What’s wrong with paalak paranthas?

Daughter is home for Dushshera Holidays. She wants to know, if we have started feeling any symptoms of the Empty Nest Syndrome yet…  (Not really, but that will have to be another post!)

I love lazy Sundays like today, and the racket is a change.

So I am not demanding that the music volume be brought down. The kids are watching All the single ladies (Beyonce) on Video Music Awards, on Vh1.

I know we will have only the sounds of ESPN and Son’s guitar playing again soon.

But there were other noises in the house today.

Of Daughter demanding to know how many aloo paranthas Son had, because only palak-paranthas were left while she waited for pickle (to be home delivered by the local grocery-wala), and then after some negotiations, she emerged triumphantly in front of the TV with the rationed, carbohydrates packed aloo paranthas on her plate.

When my mom saw her like this in Delhi she declared that she had ‘gone on my husband’s side’!  😉

(He he she has forgotten my siblings’ who-ate-more-mangoes fights every summer.)


57 thoughts on “What’s wrong with paalak paranthas?

        • @ hitchu:

          Hi-5 partner!!! and some bear hugs thrown in tooo!!!!!!

          baithen honge raste pe vo aankhen bichhaaye
          har aahat pe sochte honge, partner aaye
          kyaa haal hogaa, vahaan kuchh na poochho
          dil mein umangon ki baaraat hogi
          phir hogaa kyaa, kyaa pataa kyaa Khabar!!!!!


    • YAY!!!!!!!!!!

      Me First!!!! 😀 😀 😀

      hosh na khabar hai…yeh kaisa asaar hai…blogging karne ke baad dilbar! dilbar dilbar dilbar!!! haan dilbar dilbar dil!!!!


      IHM, u are dancing with me na??

      To Beyonce’s new number ? am told if we do that everyday we need no exercise… 🙂


      • really IHM??? then we can dance to Beyonce’s new number and get fit!!!
        erm.. i meant fitter
        coz we are already fit, na?! 🙄

        but all i know is the bollywood style or danganakka style!!

        we will look like a riot doing govinda steps on that song! 😛 😛 😛

        So long as we are having fun Crafty Shines, we can do bhangra to Beyonce!!! !!!! but I saw a video teaching Beyonce’s steps…


  1. nothing *wrong with palak paranthas, alu is better is all. alu is the best vegetable to have been discovered, in this world or the next. carbohydrates *rock. 😀

    Crbohydrates rock one day and then eat nothing for the entire next week 🙂 This is what they do Feddabonn 🙂


  2. this is a wonderful post… !!!!

    Ihm your joy is visibly evident… !!!! Touchwood !!!!!!

    And Palak paratha;s are no match for Aloo Paratha;s !!!!!! period.. !!!!!

    there aint any contest here… at all !!!!!!! 😀 😀

    I simply love this post… !!!!! 😀 😀

    I love paalak parantha Hitchie! These kids love anything that doesn’t threaten to nourish their bodies


  3. i love palak parathas IHM!!!!!!

    *crafty tries all tricks to be adopted by IHM and then spend her days rolling on floor with Gabbar singh or with Sher khan in her lap*


    hugssssssssss IHM!!!!! am loving all ur posts about ur daughter being back! muahs!!!!!!! amen!!! have a lovely time!!!!

    Crafty Gabbar Singh is super excited at the mere thought 🙂 Paalak Paranthas are ready too!!!


  4. hehehe..And I thought that my brother and I were the only one with food rivalry. We used to do that for Dosas that our mom made. 🙂

    Life was fun then…

    LOL Richa, what are siblings without food rivalry!! You also must have also fought to make sure the other has finished his or her share of poisons… like vegggies, milk etc 😉


  5. I can ‘see’ from your post that you are having a fab time with your daughter !

    Palak Paratha and Aloo Paratha ? what’s there to think about ? Aloo Paratha, offcourse ! But you must have a very special recipe for making palak parathas if you like them better than aloo’s – please share the recipe if you don’t mind cos I would prefer to eat palak parathas too for their nutritional value 🙂

    Okay here goes, chopped paalak leaves, red chilli, salt, last night’s alu-gobhi-matar and some oil from mango pickle, all kneaded with the atta. I maybe biased agianst the carbohydrates in the potato 😉


  6. i like both types
    there is 3 type u can mix both and make mix alu palak paratha.

