The Indian male’s favorite colour is…


I couldn’t help but think of MEN IN PINK when I saw this one…

And after this beautiful rikshaw the pinks were impossible to miss…

In Autorikshaws…


On tractors…


In crowded buses….  😆


Indian men love vibrant colours, specially all shades of pink and red…

Bhala uski kameez meri kameez se Pink kaise?


Pink with green and saffron… 🙄 DSC_0194

Pink with a hint of mauve …


Yellow, Red, Orange and Blue are tolerated, despite the heat. India loves color…

But pink seems to be more popular 🙂

…but there is no doubt that that the Western concepts of PINK for girl & BLUE for boy do not apply here…

(Thank God!)


QED : Average Indian man’s favorite colour is PINK.



Koi Shaque?

(All photographs taken from a fast moving car, or at traffic lights, please excuse the quality.)

EDITED TO ADD: Changed the captions and blog title. One of the things I love about India is our love for vibrant, lively, cheerful colours. Red, orange, leaf green and deep turquoise are amongst my fav colours.


88 thoughts on “The Indian male’s favorite colour is…

  1. lol..good observation IHM
    You know what?! In AP, there is one Regional Party TRS, which is pink: Their shirts, flag and everything are in pink.

    😆 And to imagine we consider Pink feminine! 😈


  2. ROFL! IHM!!!!

    i doubt if even Barbie has that much pink in her wardrobe!!!!

    lol! n u clicked all of this!!!! tee hee! me loved!!!!

    *crafty is tickled pink*


    Lol @ tickled pink 🙂 I think pink rikshaws are really cute 🙂 I take pictures whenever I in a car (if not driving) this was a lot of fun


  3. Wow! That was some pinkish collection 😀 😀 I do agree to the stereotype though.. some shades of pink r too feminine to suit on men..

    I have not put the lighter shades of pink Winnie he Poohi because they looked almost white…


  4. Nice ones, IHM. And so many of them – you’ve quite comprehensively established why men hate Barbie.
    The pink cycle-rickshaw picture was amazing!



    Quirky Indian

    😆 I love that one too Quirky Indian, and actually I think these colours are popular only in North India…


  5. pink is the in thing these days .
    wearing certtain shades of pink is not considered sissy these days.
    see so many film stars and celebrities and fashion designers advocating this colour

    I also am against giving gender to colours and careers and talents … I feel most Indian men don’t think colours have gender either 🙂


  6. OMG! These are fabulous! Hope you didn’t get the ‘pink eye’ spotting out these various hues of Barbie’s satin soul!!

    😆 LOL like John Doe said above, M4 I took out my powder pink satin handkerchief to wipe my pinked eyes 🙂


  7. Men in Pink! They have confidence to carry it off, I love all of it but the rickshaw if my super fav!

    Yes, I love the Pink Rikshaw too… and the colour is really popular and they don’t even care if the colour has some stigma attached to it. I think we Indians are basically very fond of colours…


  8. love the pink ric! 🙂 and hey, men look great in pink, and blue, and green, and yellow and every other colour that exists – thank god for india, we can all wear whatever colour we want, carry it off with panache, AND not have anybody question our sexuality! pink turbans, pink t shirts, pink chaddis errmm…ok, now that’s a bit much! bring them on 🙂

    I agree, India is bindaas about such streortypes ….LOL @ pink chaddis I was planning to call this post ‘Muthalik’s Nightmare’ 🙂


  9. Wow !! That’s an amazing observation. And I loved the collage you put at the end. I have been out of India for 6 years now. And I have seen this “pink color syndrome” in US here too. My babysitter even teased me when I dressed my little boy in pink 🙂

    I find that so ridiculous! In India men can wear all the pink they want and women can wear all the blue they want 🙂


  10. Wonderful collection of photos! Brought a smile on me! 🙂

    And talking about pink shirts… here is something from our good old regional neighbour Iran:

    😈 🙄 😆 LOVED THAT!!! proved a point there!!!

    ALso, I’d planned to be back blogging full swing by June, but I’m now busy with a research project on the NREGA, and am also editing a book which will be published in a few months. Hence, no new articles any time soon 😦

    My warmest and heartiest wishes!!!!!!!! So that is why you are in the know of life in rural India! Do well!

