Not Perfect Enough for Mr Perfect?

He told her parents (arranged marriage) that he was a Chartered Accountant, when he was just an accountant. He complains that she, ” used to insult him and also point out at every given opportunity that he was not a CA.”

She is not watching enough Television! She must win his heart, her pativrata dharam can make a Chartered Accountant out of him.

His mother filed an affidavit that she works 8 am to 8 30 pm, but does ‘no additional work’ at home.

This is what happens when we have such serials. (Perfect Bride)

He is upset that she does not wait for him for dinner.

He obviously watched those serials with his mother.

He wanted divorce and such is our system that she didn’t.

Still I am glad the court told him to ‘please adjust‘.

She, of course, doesn’t need to be told to do that. The fact that it wasn’t she who asked for divorce says it all.

[Read about another imperfect working wife, here.]


61 thoughts on “Not Perfect Enough for Mr Perfect?

  1. Blah. Crazy. First of all, why did he con her? I can imagine the resentment that causes….and then, he expects her to do household work after coming home at 8.30, when I bet, he doesn’t see the need to do any himself. I’m surprised it’s not her filing for divorce.

    If you read the link Apu, he has to pay her maintenance Rs 3000/- per month… the part I liked was that he was told to understand that marriage is a give and take… this news pleased me.


    • Actually, I was a little confused by that maintenance bit. Isn’t maintenance paid only in the case of separation/divorce?

      This confused me too… it seems they were not given a divorce, maybe he was not giving her many money …?? I will google it and check.


  2. Many were faking their identities while looking for bride and faces heat once it comes in light….

    and the reasons they have stated.. I found them hilarious…

    a simple thing which can be sorted out in their home itself..

    First he lies then he complains!!


  3. Oh the shows on our televisions are just getting muckier by the day. I just wrote on a post on Rahul Mahajan on the second season of swamyar, I am seething in anger, but am told why should a reality show effect me? GRRRRRRR
    And this guy in your post first cons his wife and then expects her to do housework!

    “His mother filed an affidavit that she works 8 am to 830 pm, but does ‘no additional work’ at home.” This one takes the cake though!!!!

    That line is what made me see red… actually also his complaint that she does not wait for him for dinner… there was more in the News…and the conning. Let me read your post!


  4. I am aware of girls who fake a lot of stuffs in their matrimonial sites !!! Im a victim !!! Im a victim !!! But luckily, I didnt get deceived 😀 😀 😀

    How fortunate Vimmuuu imagine spending your life with a fake CA !!


  5. The only person who must have laughed all the way to the bank is the lawyer of the fake CA.

    I dont think the judge should have stopped at the fine. I think both the fake CA and his 8-8:30-mother need to be made to do some community service , at a Nari Niketan type place in Pune, and the thing needs to be widely publicized, to keep such avarice laden folks from troubling innocent girls.

    At 8000, they have got away cheaply.

    Not even 8000/-, it’s only 3000/- a month.. 😦 But can you imagine the judgement could have been in the favour of this fake CA!!!


  6. I just got back to London from India and frankly I had no clue as what was happening on the tele, it was confusing, who is in what reality show and who screwed who, and ironically when we have shows like the perfect bride or the swaamywar thingee we just bring the actual morals and values that a marriage stands for to the gutters…. And CA or no CA you are a jerk, get a life….

    And there is no doubt that such programmes reinforce these attitudes…


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  8. Such double standards! He conned her into marrying him – with false credentials – and then expects her to be a doormat, do everything at home, despite her having a 12 + hour job! And despite all that – it was he, who filed for divorce! Must have thought that he could marry another docile woman and treat her like rubbish!

    Am so happy that our courts are sensible!

    As for that programme – it sounds so bizzare! I don’t understand why our channels are full of such regressive stuff! It just give fodder to those who want to justify such attitudes towards women! Perfect Bride indeed! By whose standards is what I would like to ask them!


  9. Now a days, I am seeing more men watching these stupid serials.

    And cheating with profiles and jobs during matchmaking is very bad. Whether its the girl or the boy, lets be honest and get what we deserve.

    These divorce cases really make me sad – the children’s plight is just very sad.

