringing justice and success in this case!


  22. mere writing or blogging will not help
    how many people read blogs ?
    something concrete has to be done
    public rallies, mass demonstrations, public humiliation of the accused any thing which can generate public support is must.
    i really cant under stand the limits a man can cross just to satisfy his male libido

    let us all do something about it instead of just sitting at our place, boiling and letting out our anger on computers


  23. This case has led to a big dent in our legal system, police department etc….Well definetly there can be hundreds of cases like ruchika which would have buried because there can be only few aradhanas…


  24. Dear all,

    I would like to bring to your attention a recent incident happened in a Dubai court which is of great ethical importance today.

    · A four year old Pakistani boy was raped and killed by a UAE national on the EID day.
    · Police caught hold of the culprit who later confessed the crime.
    · Upon hearing at the court the person refused the accusations.
    · The Advocate representing the accused(UAE national) refused to stay with him and quit.
    · Judge requested other advocates to represent the accused.
    · All advocates refused to represent him but one accepted on condition that the culprit shall confess and request for mercy.
    · Court refused the demand but allowed the advocate to speak with the accused in person.
    · Later the accused changed mind and confessed to the crime and the case is now due for verdict.

    I personally request your attention to this matter and use your word power and reach to initiate drive among the public against super attorneys of our country who miss no chance to represent the obvious criminals and get fame by saving from punishment. Ramjethmalani is no exception who managed to get manu Sharma out of jail for years.
    This has relevance now as we saw the judiciary gave a mere 6 months prison for a police officer who brutally continue to torture Ruchika’s life till her death after the molestation. I am sure the attorneys who represented him might have made a fortune.



  25. It is said that the “Mahabharata” is the greatest book ever… echos of it can be found in events down the ages… but what is not there in this book… is not found anywhere.

    An event described in the “Mahabharata”…”Draupadi’s vastraharan”… is an event. Perhaps. It is also an example or even a metaphor. On the “decadence” of society, on the norms of culture and the decadence of “dharma”. “Dharma” is not “religion” as we understand today. It is “rightousness”… the ‘path of rightousness’.

    If people deviate from “dharma”… what eventually happens or what their failing to do their “dharma” leads to… is shown very well through this one event/metaphor.

    As Lord Krishna too mentions… in the “Bhagavad Gita”. A society which stood by silently and simply watched, did not react nor protested… on such a shameful event… the “vastrahaaran” of Draupadi… on the “apamaan” (dishonour) of the Queen of Hastinapur, the daughter of King Drupad… an extraordinary woman, a major and important personality in her own right… what will such a society do when ordinary people… including ordinary women are subjected to ill treatment, injustice and torture.

    It will shatter a society and give rise to all kinds of ills.

    Therefore, Lord Krishna advises Arjun and all of us… to do our “duty”… to uphold “dharma”… without thinking or worrying about the “result”, the “consequences” or the “aftermath”. Failing which we are doomed forever. We should not blame “external” factors for the failure or the decadence of society. It happens due to our actions only.

    Unfortunately… his words are being echoed in our society today.

    P.S. The Courts will not be able to do justice. They will do ‘justice’ instead. The only way is to throw him and people of his ilk to a mob.


  26. A man who tried to satisfy his lust with a child who was the same age as his own daughter? Did he even pause to think that it could happen to his own daughter too? And this from a man who holdss a job with a law enforcement arm of government! And he is still marching around with his head held high and even smiling while it is the victim’s family that is cringing and crying. To top it all he gets apresident’s medal!
    Look at all the ironies in this case – makes my blood boil to no end.
    No wonder victims of such assault decide to suffer in silence as they dont expect any justice from our law. Time we changed all this and made this country safer for our daughters. Emails, petitions, or marching to his house and have his head off – I am game for it all.


  27. he looks like a total gunda to me… not a strain of guilt on his face..and to top it, the audacity to smile at cameras…thanks for sharing the petition link..
    u know wat gives me hope in this case? good people like ruchika’s friend and her parents who are fighting this case tooth and nail.. makes u think that there is a lot of evil in the world.. but there are also a few good men…. sadly, it doesnt balance out very well.. but still its something..


  28. God.. The story is horrifying.. I dont know how in a democratic country like ours.. It takes so long for punishment.. Dont know how many more ruchikas are goin through all this..the person should get a strict punishment.. So that its a lesson for others too.. Who dare to do such acts.. So dat they understand that doing a cruel crime. I dont how can guys who do this still roam about in public laughing and smiling..its pathetic.. Really..


  29. This one touches a raw raw nerve, it does….

    And the sheer insensitivity of the school authorities, and the fact that no one was able to help her make one really scream!

