We Hate Racism in 55 words.

We Hate Racism in 55 words.

East or West

India is the best.

We’re tolerant, not the West.

Indian origins shine. (Humph!)

BobbyVikram, Lakshmi Mittal… all patriots fine! (Relatives of mine.)

Loose-white-women can’t resist ‘hot Indian male’.

They must adopt our (better) culture.

‘Fair and Lovely’ sells.

Aryan origins swagger.

Chinkies and Italian citizens are outsiders.

Can’t tolerate Racism!

“HINDU extremists burned effigies of Kevin Rudd and shouted angry slogans outside the Australian High Commission in New Delhi yesterday as fury over a series of attacks on Indian students in Melbourne reached dangerous new heights…

.Indian blogs have taken an increasingly hysterical tone in recent days, with one even suggesting “Australians in India should be dragged on to the streets, stripped and beaten so badly they forget their names…”

Take a look at the video to see how concerned the protesters look about the welfare of the students in Australia.

Do we have no better ways of ensuring the safety of Indian students in Australia?

Also “while Indians are up in arms about racism against Indians abroad, what about racism within the nation. Do we ever ask ourselves that question?

[This post was in the drafts… some of the links are a month or so old, but unfortunately still relevant.]


45 thoughts on “We Hate Racism in 55 words.

  1. Hi IHM

    Racism is rife around the world – India, Australia, Iceland…you name it. It is our tribal mentality that leads us to mob mentality towards ‘the other’. And please don’t think that I am condoning such mentality. It is definitley against our higher selves.
    My mother makes some of the most racsist comments I have ever heard – I have to ask her to be quiet in front of my children because I do not want their minds poisoned by the useless and baseless vitriol that she sometimes vomits out. And its not exactly as if she is a ‘white Australian’! I believe much of rascist opinion is seeded in our minds from before we are even conscious of it – and what you believe to be true, is actually the truth of your life.

    I have heard some of my elderly relatives do the same Sioneve…

    Being in Australia, I followed the news on the attacks on Indian Students with great interest. I questioned whether Australians are really rascists as a whole. And from living here for most of my life, I would have to say that Australians are actually quite decent people, who will give you a fair go if you are willing to work hard and fit in. Of course there are disgusting people everywhere who will judge you on the fact that you were born somewhere else. But then some people find any reason to hate. They are so unhappy and should be ignored.

    Yes I agree…

    I am sad to say that the Indian students who were attacked in Australia were the victims of disgusting, opportunistic thugs who took advantage of helpless and vulnerable individuals. I would advise all people (Indian students included), that when you are out and about, travelling on public transport, please do not display your mobile phones and i-Pods etc. Keep all your valuables well out of sight. Look as inconspicuous as possible. Why attract the attention of crazed hoons, who will take advantage of any situation, and do not care who gets hurt in the middle of their frenzy.

    Yes such precautions will help, not retaliation!

    As for people burning effigies – please go home and do something useful with your lives. Creating more congestion, mess and pollution on the streets does not make you look clever or powerful. Western societies regard you as primitive people who cannot express yourselves in any constructive manner. Which is a crying shame, because I think India has one of the most beautiful and cultured civilisations on Earth.

    An average citizen in India does not appreciate such behavior either Sioneve, these are just some political groups… I felt this was very sad too…


    • “An average citizen in India does not appreciate such behavior either Sioneve, these are just some political groups… ”
      Yes – you are absolutely right IHM. The sad thing is though, that the media in its never ending hunger for the next sensational story, showcases only the most extreme and disgusting people – the images flashed around the world implicate the whole society. Again, human nature at its worst. S


  2. Such a thought-provoking post IHM! We ought to look into all these stupid racism related practices internally too! Thatz a brilliant point! R we so blind to them?

    I remember reading one Sanskrit proverd saying hw we cn see faults as small as a mustard seed in others while we overlook the same as big as a bilva fruit within ourselves 😦 Time to introspect and correct the internal racists too!

    Yes Swaram, and yesterday’s news… brought to mind that we have an attitude that white women are all ‘characterless’… 😦


    • IHM, I like this 55er….

      We shld go all out together to protect the Indian students in Australia. But what abt the racism inside India ??? In India, we have cultural racism. There are ppl who cant tolerate the others, just becos of different culture.

      But there are instances that just makes me feel very proud. There is this Mahankali Temple inside Golconda Fort – a temple built by Muslim Nizams. I’ve also heard that the prasad is being prepared by some Muslim. Can u imagine that ????

      Yes Uma there was this news of how the Ramlila was going on (last year), when suddenly the Laksman had to take a break, people loved his acting demanded him back on stage, then it was announced that he would be back as soon as he finishes his Namaz!!!! I thought that was absolutely awesome!! Our Bollywood guys are the best here, they show this through their films, and personal relationships ..

