JKG Badges! :)

Along with a new definition for Joru Ka Gulam [click] we had also requested for contributions for  the JKG Badge Contest [click]. We received nine entries. JKG Kislay, our Honor’ble Judge had no hope for mutton biryani (or any bribe in any other form) because we went out of our way to hide all the names from him (except one).

So please treat him now!!

And please don’t forget to mention which one is your favorite and most suitable for Reader’s Choice Award.


By Aritra Chatterjee 🙂


This badge created by Aritra Chatterjee has been chosen by our honor’ble judge, HRE JKG Kislay Chandra, as the ‘Official JKG Badge’.


By Freya.


JKG Kislay also loved this badge and declared it the second official JKG Badge.


This badge by Solilo Don is his third choice 🙂

Hot Rotisjkg

When a man says “I make hot rotis for my wife.”, he might find himself being called a Joru Ka Gulam.


By Freya again 🙂

Iheartbeingajkg1This is the coolest looking badge for a sidebar!!


By Homecooked.


Homecooked created this cute looking badge. Traditionally any man who shows affection to his wife is labelled a Joru Ka Gulam.


By Vikas Gupta.

Is chosen by JKG Kislay for


JKG Vikas Gupta II Vikas’s Entry Number 3 touches upon the expectation that a woman must change her surname to her husband’s when she is married A man is not expected to make any changes to his name though. Any man who does not insist upon this surname changing (sometimes even the first name is changed) risks being labelled a Joru Ka Gulam.


This one is by Freya, thank you for calling him JKG-IN-CHIEF Freya 🙂

SRK JKG in chief

He’s extremely popular amongst women, not just because he is considered hot but because he has changed the way Bollywood husbands spoke of their wives i.e. NEVER!

SRK is not a super star for nothing. He is a feminist and  he is not apologetic about it. I have blogged about this here and here.


This badge by Freya emphasises the belief we have that some chores are too lowly for men (so women should do them).

doingdishesfavthingjkgIt’s often the mothers and even wives who object to men doing these chores. So if a man says he doesn’t mind doing the dishes, there’s horror and embarrassment for the wife, “Did she actually let him do the dishes!!!”

When he says he loves doing the dishes?

… scandal.


This badge is also created by Freya … thank you for your contributions Freya!


It’s expected of women to be devoted and ‘obedient’ to their husbands, if a man as much as shows affection he is declared henpecked. The best answer to any such labelling is to wear it with pride.

Which one did you like the best?! Please choose which badge deserves the Reader’s Choice Award!


141 thoughts on “JKG Badges! :)

  1. Ha..ha..ha.. OMG! IHM, I submitted this entry when? 4 months back? I totally forgot about it. Oh no! I could have sent something good. 😀

    Me – This one is good Solilo 🙂


    • Me having doubts if I should vote for Don’s badge or now that SRK’s one by Freya is here, will Don give supari for all those who didn’t vote for her SRK?? 😦 confusion confusion aakhir zindagi aur naukri ka sawaal hai :mrgreen:


  2. Some of the badges are really awesome! I am passing this link to my colleagues and friends via email. 🙂

    I was amazed too … won’t you like to choose one for Reader’s Choice Award?


  3. I love No: 4 by Freya and No: 1 by Aritra Chatterjee. Freya’s SRK one just ROCKS. SRK and now Freya too rocks. Any fan of SRK is my friend. 😀

    Homecooked made a cutie pie badge. Me wants to kiss that badge.

    If we have to vote for only one then my vote goes to

    # No: 4 by Freya


  4. I like 1 🙂 Very creative 🙂

    2 is cool 😀 Who made this one IHM? Just to compliment the person 😛

    8 is something my husband says too 😛 Nice badge 🙂 Gud work Freya 🙂 Simple-superb all of them 🙂


  5. Solilo Don thanks Kislay Don and IHM, Blogo-Mahila mukti andolan Prez for the 3 position and organizing this contest.

    I thank my googled chapathis, googled cartoon man, Muthalik’s Pink chaddi which was my inspiration for background color and SRK who is my inspiration always. 😉


  6. About the sixth badge – your explanation is appropriate (giving the right to women to continue with their surnames after marriage ) , however the badge says “I took on her surname” which is inappropriate and is self defeating. We don’t have to take “her” surname to qualify for JKG, right?

    Me -I agree Chikki.

    Also the sharukh badge – not everyone might appreciate receiving a badge which compares him with some 3rd person. For example I don’t like Sharukh much and would not want to receive that badge.

    me – Actually I see this one as more like an award of recognition to SRK 🙂 I like him for being a much needed voice Chikki … 🙂

    I loved the 1st badge the most – it is artistic yet simple. It does not narrow down t he definition of ‘JKG’ like some of the other badges ( The one with Roti, dishes, surname ) seems to be doing.

