Why a ban on jeans may not stop street sexual harassment of women.

This post is in response to this news.

Why a ban on jeans may not stop street sexual harassment* of women.

Because sexual harassment existed in India before women started wearing western clothing. The difference is that now girls dare to speak up.

Why do we have street sexual harassment in the first place?

Because young boys are curious about girls and they want to get to know them. This is perfectly natural, but in our society they dare not express this. When they cannot speak to girls, they find negative, unwelcome and generally offensive ways to seek their attention.

Irresponsible statements and punishing the victim confuses the culprit. The boys notice they are not being blamed for molesting the girls, because the girls ‘asked for it’. This attitude does no good to a society, especially when this society will soon have a large number of unmarried boys.

When boys are focused on their careers they are less likely to find the free time to harass a girl no matter what she is wearing, but an aimless boy with plenty of free time will linger in her daily route to college. Not knowing how else to handle what he feels, especially if his attentions are not welcomed, he might do anything from whistling, singing, trying to touch her or throwing acid on her face.

Again what kind of clothes she wears has nothing to do with his actions.

Adults in positions of authority and influence should not be making baseless statements that reek of inefficiency. Colleges need to seek police assistance to ensure their students’ safety, the way colleges in bigger cities do.  Sexual harassment is a crime and should be treated as one.

Meeta Jamal must understand that there is no end to the ways in which she might find girls’ provocative. Today it is tight jeans, tomorrow it will be the way the girls wear their dupatta or the way they laugh or walk, and banning all of these has still not protected women in conservative societies. How safe are women in Taliban?

I have said this earlier, I repeat again, these are future scientists, doctors, teachers and mothers in those pairs of form fitting jeans. Meeta Jamal’s job is ensure they grow into confident young women, not  helpless victims who blame themselves for any and every crime committed against themselves.

(*Street sexual harassment is inaccurately and euphemistically called Eve Teasing)

I am still on a blog break, this post was written in a moving car -for the first time in my life!  I just had to meet a dhamaal ka provocation on my blog break 😉


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  1. Can you imagine this idiotic attitude coming from the principal of a school? And worse yet a woman herself? And with the whole womens reservation bill issue going on, it really is depressing to imagine women like Meeta Jamal representing India’s women!

    Yes it is very disappointing. I hope girls in UP protest and I hope something is done to stop this poison from spreading.


  2. I so totally agree with you! How I wish people would understand that eve teasing or street sexual harrasment, as you correctly call it, is not because of the way the girls dress!

    Blaming it on the ‘dress’ is just a convenient way of exonerating the blame off the real culprit – the men who indulge in such acts.

    As you say, today, it is jeans, tomorrow the sari and then what? Ban the girls? – they ‘provoke’ the men????

    It is sad that people like Meeta Jamal are taking such steps to keep women ‘safe’!

    We seem to be going back in time Smitha!


  3. isn’t blogging from a moving car dangerous/illegal? grin-kidding.

    tend to disagree with the “When boys are focused on their careers they are less likely to find the free time to harass a girl” though. boys who want to find time. one of the most career focused chaps i know is also the biggest lech i know.

    enjoy your break!

    LOL yes, there can be no generalisations feddabonn 🙂 I just meant the kind of boys who are busy attending coaching classes, tennis classes, music classes etc will find little time to loiter outside a girls’ college 🙂


  4. Yep! I agree… Banning women from wearing something or not wearing something is NOT going to solve the problem.
    Better education, sex-education at the right age and the drill that women are not objects but actual human beings who need to be treated with dignity and respect have to be given.

    You wrote this in a moving car?!! 😀 hehe!!

    Good to see the post though. Missed you, your hard hitting posts and comments!

    come back soon!


  5. I believe there is a lot of segregation between the genders right from the school to work., temples, etc.

    Even today one can find boys/girls who have hardly interacted with someone outside their circle. No wonder that sometimes it can take an ugly turn where they merely look at them as a sexual object.

    Free time has nothing to do with one’s mentality, men with pervert intentions always find the time even when their hands are full with work!!

