So why do women like Shahrukh Khan?

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Amongst a million zillion other reasons…

In an interview with Simi Garewal she asks him. (Writing from memory, there are sure to be many errors).

You are sensitive. You respect women. You love your wife! You understand how women feel (etc) … do you think that makes you a little like a woman in some ways? …Effeminate? ”

I have no doubts that even the coolest JKGs would have been unhappy to hear this last line. We know what this question can imply. And how it can label a man in India!

(If a man is described as a woman it means, he is weak, he gossips, he quarrels, he has no muscles, he is a bad driver, he loves to make gajar ka halwa for his spouse, women do not think he is attractive, he pouts if he does not get enough attention from his spouse, he puts his family before his career, he cries easily… etc ).

So what does Shahrukh Khan say? He couldn’t possibly have started a tirade against stereotypes, (which would have been great, though!), so he takes a short cut. He gets his famous look on his face and says,

“.… to be compared to a woman is an honor. I have a lot of a woman in me.

There was more and it got Simi Garewal her famous ‘awww’ look on her face.

Simi Garewal like many of us believes that Mamta Banerji, Kiran Bedi, my maid who dragged her neighbour off the water tanker with his hair, my other maid who has been thrown out of her house, Mayawati, my grandmother who read Ramayana every morning, Sushma Swaraj, Sonia Gandhi, Pooja Chopra’s mother can all be described very simply in one word, ‘sensitive’. And if a man is sensitive he is being ‘like a woman’.

Most people are wary of labels, because labels put an official stamp on stereotypes, but in India the biggest insult for a man is to tell him he is like a woman. Shahrukh Khan made a compliment of it. Here’s a man who shamelessly flaunts his sensitivity. Dares to show he cares. Loves his family, loves even the daughter. What’s amazing, he talks about his wife with ease, how they met, how they fell in love, and since he is sincere he epitomizes the kind of guy many Indian girls can take home to their mothers.

So how can I object to his using my blog name for a book on his life?

Edited To Add: The book is called “The Life and Times Of Shah Rukh Khan”  😉

The Life and Times of SRK

Solilo sent me this picture 😉 Thank You Solilo, I know it must have been hard sharing an SRK pic!


112 thoughts on “So why do women like Shahrukh Khan?

  1. I sent you that. Now keep the title. That man is mine. 😛

    Your post yesterday gave me hope Solilo! Now I have blogged about him so it’s obvious who’s a bigger fan 😉


  2. No, no – the man is mine. And he has been since I was 14 years old. 🙂

    I agree with what you said. Also, I think he’s one of the most intelligent men I know. And a very, very smart businessman.

    I met him a few years ago, and your post made me realise I’ve never blogged about that. Watch out for this post – this was one of the most embarrassing incidents in my life. 😀

    Please write a post about it, I am dying to read this one… did you also manage to shake hands with him?


  3. it fails me always, how much ever i try i can never like him


    so he is free from my side… u can fight 😉

    But Monika see how he speaks of his wife, I am sure you appreciate that?!


    • ya i appreciate that actually i also appreciate his zest of life and enthusiasm but still cant seem to like him 😦

      i think the problem is that according me to he sucks at his job (acting that is)

      *runs away before people throw eggs*


  4. you know i say this all the time.. the reason i keep saying im not a fan of SRK is because he’s supposed to be an actor…and u n i both know he isnt exactly great at that….so professionally im not really fond of him…. that said i do admit i like the way he leads his personal life..the way he is committed to his wife and kids(dnt remember a single time when rumours of extra marital affairds flaoted around)..and the high energy he exuberates..
    i dint see that interview…but i can safely say that line’s the latest i like about the guy..

    solilio is such a riot!! she made that book cover!! kya idea hai!!


    • Same sentiments as Mandira IHM 🙂

      I dont like his acting much but I love and liek him as a person 🙂
      he has a wonderful sense of humour (I LOVE the sense of humour this guy has)where he doesnt mind having fun at his own expense and he is a great father, husband and friend 🙂

      *the whistle goes off*
      now fight ladies !all ya want 😀

      Let us Non-sharukh fans see some wrestling and some fists fly


      • “Let us Non-sharukh fans see some wrestling and some fists fly :lol:”
        ya exactly..we want to see some wrestling here 😀

        … but Mystery even non-fans can understand that he is a great guy… did you like his reply yo Simi Garewal?