    Real life and virtual liffe have to be balanced Sidarth, I am not blogging regularly for the same reason, I understand… I will be going through your older posts… and I loved the XX post 🙂


  11. Ahem! I hate pink. I don’t have a single pink shirt! 😛

    I think Amit part of the reason for this dislike is the feeling that pink is not for men…? I like red and orange more, but pink is fine too, specially this gajari-pink (carrot-pink) which is popular in North India.


  12. IHM, Ha..ha..ha..ha.. you wicked lady! you photographed the ghabroo jawaans in Pink.

    And pink made them no less gabroo Solilo 🙂 Only while looking for pink did I notice how easy to spot and how popular pink was 🙂


  13. LOL!!! 😀
    Brilliant pics IHM!

    So much of pink! some of my colleagues wear pink formal shirts, some look good and a few quite ridiculous!! 😀 😀


  14. Those are some pics IHM..
    i am sure the metrosexual will have some different views on pink though..

    Iya I just edited the blog title and some of the captions… I think the last ones seemed to be making fun of the pink, which is the last thing I intended … 😦


  15. I think the PINK stereotyping is basically western Only recently when started shopping for my daughter’s toys I came to know that there is such a stereotyping. I do not think my sisters ever had a pink dressed doll Indian dolls used to come in a variety of colors

    Absolutely Charakan 🙂 India has no such stereotypes… and I am so glad 🙂 Just edited the blog title and some of the captions… I think the last ones seemed to be making fun of the pink, which is the last thing I intended 😦


  16. EDITED TO ADD: Changed the captions and blog title. One of the things I love about India is our love for vibrant, lively, cheerful colours. Vibrant red, orange, leaf green and deep turquoise are amongst my favorite colours.


    • we talk about no discrimination and gender equality
      so no discrimination as far as colours are concerned
      my husband’s favourite colours are red, orange, green any thing bright. he just can’t wear those colours which are associated with men i.e dull, browns, greys 😉


  17. ha ha! awesome pics! So reminds me of home somehow.. 🙂
    And btw, its only today and right now that I saw the long post on awards IHM! Thank you so very much.. You`re just so sweet 🙂 I`m so,so overwhelmed!!

    Awww glad you saw it … WELCOME!!!! 🙂


  18. What photographs!!! But pink – I think guys look ridiculous in this colour – sorry for offending men who wear it…

    You know there’s a brand of men’s shirt called PINK? They make good stuff and they did a good thing by naming their company PINK and breaking the stereotypical notion that the colour is only for women…


  19. Priceless pics. Pink is the new blue since the bollywood heroes started flaunting the colour. Though I must say My husband does not own a single pink shirt. Some men are such fuddy-duddies.

    😉 lol ..They are more sporting when it comes to sports wear, like T shirts in some pinks are not rejected in such a hurry


  20. lovely pics IHM…..the pink rickshaw is awesome…never seen one like this…and yes you’re right, you get to see such colorful public transport in north india…..when i was stayin amritsar i used to travel in these cycle rickshaws to college….they used t be all decked up and colorful, very vibrant….subah subah dil khuch ho jata tha…with so much of brightness and vibrancy…..
    one small reminder btw…jus read this link plz….


  21. ‘One of the things I love about India is our love for vibrant, lively, cheerful colours. Red, orange, leaf green and deep turquoise are amongst my fav colours.’ I so agree! I feel bad about this pink and blue stereotype that the west has! Why should little girls only wear pink? The stereotyping is so strong that my three yr old knows that it is her ‘favourite colour’!

    I love the range of colours in India.. And I just bought another pink shirt for my husband – I think men look really good in pink 🙂


  22. LOL… so many men in Pink… 😀

    i have seen them too… i too agree that it is not just a female colour.. and men have every right to wear as much pink they want.. we don’t mind..

    so many formal shirts available at the branded stores are pink these days.. “pink is the new black” it seems..

    i must show this to my bro.. he hates pink on men.. 🙂


  23. LoL! It’s not that bad in the western culture today. I’ve seen a lot of men wear bright colours and shades of pink. Well certainly with my generation of people. 🙂

    BTW, nice pics. 😀


  24. It totally depends on the pink. I could not be paid enough to wear some of those shades of pink- you know the ones like that rickshaw. The pictures are really very good. Very vignettes of life sorts


  25. i dont love pink!! who tell you that pink is only for women,i never dress pink ,nether my husband,but a man in pink…..make me dream! eh! why not!!do you imagine S. Stalone in “rose” pink?


  26. so i’m terriblllllly stereotyped. i read the first line and said “blue!” in my head!! lol..
    really good collection of pictures, IHM.