    Actually sm, the paalak paranthas had last night’s alu-gobhi-matar mixed in it!! 🙂 I like mixed veg paranthas 🙂


  7. Palak parathas? I’ve had methi one’s but not those!! Wondering how they taste?

    As good as bathua and methi paranthas Indy 🙂 Try this recipe (mine changes depending on whatever’s readily available)
    Chopped paalak leaves, red chilli, salt, last night’s leftovers, and some oil from mango pickle, all kneaded with the atta.

    Add soya atta to add a flavour of self righteousness 😉 I use saffola, not ghee.


  8. LOL IHM….Aloo paranthas are wayyyy better! And did you see this video? Its being shown all over the news here. Its so cute!

    This video is so adorable!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing homeccoked!!!!!!! It’s awesome… we have a future Michael Jackson here!!!


  9. Having two brothers and being the youngest meant you didn’t have time to waste arguing – for fear that whatever was left would be consumed by them during that time!! One brother and a cousin indulged in a parantha competition (a paranthon?) once – eating about 20 odd each! Spare a little thought for the parantha maker 🙂

    It must be such a joy having your daughter home albeit for a short time. Have a wonderful Dushshera celebration with the whole family.


    OMG@ Parathons!! thanks Corinne!! 🙂


  10. Luv these posts of urs IHM 😀 I so miss my sis now 😦 Even this time when I hd been home, we fought over who gets more, whom mumma loves more etc. etc 😉

    Cn I hv some Paranthas too 😉

    “Who mamma loves more” we have with my mother 🙂 Of course you can have some paranthas Swaram, would you like them soft or crispy? !!!


  11. We’ve been eating paranthas and katchoris and puris for breakfast for the last 4-5 days! The in laws are visiting n they think that I don’t feed their sons !!! 🙄

    This is my idea of an awesome, sinful feast 🙂 !!! You made all this Meira !!!


    • Oh no! The MIL did 😀 She thinks (correctly) that I am too health conscious. And she thinks (incorrectly) that it is a bakwaas thing to be!

      I am health conscious too … and have generally succeeded in instilling good eating habits in my kids!! In the end they do notice when they eat junk, and for now that’s a lot~ 🙂


  12. LOL !! me and my brother never fought over food !!! We fight, even today, and thats only because of me and my big mouth !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Vimmuuu siblings find reasons to fight, my sister and brother and I still have our fights too … though not over food 🙂 You have some saggi in you!


  13. loool everytime my mum makes palak ke parathay therez a fair bit of grumbling from the rest cuz its alwayz about mooli-raddish and aloo ke parathay 😛 😛

    haha i guess as long as palak/saagh is on the paratha and not inside it… chop chop 😛

    You like mooli paranthas also?!! I do too 🙂 But I hate saag!


  14. Nothing wrong with Palak Parathas. Just that bro ate Aloo so obviously sis wants the same 🙂

    LOL Rakesh they both hate any paranthas except alu 😦 I get all kinds made in the hope that over a period of time, they will learn to like other kinds of paranthas too. Next on the menu are Beets paranthas 😉


  15. heheh reminds me of fights between me and my bro. my bro always something off my plate, irrespective of even if his plate has double the amount. and i cant stand it. so we constantly bicker. one of us has to get married for this to stop! or leave the home 😛

    When we were young, my sister and I shared a room, and she used to say the same thing, that one of us has to get married or leave home… both are married and we still manage to fight long distance 🙂


  16. My sis and I would always fight over food…especially over who got the ‘bigger half’ of the last piece of whatever food! 😛 Palak paranthas…yumm… (mouth watering)

    You like Paalak Parantha too!! I love all green paranthas 🙂


  17. wow!!!! u lucky mom. ur daughter is back.
    when will my come ;-(
    i will take alu parantha any day. who wants palak ka parantha if alu ke are there.
    forget alu or palak just enjoy each nd every moment with her.
    pamper her, spoil her
    and cherish all the moments