        • I dont think he is a great guy.. but yes i like this one quality of him that he openly talks about his love for his wife and respects other women

          Now Mystery aren’t we being very difficult to please? Isn’t that a lot anyway?😈


    • I didn’t make that book cover. That is the cover of his biography released couple of months back. I was amused at the title so sent it to IHM sometime back.


    • having said that i loved him in Swades… although i kept wishing if some one else would have done that role… !!!

      but he does wield some magic… he makes u cry… however his movies at times are too sugarcoated for my liking… !


  5. Why only India? For men, isn’t being sensitive=being pansy. Remember, pink=girls & blue=boys. Starts right at birth.

    I cant stand the man so here is my take on it. That statement “I have a lot of a woman in me” was supposed to be – “I have been in a lot of women”. Kidding. But take what he says with a pinch of salt…he is an actor after all.


  6. I am no fan of sharukh khan( IHM and Solilo please dont come after me*innocent face*) but yes i like this aspect of him that he openly speaks about his wife and respects women.


  7. He he, I remember I’d commented that you like SRK coz. he respects his wife…

    Is there any other criteria to judge people??? other than how much they respect women? he he

    First your posts were about women liberation, then your 55ers and now even your crushes… Wow IHM, you take this thing pretty seriously.

    Rakesh when we speak of a husband, we do notice how he treats his wife 🙂 Men who are rude to their wife, or humiliate them by flirting with other women are generally disliked by most women, but are very common. To such a scene, SRK came like a breath of fresh air….


    • I see him as an actor and only as an actor. And in that regard, he irritates big time. Especially when he clenches his teeth, pouts his lips, his head shakes and he says something really really cheesy…

      Ya at times, he’s good as well! But overall I think he’s ok. Can’t imagine him as a poster boy at this age though. But since you, Solilo and a few others haven’t grown up, he refuses to grow up as well 🙂 he he

      You mean once you ‘grow up’ you can’t gush over your favorite stars??? You got some learning to do heh heh … 😆


  8. Ayyo.. me too missed commenting first!

    Solilo and Crafty beat me to it! 😀
    Where’s Dhiren?

    *goes around looking for Dhiren*

    Err.. I still need to read the post IHM… will be back after reading!!! 😀


  9. Arre.. that guy can talk! he has charm, sophistication and he comes across as such a gentleman!
    He doesn’t misbehave with his co-stars….
    And he is a good business man! 😀

    he has groomed himself really well, if u ask me! 😀


  10. I am a SRK fan… its an unknown part of him to me… actually our society not only ours but the whole world have created lot of stereotypes… which are unwanted things :-l

    Kanagu welcome to the fan club 🙂 We all like him because we like him as a whole, we don’t really give much thought to what makes him so endearing…Have you seen Paheli, in many ways I think he is like that ghost in Paheli 🙂


  11. ahhh. very well said indeed….i think i had watched that show.

    i have immense respect for SRK coz i have seen him from his “Fauji” days to DDLJ…without godfathers in the industry. he has sweat it out, played street-smart, but worked hard too. u can trace his evolution in all departments – right from looks to acting to popularity to quality of directors (he’s somehow managed to be with the best most of the times! 🙂 )

    he’s come a long way, and that to me is commendable!

    also as mandy said, the way he leads his family life.

    so many rumors / facts (?) of him associated to Karan Johar, being gay, being a bi-sexual, i fail to understand how his sexual preference can take away from him his years of hard earned success??
    or respect n love in ppl’s hearts? 😐

    many come n tell me that Kishore Kumar was not a “good” person and he illtreated his wives, etc…

    to me, Kishore is a voice who touches me deep in my heart, so much that he’s sacred in all walks of life, whatever be my mood. He evokes pain, joy, humor, laughter, and introspection. he’s a part of my life, everyday. he’s made it better. all this without an ounce of formal training in music. to me that is genius. he’s my god of emotions. would it be fair to take that away on basis of personal life?? after all, he’s not my role model….i don’t aspire to be him…

    but with srk being a public figure, he sure is role model and much more to many. this is why i have lost a bit of patience with him when i’v seen him smoke in public, propogate about how he loves his aerated drinks and doesn’t care about consequences, been arrogant with a fan on stage…

    i may not be blindly in love like i was in school with him (had a pic in my wallet !!! ) i may not rave that he is the best human alive…

    i don’t find him worth my money anymore 😦

    but his respect is well earned. it will always remain.. 🙂

    I agree Crafty Shines, his respect is well earned… 🙂


    • so scratchy doesnt like shahrukh either !!!

