So how did you go to school?

Some are dropped to school…

Some go running to school…

Some look for a ride…

And find innovative ways to reach school.
(I took these pictures from a moving car. This kid (and many others) ran after a moving bus, some just took a short ride, one managed to reach the roof, all this while the bus was still moving.)
Some can’t even dream of school…
And some carry bags and bottles of other children to school.

69 thoughts on “So how did you go to school?

  1. Nice one. I took the bus to school. Never had my mum carry my bag or anything for me. It used to disgust me the way some students had their parents carrying their bags for them…there was one guy whose grandfather carried his bag even when we were in the 10th!


  2. The last two pix say it all. We and our kids’re so lucky…and all we can do is whine about the schools we put our children in.

    I went to school by school mini-bus in Kuwait, it was so much fun, especially when I got the be the bus leader! And my kids have been dropped by me in the car, hubby on the bike, and now they go by Tempo Traveler school vans. Someday I hope they can walk to school because it’s little more than 1km from our home.


  3. I went in a horse driven carriage with many other students for first few years of my schooling. Later by bus and finally by walking as the high school and college was so near by.


  4. I took the school bus, the bus stop was in front of a library and we had parties for everything….. Everybody came to school by the bus, that was the rule…. and it was so much fun standing and playing the balancing act in the fast moving bus:)))

    Pictures can say more than words. agreed…


  5. Thought provoking post… Precious childhood, spent in earning a living, with dreams of education miles away. Thanks for this post… A nice way to remind ourselves to do our bit for preventing child labour or helping a child get education.


  6. Nice photo post, IHM! I used to walk to school, my children by school bus first and then by bicycle. Here, in Chennai, I see many autorickshwas carrying 10-12 children in one rickshaw and I am always nervous hearing the tired sound of the vehicle. The parents have guts to send their precious children in those vehicles, but they are cheap.

    I don’t see anyone sitting on top of the buses here!


  7. I used to go by bus ! Fun times. Used to love interacting with all the kids. Gah! I just wanna go back and relive all those moments once again.

    Nice pictures. Did you click em yourself? πŸ™‚

    Yes Dhanya I clicked them myself… thanks πŸ™‚


  8. We used to take 3 buses to reach school and that collage pic is so scary, kids do so much without the knowledge of their parents.

    Sometimes we used to stop enfields to give us lift and if anyone stopped by themselves we used to tell them teacher said not to take lifts from strangers. πŸ˜‰


  9. Very nicely done.

    Have you heard of a vehicle called ‘jugaad’? It’s an ingenious vehicle to carry farmers’ produce used in rural India. These pictures brought back memories of a children piled up one of these ‘jugaad’ in a village near Mathura. Wish I had clicked them!


  10. As they say pictures speak a 1000 words!!

    I was fortunate to live closeby school in most of the towns we lived in.. so walk was my choice, and on rare days dad would drop me off in his scooter!! πŸ™‚


  11. I lived very close to school. So I used to walk. Until I was molested by this guy who would lie in wait for me that is. Then I refused to walk and my mother allowed me to cycle to school. Even though the distance was so short, I still loved cycling to school. Soon I was cycling to buy mom groceries and then cycling all over the place. It was great.

    The last picture touched my heart. That child should be going to school herself. Not carrying the burden of some rich kid.


  12. The last picture is so depressing, the child is old enough to carry his things and then mother too….why do they need another person, a child, to do that?? What lesson exactly the child is getting while going to school 😦


  13. The last 2 pictures tell volumes and bring us face to face with grim realities.

    I walked to school ; I walked to college when in PU; when in engineering, I took the Rs.200/- for 6 months public transport than Rs. 2000/- per month college bus and walked parts of it as well. While doing all of that, I was ashamed. Ashamed that I could not do what was the trend then — BSA SLR in high school ; a TVS 50 in PU college and a Yamaha RX 100 in college.

    Today, I’m happy my parents did not share my misplaced need for following the trend and ensured we got what we needed, not what we wanted. We were so lucky as compared to many who could not like in the last 2 snaps.

    Hopefully, I have said sorry enough for being a nut growing up..


  14. My dad use to drop till 5th std..after that school bus…I enjoyed a lot in school bus…fond memories of that 20mins ride in bus…we use to spend whole pocket money to buy eatable to eat during bus ride πŸ™‚

    Its so sad to see last pic….Wasting another child career for ur own child..


  15. Awesome pics….like someone commented..a picture is worth a 1000 words πŸ™‚ I used to go by school bus and then when I was older it used to be the cycle…Now a days at least in Mumbai…I see kids either taking the school bus or parents dropping them in cars…Cycling students hardly visible..may be I am not looking right!


  16. Pictures do evoke the right responses. I used the public transport, paying the miniscule 10ps for a one-way ride…but it was so much fun. We had a team of kids walking to the bus stand and the rush and push to get in with the conductors hating the school kids and using every oppurtunity to rush off without us!
    I enjoyed every moment of it but can’t imagine my kids going through the same rigourous methods!