    Uma I think these two have no kids… but it is sad, and lying by either is bad… this is a big lie, this isn’t not something like he has read some books, or plays good guitar…


  10. First he lies and then he complains that she is not happy about his lie! I am glad the court did not order the woman to “adjust”. She has already adjusted a lot. She is still putting up with him after knowing that he conned her and HE was the one who filed for a divorce. I wonder if people sometimes have their brains in their left foot! Its such an embarrassment for him to even bring this up in to public and he took it to court.. I have to say, he is quite a daring fella! To have opened his own diary in front of the world.. 😛

    Shameless MCP. He has no idea his ideas are stupid, he probably feels he is not being served well enough…


  11. I am impressed by the Indian courts. In the past few months there have been quite a few decisions that have been very logical and practical and unbiased!

    Shilpa there is this TV show called Perfect Brides, which is the worst of all, and literally advises women to get into and then stay married like this…


  12. immature..isn’t that what the guy is? how silly of a reason to go for divorce? …thank goodness the judge was sensible 😛

    But all this must be hell for that girl to live with… lots of criticism and living with a man who first lied to marry her, and now does not want to live with her…


  13. It is very hard for people to get over deception. There seems to be fault on both sides. I wonder why she does not want to walk out!

    Girls generally cannot walk out, parents will not permit that, it will be difficult for her to get married again as a divorcee and she will feel like a burden to them, even if she is earning … many girls live in he;l instead of walking out. Why do you feel is she at fault?


    • I did not mean that she should walk away because she is at fault. It seems to me that she is suffering in the relationship as well. So why stay? Since he has asked for divorce, is there love still to hang on? Since she is working she must not be a financial burden to parents. I understand societal pressures and taboo though.

      And did the article not say that she called him weak?, which gave me notion that she is also not happy with him.

      I had the same thoughts Lakshmi!! I wish she realised that this marriage is unlikely to be a happy one… Women in India are raised to see marriage as the final goal.. first getting married and then saving that marriage at all costs (self. children, despite violence, cruelty, even suicide is chosen over a divorce or seperation…). If one realised that the purpose of a marriage is to make one happy!!!


      • You said it right IHM, “seeing marriage as the final goal is a problem!”. Sometimes it is not worth working it out if that is all you do in the marriage.

        Yes Laxmi… in the end we all have just one life, we should lead it happily (without hurting others ofcourse)


  14. awesome!!! 🙂 loved it!! i hope more judges with this sensible nature come across.

    in fact i’m surprised why nobody is mentioning the fact that he married her while lying (partially) abt his job. she shud be the one who is worried! and thats her bitterness showing thru in her harsh words.

    May more such judgements come thru each day! Amen! 😀

    a kick in the rear to that husband and MIL btw 👿

    Exactly my feeling Ahswathy! I read the news and was like how did he actually complain and demand that she does not even complain! And his mother’s cheek!!!!!


  15. He himself lies and wants a divorce when wife says he is not a CA!!! I wonder why the wife didnt want a divorce. All these lies during arranged marriages suck. I remember my neighbour used to drink a lot but he had a good job. His mom fixed his marriage to a cops daughter and lied that he doesnt smoke or drink and warned her son that since he is marrying a cops daughter he better behave. All was well for 6 mths of this marriage when one night he came home sloshed. The new wife was shocked. She cried bitter tears and said that the only reason she agreed to the marriage was because he didnt drink. After all the drama and all she was asked to adjust by both sets of parents! i wonder what happened later as we moved from there but I hope the husband stopped drinking.


  16. Oh! the fakers.

    IHM, did you read a piece that appeared couple of months back where a NRI married a girl from Mumbai and then the girl found out that he was gay. 😐 They never consummated their marriage and she found some proof from his computer. So sad that these people cheat others to just keep their parents happy.


  17. Are they serious with these serials??? OMG I am going to look for this crap online to see what kind of retards watch it…and to wonder which bigger retard came up with the idea…worth the research huh!

    and dont even get me started on the guy and his mum……some people just dont deserve the bliss of matrimony!


  18. I want to ask this man that if he goes to a store to buy a microwave and when he gets the box home and opens it to find an OTG, what would he do?? She obviously cannot go back and exchange him! Or can she?
    While I believe in the institution of marriage and that people should try and make it work, I also believe that any relationship is based on trust. You cannot ignore that somebody tricked you into something and just adjust. Maybe she should look at the fact that this is an opportunity to move on and sign the divorce papers.