    But finally, even the govt seems to have woken, albeit very late, for she had already paid with her life, and he with just a paltry fine, and so called imprisonment!

    I had not known the details really, so thank you for sharing all those links; wl go through them!

    And IHM, best wishes for the new year, to you and your loved ones 🙂 Missed being here!


  30. I have read and watched people’s reaction to this case and I must say I am in a fix. I lost count of the number of times people (quite a lot of them are women as well) justify such incidents by blaming the victim due to her outfit/lifestyle/past history etc. Most of these discussions are quite overt. (I won’t be surprised if some people out there are thinking, wasn’t she sensible enough not to wear short skirts while playing/not go to a man’s house after hours, or any such bull****.)
    The change has to start in each and everyone’s manner of thinking first. Only then will such criminals be scared to commit such an act, be associated with such press, and scared to lose face in society. the shame has to be associated with the criminal and not the victim

    Me – I agree Soma, the shame has to be associated with the criminal and not with the victim. I feel we should stop using the term ‘outraged her modesty’ – such crimes have nothing to be embarrassed about for the victim, they should feel angry not embarrassed. We should simply use terms like assaulted, molested, sexually assaulted, attacked.


  31. Absolutely! Wipe the smile and much more off his life. But what I would like to see as a change in MEDIA is that we must interview not only the victim’s family/friends, but also put the family/friends circle of the perpetrator in the stands. Call Rathore’s parents (if they are alive), his daughter, wife, etc and ask them what they think of him and why he has behaved so badly. That is the only thing that will shake men slumber! Otherwise, he will just watch Ruchika’s father on TV and gloat at his villainous accomplishment. No wonder he was smiling! People like him can never be repentent. He ought to be punished. This time I would support your ‘castration suggestion’ from one of your earlier posts 🙂


  32. The so called guardians of the law seem to be above it.
    I hope this man receives the treatment he so richly deserves. Each time I see his smiling face in the newspapers I feel ill. I have signed the petition.


  33. TV news channels and Newspapers are filled with Ruchika case.. made me very sad to see the abortion of Justice and Democarcy. But now since the nation seems to have woken up to the injustice meted to her and her family, and there are chances that she will get justice at last.

    This reminds me of another girl who was raped and killed along with her boyfriend in Patna years ago. The case was another miscarriage of justice, closed as a suicide case while the criminals went scot free and went on to become Member of Parliament.

    She has been dead all these years and the case has been shut down after a “thorough” investigation by the CBI, in which one accused was not tested for DNA because he refused to provide his blood sample.

    Will Shilpi ever get justice ?

    The last time I and my friends tried to fight for her, we were school going boys. A decade has passed and I am now alone in my fight. Will I get support for Justice? Its an old debt of a girl which must be repayed.

    Me – Da Rebel this is so sad and shocking… please give me a link and some more details, when we can’t do anything we bloggers can definitely blog about an issue.


    • Definitely not alone .. we have social media today .. why nt spread the fire. I was equally disturbed by the news then … why not a try atleast ..


  34. What a horrible creature? And his wife is defending him in court-would she do the same if it was her daughter? And just imagine-the power nexus that has let this man smile away for all these years-he’s still not been arrested n seems pretty confident he never will. That’s the way our system works.


  35. I had read the details in newspapers but watched the NDTV video for the first time! I just don’t understand why so many people, people from the authorities, school, everywhere support that wretched man? And after 19 years, he gets a ‘naam ke vaaste’ punishment. Who bothers about the dead girl or the trauma the whole family is undergoing! Thank god, the father has got a good family as friends. Hope Ruchika’s brother comes out of this trauma.

    I saw his wife wearing the lawyer’s coat or is it burkha? Maybe she is scared of OTHER wolves like her husband.

    With all the public response now, hope that man gets what he deserves. I don’t want him to be hanged – he will not have time to repent, if some basic human nature is remaining in a tiny corner of his heart. He should be given life sentence and his wife should be shunned from society for supporting him.


  36. I am extremely sorry if I sound cynical, but when people refer to the Jessica Lal case & what followed, I feel sorry for the state of the modern society.

    Today all thanks to the digital revolution our lives, character, opinions have all been reduced to key strokes of the computer or the opinions on blogs or small groups, one Jessica Lal, one Ruchika, probably after two years the society wakes up and pays attention to another case that the media picks up, and suddenly its a victory for the civil society, completely disillusioned by the fact that there are more Jessica Lal’s, even more Ruchiks’s and plently more whose voices are never heard.

    What needs to change is the way we think, rather than our spontanious reactions to one case in the limelight. Though extremely glad with the fact that people are concerned abd are raising their voices against such cases, at the same time I feel abandoning a thousand others who never get justice.

    Dont just Wipe the smile, Kill the Intention.