    It’s great to have many kinds of badges Chikki, but I love that one too!!


    • I don’t think the badges where made to essentially “define” JKG. At least I didn’t make it that way and I totally agree to your point. A man is a feminist when he thinks that women are his equal and he doesn’t go by the traditional stereotypes. It doesn’t mean that he has to wash dishes, follow his wife around like a puppy, adopt her surname or idolise SRK.

      The badges are simply for fun giving examples of JKG.

      Me – I agree Freya!! And I hadn’t added your name to the winning badge!!


    • Since you have objection to ‘Roti’ badge that I made with my two hands with lot of googling for chapatis (wiping sweat) , I thought I would let all of you know that my inspiration for the badge was this post. https://indianhomemaker.wordpress.com/2009/01/09/its-not-about-hot-hot-chappaties/

      I made it some 2-3 months back (when IHM first talked about JKG contest) and it was just for fun.

      Even now IHM has maintained that this is a sardonic approach. So everything fits well. As per my knowledge this was not a simple badge contest. 🙂


      • Freya, Solilo I made a header with men doing JKG stuff too 🙂 It’s great that we have many different kinds of badges 🙂

        By the way I have heard Hitchie plans to get the fourth badge on his T -Shirt!!! I might get a cup with that and the first one, for all the men in my family 🙂


        • IHM, my stand on JKG is still the same.

          As I said, I like the sardonic approach to it so the participation but otherwise I find the term degrading nice men. So I don’t support it in the real world. 🙂

          Solilo I agree, the term is mean to mock and discourage nice men. It’s just like Bitch is used to discourage women. Labelling and taunting can only be answered like this, with terms like Babe In Total Control Of Herself or with delightful JKG Badges 🙂


        • Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. I already got a white kurti for me from Fab India now going to get No: 7 on it. IHM, shooo…shoooo.

          Yes Solilo Don


        • That hot chapatties.. post… !!! dont remind me… !!!!

          and I agree with the 7th badge… !!! It doesnt qualify !!!! 😛 😛


          Me- I can sense a rivalry you feel for SRK, just because he’s the JKG -in -Chief 😉


        • Rivalry my fooot !!

          I hate that guy.. he has done only 2 good movies till date… Swades and Chak De… and how I wish he wouldnt have done those two movies…

          he is TOTALLY OVER RATED…

          gets his movies to release in diwali and rakes in moolah doing senseless romantic yash chopra movies… baaaaaah….


      • Oh! I don’t have objection to it..:). I was just trying to be a judge..lol..I loved all the badges, but if I was a judge my reason for not awarding 1st prize to the roti badge would be because it narrows down the definition of JKG..No offense, really .. :)..!!Constructive Criticism purely.

        Me – 😉 I love this discussion!!! I agree with Solilo Don, what’s an award ceremony without some controversy!!! 😆 😆


        • Thank god..you aren’t the judge. I would have lost my most precious 3rd position.

          Thank you bhagwan ji for small mercies. 😛

          Ha ha ha 🙂 Solilo Don, why don’t you tell Chikki your real name, DON 😈


        • IHM, Psst…… this award function is turning controversial like all popular awards. So JKG is a HIT. This is my PR work. 😉


          BTW kangaroo-relations on the Blogbharti pick.


  7. I vote for No 6 by Vikas Gupta. That one is different.

    And thank you to JKG Kislay! I was too freaked out to type anything except OMG and exclamation marks!



  8. Fantastic… !!!! really fantastic… !!!!

    I gotta get a T-shirt made with the 4th Badge !!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    the first one is unanimous winner for me too !!!!! its soooper… !!!!

    Sol’s ka badge is lovely too… I love that roti making… sigh… I cant do the belna of roti’s but I can roast !!! 😀 😀

    Homey made a cute one… !! 🙂

    Freya seems to be the champion !!!!! so many lovely ones… I love the henpecked one tooooooo !!!!! 😛 😛


  9. How cool is that!! i did not know of this before, else i’d have joined in too!! Congrats to all the winners.. I love 1 & 4!!!

    If you make one now I’d be honored and delighted to add it here Shruti !!


  10. I love ‘Henpecked and loving it’ and the one on no. 2 ‘take it from a babe’ one! :):)
    This girl Freya rocks!

    Me – FREYA are you reading this??? 🙂


  11. Arey IHM..I had made that badge for timepass 🙂 You shouldnt have put it here…I dont think it defines JKG at all! 🙂 My choice is No 4,No 1 and No 3.

