Joru Ka Ghulam (JKG) Contest


The Winners of the Joru Ka Ghulam (JKG) Award were announced in the Blogscar Ceremony. These bloggers fitted this description of a JKG,

“In India it takes a lot of guts for a man to take a stand against customs that oppress women. It’s worst if he is fighting in support of his wife (Joru)! All such acts of courage are rewarded by labeling him a JKG = Joru Ka Gulam. Literal meaning: ‘Slave of Wife’ ”  (Read about some JKGs here.)

But I realise a lot of people are unsure about what this definition of JKG stands for, hence these two contests.

Contest 1:

How would you define a JKG?

i.  Please do keep in mind that a JKG is not necessarily a married man. A young boy or a very old man can also be a JKG. Any man who stands up against Gender Inequality is a JKG.

I know this is not a very clear or good definition that is why this contest… 😆

ii.  Please leave your entries (definitions/captions) in the comments space.

iii.  All the entries will be published at the same time, only after Wednesday, 10th June, 2009.

iv.  You are welcome to submit as many entries as you please. 😆

v.  The winner will be chosen from short listed entries by polling and voting. Anyone can participate and submit their definitions of JKG and then they can vote as well. 🙂

Contest 2:

Best JKG Award Badge Contest

i. Our Judge for this contest is superblogger and JKG Kislay Chandra.  He thinks it would be great if the badge shows…

“What about this – A woman is doing something which is traditionally a man’s job… And the man is rooting for her , encouraging her.  And the bottom of the picture can say , “What a JKG” ! What say ?”

But this is just a guideline, feel free to create something entirely different! (Also as usual our judge is susceptible to bribing)

ii.  Send in your badges to by 10th June 2009.

iii.  You may submit as many entries as you wish.

iv. Our err… sponsors also claim that they have never before prizes for the winners! (They have been known to lie …) 😆

I am being pressurized to add humour to this contest by the Blogosphere’s scariest Dons, Don Sol and Don Indie...   😈

See results here!!


85 thoughts on “Joru Ka Ghulam (JKG) Contest

  1. very nice contest. But I think very few Indian men will qualify for it.
    as for JKG is concerned according to me in Indian society any man who has the guts to stand up to his wife, take her side, show little bit of concern towards her,appreciate her in front of inlaws, encourage her to find her identity, helps her in household work, takes care of her is definetly a contestant for the award.


  2. this is going to fun! hehehe!!! 😀 😀 😀

    *sits back with a glass of wine to read the stuff that’s gonna come in for this*

    LOL Yes, Pixie I too am seriously looking forward to reading *the stuff that’s gonna come in for this* HEY!!! 😆


  3. I agree with Pixie – this is going to be a fun contest…I’m sure most of the contestants will be females trying to define what their husbands should be…I don’t see many males trying to define a JKG – they may comment but define, no…The only JKG I know is the judge!


        • RGB the choices are, either allow the term to be continued to be used as an insult for doing something any normal guy should do, or defy the taunting and use it the way it should actually be used.

          It would be good to receive some entries from men. See this is like how we defy the use of the word BITCH, which is generally used to humiliate women, as something to be proud of, by redefining it as, Babe In Total Control of Herself’ Take a look here,


        • Of course the taunting need not stop one from doing the right thing. But why would a normal person call another normal guy doing the right thing a JKG?

          “use it the way it should actually be used.”
          How should it be actually used?

          RGB ideally the term should not have been created. If a man is being considerate and understanding and good, he should be appreciated not taunted. We are using the term JKG, created to discourage a man from doing what is right, to once again mena what it should have meant, the opposite of an MCP. Now you have to guess what’s an MCP 😉


  4. JKG.. I hope their tribe increases. We shud have a ‘JKG appreciation day’ like so many days we celebrate and honor these brave caring men. My dad would have loved it. He left his Job to take care of us when he saw one of them had to quit. Mom excelled in her field.He did a gr8 job bringing us up.

    Will send the entry soon .