      There is this big lane, where the huge Ganeshas are being made in Hyderabad. This lane is in a Muslim locality and believe me, the Muslims lend a hand to any Ganesha that is being taken out of the lane.

      In Srirangam Temple, Tamil nadu, there is a deity for which the prasad is roti and dhal – muslim influence.

      Now what can be sweeter than that prasad Uma!!

      While there are ppl who are very tolerant toward other religions and cultures, more hype is given where there is intolerance. Where is our humanity gone ????

      Uma even today a majority is tolerant, it;s just the few who don’t that manage to make News 😡


  3. This is happening everywhere… not just Australia not just India… !! Its wrong… regrettable… condenmned by all yet it happens…

    Another problem is we tend to put titles… we tend to generalise… we should not but our media which is horribly immature does it all the times….. a few lousy Australians do not mean a Racist country… nor do a couple of pervert Indians represent entire Indians…

    Yes we label people, all Australians are not racists!! All Indians are not racists either, I have spoken to so many people, everybody is supporting Eldridge …and I agree Hitchwriter media makes some of the wrongs look fine, I remember the glamourisation of Veerrappan 😡

    A very cynical 55’er !!!

    I am not really cynical… this is just one thought that annoyed me at that moment… I feel most of us are good people. I feel that strongly.


  4. We are a racist country though we might deny it outright but the racism prejudice has never resulted into violence (unless the politicians think its “play time”), the extent it has in Australia where such incidents have occurred without any provocation.

    Many of these attackers are muggers and thugs… I think they need to arrest and punish some of these assaulters…

    The Aussie government reluctance to send out a strong message against such incidents is only going to make this mob bold!!

    The question that comes into my mind is are we waiting for someone to die in such attacks before some concrete actions are taken??

    The recent humiliation that Eldridge went though Survivor, and so many female tourists get molested, raped and even killed every year, we treat them shabbily… Also consider our attitude towards anyone with black skin?


  5. Nice one! I must say though…the reaction of the Indian media was nothing short of hysterical. I witnessed it when I was there in July and most their reports were not even based on facts. They reported from India and did not even visit Aus at that point to find out the facts. And I thought journos were supposed to do that. And just as you said, Indians are racist themselves and it’s a story of the pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended) Indians refer to white people as ‘gora’, they discriminate against dark-skinned Indians (being one, I have experienced it in India), there was a big hue and cry re Sonia Gandhi years ago because she’s ‘firang’…

    To cut a long rant short, as a woman, I feel safer in Australia than I ever did in India.


  6. Oh, where did my comment go ??

    What I wrote was that I liked your last line. Have always thought about that whenever anyone asks me if I have faced racism here at my workplace or in general at public places etc. I wonder how they will react if I tell them that I have faced/seen more racism in India, my own country, than here !


  7. We Indians are really a racist lot. Our eyes are always in the neighbors yard. I hate it when ppl say stuff like. I am happy that so and so stuff happened to that foreigner, look what they are doing to our Indians there. Shame on us! Gandhi must turn in his grave every time such statements are uttered. What is happening to our tolerance. There are other ways of fighting such issues. Every time and Teluguite dies in the US, they make it out in such a way as though some propaganda is against the Andhraites. I refuse to look at it that way. There are many other people from other states dying there too. We are so quick to make issues! And then blame some innocent foreigners here.


  8. some form of racial abuse has been seen among weaker section of the society on day to day bases, there has been no one to raise the voice for the weaker section. when things happen in isolation and no one is bothered because it does not affect the integrity among their society and if they happen to raise voice they are looked down both on political point and on the society and it takes ages to decide if its right or wrong and the person fighting for the cause dies/feels lets down before the case can be solved and given final verdict because of the stigma attached to all the social systems created by some idiotic elders of higher cast/higher income group as if its their given birth right or a written down policy which has to be practiced and transcended from decadency. It is much visible among some of the semi rural and upcoming cities and rural areas and among all the society the morality among people have been lost and the school have developed their own way of training people for societal selfish motives.

    low caste and the high cast differences have existed from ages in the way people have been dealt or treated be it the isolation from work place and high end jobs,high lifestyle going to the high society, the health enjoyed among the high society and also the education.

    After all in India it is seen the hierarchical transfer from father to son so is the political ,sports , cinema it has complected the society in people living a happy life … talents have been refused status and lost all their hope in an high dreaming illusion.