    I guess the notion of a girl being responsible instead of being the victim is changing at least in Bombay, have heard cases where the men got bashed up, saw one myself and even girls taking an initiative to beat them up :))

    As far as UP is concerned, I guess the Jungle Raj still exists over there and the only way to protect one’s girl is to not attract attention. So I would support it, if that’s the case and oppose it if it’s not.


  6. agree with you completely that the responsibility for the crime (and that’s exactly what it is) is being foisted on the wrong persons!

    keeping boys and girls apart as much as traditional indian society does is completely unnatural, and is one of the main causes for these problems; just look at the difference between the way children in single gender schools and co-educational schools react to the opposite sex.

    shame on meeta jamal. jeans today, red lipstick tomorrow, and an inch of ankle the day after!

    (btw, and please feel free to delete this before you post the comment, taliban is an organisation, not a place, so it has to be ‘under the taliban,’ or something like that, which is what i’m sure you meant to type, before the car hit a pothole, and your fingers skipped those keys 🙂 )

    LOL I do tend to use Taliban as a name for everything that it stands for 🙂


  7. These are the views of a principal !!!! In my college too we were not allowed mini skirts or sleeveless/halter tops….but the reason was not to stop eve teasing but because it was an educational institute and it was the dress code.

    Kudos on the moving car typing experience 🙂 Now you should get a Blackberry so you can be in touch with fans like us all the time :p


  8. As Amit Verma of India Uncut says:

    “The simplest way to stop crime against women is of course to ban the women themselves, not their jeans. After all, if a pair of jeans came to college without a woman inside, would it get harassed? Clearly not. So why ban the jeans?”


  9. yes before arrival of west into india please remember The great stories of ramayana and mahabharata ,sita and droupadi ,you will understand the culture .
    The same thing is happeing ina little different way.


  10. Please forgive my saying so , but what I think , is that girls are like strange creatures to boys who eve tease and molest on streets . No matter how ugly,smelly,bright or beautiful the creature is , as it is a strange one to the male animal, it will get prodded at . So the argument that girls in jeans, t shirt , shorts or spaghettis ask for it , as compared to the ones in sarees or salwars is futile and baseless . The glamourous ones will attract more attention , just as the colour red is more conspicuous than the others ; but a strange creature still promises the thrill , irrespective of her appearance . Once again, I apologize for referreing to better of the species as creatures .

    “I have said this earlier, I repeat again, these are future scientists, doctors, teachers and mothers in those pairs of form fitting jeans.”

    Why do we have to remind the world they are future doctors,engineers scientists and teachers ? Isn’t it enough for them to be mothers , for who shall a nurture a child as she does ? Isn’t it enough for them to be mere human , when their fellow man is afforded the same priviledge , free of cost . Liberty is not just the right to act according to one’s own will, it the also the freedom for the soul to breathe . How can we deny it to the dwindling half of the population , and yet consider ourselves human ?


  11. Sexual harassment should be in their blood and I totally disagree on your point that it is an instinct of only the jobless ! We have sexual harassment in offices also; they have jobs, their own routines and activities, some of them have families.

    People who indulge in such activities are worse than animals and should be punished severely. Unfortunately, our judicial system is as corrupted and damaged as those sexually frustrated creatures.

    and I would appreciate if you could add the word ‘CERTAIN’ at the places where you have used the word ‘boys’. All young, unmarried or hopeless boys dont go to this extent 😀


  12. So you are on a break? Can the IHM ever ever ever be on break? No. For there are issues that need to be addressed, there are fights to be fought. This is what I love about you. Jeans or no jeans, you have to be prompt.

    About the issue, I am sometimes surprised at what an unreasonable world we are living in. Next year Rasan will be asked alongwith girls in her class to wear salwar kameez instead of skirt as a change in the uniform. She does not like Salwar Kameez. I do not know how I am going to cope. She asks why. I do not know what to say.