    That’s so amazing Tikuli!! Truly hats off to your dad!!


  5. Just an observation . When a husband is labeled a JKG by friends and family , for defending his wife , is it because he has physical relations with her , and people jump to the conclusion that he is defending his wife not out of love or respect but lust ? If so , then I guess when you are labeled a JKG , it could also mean that people are calling you horny , indirectly .


      • I think its teasing… its playing with the male ego !

        and the real JKG will be the one who will not mix ego in this and actually acknowledge the fact that he loves his wife.. !! its simple enough !

        I disagree that lust has nething to do with it.. !


    • Yes, Kislay, it has nothing to do with physical relations.. My husband told me that when he was growing up, what he gathered from his environment, was that any husband who dares to be considerate, in any form, to his wife, is labelled ‘JKG’! So men are programmed from a very young age – to be undemonstrative and inconsiderate towards their wives, lest they are labelled ‘JKG’!

      He of course, I am sure is being labelled ‘JKG’, coz he gets extra considerate to me when we go there 🙂

      Here’s a JKG we can be so proud of!


  6. JKG: A man who has a fair, logical, rational brain of his own (i.e. not influenced by ma, pa, daadi, duniya etc etc), one for whom gender is never the deciding factor in any decision, one who wants to marry an ‘independent’ woman instead of a ‘homely’ one, one who voluntarily shares domestic chores, (and in a lighter vein) one who might hate chick flicks but watches them with her coz she likes them, one who ‘tolerates’ shopping trips with a smile 😉 and hey I forgot the all important chivalry bit 😉


  7. hats off to u IHM for this idea 🙂

    me loving it

    i agree with pixie this is going to be fun

    but i think i might miss some part of the fun

    the blog will be on a break starting next week me traveling will try and submit my entries before that

    Please do Monika! Will miss you here!!! And thanks a tonne for saying it’s a good idea! 🙂 You know it means a lot, – a real lot to me! Thanks again!


  8. Oooo, a contest! I’ve never won any!

    Now this is yet another thing for me to look ahead to… Fun!

    I look forward to your entry Siddharth! The Prizes are unheard of and absolutely original!!! 😈


  9. good contest… have to try and write… 🙂 as always dons were showing how powerful they are 😆

    The Dons are big terrors now Kanagu!!! 😈 Please do submit an entry!!
    I have been warned that no men will take part in this contest, please prove them wrong!!


  10. No no, I’m not taking part. I dunno what a JKG is…

    I did not hear this!

    At my house, I’m the Boss!

    [I’ve permission to say that :)]

    Last date for submission of your entries is 10th June.


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  12. Thank you everyone . Today is my father’s 2nd death anniv and I guess a blog will be a tribute to him.. IHM thank you for giving me a platform. lv

    Tikuli my highest regards to your dad. You are a lucky daughter to have such a wonderful dad!


  13. IHM, This is fantastic! So many of your posts fit the bill so well 🙂

    I am just dying to read the entries 🙂



        • In my real life, I m JKG……and I have learnt from my boss…..once I found out that why everyday he was coming late? Because he is doing all household work everymorning……and coming to the office in the afternoon……..and his wife commanding him through emails…and I read all of that………oh my god!!!

          But when I got married…I have loved my wife the way she has ordering me…..
          And She has started very small business..and It was growing day by day……and one day the revenue has increased surprisely………..and she told me…leave your job…and help in my business….and I left my job…..and helping her in her business…….But at the office she is always acting like a boss…..and even at the home………….Because she has became very busy…..on phone calls…and emails….and one day she told me to stay at home…..and handle everything from home as I have been handling shipping stuff…… we are living a very happy marriage life..but I became JKG….hehehehehe…..but I loved her… mother in law is also living with us….and she thinks like I am her ‘wahu/vahu/bahu” and also ordering me like that…………………I know, when I saw this post to her today night….she laughs a lot..but she likes it i’m sure…….