    Actions speak louder than words, Intentions yell louder !!!


    • @Kamal Singh

      “Dont just Wipe the smile, Kill the Intention.
      Actions speak louder than words, Intentions yell louder !!!”

      Well said.
      What needs to change is definitely ‘the way we think,’ but sometimes spontaneous reactions like these drive home a point and may become the spark for exactly that change in thought you speak of (though it equally has the chance of fizzling out). Among the thousands even if one gets noticed and gets justice we should rejoice because it MIGHT pave the way for more to follow.
      When you raise voice for one, you are not abandoning others, in fact you are giving them hope too. Its an uphill task and every little helps is what I feel. It is easy to be disillusioned (I certainly am when I hear and read of so many things) but to keep hope alive and fight and not give in to cynicism is such an admirable trait, don’t you think?? Because that’s a stepping stone towards Killing the Intention.


  37. The courts and the legislature have to make many changes if the laws of rape are to be any deterrence. The sentence of punishment, which normally ranges from one to ten years, where on an average most convicts get away with three to four years of rigorous imprisonment with a very small fine; and in some cases, where the accused is resourceful or influential- may even expiate by paying huge amounts of money and get exculpated. The courts have to comprehend the fact that these conscienceless criminals- who sometimes even beat and torture their victims- who even include small children, are not going to be deterred or ennobled by such a small time of imprisonment. Therefore, in the best interest of justice and the society, these criminals should be sentenced to life imprisonment.
    [ http://www.legalserviceindia.com/articles/rape_laws.htm ]


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  39. HE is going to go in for a long, long time..oh he is for sure!
    you just see IHM!
    That B******* deserves to be locked in for life! and I want to lock in his wife as well..not to mention all the scum who were in this with him for so many years…

    Bl**** *********..I cannot think of words to write any more here…


  40. This man was smiling after the initial judgement.Now smile u jerk.Everyone from the policemen to the politicians who were involved in this case should be tried and/or suspended. A child is being forced to take her own life and they let this bas**** go near scot free?This is not acceptable.If nothing else hand him life imprisonment though personally i would prefer the death penalty. Police officers would then think twice before misusing their power.


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  43. Dear IHM
    thank you for sharing this post. I ceratinly think that if blogger like you and many more join hands in the fight against injustice of any kind we can certainly make some difference.
    Many people ask me ” what difference will it make ? how many people read blogs”? and the respose you have got is the fitting answer to their question I guess.
    I have shared the link with due credit to you on my post . Hope you don’t mind.
    I want it to reah many more readers.
    I hope the jerk gets a fitting punishment. It amazes me to see his wife doing a smear attack on Ruchika’s family now. Hope she too is put behind bars.
    once more thank you for raising a voice .. every bit counts.


  44. This was one of the saddest and the most enraging news that came across recently. The poor girl is molested, driven to suicide and the criminal is given the lightest possible sentance after 19 gruelling years!

    The friend and her family’s persistence is really admirable. They refused to give despite everything. It is such a sad state that the state and the police did everything they could to thwart the course of justice. I just hope that they get justice.

    As for that shameless monster of a man – what bigger shame for us, other than the fact that he was head of police – the so called protectors! As you said – lets wipe that smile off his face! Shameless man!!!!!!!!!!

    I just hope that all this campaigning helps them get justice and others in the same situation.


  45. I believe, the indian judicial system and administrative set up needs a thorough overhaul…..alas we could make rules without thousands of exceptions and clauses….none can help……its a shame and wat i can see is this that it’s gonna continue with the latency that the laws provide for the culprits……

    Anyway ….i came across your blog in my quest to search writers for my upcoming magazine called as Reader’s Quotient which shall be devoted for the cause of the society and to improve literacy rates in India…..i just wanted to enquire….if anyone of you shall be interested to come along with us and help us add some value to society….i can be contatcted at mihirjha@readersquotient.com

    Me – Sounds like a good idea. Will support you definitely.


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  48. i hope its ok, i have shared your blog’s link on facebook along with the link to the online petition. as a mother of two daughters i start wondering if the world is safe enough for them. i can’t possibly tie them down. they need their freedom and independence and yet as a mother you feel so insecure about the whole thing.


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  51. Its been almost 4 years since this post, but still he is happily out there..with his family, while all these years an innocent girl who could have a happy, great future, and everything else were robbed off her family!!! Wikipedia says both his daughter and son are lawyers now..If that’s true, I wonder what kind of lawyers they would be..like their mother or A P Singh or Ram Jethmalani..How can they sleep daily? How can they eat after supporting him, a monster? Don’t they have conscience at all?? Do they really believe he is innocent? I hate to even think I am living in the same country as them.


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