    • Tell her honestly Mampi, that the mothers in this country have not yet learnt how to raise responsible sons. That the society has not yet learnt that the guilty should be punished, not the victims. Tell her honestly, that there are idiots out there who make rules, so she’d better study enough to be able to make rules herself one day. Then, she will make sensible rules, like some other women before her have done. 🙂


  13. You know IHM, D wrote a similar post and at the end she asked, ” what were you wearing when you were eve teased and many of us including me, listed all attires from dresses to sari to salwars etc. yes, you’re right..it’s not jeans or any other attire that makes woman more susceptible to eve teasing. it’s not women as a single entity at all in fact. it’s all the reasons you’ve mentioned and more. it’s the conditioning that our media has also added over time. it’s the bans on certain clothing for the wrong reasons. It’s the way women are treated in certain society. all these and more, creates a perception in someone’s mind and stays on. Now a person who hears, read and mingle in a society like this is more inclined to think that it’s ok to harass a woman…because she’s asking for it (by wearing certain type of clothing?), because they’ve seen women in their society treated badly or unequally (husband beating their wives?), because the government says that street harassment will stop if women are banned from wearing jean? conditioning is a powerful tool.


  14. This is a case of the ‘victim is the culprit’ theory that a lot of people have ingrained into their skulls. This is just another manifestation of the outlook “If she was harassed, she must have done something to provoke it”. As a result, the inference drawn is that if the clothes are not provocative (although how jeans are provocative is beyond me), harassment will stop.

    The real reason for sexual harassment in India is the taboo on sex and anything remotely sexual. Young men who harass women do it to release their own sexual urges. In most families, teenagers are not allowed to date or even make friends with members of the opposite sex. This lack of exposure to a healthy dialouge and free environment causes them to manifest their urges in the form of sexual harassment. This is not to justify sexual harassment in any way, but to understand the underlying reason, as most criminal behaviour stems from social factors.

    What we need is a society more open about sex. Banning jeans will, in fact, have the exact opposite effect: the more repressive the atmosphere, the more sexual frustration there will be and this in turn will lead to increased instances of sexual harassment.


  15. And once again, a woman can be another woman’s worst enemy. What is wrong with the principal? I hate the ‘it’s always the girl’s fault’ no matter what men do. I hope the girls at the college rebel and all of them turn up in jeans.


  16. its sickening that a school prinicpal is taking such a stance. And even then how provocative can jeans be?Not more than a saree which is more revealing…
    But that doesn’t even come in the question because how a girl dresses has nothing to do with its the man’s reactions that has to be dealt with!
    Keep writing while travelling!


  17. meeta jamal clearly lives in fossilic times and is absolutely unaware of the world that we live in. as rightly mentioned in the article, asking the girls not to wear jeans is not going to solve the problem…why should there be a ban on a piece of clothing which is less provocative than a saree is something which i have failed to understand.


  18. As I wrote on D’s how long will it take for people to understand that ‘we don’t invite IT’.

    How about banning the root cause? And by that I mean boys. 😐


  19. The principal should be asked to explain the reason why women are molested so often in the slums where women are usually dressed up in sarees and salwar kameez. Molestors and eve teasers are perverts and they should be punished instead of the victims.
    The other extreme was also from Kanpur where 3 boys were booked under NSA( national security act) for eve teasing. God bless UP and Kanpur.


  20. @ Again what kind of clothes she wears has nothing to do with his actions.
    I can’t agree with this point(i’m not talking about jeans).Because it matters,she can wear anything,but it should be based on the atmosphere,it should not make the public uncomfortable.If a gal wear revealing dress and go to a suburban station,i don’t have to explain what will happen next.
    But i don’t think ban on jeans will stop sexual harsment and all.Infact jeans and sexual harasment has no connection at all.What the authorties has to do is,they has to find the root cause behind sexual harasment ,take necessary measures to prevent it and punish the culprits properly


  21. hmmm….. I agree with you IHM..

    /*a ban on jeans may not stop street sexual harassment of women.*/

    but there are few dresses women wear these days are really bad… they are exposing themselves much..

    Kanagu I feel how much women expose should not be allowed to become an excuse for harassing them, or molesting them. India is a diverse country and what may appear bad to one person might be just fine for another. We need to live and let live.