    Me – Homecooked your badge is really cute 🙂 And you were an angel to make it – I remember feeling bad that their were no entries for badges… and you created such a neat looking badge!!! 🙂


  12. If possible ,please add a share button on your posts like me [add to any; available as Firefox bookmarklet] ; see my blog for example. It helps sharing. In one click I could have posted it on twitter, FB etc!

    Sounds like a very good idea Vikas! How does one do that? .. let me take a look at exactly what you mean…


      • Go to http://www.addtoany.com/ click on Get the share button, click on WordPress.com

        For most browsers:

        Drag the WP.com Share Button above to your Bookmarks Toolbar

        For Internet Explorer:

        Make sure your “Links Toolbar” is visible. If it is not, right click on any part of the menu bar and make sure Links (or Favorites Bar) is checked.
        Right-click on the WP.com Share Button above and click Add to Favorites.
        If a warning appears, click Yes (this is safe, of course).
        Be sure to save the Favorite in your “Links” (or “Favorites Bar”) folder so that it appears in your Links Toolbar.

        Then you will the WP.com Share button saved in your Favorites–>Links toolbar.
        Edit any of your post, click on the Wp.Com Share button link from the toolbar. It will automatically place the Share button at the bottom of the post.
        Hope you can do it or you know what to do 😉

        Me – Let me try this Ham Actor! Thanks a ton 🙂


  13. I like No 7..anything with SRK in it…is best according to me 🙂

    And also SRK is No 1 JKG ….
    On serious notes i like one by vikas….from me reader choice award shd go to vikas !!!


  14. What a wonderful collection! My goodness! People are so talented! I am absolutely amazed by Freya! I love all of her badges but the one I like the most is

    No 9.

    ‘ It’s expected of women to be devoted and ‘obedient’ to their husbands, if a man as much as shows affection he is declared henpecked. The best answer to any such labelling is to wear it with pride.’

    One people start wearing it with pride, it will stop being a ‘taunt’.

    Congratulations to the winners and everybody who participated! It is amazing to see such talent!


  15. I love #1,#3(because its created by my dear friend Solu-polu 😀 ) & #9(for its tag-line! )

    We need to have a special award & a badge for you too for investing so much of your time linking,attaching,counting each entry,deciding on the winners…for successfully bringing out a fantastic contest!

    You’re great,IHM 🙂


  16. No 1 is quiet creative…I think I will get a sticker made of No 4 and stick it on the wind shield of my hubby’s car 😀 That will always remind him not to take panga with me or else his wind shield will resemble a fridge door :mrgreen: and on second thoughts after pasting the sticker I can always agree with him when he says his car is sexy 😉

    Wow freya is damn talented with those badges and special thanks to Vikas…but I think even if my husband wanted to take my surname I would have opposed vehemently with my claws 😀

    Love the wind shield idea 🙂


  17. Hi IHM, I think No. 7 should be the best .. I think it will be the best in terms of encouraging more men to be JKG !! 🙂

    Me – LOL Niharika they are burning with jealousy here, I hope they react with some POSITIVE JEALOUSY 😉


  18. Loved them all..
    Loved the henpecked one especially.. 🙂
    the pic looks like the guy has been smacked on the cheek. Being henpecked is as good as that 🙂


  19. loved all!! congratulations people !! i vote for Solilo, number 7 and vikas! Oh please lemme vote for 3? pretty, please? What a hit contest IHM 🙂

    Ah well… ok fine if you insist KG … 😉


    • KG, That is so sweet. Good friends support each other no matter what. 😉 Ha..ha..ha..

      Now leave #3 even though it is mine 😀 . The best ones no doubt are #1 and # 4.


  20. Thanks IHM… It’s nice to see my badge on the list 🙂
    Now can I vote here? 😉

    Not just on the list, but the ‘Official JKG Badge’ is created by you!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!Of course you must vote!!


    • Thanks… it’s nice to see it topping the contest 🙂
      I really liked #9…as far my vote is concerned, my thumb’s up for…
      #1 (it’s my baby) and #9 (loved the lines)


  21. Number 1 and 4 it is for me! The first one will be become an official symbol one day, presented at weddings, won’t that be cool?
    And 4 is a definite for a sticker, on a coffee mug, on t shirts.
    You are a very diligent blogger, you should get a badge too!


  22. I never told you but your header is BRILLIANT !!! VIBRANT !!!!! SOOOPER !!!!!!!

    infact last few months.. you have been going from one fantastic header to another… toooooo goooooood !!!!!!!!