  17. lovely telling pics…

    i went by bus, rickshaw, auto and bicycle at various points in time. At no time was my bag carried by anyone else, am glad to report. πŸ™‚


  18. Beautiful post !!!!

    Indeed the pics tell a story… !

    I have gone to school.. on foot.. in local mumbai train.. in a bus in Jamnagar.. !!

    In a Ghoda Gaadi in Bharuch (yes yes horse cart, the best way !!) in a rickshaw stading with the driver and racing with other rickshaws… !!

    on a bicycle also on a double seat.. sitting on the rod between the handle and the seat !!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    on luna.. (that was hiding from Mom) who was quite strict of not riding vehicles till 18+ !!!!!!

    you again rekindled so many memories !!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  19. Hey !!! Nice pics !!!! πŸ™‚

    BTW, u r into photo blogging, now a days !!!! πŸ™‚ You got some new camera or what ????? Trying out so many pics while driving, too !!!

    Of course, we enjoy it a lot….. πŸ™‚

    The collage is superb !!!! How did u get the time to take all those snaps ????

    Even though each pic says a different story, at least I am happy that children are going to school – except one !!!!


  20. The last 2 pics are very pains me to see children working as domestic help or chai and grocery stores.

    Well I walked to school and later when i changed school i went by cycle rickshaw..The same rickshawala took me to college later .His name was Cheydi..
    wooops seem to go on n on..


  21. My collegue’s dad asked me, where do u see urself in 10 yrs……without hesitation I said, I would like to see myself happy, to have fullfilled my mom’s dream and so, I would want to start a school for kids where my mom could teach and make many more good individuals……I dont know if I can achieve it, but I would work hard to make it πŸ™‚

    Want to see atleast one child educated and previliged , want to see change atleast in person’s life….No I dont believe in charity…but I believe education is best way to make one stand on his own feet and support himself πŸ™‚

    Ur post once again touched my heart πŸ™‚


  22. Wonderful pics and nice post as usual. Made me remember the wonderful and best of times the school days. I remember going in school bus for a few years and the rest cycling with friends.


  23. The last pic angers me to no end. I see these crazy people who look like they need a tail all the time. I think they are very uncomfortable if they are alone. They think their kids deserve an education but have no qualms in exploiting young kids.

    As Always, an awesome post!


  24. Your question and pics sent me on a trip down memory lane and I was blissfully re-living my own school days…… :D….Until …. I scrolled down to the last pic!!!

    That’s when the nostalgic smile on my face was replaced by a lump in my throat!!


  25. I used to go to school by bus. You have captured almost all of school-going India with your pictures. The last two are really heart rending, especially in contrast with the pics above them.


  26. That was a wonderful series of photographs.. Such diversity, isn’t it?

    The last 2 pictures were really sad.. The last one especially – it makes me wonder how parents can make another child, just a little older than their own, do this?


  27. Aha! So this is what you’ve been upto in Delhi???..LOL!!

    Wonderful array of pictures,IHM! Beautifully captured. Although,like everyone else who came here before me, I felt a lump too after seeing the last two snaps.
    Its extremely sad how some children are deprived of basic education. I wish every parent realizes its worth.

    Its sad to see small girls,of merely 9-10years of age,begging at traffic junctions with infants harnessed to their wastes or small boys selling newspapers,magazines,pens, flowers,etc.. Its such a disturbing sight!


  28. as a kid(primary school types) one of my parents droppped me to the bus stop and ensured i got on the bus. i carried up my own bag and bottle.(i was strangely un-pampered even tho i was a single kid and all that..:P) when i grew older i walked by myself… the only exception being the foggy winters when my father insisted to drop me to the bus stop ..worried about my safety because of the low visibility.


  29. Either my mom or dad dropped me to school till I was in the 6th..cos my route included going by train…after that I went by myself. It was fun though meeting up with classmates at the station and going with them πŸ™‚


  30. I first went to school with either mum or dad dropping me off by foot; then via car; then once in 6th grade by myself by foot; then by bus or foot after that depending on my mood, weather and whether I was running late or not with the occational drop offs by mum. πŸ˜‰

    The last two pics are sad. BUT I guess it is not the legal requirement in India that a child MUST be in school up to a certain age (in the UK age 16 and if child is after 1st September 1994 the age has gone up to 17) . 😐

    Me – Hi Badz good to see you πŸ˜†
    We really need to have enough good schools, I feel Indians are obsessed with education, all the government needs to do is open some schools that have teachers who teach, not beat, abuse or threaten. And if the school offers a meal, milk, uniform and books – then all the children will be sent to school.


  31. Had to struggle hard to get an education, bear a lot to stay in the school so the walk to the school was never bad, no matter what the distance happened to be!

    Me – I just visited your amazing blog Nisha! Keep writing about these issues…


  32. I cycled to school from 7th standard onwards. It was a schoolbus before that πŸ™‚ I don’t think that’s an option for the kids of Bangalore (where i grew up) nowadays – thanks to the traffic .


  33. I guess this is my first time on your blog.
    The pictures are awesome, especially the last one.
    Down here in the South one can even find them working in colleges, I feel sad for them.
    But it’s a bit nostalgic too, how days passed since school 😦


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