      Itchy tooo !!! ditto !!!

      yay… !!

      I never watch his movies in a theatre… he and salman i just dont go.. I feel i will not support them…

      I only regret not watching Swades… in a movie hall… or else i m happy staying away from these two… Shahrukh i dont like… dont know why… i used to like him earlier…

      SRK as a person? Not just a film star, how he speaks of his wife, how he is never involved with other women….

      Salman in my opinion is antisocial and should be behind bars.. period… cannot fathom how he is a celebrity in this country !

      Yeah HW I also can’t fathom this!! I can’t stand him. No style, too much drama, and incidents of violence.


      • As a person I guess I have to confess he is not linked to gossips… he does treat his wife well… !! If i m not wrong she is a hindu too !!

        i dont have any reasons to not like him but how can you kick madhuri in the face huh ??? so what even if in a film ??? can you ?? naa… no way !!

        Oh I see you are a Madhuri fan????


        • not fan !! A/C !!!!!!!!

          Why? Because she wears those asymmetrical clothes? And puff sleeves, no matter what the trends are… lol 😆


        • Women cannot understand that … !!!!! naa… you can’t… dont even try it !!

          Its something only us males can… the day she went dhak dhak… !! all us guys have been stumped… !!!


        • I am with HW here. I absolutely adore Madhuri. I still get goosebumps when she dances!

          She is a good dancer no doubt. And very, very popular!


        • and she isnt my most favourite ! but she is a queen of male hearts !!

          And she also handled her life very well, HW. She was no fool. And I hope she continues to act for a long, long time, I have heard she is getting Draupadi’s role.


  12. You know, IHM, one of my bosses had once said to me, to know how a person really is, just see the way he treats his spouse.. And that is so true! I have seen it all the time!

    As for Shahrukh – he is wonderful! He is one of the few faithful men, who genuinely cares about his wife and children and is totally proud of it! Here’s to more such men!

    Best Comment Award for this post Smitha goes to you!!


    • Thank you IHM 🙂 You’ve made my day again 🙂 I’ve got a huge smile plastered on my face and my daughter comes up and says – ‘Why you so happy’?????

      A hug to Poohi from me 🙂


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  14. Very very well said… it takes more than guts to say that and ofcourse to mean it full, when u say it.
    He is a good example for everyone,its good to see that there are some which dont come under the stereotyped category…

    Absolutely Devil!! And our film stars to influence the common man and his thinking, so we atleast have a decent role model for an average movie goer, no?.


  15. I always knew that to become the top and be the most successful, being good in what you do is just not enough. Shah Rukh is witty, intelligent, respects people and his reputation is good. His response to Simi Garewal is the reason why he is what he is now. I’m not just talking about the way he respects women. He answered the question well, without embarrassing Simi or himself.

    Very well said Freya!! I couldn’t agree more!


  16. After a gap of 10 days i am back to blogging and the first post i am reading is about Sharukh khan.Now what i will say abt him,he is simply the best.He makes everyone cry.

    What i like about him is that he respects both the religions,he celebrates eid the same way he does diwali and other hindu festivals 🙂

    Yeah I like that too Saritha!

    But i didnt like him in IPL 😦 😦


  17. someone with a good sense of humour, so much energy and determination. How can you not like him. All the other things only add on to the reasons why SRK the package 🙂 some bad films, i am fine with ignoring them.

    Yes Tara, brilliant sense of humour too! 😆

    but the craze to say”he is mine” no no.. whoever wants to keep him please, here is one less contender 😀 for you.


  18. SRK SRK SRK….. allll the way …:)
    oh I like him.. adore him… in short I simply love SRK.
    His humblness, respect for other’s religion, sex and commitment to his work as well as family is remarkable…

    Yes I am so glad you agree, and did you see how well he answered Simi Garewal’s question?