    A woman once asked me if my husband did not object to my wearing sleeveless blouses (with sari), in her family no women wore sleeveless, but in my family even my mother and most of my aunts wear sleeveless blouses, so what was really ‘exposing’ for her was very normal for me, I realised she couldn’t be blamed for asking, she really had not imagined that my family and in laws and husband (and I) were perfectly fine with whatever I wore…

    You will find in India everybody gets to have a lot of say in whatever a woman wears… do you think this is fair? In hot, humid weather, some women have to cover their heads (in North India)… I can’t imagine how unhygienic this is. Perspiration in hair, sweat and dirt and all and covered heads in 40 degrees Celsius…In winters also saris is not the most comfortable thing to wear, imagine washing clothes wearing a saree at less than 9 degrees Celsius? And they do it all the time. Some other people think salwar kurta is too modern, a lot of women are not allowed to wear salwar kurta once they are married, some others think sari exposes too much, some think skirts are wrong, some think jeans are wrong… we need to think about it…. Do you think this is right? Should what a woman wears be such an issue? Imagine we even excuse violent criminals if they claim the woman was not suitably clothed. Can we not see women apart from the way they look or dress?

    the same applies to men IHM… if they expose much I will oppose that too.. we have strike a right balance between correct and comfort…



    • yes IHM.. In no way I am excusing the molesters by the way a women dresses her up… and also I am agreeing that they have to wear a dress that comforts them and that have every right… and no way a saree will suit them best in hot conditions for sure… and I also agree that too much talks were going on about how a woman dresses up..

      But when we were going out in public or in workplace we need some restrictions and that’s what I have said about the balance between correct and comfort..

      In my office, I am seeing some girls were wearing jeans pants with the length just below the knee exposing some part of their leg… I don’t think it’s right at the workplace…


  22. Yeah IHM, completely agree. And the sad part is it is not retards who are making these rules – these are educated college principals who are trusted with shaping the future of a generation… Pathetic to say the least.


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  24. IHM,I feel sexual harassment need not be attributed to boys who have free time and dont hve much to do.It happens even at workplaces.I have come across situations like this when I was working.
    Men dont have to be physical to thrust themselves on us….a lose sex talk or provocative remarks is as much harassing and demoralising,isnt it?

    I absolutely agree with you that blaming just on what you wear to instill harassment is wrong.The filth that gets filled up in the minds of those maniacs is what needs to be banned and flushed out!

    I’m glad you took up this subject.Thank you for sharing,IHM.

    As for writing in a moving car…how do you feel(I”m sounding like Barkha Dutt,aint I)…a sense of Deja vu??!!


  25. First things first:
    There u are IHM!!!!!!! *crafty jumps on IHM, and then helps her back on her feet* hee!
    Ok, so it’s just to post this (from a car, lol!) but still!!!! 😀 😀

    It’s really sad IHM. I am tired to approach this topic. But I can never be too tired!!!

    U are so right when u say there is no end to ways that in which one will find girls provocative.

    IHM, when I was in school, a guy friend proposed me and I refused. He got agitated and asked me how come I gave him all the “signals”. On inquiring, I found out my “signal” was that I had signed off my name in his bday card with a prefix of Love.
    So he tells me, friends write “Best Wises”, since I wrote, “Love” I provoked him into thinking I was interested in him!

    WTH!!!!! 😐

    I cannot understand this use of term “provocative”. All my life I’ve know men to do what they want, when they want and how they want. So that means a salwar kameez shud provoke him to be respectful, no??? This question of provoking is a mystery. or as we know, a crutch to rest their lack of respect for women on.

    Having said that IHM, I will confess that I have more often been subjected to comments on the road when dressed in Indian wear than in western wear. Its true and I’ve taken the pains to observe.


  26. When we were studying, no guys (free or otherwise) would attempt such things in the college. The management was strict and everyone knew what they need to face, if they indulged in something like that. These things can be controlled only to a certain extent – The society expects individuals to behave responsibly after an age. When they don’t, they need to be taken care by the law. But in a country where there is little scope for law enforcement, it is hard to control these things indeed.