  14. Im not joking, but when I was in K.G, my division was J 😀 (Ok, Im beginning to speak like Pheobe now )

    Ok, so we just give you a definition for JKG ??? and thats it? but whats the prize? 😀

    You can also make a badge for JKG AWARD .. please do!! 😆


    • But whats the prize ???

      A “Never Before surprise” I have been commanded to say by the dons;)
      But actually it will be something nice Vimmuuu, something virtual but nice… ! Write a good def and create a nice badge, something any guy would love to have on his sidebar… …


  15. ahha contest 😛 …..will try to come up with something 🙂 … between, 2 bad,all the ‘don’ies are dominating here 😛 …..

    😆 Please do submit an entry Anish!!!


  16. My definition :
    JKG is a man who is madly in love with his wife and thinks of her as his best friend.
    & Whose favorite sentence is : Duniya gai tail lene!!


  17. Is there any word limit? Also conjugal love has a lot of physical aspects. Can I submit a long observation ‘including all the aspects’ to achieve a comprehensive definition?

    I will appreciate if you reply not by editing it but as a separate one so that I instantly get the reply in the mailbox.

    Thanks for this great contest; very apt for would-be JKGs like me. 😀


  18. This is exactly what we need to lighten things up in the blog world.
    Okay so here is my first entry. JKG defined strictly for married men:
    A JKG is someone who believes in a woman even when she doesn’t believe in herself. He is the person who undoes the damage caused by years of social conditioning that makes her doubt herself. He is the one who makes sure that the woman in his life reaches her full potential..someone who instead of just letting her be ,makes sure that she reaches where she could be (again assuming inequalities took away some opportunities)Someone who rather than insisting on providing for her makes sure that she can provide for herself if there is a need. Someone who instead of driving her around teaches her how to drive (assuming society didnt give her that chance), someone who instead of giving her cash to spend tells her to go and withdraw from the bank, someone who refuses to even answer stuff such as ‘what should I wear at the party’ because she is grown up enough to decide for herself but always answers ‘How do I look’ with ‘ as good as ever’ :-).

    You talked about how a JKG fights inequality and thats what shaped my answer. A husband has the greatest chance to undo the damage caused by social conditioning, to wipe out traces of inequality and doubts from social conditioning without really fighting with anyone, just constantly pushing his wife to do better. Husbands can either reinforce the inequalities or do all of the above to shatter the cieling that requires the joint force of men and women.


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  20. Ok… this is my official entry..

    1.) For contest no 2 I can give you my photo to use as a badge for JKG. !!!!

    lol 😆

    2.) What is a JKG !!

    I really dont know… but well… lets give it a try… A JKG is not a joru ka ghulam literally…

    A JKG would be some one who would treat himself and his wife EQUALLY.

    He may make mistakes but he must be alive to situations and be ready to acknowledge his mistakes when he does make them and not hesitate if he has to apologise to his wife or make up.

    Over the years many things have just become a tradition… we dont even realise how and where the female is being given a raw deal… many times even the female doesnt know….

    But when this point is raised the JKG should be able to reaffirm the equality part everywhere…

    Bad try.. this… neways… I would still like to add on a lighter note…

    Kislay being called Joru Ka Ghulam is nothing to do with lust or horny (ness) … nope…

    A lot of times people say it to tease… to get the guy to react and do what they want…

    I ll give u an example… once or twice a month we all guys get together at our Friends hotel… and have a guys night out… and we all stay out till the cows go home… but there are all kinds here…. some have to go early… maybe their parents dont like… maybe their wives dont like… or nething….

    But to stop them from going home we normally always say… Baap Gharme Ghusne nahi dega… (tats fine)

    Biwi ghar me ghusne nahi degi… (suddenly the male ego becomes a lil dodgy.)

    the real JKG as we have learnt actually come and tell her… ghar ka problem nahi hai yaar…. par nazdik nahi aane degi… aur bahar sofe pe sulayengi… lol

    Please edit the last part if you dont want to publish… but I have heard it… from some one… who doesnt mind being called scared of his wife… coz he isnt… and he doesnt need to prove to us… !!!!