    LOL Yes Anju, we talk and talk and talk, and then she talks some more to her friends 🙂 Awww you miss your daughter! 😦 …daughters are the best thing to happen to moms I think 🙂 !! A friend of mine says she was luckier it’s her son , not her daughter who is studying away from home… they watched Kameenay together, and then went out for lunch. on her birthday 🙂 We too have made general plans of things to do…


  18. IHM, How could she have palak paranthas when yummy aloo paranthas were around 🙂

    ‘after some negotiations, she emerged triumphantly in front of the TV with the rationed, carbohydrates packed aloo paranthas on her plate.’ That was so much the story of our childhood 🙂 My brother loved food and was a fast eater – so we used to have a lot of these negotiations 🙂

    I want to eat my mom’s aloo paranthas too, now 😦 I am a wicked mom, though 😦 I give Poohi only Palak or methi parathas – some way of getting something green inside her 🙂 Guess, it won’t last too long 🙂


  19. I have never tasted Palak parathas 😦

    I am having a sudden craving for aloo parathas, I am gonna go and make some aloo parathas now!

    Going y the general opinion of paalak paranthas you haven’t missed much Aathira 😉


  20. palak parantha…yummy…its been ages i had one….my mom use to cook delicious parathas..here hubby is not so fond of parantha…so stopped cooking them…

    there is not even a sing food stuff…over which me and bro didnt fight..what a fun of eating together when u dont fight 🙂

    LOL ha ha ha “there is not even a sing food stuff…over which me and bro didnt fight” !!! My kids will agree with you Rashmi, if they don’t fight to have something then they fight because the other one did not finish her oats/veggies/papaya 🙂


  21. well you could ask your daughter to courier the palak parathas to me coz sitting here in london at the end of the day a paratha is a freakin paratha……

    🙂 Aww … I wish I could really do that!!! 🙂


  22. This is unfair! All daughters unite! How dare brother finish aloo-paranthas when sister loves that. Me wants some aloo-paranthas now.

    Oh god! this reminded so much of my brother and me. I wanted some of those things only because he had them. 😉

    Have a fab time with your daughter, IHM.

    LOL 🙂 You too? Somethings don’t change!!!


  23. Reminded of that sugar coated saunf that we used to eat bowl fulls, my brother would first ask me to compete to be the first who finish it first and I would race to be the first one. But then he would show me every single piece of that saunf and eat while teasing me that I don’t have it anymore , evil guy !!, Miss those days now 🙂
    my fav is methi parantha , simply cannot eat anything over it!!


  24. Aloo Paranthas – WOW, my girls just love it !!! hehehehe – ME too !!! 🙂

    When kids are at home during hols, it looks like as though kitchen and the TV room are the happening spots at home !!!! 😆 Just love those times…. 😆


  25. I totally love Palak, anything prepared with it. Soup, sabzi, paratha. Get her to know the advantages and make it more spicy and add more ghee. May be she will like it better then 🙂

    Me – 🙂 She loves paalak raita, it’s a staple, rice, dal, palak raita… I love it too 🙂 They only tolerates saag and sabzi… they are a pain Lively!


    • No… this is the first time I am hearing about that..

      I have tasted Aloo parathas… they are tasty…

      I always find sidedish shortage for them… for idli or dosa there are various chutney and sambar..

      but AP I like only curd with sugar… 🙂 I don’t like pickles or anything for that… if don’t get curd then I will eat without any side dish..

      Now that a long answer much irrelevant to the question you have asked??? :mrgreen: 😀 😀

      ok, now tell me, is PP is similar to AP??

      Me – LOL 🙂 Kanagu, AP is all carbohydrate, PP has some fibre, some vitamins and iron, and I think PP tastes great 🙂 I don’t like AP much 🙂 I also take all paranthas with curd+sugar 🙂 Or even with alu-matar-gobhi sabzee 🙂 But these treats are my idea of sin, to be had only occasionally 😆 I prefer Idli with sambhar (not chutney) as a much healthier breakfast.


      • idly + sambhar a healthy breakfast… 🙄 🙄

        it makes a tasty carbohydrate breakfast… I think the healthier part is from Urad dhal..
        and tomato chutneys are too good for Idly’s IHM… try them.. you will surely like it… 🙂 🙂

        it’s my fav combo..

        I like sanbhar for all the veggies in it, and Idli is low on oil 🙂 Tomato chutney is nice too.


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