    You said Blue Mandira !!! lol 😉 🙂


  27. Very nice collection of pictures. You’ve made sure that your male readers should never forget the pink color 🙂

    As per my sister, I have always been a color blind guy who would never be able to differentiate between a white and an “off white” or all those difficult colors like mauve, lavender, purple, maroon, magenta, peach, whatever…
    It is actually amazing to know the wide variety of colors that are being known to a women. I can only scratch my head on that 🙂

    I am sure you have some favorite colours but you do not care to find there names..
    . 🙂


  28. My favourite colour is Saffron ! And I shall paint everything in its shade . *Screams – Hindutva ! * 😀

    😀 🙄 Pink goes well with Saffron too… I like orange too, in fact if you like fabindia stuff you will see the prettiest of Indian colours there…. 🙂


  29. Pink is a colour that can either go very right or very wrong depending what shade you are wearing and this rule applies equally to men and women…Pink goes well with a certain type of brown and pista green also IHM…and one of my favourite window shopping places is Fabindia coz I love to see the vibrant colours there 🙂


  30. Nice post..i think now the “Tashan” is PINK and Purple for men. Have seen a lot of them and lot of men wearing them.. Doesn’t actually look that bad :)..


  31. Finally, a picture post! 🙂

    The average man on the road doesn’t probably care if his pink shirt is pitted against the blue stereotype. It’s just about adding a dash of colour to your life!


  32. That was funny IHM !! When I was in India, I had a pink shirt which I liked wearing. But after I moved to the US, people started staring at me whenever I wore that shirt and asking me weird questions. Finally I decided to retire the shirt for good 😦

    Amazing how different cultures associate colors to certain things.


  33. 🙂 what a ‘pink’ post…

    gender eqauality.. eh..[:D]

    we women have comfortably carried blue in all hues for ages…so now itz the turn of men in pink. 😉


  34. Arey you are back! Loved the post. I love pink….so I gifted my hubby a pink shirt sometime back. He used to wear it in India….but refuses to do so here 😦 I wonder who came up with this pink-blue BS!


  35. Forget the colours, I don’t know why I hate the very sight of this ‘chaos’, though now-a-days we have smartly covered the word ‘chaos’ with ‘vibrancy’.:-).. May be I am just like that, but your pics suddenly gave thrust to my decision of not coming back…Hurray!!:-)!!


  36. IHM!!!!! i just caught the latest promo of Barbie and products on TV!

    it’s all PINK!!!

    and they keep saying of how everything in barbie’s world is a pretty pink..

    LOL! i thought of your post 😆


  37. Loved the post IHM 🙂
    and there’s a pic I searched for you 😀
    and knowing you you will love it 😉

    cute pic na? 🙂
    All dog/animal lovers should like it I think 🙂

    IHM: Awww Indie, I loved the pic… I showed it to my mum too 🙂

    oh!and did I tell you that I LOVED the pink rick? 😀

    the amount of hard work that’s gone into this post!
    this is precisely what makes you ‘IHM!’ 🙂

    IHM: LOL not really hard work, it became fun to shoot anyone in pink, and a long drive became fun 🙂 More like time pass Abhi 🙂 The rik was really cute


  38. Wow! what a post! and hats off for the observation n the pics!
    In fact i love men who wear pink. It means they r secure with their masculinity n dont need to prove it by their choice of color 🙂

    I agree Neha Kapoor 😆


  39. Bravo, IHM! This was a lovely lovely post!
    BTW, how come you did not mention our darling Muthalik here? Now, now, he deserves a space here after them pink chaddies we sent him. Which brings me to wonder, what did become of those chaddies eventually?


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  41. Oye! You’re in Del too!

    Yeah and still no pink for me! I’d look gay in it.

    NO, I’m not. 😉

    me – I was reading somewhere there is no way to make out a ‘gay look’ – the walk, the style of dressing etc is all media creation, in real life the way one dresses or talks or walks etc are no indications of one’s sexual preferences!
    But I also prefer orange and red to pink… Pink for femininity is a western concept, Indian men always wore all colours – including the pink turbans men wear at wedding 🙂 India always had comparatively brighter, deeper colours.


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  44. Ooh! I loved this post, especially the line where you talk about the western concept of colours! I have written up a story about Prince Narad along similar lines..maybe will post it sometime 🙂 At that time, I will also cross link to this post.. can I?


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