    It has not affected most of the Indians consciousness among the weaker sections and low caste in terms of the racial attacks in Australia and other countries among the higher section of people so what if Indian high caste are been treated the way they should be treated, this will give all the high caste and higher group of people a tit for tat lesson and set an example of what an social abuse could be like. there has been lot of hangama and hull gulla towards one or two incident , why don’t people realise some of the people have been leaving on a social abuse state on daily bases but there is no one to raise or fight against the system created by the low thinking Indians. India is the only largest democratic country which thrives on economic status/cast/creed of its people rather then leaving in harmony and peace among all its people.


  9. I think racism has been ingrained in to us through the caste system, etc. We believe in colour, and it takes a long time to realize that all are human beings. The sooner people realize, the better. What the racist attacks are indirectly bringing forward is the industrialization of education – why are we not looking at that? Does any one have any idea how much a phoren education costs, and how many people are pledging their houses (not so well to do) to go and ‘study’ in these places to get a bill… i mean a degree??

    Destination Infinity


  10. Your last post and this post are wonderfully sequenced. If you see how most of the Indians live even after coming abroad – littering and spitting – breaking laws – unhygienic – discourteous – you will almost end up feeling racial towards your own country men. Ya, atleast I am one Indian who’s not very fond of fellow Indians. The incident which your last post talks about is completely disgusting. We are definitely the most racial people anywhere in the world.


  11. I can say the whole of the human race are racist fellas….

    each and every human was divided by his race, country, religion,so,so, and so on….. and the reason for the same was no other… it’s us.. our ancestors…

    its really hard to think beyond all this when a problem arises between two people who are so different… we will get emotional first.. then only analyse a problem with our brain…


  12. Good one IHM. I think racism is used in several instances just as another point of advantage. When there is nothing else to blame on, just bring that one in. It is always relevant, as long as the earth has people of all colors.


  13. Where were these protesters when Graham Staines and his 2 kids (Australians) were burnt alive inside a van by a mob in Orissa in 1999 ? Where were they when nuns were raped in Kandhamal ! I don’t agree with any form of violence, but going by the degree of barbarism, we are far ahead of Australians – I would say.


  14. oh this is a nice read..very painful to know what indianbloggers think about australians! dragging on streets??what is ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA all about??
    Indians are the most racist!! I agree completely…If not would we have fair kids/men/women all over the glamor industry…this is also a kind of racism…people who disagrees with me please raise your hands !!!

    My hands are firmly by my sides Narendra.


  15. Also “while Indians are up in arms about racism against Indians abroad, what about racism within the nation. Do we ever ask ourselves that question?”
    😐 exactly my point. that was my comment in the last post of urs.
    when we point a finger at others, the remaining 4 fingers of the same hand point back at us. many a time we dont realise that.

    It was your comment that made me take this post out of the drafts, I had thought the 55er is too cynical to publish earlier.


  16. Sorry for being rude,but i must say that Indians are the mosst racist people,of the many nationalities i have met…Northies look down at Southies..Among southies,Mallus look down at Tamilians..Among Mallus,Nairs look down at Ezhavars…etc etc etc..Its all a big chain..

    So until and unless we correct ourselves,i won’t point fingers at anybody else…


  17. We have this habit of being extremely proud to be an Indian. While nothing wrong in that but the problem is when we become proud we forget to respect other cultures and the host country. I have seen many Indians putting down all Americans while claiming to be very cultured. The thing is they do it in front of their children. No wonder their children grow up all confused. First respect the people around and the place you seek employment. Live and let live.

    We bring color, caste, religion whenever there is any serious issue. It is simple:
    If I am beaten up in this country then it will be racial attack.
    If I am beaten up in my own by someone belonging to a particular religion then it is again hate attack.

    The fact is in both cases the perpetrators are just deluded bunch.


  18. Amazing post…

    I cannot for the life of me understand why loving something- whatever it is, ones country, culture, religion, people has something to do with hating something else.

    I have always found it so difficult to convince people that I love India, becuase I love India, not becuase I hate pakistan, or becuase the west has no morals etc.


  19. see i told you..we are the most racist! we hate people who ‘Once’ stood lower to us…see caste system is a different thing..we all have rights to live in our groups..and for many of us caste is a criteria for many things..there is nothing wrong in this as long as we dont look other castes with disgust!
    its like you filter searches in search engines by different options(as in marriage)…but keeping people lower to you is wrong…INDIANS are most racist!! THEY CONSIDER OTHERS LOWER THAN THEMSELVES..why say they…let us say I! I am racist! should I remain one?? NEVER!

    this time people who agree with me please raise hands 😛

    I agree that we should not consider anybody lower… not sure about people forming communities and groups that exclude others, and in which they insist their children marry…


  20. We are certainly a racist society – no question about that..

    IHM, I know people here who use words like ‘goras’ and ‘kallus’ here – in such a derogatory manner that it enrages me.. and yet are ready to cry racism if they get the same treatment.. Surely, the way we behave has a lot to do with the way we are treated.