    I agree Butterfly. Can’t imagine what kind of life they have!!! If you read the news, he has other complains also…


    • Actually I just went back and read that link. 😀 Now me thinks the wife is treating this whole thing as pay back! I think she shud kick his backside! 😀 That kind of life sucks though! Imagine having to see his face every time she gets back home! She should put an end to her own misery.


  19. Although many of us think that these mindless serials are far removed from reality, it sometimes seems to me that there is a vast majority who live their lives on these kind of ideals and stereotypical notions – it seems that the serials are only showcasing them. And by glorifying the sacrificing, suffering woman they tend to perpetuate these.
    We have a case in our family – only in our case it is the girl who is the victim. He lied that he is a company secretary while he is only a low level accounts clerk and when she found out and asked him to stop cheating he accused her of mental cruelty and began to verbally abuse her. When she asked for divorce on grounds of cruelty, the court said the same – that as long as he did not physically abuse her, there was no ground for divorce!!
    I am glad that the court gave a balanced verdict in this case.

    This is so sad. What about cheating? Isn’t that a good reason for divorce!! What kind of relationship can be based on such serious lies!!!


  20. i swear such serials are the ruin of educated indian girls. they can wear shorts and tank tops on TV but still run around to please saas’s and accord them the title of mummy-ji when clearly they aren’t worthy of it. one doesnt just call some other woman their mother. this serial is even more ridiculous than the fake swayamvar of rakhi sawant. and the sad part is the silly girls taking part for their 5 mins of fame…or whatever.


  21. IHM,

    Agreeing with you everything except that serial part :). Why are we thinking these serials have an impact only on the boys and their moms!! do you think the serial would have existed without those girls participating!! The way i see it is win-win for everyone. If i see from only business point of view, the serial is made because it is making profit and people watch them, and the viewers are from both boys’ & girl’s family. And the participant came because today reality shows are the easiest way to make a name fort yourself. Look at Ashutosh from roadies and Bigboss, even if that guy does not do anything further in his life, he will live aram se. and Here am i, after burning midnight oil for 2 decades and still doing so, not sure whether i will ever have Rs 1 cr in my bank balance!!

    Don’t get me wrong, i am still happy being me rather than being Ashutosh:)

    I do agree… the only way to stop them from making such serials is to watching them!


    • Forgot to add,

      How did you find that header!!! Is it really so? and if he still thinks “Dulhan wahi jo Piya mon bhaye” after reading your blog, then you need serious introspection :D:D:D

      It is real 🙂 I thought it was very sweet , a very well meaning message; against forced marriages and against alcoholism 🙂


      • Ohhh… i interpreted in a different way, i thought it is saying ideal wife is the one who wins her husband’s heart, accepting everything he does without protesting etc etc like “the perfect bride” in the serial..

        Anyway, without any presumption and just going by the literal meanning “Dulha/Dulhan wahi jo piya man bhaye” is the ultimate truth 😀

        I like that interpretation!!!


  22. It was funny to read the line – ” She, of course, doesn’t need to be told to do that. “; how true !!

    I have seen that most arranged marriages begin with “Lies”. People do not understand that it is not just that person’s loss but also their own loss. A marriage based on falsehood can not be successful !

    True Niharika! And how long can one pretend? Why not look for a truly suitable partner by being honest!


  23. WOW !! Look at the header pic !!!!! 😆

    Hey !!! are you advertising your blog like this ????? 😆

    Did u happen to see it, while driving or somebody took a pic and sent you ???? Come on, Come on, do a post on this !!!! 😆

    he he he 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Isn’t it awesome!!! ??!!


  24. Our TV serials are affecting our day to day life to a great extent. People start co-relating mere fiction with their actual lives. But a rational mind will always see that what is happening behind the screen is all made up. Let us the face the life as it is. In Punjabi there is a saying “kisey da mahal dekh key apnee kulli na dhao” which means “dont dismantle your own hut after watching some one else’s palace”


  25. awesome, funcky header!!!!! 🙂 loved it totally…

    Thank You! I was giggling even while making it 😆

    and of this mom-son duo.. he he hee.. they got a very good judgment. They urgently need a reality check..

    I hope this girls i strong and is able to help them do this reality check 😡


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