    Destination Infinity


  27. you are kidding me !

    so what if american companies come and one has a fendi bag and people speak american accents in india — the westerners are not wrong in thinking that india is still about elephants and snake charmers and i don’t think they are wrong as along as such attitudes are propogated.

    a country is evolved only when the people are not locked in chains in their thoughts.


  28. Your itch to write is amazing I have to say… 🙂
    I have long wondered about this very topic you know… I’m a young girl living in the heart of India’s financial capital with a very contemporary dress sense… always! And I’m very proud of myself. Not because of the way I dress, but I have always had reasons to be so because of my achievements, small or big. My parents think the same. Sounds like a happy picture?… Wait!
    I walk out on the road, and there are a few hundred pair of eyeballs scanning me from head to toe, even on most days where I’m wearing a simple tee and jeans. I thought we live in a free democratic republic?… Or maybe a judgemental hypocritic society?… Well…
    I remember this one incident very vividly in my head, as a 15 year old, dressed in my school uniform, on my way to school. A young well-dressed office-going man walking behind me, did the near unmentionable, touch my rear. Even as a 15 year old, thankfully I was very well aware, I became concious of myself and started walking more aware this time. He did the same thing again. I was beginning to start fuming. And there he goes for the third attempt, the worst mistake of his life! I simply turned and slapped the guy across his face, hard. He was jolted for a few seconds, frozen in his spot. I just gave him a handful and walked away while the world stared at me. He had probably never guessed a school going girl would give it back to him. I’m glad I did. But as a 15 year old school girl, even I had never expected someone would do that to me. Talk about dressing provocativley in a school uniform?… I hope Meeta Jamal is listening.


  29. ohw ell! we can say this again and again, but till the society as a whole stops making women responsible for a man’s hormones, we are gonna keep having these idiots come up with such ridiculous stuff!


  30. We seem to regressing sometimes and it drives me crazy to see women promoting such stuff. I have no idea how they justify such things to themselves… sexual harassment, rape… What were these so called people who make such ridiculous statements thinking. It goes the same for those who argue that westernization has increased prostitution, gays/ lesbians….. Unbelievable… Don’t even get me started!


  31. Eve teasing, is, to some extent, is natural, I feel. If a group of boys tease a group of girls, we can treat the behaviour as teenage fun. But when it becomes physical and serious, then the girls should be together to take some serious action against them. Now, the College authorities or police should take time to enquire properly and take action, without blaming the girl or the boy. They should remember that their action might affect the future of both the girl and the boy. Instead of taking this type of action, blaming the girls for inviting attention by wearing jeans, is absurd.

    Wearing jeans with a bit long top, is in fact better. Instead of taking strict action against boys, who go overboard in teasing girls, Meeta is taking the easy way out and blaming on the girls wearing jeans, as Smitha said.

    As you said, the perverts do not look what the girls wear, but are just happy to hurt girls.


  32. IHM A post on this is lying as a draft…the sad thing is that the draft is a result of another such incident last year..and yet today the draft still will be as important and will hold as true as before because the same incident will keep repeating itself.. 😦
    sad situation? is this the India of our dreams?:(


    • Hi Indyeah… it’s a story unfortunately all over the world. The only power left to us is to speak against this. The way an 18-year old maid spoke against a Bollywood superstar! I hope you will finish the draft. the world is waiting…. 🙂


  33. This is all too familiar to me. In my (women’s)college in Mangalore, they banned jeans when I was in Final Year BSc, “ecause three girls had eloped”.

    So many women have only that one opportunity to dress as they like, because they get married after their education and have to bow down to their husbands and in-laws wishes about their dress. I felt truly bad for my classmates, because I could still wear jeans at home, and after marriage. They couldn’t.

    You’ve written it really well, this prevention of mixing of the sexes is what is at the root of sexual harrassment (I can never trivialise it by saying eve-teasing).


  34. @Smita They ‘provoke’ men…well even our scriptures say so don’t they…Eve was the one who ‘provoked’ Adam to eat the forbidden fruit…and our very grown but innocent Adam just did as told didnt he??

