Rapists are listening gratefully.

Justifying a 25 year old Russian girl’s rape, the Goa Minister had alleged that rape victims invite rape on themselves. The Russian consulate has protested,if the Goa government believes that the rape is justified since the woman was out of her hotel at 2 a.m., it would warn Russian nationals visiting the state” [Link]

[Anonymous, thank you for the link.]

I would say they should warn their citizens when they visit any place where a Minister can say,

“Recent incident when a Russian lady was alleged raped, has been blown out of proportion in the electronic media. The news was telecast for a number of days denigrating and …ing  the fair name of Goa. There is no doubt that rape is the heinous crime and anyone who commits the rape must be punished severely but a person allegedly committing rape on a lady with whom the lady had no relationship or acquaintance whatsoever or an alleged rape of a lady who moves with stranger for days together even beyond middle of the night are to be treated on different footings. If an adult male and female move like friends and indulge in sexual activities for ten days and then for the eleventh day they have a fight then allegation of rape against the male has to be cautiously investigated. The Scarlett case spoiled Goa’s name in the past although the young lady herself invited all the offences against her ultimately resulting in her tragic death in the middle of the night on the beach of Goa.”

He is not pained or ashamed that such crimes are happening? Is he shocked that a woman could actually blame a rapist for raping her?

Rape victims in India are conditioned and humiliated into silence. (Click to read how this begins). We start with doubting their word. Then we point to their life styleWhy do we go out of our way to make it easy for a rapist? Because that suits everyone. No complains means no crimes. No media coverage. Our reputation is saved.

He denied saying what he said. “I have never said it, I don’t say that, I have never said it  …”  Watch the video to hear what he claims he never said.

Don’t these wise men realise that such irresponsible statements are a clear message to rapists and criminals? They are also a  message to the victims 😦


48 thoughts on “Rapists are listening gratefully.

  1. such a disgrace…how can they invest so much time in attacking the victim when the accused is out there plotting his next move? is it so hard to understand that rape is rape no matter how well they know each or not? sigh.


  2. This is the sick mentality of some Indian men. They think that women are a commodity and should be used according to their wills. Will somebody ask this ****ing moron, if her daughter was in that Russian woman’s place, would he have said the same thing? He is justifying rape after just few days of friendship. I am sure he even refuses to acknowledge things like incest or marital rape. After all, “the girl was already in relationship with the man”. Right?


  3. I was totally angered by this Minister’s speech, the other day. The men find all ways possible to shift the blame on the woman. Even if the woman is raped, its her fault.

    I dont understand one thing – by talking like this, is he trying to tell that Goa is a better place ???? And this is not the first incident to happen in Goa or anywhere in India.

    Now, all the rapists can go on happily, always blaming the girl. How can a minister portray such a Cheap scenario !!!?????!!!!!


    • what the minister said – was a reflection of himself and the people like him. Didn’t swami vivekanada say – your world is in your mind.

      if one person has the courage to stone the rapist , soon the others will follow – That is what the crowd does – they just need a person who thinks logically and will talk that from the front


    • hitchwriter – the politician definitely has a clue. He is very smart at manipulating the truth and standing in front of the media where his words are echoed a million times and people who do not a critical consciousness get sucked in like how a powerful vaccum cleaner collects dirt.


  4. When are these people going to realise that even if a woman changes her mind about having sex the very last minute, and a man goes ahead with it, it is rape!!! This is atrocious! I keep hoping things will change in India re rape and blaming the woman every time…but every time my hopes are dashed with idiots like these…

    At this rate, more and more men out there are going to confirm their beliefs that a woman is asking for it…


  5. as it was rightly said in a thousand spledid suns” A man’s pointing finger will always find a women to blame” . We have living examples of it all around us . from cloths to friends to drinks , they find fault with everything , a women ‘s character is the first target .

    Marital rape ..are u kidding me ..u’ll hear ppl laugh at u if bring in this topic even today !! i have tried that ,..this is sad state of indian affairs …:(


  6. when will such people understand the meaning of rape? even a husband could be accused of raping his wife if he forces himself on her without her consent. so what if the girl knew the guy, so what if they were friends…..that does not justify his action. any form of relationship between a man and a women is not a free ticket for either to abuse or degrate someone and it is certainly not a free pass to rape someone.


  7. its a total disgrace the way its been handled… one would think after keeling’s case situation would improve… but no. And to say tht scarlet’s case has spoiled Goa’s image is pure bullshit. its a convenient thing to blame it on the victim.such a sick mentality and he actually thinks Goa’s image is going to improve!

    Won’t be long before India, starts loosing its tourists cause this sick disgusting mentality rests with most of the Indian men and women to an extent.


  8. What is wrong with the man! Is he planning to have different laws according to his theories and convenience. Its because of this mentality that women dont report rapes. Who wants to humilitated twice!


  9. QI wrote about this…I don’t know what to say…In what kind of households are people like Naik brought up? Gosh!

    Me – Yes I read that post Sraboney… till then I had not read or heard his exact words… just couldn’t imagine anybody would dare to say such things. Still can’t get over it.


    • people like naik are bought up in households where they are raised thinking they should be KING , others are “subjects” to be subjugated !