  23. awesome creativity!

    i LOVE the henpecked one! very tongue in cheek and very very cool!

    loved reading all the definitions too! 🙂

    yayyy for all JKGs! i complete five with mine this sunday! 🙂



  24. My apologies first and foremost, IHM, for not being around for the fabulous contest. I’m going through a rather down and out phase…hope to be up and about again, soon!

    Even though I didn’t participate in the contest or vote, I read each and every entry today and I was so overwhelmed. I fel proud of these men who exist today, in our society. It fills me with hope.

    And thank you IHM, for giving us a glimpse of these gems…all of them are role models for the Indian male species indeed!

    The badges are fantastic. I especially loved nos. 1,2 and 3!


  25. wow!! i loved the idea of this contest as much as the entries.
    some creativity that is.

    my vote’s for #9.
    n i think the idea of #1 is novel n impressive. would look totally great with a li’l enhancement on it’s presentation.


  26. I am floored by the creativity displayed in these badges. I loved every one of them. It was like, I came to one, and I thought this is the best, then I saw the next, and I thought this one has to be the best, and so on. Congratulations to each one of you who had designed a badge.
    I am going to email these to some people I know. Thanks IHM and all of you who have participated.


  27. whoa!

    I can’t believe i’m THIS late in commenting here!

    I LOVED all the badges Freya has created!

    they are fab
    And Soli’s badge – with the hot chapathis is amazing too!


  28. The artwork done on these badges (except 9) is amazing – with the right balance of humour and seriousness as well as a strong forthright message! Hats off to the artisits and the winners! My favourites – 1,2,4! Though I feel 6 is really really far-fetched considering our society, and 9 is kinda men-bashing! Come on, we girls are all about equality! 🙂

    IHM, is there any award for a BKG – a “Beti Ka Ghulam”? My Dad will win hands down! But I still feel he loves Mom more than me.

    This incident happened last night and again reinforced my faith that Dad is a certified BKG. It so happened that my designer had made me some churidar suits, and since the poor woman was undergoing a shifting of her boutique and a change in her workmen, the final products turned out to be not exactly what we had discussed. There were two suits which were to be sleeveless, and one with 3/4 sleeves, but all of them turned out to have very short sleeves. I was lamenting this to my Mom, and Dad who’d overheard asked me to call my designer and tell her what had happened. I instantly said it is ok, I don’t mind and the suits still look pretty. Dad was like, “Of course you don’t mind. You compromised! Today you don’t mind that your suits are not as per plan. Tomorrow you won’t mind something bigger.” And so came a 20-minute lecture on how I should stand up to myself etc. By the end I was beginning to wonder how the topic of suits could possibly lead to that of sacrifices and compromises in life – married or otherwise!

    End of scene:
    Mom (in jest) – “You’re spoiling her (Hindi- tumne usko sir pe chadhaya hai)”
    Dad – “Just doing what my sasurji did! (element of truth, my Mom was her Dad’s and Dadaji’s favourite)”
    Mom mock-slaps Dad, he mock-punches her, my Bro mimes vomiting at the juvenile PDA, and I start gathering my dresses! Crazy people, we are!

    Certified BKG, ain’t he?

    LOL You can give your dad whatever awards you like Surbhi!!! Who knows a parent better than a child!! I loved the juvenile PDA 🙂 You are a lucky daughter, and by the way I also awarded my dad the JKG award in ‘Men Will be men’ – which means any man who stands for gender justice… so you have this choice also 🙂

    The ninth badge is a mockery of the term henpecked…(same as JKG) – think about it do we need to discuss the relationship a man has with his wife, like who wears pants in the family, who holds the purse-strings – unless there is abuse or exploitation…??


  29. I loooooooov 4

    Will proudly display it on my blog 😀

    Please do Masood, you earned it!! I am getting it printed on a coffee mug for my husband and my son 🙂
    I assure you the second one is also true for JKGs 🙂


  30. Every badge is so creative and nice… sorry for me not making one IHM…. I couldn’t think a nice one for this 😦

    my choices are 1, 3 and 9 in that order 🙂


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  39. जिसका जीवन हो सिर्फ बीवी के नाम
    बीवी के कहने पर हो सुबह और शाम

    बिवीके चरणों में हो जिसके चारधाम…

    जिसके प्यार में हो जाये गुमनाम

    दिल में करे उसी के गुण गान

    गर्व हो सदा लेकर उसका नाम

    पत्निव्रता पति बन्ने का हो अभिमान

    वोही हा सच्चा जोरू का गुलाम


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