    She asked for it – is an easy excuse, because like they say life is easier when you don’t have to take responsibility of your own actions and can blame it on another…


  35. Molestation or even when it is euphamistically called street harrasment is a crime of emotional and physical violence. It is not about sex. What a woman wears will not make it any less or worse. A ban on certain clothes will just add another dimenson to controlling women.

    A woman in a burkha and is often as easily harrassed as a woman in a bikini. For people who say no, please live in a fundamentalist country with strict societal and “moral policing” and see if you still have the same view.


  36. clothes have nothing to do with sexual harrasment..was shiny ahuja’s maid dressed to invite what happened??
    lame ways, the ways of cowards..


  37. It is hard to imagine why banning jeans would stop sexual harassment considering that it is not even a immodest attire.

    Although dress code for colleges is not undesirable, banning jeans is a step in the extreme.


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  39. IHM I have also blogged about this and linked to your post.
    It is so telling that every incident that happens which targets women, the women are thrown more and more into the 19th century. People don’t even realize that the root of the problem lies elsewhere.


  40. IHM, at the risk of the umpteenth repetition.. when u make a point, u make it rather well. I love the way you present ur arguments.. one of the most structured writers on blogsville..

    Thank God u r not a lawyer.. ur opponents would have fled the field!


  41. There is no difference between these morons who endorse that the girls shouldnt wear jeans as it attracts rape/molest as the same guys who ask the women to wear a burkha cos he cant keep his libido in check.

    Double standards of the highest order. And to top it all, its mostly the women who go hammer and tongs and making sure that such ridiculous rules/ideas are implemented.


  42. Hey! Do you know what? I can’t believe what I am reading. I agree with you completely. Sexual hassment has very little to do with wear cetain clothes. BUT on the other hand, going out wearing a bikini top (bra) or crop top and jean would certainly result in sexual hassment in India. And I guess that would be the girl’s fault (so people would say) because she is “exposing” herself.

    IHM: Badz cropped tops and noodle straps I have worn safely in Indian cities… so I am not sure they can be blamed for harassment… I think criminals are vary of harassing women if they fear repercussions. Nothing else seems to work against crimes… I found harassment in crowded Delhi buses, when I wore loose khadi kurtas and salwar.
    Sexual harassment is more about the culprit knowing he can get away with the crime… if they see a bold or confident woman, they stay away.

    This Kanpur Principle has ensured that these criminals know the girls will be put on defensive if they complain against harassment, I fear the result of such a ban will be that the girls will be afraid to complain now.
    No complaints, No problems! Indian style of solving problems.

    Personnal I believe, (like you have stated) that it not “always” the girl’s fault (sometimes it is though). And society should accept that and should stop blaming the girl all the time and should start pointing the finger at the boys for a change.

    IHM: Badz sexual harassment should never be blamed on the victims, this criminal needs to be treated like any other criminal. There is no other way to control any crime.

    The moment we say a girl can be blamed for being mentally and physically tortured, we gag the victim and empower the culprit.


  43. This is really depressing!

    How can someone take away your freedom just like that?Huh?

    You forgot to include a very important point.. ‘policing’ is to be blamed too..Lax ‘policing’ never helped our country, never! I don’t even know why that dept exists in India.:-(!


  44. Why not have all our women roam the streets in veils then, no molestation or rape would ever happen by that equation. And for Meeta Jamal’s information, I’ve had my worst experiences with eve teasing when Ive been in salwar kameezes. I think jeans clad makes me more intimidating to be teased back in the days of youth when one would get such unwelcome attention.


  45. And another point , until very recently , we were married at a very young age ..and it had been like that for many centuries..(maybe that was why they had child marriages and no I am supporting child marriages :P)

    Who knows in my previous life by 18 , i might have had a quarter dozen kids 😉


  46. We girls need to take this thing in our hands and not just be quite victims.
    Eve TEasing= Bullying.
    If you take it quitely and suffer you will be treated as a ragdoll time and again.
    Proactive is the word. Stand up for yourself and join hands.
    Education does not mean a degree but being well informed and mature descision-making. So these principals, burecrats are uneducated and must be told so.
    I will post my experinces on my blog soon and you tell me what you think of them and if that isnt what one be doing.
    I thought there were policing and ppl were sent to jail for eve teasing.. what happened to that???