  10. Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Good luck to India and all its citizens like us!
    So, what would have been the minister’s reaction if the woman was an Indian?
    Let me guess, ring up Ram Sena and make them beat up the woman for being outdoors at 2 AM?

    Me – Hey it’s great to see you 🙂 Did you write that post about Orissa in 2009?


  11. I wonder if he would have made the same statement if the victim was his wife, sister or daughter?! Men like him should be hanged along with the rapists!

    Me – Rapists shouldn’t be hanged they should be castrated, under local anaesthesia. They have a problem of getting ‘provoked’ – it should be solved humanely.


    • I used to think the same earlier, but now I feel people like these are sick anyway, so they will vent out their frustrations in worse ways. Plus, earth’s resources are so precious, why waste it on barbarians?!! Get rid of them, and make the world a cleaner and safer place.


  12. Let’s pay Kasab or some other like Kasab $ 100 to kill Naik. Maybe then these people would learn something.

    Actually, if you sit down with a clear mind and think about it, then let’s leave Shantaram Naik alone. God has given only so much brains and thinking power to each human being. Some people like Shantaram Naik were sent to earth with negligible brains. The poor guy can only think to the extent of his non existent thinking power!

    All in all, a very shameful incident for Incredible India.


  13. This is business as usual. In a country where folks come on talk shows, etc and stress that girls/women ask for it… since they wear revealing clothes or even jeans. And there are solemn nodding of heads all around… from all the little einsteins and socrates’.

    Nobody counter questions… as to how they would ‘explain’ re: the rape of babies as young as 1/2 years or even 6 months…


    • May be the reality shows should start focusing on ” How boys in india are raised to bully woman and to release their urges in the right places – not because a woman is standing next to him and so lets take a chance.


  14. That Minister doesn’t look young. He must be having grown up daughters. Will he allow them to roam about in the beach alone or with just girl friends, when he is giving green signal of protection for men like this rapist?

    They, the Ministers, behave like this for political reasons which is going to affect his family’s next generations along with ours. If he has a grown up son, his father is giving green signal to him too, to behave without any morals. The son will think that his father is there to protect him. Sickening.


  15. Our society’s thinking is reflected in his words. It is sad that this is the only place where a victim is inflicted with shame and not the criminal. If a girl is out at 2 am, she is asking for rape and if a man is our at 2 am, what is he asking for?? Double standards won’t let us progress ever. The need is to recognize the crime and bring justice rather than justifying it!!
    And the way we treat our tourists tells how hollow our so called Indian Hospitality is for which we all feel so proud of.

    Me – Absolutely – “The need is to recognize the crime and bring justice rather than justifying it”.
    And Sandhya we are so proud of our culture of “Atithi Devo Bhavo” 😦


  16. Holding the survivor of a sexual crime, even an accident, or any type of abusive maltreatment to be entirely or partially responsible for the act against her is direct perpetuation of secondary crime equal to honour killings (in instances such as this honour of the state has to be protected so discredit and blame the survivor of the crime). And such statements also amount to strengthening the current cuture of impunity. There is a need for a national law in line with the UN Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820 which demand end of impunity by the member states. But this can’t be expected of the Govt of India because it is one of those countries which have not ratified the Optional Protocol to CEDAW and hold, if I remember correctly, three reservations against full acceptance of CEDAW. Indian Governments are pits to speak politely. The laws will not do much unless implemented but at least give a choice to the survivors to seek legal recourse if they can and want.


  17. I agree with vimmuuu on this one….
    castration is the best punishment, not death penalty. they have to learn to live wtih the pain and humiliation… then they will know even 1/10th of the pain that these women undergo 😐


  18. …and there you have it again – she asked for it!

    Through the link Freya gave, I read a blog post that explains this, “In a rape culture both men and women assume that sexual violence is a fact of life, inevitable as death or taxes. This violence, however, is neither biologically nor divinely ordained. Much of what we accept as inevitable is in fact the expression of values and attitudes that can change.” Read more here, http://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/rape-culture-101/


  19. The Goa govt. is doing a very bad job when it comes to handling such cases (if one looks into the past).

    These could soon be a shame for Goa as a tourist destination where they cannot even protect the tourist and the russian consulate has to inteverne to see some kind of progress in the case.


  20. Sick thoughts of sick minds – what else can be said? As pointed out by Sujoy, I v also heard some people saying weird things about girls from N.E. but I think such attitude is changing slowly.
    BTW, I suggest a padmashree for Mr. Rathore (the “famous” cop) – this will complete the mockery of judiciary which already is anyways.
    Merry Xmas/ New year wishes to you and readers.


  21. His words were shocking-Yes. Surprising-No.
    Isn’t this why rape victims are made to feel they were at fault n the only respectable thing left to do was kill yourself…while the rapist continues his prowl.
    Why do we keep electing such people?


  22. What is being done to convey to the minister that his words do not hold water with a section of the general public?

    Will there be a demonstration or march to show solidarity with the reporter of the rape? Will this statement be remembered during the next election as a reflection of what the minister and his party thinks of women’s humanity?

    Think of impressionable schoolgirls and schoolboys overhearing this statement. They will imbibe the message that women are subhuman, should be locked away at night and during most of the day and if they dare venture out or speak to a man, let alone befriend one, they deserve rape. What is being done to counter this?


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