    Am yet to see anyone like him…
    and his that look… oh.. itz worth dying for… soooooooo romantic...
    wish I was born earlier atleast would have got some chance to compete with gauri..[pun intended]

    LOL RDB You better watch now ….😆


  19. I dont care for SRK.. but then his interview are worth watching.. but sometimes he comes across as too arrogant for my taste 🙂

    Yes Winnie the Poohi he does! I basically liked his answer… do you think anybody else could have handled it so well!?


  20. Hahaha I loved the end. I admire SRK for his forthrightness about his personal life. He is one of the few men in spotlight who has stayed loyal to his wife. He gets that glint in his eyes when he talks about his family. I hate his acting(over?) but he is seems like a very decent human being and a good man.

    Thank You 🙂 I was hoping somebody will like the ending 🙂


  21. I am not a big fan of shahrukh khan but that was beautifully answered.
    Also I loved Chak De!!! So many women in a traditionally male arena… Very nicely portrayed.

    I agree Pearl!


  22. You must be getting this a lot, but you are one a kind, and no one can write a more apt intro than you. Didn’t in the least expect you to mention that book in the end! You are the best.

    Thank You Annie 🙂


  23. SRK must be from another planet. I’ve never met a man like him. Can we clone him? Does he have a brother? *sigh*

    *SIGH* Collective sighing heard in the blogosphere … 😆


  24. IHM, can we make all these SRK haters like Indyeah, Mandira, Monica, Kislay, Itchy, Scratchy etc. invisible from this fan club.

    How? How dare they say such harsh words against my SRK …your jiju. 😛

    *Solilo wipes her tears and nose on Indyeah’s shirt while chanting SRK*


  25. nothing personal..
    but being Hakla and Pakoda naak he’s still badshaah khan…:))
    i guess that speaks for his caliber…:)
    luv him….he’s a perfect eg of i came, i saw, i conquered.. truly self made.


  26. when i saw the title..shahrukh khan, i thought you are writing about the patch up between him and abhisek…it seems during his spat with salman, he sweared bad things about aish….a typical male behaviour? though shahrukh denies this, i am not sure there will be smoke without fire..

    so if this is true..u still hold your opinions , that he respects women?


  27. never been too fond f SRK..But this sure has lead to a soft corner now 🙂 a man who respects women is worthy of respect! thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Welcome Sashu 🙂


  28. You seem to be quite a big fan of him!!!

    He is a very good orator, I don’t like him much on screen than off screen when he is giving interviews and the way he makes his points through words.

    I would like to do that 🙂

    Yeah, he can talk, but I feel most of hte htings he says are quite sincere too, no?


  29. Ah and here is the perspective of someone who, until about two years ago, thought SRK was just a bad boy who smoked in public! 😉

    I read a lot of comments about SRK’s acting abilities and while I tend to like Amir Khan as an actor just a little bit more than SRK, I do have to say that SRK IS a good actor. His ability to be quirky, dorky, charming, super cool, super jerk, or just plain everyday guy is what makes him a good actor. Most actor’s wouldn’t want to even try pulling off being quirky or dorky. Those kind of actors don’t always garner that much respect. But I have more respect for them than I do serious actors. It’s not everyone that can make a person sincerely laugh.

    My first experience with SRK was in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and while it was some time ago…I remember thinking that he was a good young actor that had a ways to go. Then Dewaana and I enjoyed seeing him take the absolute obsession for the Heroine to such extremes. I saw him in a few others that are a haze of Hindi watching but at the time I was such a Amir Khan enthusiast, that I didn’t pay too much attention. Finally, I watched Om Shanti Om and was enchanted. He is so many things in that movie, charming, dashing, heartbroken, quirky, dorky, silly, heroic, cool, and macho. I loved watching this only because of the force of the character that SRK was breathing into life before me.

    Ok Ok Ok the whole “music video” with water and his bulging chest muscles were ok to watch too. 🙂


  30. Basically SRK is comfortable with his sexuality and therefore has no problems praising his wife or even being called Mr.Gauri Khan…Such men are few and far between and his wife is lucky to have him as a husband…

    Sraboney I read in Femina years ago, that most Indian women envy Gauri’s karma 😉


  31. Oops…my copy and paste didn’t work so well…here is the end portion of what I wanted to say….

    …SRK is not only able to do these kinds of parts well, he does them with relish. He is not afraid of how he will look to others because he is doing what he believes is right.