    Joru Ka Ghulam is just a tease… nothing else… but amazing effects it has on the male ego !!!


  21. The ideal type of the Joru Ka Ghulam:

    ‘Joru ka Ghulam’ is the folklorish version of the ideal man. Some of the characteristics of a JKG are as follows. The list is only indicative and not exhaustive. The following mostly relates to conjugal role but a JKG can be anybody from a boy in his first childhood to the grandpa in his second childhood.

    JKG is the ‘new man’ who laments that women in the country got a raw deal over the centuries thanks to religion, customs, tradition, role stereotyping, orthodoxy and fundamentalism. He does his best to introduce the reforms and begins with his own life and family. He is the socially sensitive, ethical man and his heart bleeds for the society. He has a feminine side to his personality; he is androgynous in many ways.
    He hates dowry and can boycott his family and friends and revolt against the society that demands/promotes dowry. He prefers a simple marriage ceremony and does not want to torture the bride’s family by bringing a huge baraat and following other decadent customs of marriage.
    He touches his wife’s feet in return when/if she touches his feet on the wedding night. He talks to her all night and is not dying to deflower her like the traditional Indian male.
    He wants a baby after marriage and not a son.
    He nurses her when she is expecting and prays while she is getting a c-section in the hospital.
    He loves kids and spends a lot of time with them. He himself is a kid in more ways than one.
    He loves his wife and is often tied to his wife’s apron strings and not to his mother’s. This however should not mean that he ignores his parents.
    He loves his parents-in-law and can live with them in the same home.
    He can quit his job for her wife and can become a domestic husband. He is never jealous of her progress and loves the fact that she has a higher status. Also, he does not have any problem marrying a woman taller than him.
    He loves doing household chores, cooking food, mopping the floor and the like. A JKG is a husband, father, driver, cook, gardener, milkman, her man Friday.
    He loves the label ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’. In the slavery of his woman lies his freedom, emancipation and salvation.
    Other women are jealous of his wife and suggest their men to emulate her man.
    He often shouts from the rooftops, ‘My Wife My Life!’ JKGs are the men for whom it is said, “Behind every great man there lies a woman!”
    He loves combing her hair and pillow fighting with her. He is the best friend of his wife.
    He writes poems on her and wants to immortalise her.
    He is not the typical ‘mard’ and often cries on her bosom. He is her first child in a manner of speaking.
    He changes his life, lifestyle for her, quits cigarettes and other vices. Also, he does not snatch the TV remote from her but watches whatever he likes. He loves what she loves and dislikes what she hates.
    He often confesses to her that it is she who makes him do what he can.
    A JKG despite his enormous love for his woman is not blind to her wrongdoings. He corrects his woman as and when the need arises.
    A JKG makes an ideal son, brother, husband, lover, father, employer, neighbour, friend and whatnot. JKG is a real humdinger.


  22. I am not gonna nominate my JKG husband for this contest as I knew he would be the best JKG as I had the choice of choosing him for that 😛 The JKG’s I am gonna mention here is not one but a whole set of 26 males whom I call brothers. They made sure my life as a kid was hell in every way. They teased me, pulled my hair, set traps, stole my gifts and what not. Yet they loved me to pieces. When I broke the news to my very large joint family about the man I wish to marry and that he was not only a north Indian but from a different religion, the elders took a unanimous decision to almost keep me under house arrest and get me married off to their choice of groom. It was these brave brothers who stood by me even though none of them ever got a chance to live life as they wished in a brutally orthodox muslim family. With their support and blessings I am leading a happy married life with the cutest JKG I could ever hunt down :mrgreen: I owe all my happiness to the JKG brothers in my life who constantly seeks assurance of my well being and still bears the brunt and rage of the elders in our family for my happiness 😦 Did I ever say how much I love my cousin brothers for giving me a life worth living?


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