    Some people are racist and some are not in every culture, every country.. People forget that every culture has it’s strong points.. and in no way can one claim to be superior or run down other cultures.. We might have had a glorious past – but we also tend to shut our eyes to all our shortcomings in that ‘glorious’ past.


  21. Very well written IHM!!! As always!
    All that I would like to add is this – Racism is universal. Nothing characteristic of Indians or Australians alone(though we do seem to head the list in more ways than one,dont we?). Its universal.


  22. Wow IHM – it seems that most people responding here agree with you. It’s a shame that a forum like this largely appeals to, and attracts like-minded people who are already trying to transcend the status quo – for 2 reasons – one is that it is valuable to hear the ‘other’ point of view and get a discussion flowing (even if we don’t agree) and the other is that its like preaching to the already converted!
    Still – an excellent, thought provoking post! s


  23. I think what happened in Australia cannot be termed as racism….maybe its more like mugging/robbery. I have friends settled there who say that its been blown out of propotion in the media…they themselves are living quite happily and peacefully among Aussies.


  24. I agree that that we have high levels of discriminatory behaviors in our culture not just related to Racialism but all kinds of discrimination we do ! There I stand by the point that those who have indulged not such kinds of behaviors need not react to issues that Indians are facing in Australia (unless they change their own discriminatory behavior).

    But nevertheless, Shame on Australia and Australians for being so narrow minded in this age !
    Shame on them !


  25. no no IHM!! i still think FORMING groups is nothing wrong..we have the fullest rights..dont we?..as long as we live peacefully with every other group…saying that err forming groups for marriages is not good is like saying that marrying ONE person is not good..LOL.. 😛 i mean what?

    You are right! I agree 🙂


  26. A BRILLIANT 55er IHM as always! and one that packs in a punch!

    IHM though Solilo’s post was on a different topic nevertheless since this was an issue raging then(and sadly still is 😦 ) a lot of us discussed it then…
    I too wrote my thoughts there and I will simply reproduce them here

    I totally get the connection you have made between this obsession for being as Indian as one can possibly be and then crying ourselves hoarse about racism…

    Hypocritical eh?

    Hypocritical how?
    When we seek to put our culture on top…always being fearful that the least neglect will cause it to mysteriously disappear …BUT we HATE it when other ‘cultures(never mind that its just a few individuals in a country of thousands (Australia) ) are a mirror image of us…

    They too must be filled with the lets save Indian culture kind of people..
    they must be shouting lets save Australian culture from these brown morons..

    hurts doesn’t it?

    Like I keep saying..from being proud to feeling superior it is a very short jump indeed!


    PS:- This is what I missed..the thought provoking posts…the IHM that I know and love..glad to be back 🙂


  27. Wow such powerful dialogue! Racism is a learnt behaviour. We are fed this as children by our parents and we learn and live by what we see. In every society there is racism, we all have to do a self examination in order to move away from this scourge. In the Caribbean racism, has been rearing its ugly head for many years. In my family my father and mother were throwing insults at each others’ family. One being too black and one thinking that they are white. My mother is mixed, (East Indian mother and a mulatto father). And my father of African descent. We the children were of all different shades and hair textures. My mother used to tell me not to push on my nose because it will get flat and I must squeeze it together. I even slept with a clothes peg on my nose until I tossed it and said to hell with all of this. This is nonsense, and I am proud to be who I am. My mother used to quarrel when she was combing our hair how we have our father’s hair. I used to think we had beautiful hair, our friends told us that but my mother didn’t think so. I wanted to wear braids in my hair my mother forbade it, so one day I went to a friend’s house and told her to cut off all my shoulder length hair so I could wear an afro. I came home with my hair about 3 inches in length. My mother hit the roof. I felt free and strong because for the first time I defied my mother. I came to the realization that my mother was a racist and didn’t even know it. My mother has soften her outlook now since she has grown older and perhaps wiser. We have always had a love hate relationship but lately it is more on the loving side. When I got pregnant with my daughter, she told me that I was going to have an African baby because the father was of African descent. I told her so what, she had 8 of them. After that she kept her mouth closed. My daughter and my mother are very close now. We all have our prejudices it is a human thing, however when it gets to the point of hurting and inflicting injury to fellow human beings because of their skin colour, their race or their religion, it has become a serious illness that has to be eradicated. Racism is a bi-product of ignorance.

    Thanks for sharing this islandgal246… I can only agree, and feel overwhelmed …


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