Fast, Furious and Danceable Songs

Destination Infinity tagged me to make a list of five fast, furious and danceable songs.  I am choosing some that have not been listed so far by other bloggers…


2.  Whigfield’s “Sexy Eyes’ is also good.

3. Petre Andre -Mysterious Girl

4. All that she wants – Ace of Base

5. Goan masala mix 🙂

6. The original…

Or find the more popular version here…

7. The best.


‘Rang biranga paani peekar,

Seedhi Sadi Kudi bigad gayee

Dekh ke mujhko hansta gata,

Sard gayee yeh duniya sard gayee’  😉

Sounds like she is saying this to a certain Mr M.  😉

9. And this with no comments 😉

10. Scatman Jon

11. Cotton Eyed Joe

And here’s a fun video of a bunch of teenagers trying to dance to Cotton Eyed Joe   🙂


37 thoughts on “Fast, Furious and Danceable Songs

  1. Lovely list IHM!!! I got up and danced to number 5. I miss weddings. Vengaboys,mysterious girl and Sexy Eyes were kind of anthems during our parties! Chun-chun ke list banaya aapne IHM….dil khush hua 🙂


  2. Petre Andre -Mysterious Girl! O yeah! it was a hige hit. I haven’t listened to it in a long time. 🙂

    I like Shalala Lala the most from Vengaboys.

    I will come back and click on each song to dance along. 😀


  3. i want to dance
    i want to dance
    the only thing is i don’t know how to
    and i am so stiff and have got two left legs so just don’t attempt also lest people around me stop dancing and start making fun of me

    Anju the only people who make fun of others are those who are not dancing … those who dance are too busy having fun to watch the correctness of their own other people’s steps 🙂 So do dance!!!! I find few things as relaxing and as energising… ever seen how babies love to dance?


  4. I don’t know why but my mind is just humming “we twist, we twist” 😀 I did not know that i liked the song all that much. 😀

    Very Nice. I shud have these songs on my walkman.


  5. OMG, I almost forgotten these songs existed!….college days songs, crazy dancing at midnight in hostel songs, insanely loud blasting music in car stereo song 🙂 and too drunk to know what’s playing song :). thanks for these IHM. a trip down memory lane 🙂


  6. VENGABOYS!!!!

    😀 😀 I still remember their first video… BRAZIL!!

    had seen it in my hindi-marathi sir’s house, 10th std… when tuitions were over, sir told us we cud hang out and me and another tuition kid, a guy, were watching while he went to get some food for us….

    This song plays… my skin has peeled with embarrassment and my friend has almost died… and we both were hoping our sir shudn’t enter the room…. He took the remote in with him!!!!!

    😆 its funny now, but that day… we cudn’t look at each other, n we walked home together… in absolute silence… and finally he broke the silence and said… “Why is their name Vengaboys? It shud be Nangaboys!!!” 😆 😆

    😆 🙂 But they look fit!!!!!!! Crafty this my favorite song while exercising!!


  7. Thanks for making me remember all the good times.
    Mysterious Girl – Hmmmm….I used to wait for the song on TV just to watch those six packs of Peter Andre 🙂
    And Cotton Eyed Joe is an all time favorite.


  8. Oh lovely collection !!!!

    I had even forgotten that Whigfield song… even the VEngaboys… which was such a rage at a time… !!!!

    Mysterious girl… you like the number or you like the ABS !!!!! huh ?? :mrgreen:

    IHM: Abs of course.

    tell tell…

    SMOKIE was an anthem in college… !!! that with Elvis ka Lababamba baa… and Jail House rock and Bryan Adams Summer of 69, I wanna be your ERR… , were like eternal while in college… !!

    aha !!!! you just reminded all lovely wild songs !!!!!!!!! geez… !!!

    Scat man was lovely too…

    and hey that number 9 video is removed… and Im curious !!!!!!!

    Couldn’t find a good video.


  9. 😦 Sooo many english songs!!!

    But yes I love those lines from “Chor Bazaari” one of the most well picturised song of the year!!!

    I love the thumka’s they apply 😉


  10. Wow, nice collection… I almost forgot the Boom Boom , Cotton Eyed joe… both great songs, two of my favourite songs before! I just cannot forget the Alice! Song. But five important words are missing from that song??? The fun is in those words! When we were young, my friends came home and I put that song to show our new audio system and they were thrilled! The mysterious girl and all that she wants was also good – i am hearing them for the first time. Really good collection… Wish someone would put up ‘informer’, shaan’s ‘tanha dil’, ‘It’s my life’, ‘Final countdown’ etc… Let’s wait and see… I didn’t do intentionally, because I cannot list my own songs in the final best songs list 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    Oh yes these are great songs too!!! I loved Informer the best ot of these…


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  12. Wow that list of songs reminded me of school days! 🙂 These songs were a rage. Esp All that she wants, sexy eyes, and oh Vegaboys still rules some dance parties 😀


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