  47. Perfect! Eve-teasing has nothing to do with clothes. I think most Indian men are sex-starved hypocrites who will do anything to satiate their libido! Meeta must infact enrol all her students into Karate classes, rather than make them cowards. This is getting our country nowhere!


  48. are you suggesting they are trying to do good with the ban. That the ban on jeans is to stop the harassment of girls?

    IHM: Gosh, no Ivs, I mean exactly the opposite. Such talk of bans might encourage the culprits, because they can see no one will blame them ! I have written about this here and here and here too.
    I feel “If the hormonal/testosterone problem is very severe I once read the French government suggested some simple hormonal treatment to cure such anti social men, who are just not able to control themselves from raping/molesting. (being sarcastic)


  49. ban viagra. just get women in jeans and voila…facile and stupid. India is not going anywhere till the ingrained discrimination based on caste, sex, religion, birth, region is eliminated.


  50. ***sigh***

    Bad news as a first read in my visit back after a long time…

    honestly speaking,the majority of we enlightened indians are going to support this move and hence our voice will go unheard..I just asked the ladies in my house on how they feel about the ban..They said “Oh,thatz nice,women will be more secure now..Atleast,they can avoid scary stares by strangers…”..



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  54. Fascinating, I passed this on to a workmate of mine, and he actually bought me lunch because I found this for him, so let me rephrase: Thanks for lunch.


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  56. Here’s what I’ve seen: the whole asking-for-it thing stems from a system that labels a certain style of clothing ‘loose’ (in the sense of immorality) And what that style of clothing is varies from society to society.

    My mother was brought up in Madras in the 1960s and 70s. In her age, wearing a saree to college or work was the norm. Wearing it with THREE pleats was encouraged, but wearing it with FOUR pleats (thus accentuating her slimness, and possibly ‘exposing’ more) was something that only loose women did. Salwar kurtas were also worn by loose, forward women.

    I grew up in a small town in south India in the 2000s. Where I grew up, a loose, shapeless salwar-kurta with the dupatta swathed over your upper body and pinned in place was the norm. Girls invited stares if they got their clothes cut a little more tastefully (read relevaling the shape of their body) or wore a simple pair of jeans with a long kurta. I have never actually worn a tee if I was stepping out of the house while I lived there.

    So the perception is – some clothes are worn by women who are forward, who are ‘revealing’ themselves, who are seeking attention, who are looking for some action. And that those ‘some’ clothes are, varies from place to place, age to age.

    There was one time when I had gone to a cultural meet with a few students , boys and girls, from my college. There as this other college (an all girls college) which had turned up wearing capris and tees, among other kinds of clothes. they clapped and whistled and cheered their girls on stage, much as we did. I noticed some boys from my college turning their head away whenever they passed, and passing comments on how ‘unwomanly’ their behavior was. I asked them what made them think they were ‘unwomanly’.

    They responded that the clothes they wore could not make them ‘respect’ those girls.

    One boy even said, ‘when I look at girls, I need to get the feeling that I’m looking at my mother (!) Not like I’m looking at some cine actress.”

    I think that pretty much sums up the attitude of these boys-to-become-men to women and their dressing.

    That said, I have been harrassed quite a few times, mostly on the way to college on a bus. My college had a dress code – the shapeless salwar kurta with the dupatta pinned modestly, and that’s what I wore all the time.

    Me – And then we make statements that reinforce these boys’ belief that a woman who dresses up to look nice is inviting comments from them. 😐 Just how do we hope control crimes against women when we are constantly encouraging the criminals by giving them easy excuses… we literally tell them they should not blame themselves, they are mere boys, what choice do they have, these girls provoked them.


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  61. “Why a ban on jeans may not stop street sexual harassment of women.”
    This definitely will help stopping the sexual harassment. 😉

    If we notice keenly, most of the boys/men involved in this act are jeans / pant wearers.
    Looks like wearing jeans is increasing their libido… So, allow girls to wear jeans and ban males from wearing jeans.


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