    I believe the same carries over into his personal life…or vice versa. Here is a Muslim man who married a Hindu lady and they both respect and worship their own faith…teaching their children both. He is obviously a man who is not afraid to be who he is, love whom he wants and live his life as he believes is best.

    Well said Auroracoda! I fully agree… loved the last few lines which I have highlighted too!!!


  32. Any man who can compare himself to a woman and not be ashamed is a man I’d like to have.

    Aww well said Ava!! But you hve competition, a lot women feel the same. 😉


  33. IHM,
    Its not just the ladies. Even I am a big SRK fan. He is a sort of a role model. He got everything by hardwork. Look from where he came – Television. Today, can we even think of a television actor achieving so much?
    Being sensitive is a gift. What are you worth if you are insensitive towards another human? I think Simi’s question was stupid and the answer was like a slap.

    Absolutely Amit! You said it! I was also taken aback by the question. I have no idea what she meant to ask by that remark, but SRK handled it really well. And seeing how many people remember that old interview shows he was successful in turning the question to his advantage.


  34. What, aren’t you sueing SRK for the plagiariasation? 😛

    Jokes apart, like this post. You have to be SRK to know what’s the right thing to say on a TV interview. We can just hope he means it!

    D anything he says is lapped up so it is good if he talks sense. Compare him to Sanjay Dutt saying his wife’s job is to make tea and biryani with his permission (or something like that) That must watch they say, thousands of teenagers are listening…


  35. Women like Gayrukh more because…mmm…errr…. maybe bcos they feel that he is one of them even though he is categorised at male? 😛

    😆 Do we see some green eyed monsters here perhaps????? 😈


  36. Shah Rukh ROCKS !!!!!

    Even my daughter has become a BIG fan of him watching my craziness 😀 and both the boys in our household just roll their eyes and shake their heads when they watch the two girls in their lives drooling over SRK ( well Bubbles too young to drool over him ) !

    Ok, now that you know I am totally crazy about him as a star, I have a great amount of respect for him as a person as well – his energy, his commitment to his family, his attitude towards religion, his wits, his sense of humour and on and on and on…. (BTW, did I see him smoking while giving the interview ?? Grrrrrrr…. )

    SRK is a total package unlike Salman Khan who (was) just good in the looks department but totally sucks as a person and that’s the reason I could never even like him….

    (I hope there are no Sallu bhai’s fans here, I better run….) !

    Oh, before I make a dash, another example comes to my mind is Aamir Khan. I used to be a fan of him too but he comes across such an arrogant person these days that I just don’t respect him as a person anymore, so I am not his fan anymore even though I like his acting skills.

    I read some comments about Madhuri as well in the comment section of this post, but I see some of her fans here, so I will, ahem, end my comment here 🙂

    LOL ahem … I also will reserve my comments on Madhuri …. 😉


  37. Most of the interviews are stage managed to build up a image . I think both the interviews – SRK and Dutt- are examples of such orchestration.

    But see the contrast RGB! What they choose to project tells a lot about them too!


  38. Yep, love him. And I’m not Indian. I don’t know if that matters, but….:))

    Braja then we say even non Indians love him, has to be something about him or why does everybody love him


  39. At the risk of having chappals thrown at me, I don’t like SRK now. I loved him during his Fauji and post-Fauji days because I believed he had great potential as an actor. But then he chose to be a star at the cost of being a actor and the disappointed me stopped liking him.

    But I do like the fact the he respects his wife and treats her as an equal.


  40. hehe!

    all said and done he cant acto save his life IHM! he has total of 5 expressions! 😉

    but i know thats not the point of your post! but i just dont like that guy! what to do!

    and i have always believed an ability to be sensitive is sign of strength rather than weakness! i get goosebumps when i see M cry at movies! 😀


    YES Abha! It does take courage and confidence to show how vulnerable we are!


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  42. No questions asked or answered..SRK is MINE MINE and ONLY MINE 😉

    Nimmy …you will make enemies with such statements!! Don’t let Solilo, Saritha, Nita, IHM, Braja, Imp’s mom, Pixie … hear you!


  43. ok.. so many of you have tried to stake claim… go ahead and keep him 😉 I prefer HD any day 🙂
    King khan comes second. [HD you better read this!!!] But must say, he’s got the charms. WOOOOOOW.


  44. I am sure the number of comments on SRK’s post is one of the many proofs that he is the most lovable actor around! (though I like him more offscreen than on it 🙂 )


  45. IHM I also remembered SRK’s interview on KJo’s show which I liked 🙂
    The sense of humour and all 🙂
    very me..actually very today’s I think 😀


  46. diplomatically remained silent to my comments?

    😆 LOL no !!! I basically like the way he is a role model and a great JKG… in general …nobody is perfect, and we never can be sure of exactly what goes on, so kind of just glad he is not involved with other women, while his wife is locked inside the house.. things like that. I notice a lot of guys don’t like him! 🙂


  47. Today is day of reading all my favorite posts on your blog. For he exact reasons why men might dislike SRK I like him. I think he has redefined the idea of romance in Indian cinema. On other note I love the way he turns tables on any interview. Given that he is famous he makes best of it. 😀


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  49. Today I found time to open the SRK link(what a horrible picture, by the way) and I read all the comments. I wonder is it too late to write my own opinion, that of a non Indian woman, who is fond of cinema? Maybe it is not too late since, as I read on the Internet, next February his new film will be screened.

    Me – Please do write your opinion!! I would love to read it !!!!


    • Well, first I must tell you that I discovered Bollywood and SRK last spring. Till then, the only Indian films I had seen were S. Ray’s, a long time ago and Mother India, which I had found too melodramatic. In my country, no Indian films are ever screened, we are totally devoted to Hollywood and European cinema…
      The first films I happened to watch were Fanaa and D.T.P.H. They fascinated me in different ways but the scripts lacked something. I liked Madhuri and Kajol very much, Aamir, too but SRK was something else … So I googled and googled, read about Bollywood cinema, its cliches etc started watching films on Youtube, ordering dvds at Amazon, reading books on India, the latter I had been doing as a uni. student but stopped later. So, after the “cultural shock” of these past months, I declare myself first as an admirer of India, its history and culture and second as an ardent fan of SRK. His acting in many films reminds me of Gary Grant’s. Of course, George Clouney is considered as his successor, but think of SRK in most of his films. Intelligent, charming, the knight every woman would like at her side, always present and caring, sometimes sarcastic and ironical, but mostly tender and caring. There is the other SRK, too, of Chak De and Swades, for me his best performances, followed by D.D.L.J., K.H.K.N., Dil Se, Devdas and K. Johar’ s films, K.A.N.K. especially. I suppose his personality helps him a lot, but he is good, he can play. Even in Paheli, a fairytale I like immensely, he supports both roles wonderfully, of course, I am for the ghost…Watching the trailers of My Name is Khan, I think I find the real actor, who can be versatile and really act.
      A friend of mine spent two weeks in Delhi, last December. She told me about SRK’s presence in TV and on the billboards. Maybe his will to succeed in many fields, earn as much money as possible etc doesn’t permit him to devote himself to art, but this is unfortunately the problem of out times . On the other hand, as far as I can see with my limited access to a far away country, talking to the media, Shah Rukh Khan is sincere about his aims, his beliefs, his loves and friendships, his ambitions. He knows how to communicate with the fans, the TV watchers, the Interntet users, the journalists. It seems that he has the courage, the strength, the heart and the brains to work hard and take advantage of any given opportunity. But he has got talent, too. In one word, unique, he is.
      Long and tiring text, I could write much more, but I have to think of you, reading, too.
      P.S. I wonder why he has not played in any G. Chada’s, M. Nair’s, or D. Mehta’s films.
      So, good night. Hope to be in touch again… in the future…

      Me – You are as much an SRK fan as so many of us are 🙂 I think he deserves it 🙂 What he says, how he treats his wife and women in general is followed by Indian men and he is the first one on our industry to talk with affection and pride about his wife 🙂 Thanks for this lovely, informative comment!! You have seen some of his movies which I have missed, and I have to say Sonia you know more about him as as actor 🙂


  50. I came across this blog today by sheer chance. Please add me to the list of SRK’s fan base.I also am totally floored by his quick wit, his sense of humor and his total devotion to his wife and family. He and my SIL went to the same college in Delhi (Hansraj) where he was an economics(Hons) major and she remembers how girls used to ogle him because of his charm but always kept a distance because of his love for Gauri. She says that he was even, in those days a perfect gentlemen opening doors for her etc.,.I also dont care about his sexual preferences. I would say lucky for Karan.


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